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Single extrusion with swappable nozzles

Cloud-enabled remote 3D printing

Filter up to 95% of UFPs (optional)

Print with 9 materials (including PP & PC)

The physical space inside the Ultimaker 2+ Connect that can be used for single extrusion 3D printing.

223 x 220 x 205 mm (8.7 x 8.6 x 8 inches)

The XYZ 3D printer dimensions, including the spool holder and Bowden tubes.

342 x 460 x 580 mm (13.5 x 18.1 x 22.8 in)

This is the process of depositing layers of filament, one on top of the other, to build up shapes and models. It is a form of additive manufacturing technology and the process used by all Ultimaker 3D printers.

Fused filament fabrication (FFF)

The filament diameter that achieves optimal results on Ultimaker 3D printers.

2.85 mm

The net weight of the 3D printer.

10.3 kg (22.7 lbs)

Required power input.

100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz

The peak power output that the printer can reach – usually when the heated bed and hot ends are heating up.

A micron is the measurement used to define the thickness of a 3D printed layer. 20 micron is 0.02 mm thick. Thinner layers are used for high-detail prints, thicker layers are great for fast prototypes.

0.25 mm nozzle: 150 - 60 micron

0.4 mm nozzle: 200 - 20 micron

0.6 mm nozzle: 400 - 20 micron

0.8 mm nozzle: 600 - 20 micron

The more accurate the stepper motors within the printer, the greater degree of accuracy and finer resolution can be achieved with each print.

12.5, 12.5, 5 micron

A geared feeder exerts more force on the filament, and also reduces heat exposure from the motor.

Geared feeder


2.4-inch (6 cm) TFT color touchscreen

Thanks to the swappable nozzle, you can easily switch between different nozzle diameters. This results in higher uptime and easier maintenance of your 3D printer.

Single extrusion with swappable nozzle and dual cooling fans

Smaller nozzle diameters enable more detailed prints, large diameters reduce overall print time. 0.4 mm nozzle included, others sold separately.

0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm

The build speed relates to how fast the filament can be extruded through the hot end of the 3D printer. The higher the value the greater the achievable print speed.

< 24 mm³/s 

A wide nozzle temperature range means greater flexibility in the 3D printing material choice.

180 - 260 °C

The nozzle heat-up time relates to how fast you can start printing, as well as how fast it can melt the polymer filament.

< 2 minutes

Thanks to their quiet operation, Ultimaker 3D printers are suitable for use in the office, studio, or classroom environment.

< 50 dBA

Assisted leveling is easy with the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. The setup wizard guides you through the process, using the included calibration card and build plate knobs to ensure the build plate is perfectly level.

Assisted leveling

With a build plate temperature range of 20 - 110 °C, you can be confident of reliable first-layer adhesion with a range of materials

20 - 110 °C heated glass build plate

This Ultimaker 3D printer operates best in locations between these temperatures.

15 - 32 °C (59 - 90 °F)

This Ultimaker 3D printer can be safely stored or left inactive at these temperatures.

0 - 32 °C (32 - 90 °F)

The printer will notify you when the filter needs replacing (every 1,500 print hours – about once per year). Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager sold separately.

Replaceable EPA filter

The Air Manager filter catches, traps, or diffuses up to 95% of ultrafine particles (UFPs). Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager sold separately.

Up to 95% of UFPs

Ultimaker Cura is our industry-leading slicing software that turns your 3D model into a file your printer can use. Use Ultimaker Digital Factory to manage printers and print jobs via your local network or the cloud

Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker Digital Factory

Software security

Data encryption in transit and at rest. Two-factor authentication

Supported OS

MacOS, Windows, and Linux

More plugins are available from Ultimaker Marketplace to make your 3D printing experience even easier.

SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Autodesk Inventor

An STL file is the most used file type for 3D printing. Nearly any 3D modeling software program is able to create these files.

Ultimaker Cura: STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG

Printable formats: UFP

Print with one click via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Or export your print job to a USB stick.

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB


CE, Declaration of safe unattended use

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Training is available online or via our dedicated network of local service partners.

Register your Ultimaker 2+ Connect for a free, online setup and onboarding tutorial in the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy.

Warranty period

12 months

Expert support

Market-leading technical support via email, phone, or from our global community is available to you in your language and timezone.

Extended support

Online resources, extensive manuals, material technical and safety data sheets (in multiple languages), a detailed knowledge base, and much more.

Explore the tech behind the Ultimaker 2+ Connect with one of the R&D Engineers who created it. You will learn:

• Every hardware feature and its performance benefits

• How the printer's connectivity enables a more seamless workflow

• The thinking behind key design decisions

• And lots more!

"Last year, we produced around 1,000 different 3D printed parts. The benefits of these are improved ergonomics, productivity, and operator satisfaction. In the end, we get very good feedback from the operators working on the line."

Luis Pascoa, Pilot Plant Manager at Volkswagen Autoeuropa

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"So far in the pilots that have ran, we've significantly seen a cost reduction in the functional applications that we've found from 70 - 90%.

On delivery time we've seen the same decrease."

Isabelle Haenen, Global Supply Chain Procurement at Heineken

"We chose Ultimaker because the machines are reliable and the results are repeatable. That's important for us, for a stable production process."

Johannes Grimm, Manager Operation Excellence at Carl Zeiss Optical Components

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"If you compare our 3D printed tools to conventionally manufactured tools, we can easily save approximately €1,000 per tool, which is of course a lot when you consider all the tools which are needed to produce a vehicle."

Raphael Koch, Research Engineer R&A at Ford Europe

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The Ultimaker 2+ Connect gives you access to the entire Ultimaker ecosystem, including:

• Ultimaker Essentials (unending enterprise software subscription)

• Ultimaker Cura (full settings and monitoring compatibility)

• Ultimaker Digital Factory (remote printing and management)

• Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy (e-learning modules)

• A global network of service partners (setup and training)

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These factory direct, genuine Ultimaker spares include the most common user-serviceable parts for the Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3.

Bowden Tube w/ Collets & Clips (S3/UM3/UM2/UMO+/Connect) $24.00


Bowden Tube w/ Collets & Clips (S3/UM3/UM2/UMO+/Connect)


Official Ultimaker Spare Parts. Compatible with the following printers: * Ultimaker 2+ Connect* Ultimaker S3* Ultimaker 3* Ultimaker 3 Extended* Ultimaker 2+* Ultimaker 2 Extended+* Ultimaker 2 * Ultimaker 2 Extended * Ultimaker Original* Ultimaker Original+ Includes 2 x Retaining Collets...

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Glass Print Bed (UM2/UM3/UMO+/S3/Connect) $45.50


Glass Print Bed (UM2/UM3/UMO+/S3/Connect)


Glass print bed approximately 9" x 10". Official Ultimaker spare part compatible with the following printers: Ultimaker 2+ Connect Ultimaker S3 Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker 2+ Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Ultimaker 2 Ultimaker 2 Extended Ultimaker Original+ Ultimaker Original with Official...

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Ultimaker AA Print Core (0.4mm) (UM3/S5/S3) $114.95

Timing Belt 200 x2 (UM2/UM3/S5/S3/Connect) $6.00


Timing Belt 200 x2 (UM2/UM3/S5/S3/Connect)

$6. 00

These are the short belts that connect the x and y motors to the axes. Official Ultimaker Spare Parts for the following printers: Ultimaker 2+ Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker 2 Go Ultimaker 2 Ultimaker 2 Extended...

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Hot End Cooling Fan (UM3/S5/S3) $19.20


Hot End Cooling Fan (UM3/S5/S3)


Axial fan (5V) for use in the front bracket of the Ultimaker 3 series and Ultimaker S-line printers, for hot end cooling.   Compatible with the following printer models: Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker S3 Ultimaker S5 Installation instructions for...

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Ultimaker Cleaning Filament $17.95


Ultimaker Cleaning Filament


 Using the Ultimaker  cleaning filament is the most effective way to unclog and keep print cores and nozzles in optimal condition. When to use the Ultimaker cleaning filament The Ultimaker  cleaning filament is used for both print core maintenance and...

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Ultimaker BB Print Core (0.4mm) (UM3/S5/S3) Sold Out


Ultimaker BB Print Core (0.4mm) (UM3/S5/S3)

Sold Out $114.95

A genuine 'BB' style Ultimaker Print Core with a 0.4mm nozzle, for printing PVA support material. Compatible with the following Ultimaker printers: Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker S3 Ultimaker S5

View full product details

Nozzle Seal x5 (UMS5/S3) $8.25


Nozzle Seal x5 (UMS5/S3)


The silicone nozzle seal on the Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3 fits on the underside of the printhead to help keep the temperature stable and prevent back-flow of filament. Sold as a set of 5 pieces. Official Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3...

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Ultimaker AA Print Core (0.8mm) (UM3/S5/S3) $114.95


Ultimaker AA Print Core (0.8mm) (UM3/S5/S3)


A genuine 'AA' style Ultimaker Print Core with a 0.8mm nozzle. Can be used for printing with a range of materials including Nylon, PLA, CPE, CPE+, PC, PP, and TPU 95A. Compatible with the following Ultimaker printers: Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker...

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DIY Ultimaker 2 extended - purchase, assembly, printing

Good afternoon.

I want to share my experience of buying and building a clone of Ultimaker2 Exteded Dual. This is my first experience of writing such an article, so I ask you not to throw rotten tomatoes at me.

This post will not be very long. To begin with, my acquaintance with 3D printing began thanks to Denis Kreminsky from Materialize. So to speak, the ideological inspirer. My interest is purely a hobby, and I chose the printer for the same reasons, i.e. it must be functional, upgradable, have at least two extruders and have an aesthetic appearance, because I will print at home, so it should look aesthetically pleasing.

My choice has repeatedly stopped at Anet A8, but the sight of crocozyabra cuttlefish on my table (forgive me, users of Prusa i3 and others like it) stopped me.

After that, I had the sad experience of buying a printer from Alishnykh threw. As usual in this case, 'freebie' played a cruel joke. Do not run into this seller TYTs. It gives a left track and waits for the end of the transaction in the hope that you will miss the end of the buyer's protection, when you run into it, it tries to breed for big money, motivating it with an increased delivery price. In general crap.

Therefore, after the money was returned to the account after the dispute was resolved, I decided to buy a printer from a trusted seller. Again, after long comparisons and two sleepless weeks, I chose the seller and the printer. DIY UM2 Extended. DIY, for those who do not know, stands for do it yourself (literally, assemble it yourself). I clarified the availability, and the possibility of buying a printer with two extruders received an affirmative answer, with only one condition. I buy a printer from the link with one extruder/hot end, but I get a printer with two extruders and hot ends. I asked what's the catch? The answer was simple. We cannot provide support for a printer with two extruders/hot ends. Later I understood what it meant (the firmware of the board was under UM2 (not extended) with one extruder). Apparently, the designer is still going from different suppliers.

Then there was payment and a week of painful waiting. You have to give credit to the seller. Shipping with DHL is something. In less than a week I had the printer (although not all). Unboxing video is on my Youtube channel. If anyone is interested to see the kit and in what form it was supplied, then here is the link. I will not add a video here due to the unpresentability of the video itself, and the duration of 30 minutes will not be of interest to everyone. The contents of the parcel were incomplete (there were no electronics and a head with hot ends, there were no lights and limit switches, there were also no two GT2-200 belts), which was reported to the seller. List of what is and what is not.

After some litigation with DHL (on my part and on the part of the seller), the seller re-sent another package. Why there were no electronics in the first package - I don't know. Either the seller forgot to put it in, or they stole it at customs - history is silent. But the second package also did not contain two GT2-200 belts. I didn't get too upset. In my city, I found them for less than a dollar each. I also filmed the opening of it on video (I always videotape all openings of parcels). The video is also available on my channel.

Here is the composition of the second package:

I was very pleased with two Olsson blocks as a bonus for waiting.

By the time the second package was received, the case was completely assembled. First connected electronics mounted.

Visually everything works. There was little left to do. I put the head, limit switches, backlight, connected the electronics, rebuilt the Z limit switch. Everything turned on and lit up. Filament 2.85 I did not have. tried to put in 1.75mm. It didn’t work out particularly well, the extruder did not capture the thread normally, it bent and burst, although poop periodically climbed out of the heated hot end. Those. everything is working. Need a filament.

Bought VERBATIM 2.85mm PLA filament black and white.

Tried a test print. White plastic sticks perfectly. Black doesn't. Not at all. Only if white plastic remains in the extruder, then it gradually turns into black and sticks. I will deal with this later. Maybe I'll try tape or glue.

Assembly in brief. The seller sent an email to the assembly manual in English. Here it is: the manual. According to him, everything is intuitive and simple. There are minor inconsistencies, but they are easily fixed. For those who want to link their fate with this constructor - there are no spacers in the kit, the so-called bushings that eliminate the gaps between the gears and the body and prevent the metal axles from climbing out of their seats. I ordered them separately. Here is the link: TYTS Well, for the people of Kiev, a link to the GT2-200 strap: TYTS About printing in two colors. In Cura 15.04.6 (apparently in the early ones too) multi-color printing is supported. You need to load two models for each color on the Cura desktop and right-click merge. In the printer settings in Cura, you need to select work with two extruders and indicate how far the second hotend is from the first. I have this figure - 18 (mm). But even after that, the printer did not print in two colors. Although before that I installed the marlin_ultimaker2_extended_dual.hex firmware. It has control over two extruders, printing is done alternately either first or second. :( An internet search turned up a result. On one of the videos on YouTube, the author was asked what firmware he was using. Then a search on GitHub. And voila. I have the latest firmware from TinkerGnome for my printer. Here it is: Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2extended-dual-16.08 .2.hex Only after that everything worked as it should. 0003

First test print two colors:

Still need fine tuning and installation of Olsson blocks, which I left for later.

I also printed fan holders

And my wife also checked out this printer, although she was initially against my idea of ​​buying a printer. Now I print all sorts of


kitchen utensils for her.

Conclusions. The quality of the parts is top notch. A couple of times I thought that I was assembling an original printer from parts stolen from a UM original parts factory. But I still found small differences. So this is just a very high quality copy. Softovo all the firmware of the original UM2 became without problems. I even uploaded firmware from UMO for the sake of experiment. After that, it stopped running, but was restored with the original firmware. The printer cost 836usd.

I am the proud owner of an Ultimaker 2 extended dual clone (which is no different from the original). Thank you for your attention.

PS. Some video:

TinkerGnome menu

Assembly stage. First run:

First test print dual extrusion

Printing something incomprehensible

Black PLA Verbatim that miraculously adhered

printed in the first evening

sve slike


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Povezani production:

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    Samsung D101S toner cartridge kompatibilna model: za Samsung D101S black refill toner boja u brand: YLC boja: crna Neto težina: 500G/bag kompatibilna model pisača: for Samsung ML-2160/2161/2162/2165W/2166W/2168W; SCX-3400/3401/3401FN/3405FW/3406/3406HW;SF-760P

    kn105. 65

  • HAWSON berba manžete i igle za muškarce drevna crveni bakar presvučen s sedef manžete skup najboljih darova za vjenčanje
    description: Brand: HAWSON Broj Modela: 40222 Boja: Kao Na Slici Velicina: ergele: 27 * 23 mm Blade: 12*10mm Tezina: 37 g Omot: jedan set pakiran u jednoj kutiji,dolazi sa slobodnog pakiranjem kutije. Veleprodaja: dostupan, veleprodajna cijena, molimo


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    Tablica Velicina I Savjeti 1. dužina haljine - od pazuha do dna suknja. 2.ručno mjerenje može biti greška 1-3 cm,veličina jedinica mjerenja je cm,1 inch=2.54 cm 1 cm=0.96 cm. 3.pletene kukičanje top is elastic, a ekspandirani


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    Kvalitetan crni podna lampa sa brass detaljima Ima gumb prekidača.Elegantan design of floor lamp Upotreba: dnevni boravak, spavaća soba, radna soba, ured Velicina L: 23cm S: 50 cm H: 144cm Material: Metal Tip Svjetiljka: E14 Tip Utikaca: Europlug - Type C


  • FORUDESIGNS Black Queen Afro Girls Design svakodnevni cosmetic bag za žene bogata cosmetic bag Lady Tote perilica toaletne potrepštine
    1. Ako želite prilagoditi svoju sliku na proizvodima, onda molim vas izađite poruka za nas 2. veličina slike mora biti veće od 1000x1000 piksela 3. Naši dizajneri će sliku utjecaja u roku od dva dana 4. Nakon što potvrdite dizajn, možete naručiti pozivom koju šaljemo vam 1. Pružamo uslugu drop shipping,


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    100pc 26 drvenih slova engleske abecede drveni ukrasni mini drvene scrapbooking DIY obrt natpis za dom dekor 15 mm description: ,

    kn21. 87

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  • Led Outdoor Decoration 4m 8m 16m 20m Droop 0.4-0.6m Led Curtain Icicle String Svjetla New Year Wedding Party Garland Fairy Light
    ·Specifikacija proizvoda--4M/8M/12M/16M/20M Materijal: Plastika, Električni Komponenta Svijetle boje: bijela, topla bijela, boja Dužina žice: 4M/8M/12M/16M/20M Overhang: 0.6M Napon:zidni utikač EU (220V) Broj led: 120 led svaki 4 m Stražnji vilica:

    kn46. 30

  • A000032170 A000032270 maticna ploča za Toshiba A300 P300 965PM DABL5SMB6E0
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