3D Services

3D Printing Service

Servicio de Impresión 3D

3D printing allows you to transform your ideas into physical objects, applications ranging from personal objects to small productions. Objects are printed at an extremely high resolution to achieve even the smallest details with the maximum possible precision. This way, ideas are materialized into objects of the exact dimensions and measurements. And all of it is possible in only a few hours.

3D Scanning Service

Servicio de Escaneo 3D

3D scanning allows you to digitalize real-life parts in a very high definition. This allow you to improve faster your production line with solid or three-dimensional meshes. We offer professional 3D scanners of high precision, achieving resolutions of 50, 60 or 100 µm. Our 3D scanners can be used manually or statically, adapting to your scanning needs and to scanning any object desired.