3D printed screw organizer

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Screw Boxes


Small box with 10 divisions and lid with interlocking joints , useful for storing small things like screws

Screw boxes


Boxes for sorting small parts/screwsPrint in ether 100% or 66 % for variable sizes.

screw boxes


Boxes for screws with handles. Two versions of the handles, mounted under a shelf or to the wall. Two box sizes: 75x55x100 and 105x55x100. ... I also made two sizes of markers, 30 and 50 cm long

Screw storage


Screw storage boxes

Screw Holder Boxes


As well there is an indent in the lid the screw fits perfectly into, making finding the exact size of a screw trivial while sorting back into the boxes. Each box has 3 3D printed parts (a lid, a latch and a box), two springs (light force and it...

Screw and accessories boxes


I have made different coloured boxes to store my screws and other fixings in. I thought having different coloured boxes makes things easier. I created the compartments based on the screws and bolt sizes I had. For the lid I used transparent...

Stackable Screw Boxes


This a set of minimal screw boxes. They are stackable, light, very cheap. The right thing you want to have when you need to print looot of them :) Print them upside down at a 45° angle to avoid print issues (see the pictures). ... Size 2: 4.5 x...

slamCAD Screw Boxes


Stackable, hangable boxes for screws, bolts, nuts... !!! Minimal support needed, see in pictures !!! Box dimensions (Lenght x Width x Height mm): 50x50x75 100x50x75 50x100x75 100x100x75 Boxes thickness is 0. 8 mm. For hanging on the...

Magnetic Screw Boxes


Specifications : = Small magnetic box for storing screws during DIY projects. Numbered and magnetised boxes between them. Useful for identifying the disassembly order. 2 parts per box: - the box (outer size : 50 \* 50 \* 30mm, inner size...

Holder for SPAX screw boxes


1. ...Print the upper_part and bottom_part 2. Slide your SPAX screw box into the bottom_part

Stacking screw and tool boxes


Stacking boxes for your screws/nuts/bolts/small items and pencil/hand tools. Various stacking boxes with none-5 dividers and either one sloped edge or straight edges. ...I've made the edges 1.6 mm thick, so with a 0.4 mm nozzle and 2 perimeters, they...

Stacking screw and tool boxes


Stacking boxes for your screws/nuts/bolts/small items and pencil/hand tools. Various stacking boxes with none-5 dividers and either one sloped edge or straight edges. ...I've made the edges 1.6 mm thick, so with a 0.4 mm nozzle and 2 perimeters, they...

Screw Driver Storage Tray


Screw Driver Storage Tray

Screw Storage Box


Here is my first thing I have created. ... This ist a Storage Box including wall mount for your Homewokshop ( Screws e.g..).

Stacked Screw sorter storage


The Small cup goes on the bottom then smallest to biggest screens bottom to top, Fill the biggest screen ( top one) place lid and shake to sort by screw size, It also acts as a storage bin as well once sorted. ...Print with any filament you like no...

5lb Boxed Screw Storage


This is a quick and dirty design for storing 5lb boxed screws. The design is rough and not symmetrical but if you take the time to assemble pieces in the correct orientation, it does work. I used blue painters tape to hold the pieces together while...

Remixed Boxes for M3 Screw Organizer


These are a few variants of the M3 screw organizer box tray (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:796504). I use this to store some smaller stuff. The lid of the original thing can used for it. Normaly I print the box in PLA an the lid in clear...

Screw It! - Self-Sorting Screw Storage


- Screwsorter is an easy to fabricate & assemble screw sorter that doubles up a storage drawer for your stray screws. Sorting sizes M8, M6, M5, M4 & M3, it also comes with a tray to catch stray objects at the bottom. Print individual drawers with...

cabinet 1/10 (screw storage)


cabinet 1/10 (screw storage)

cabinet 1/10 (screw storage)


cabinet 1/10 (screw storage)

Small Bolt Screw Storage Box


It is great for storing nuts, screws, washers, standoffs and bolts, from size m2 to m5. It is great for your racing drone hobby, general RC hobby, or your 3d printing hobby. Both parts print flat on you printbed, which should be at least...

Laser Cut Boxed Screw Storage


This is a quick design used to store 1lb boxed screws. This is my first design, and it is difficult to assemble as parts are not symmetrical. If you take your time, and make sure no parts are put in backwards the design does work. Designed for use...

Discreet box Multi-purpose storage storage storage screw closure


This cylindrical box with a diameter of 5cm and a height of 2cm, incorporates a screw thread for a quick and efficient closing. The monolithic appearance of this box when closed allows it to contain secrets or other small objects that you want to...

Stackable Screw Boxes


These minimalistic stacking boxes are good at holding stuff. I've included a small and large version, and they work really well. ...You don't need any support printing them standing up.

Bosch L-Boxx Hexagon Screw Support (for Sortimo Tool Boxes)


In order to screw the plate from the bottom to the lid of the L-Boxx, I wanted to have a stable support so the desk should not break. Also the support has a hole for countersunk screws. Let me know if you have ideas for improvements, i am also...

Stacking screw and tool boxes Free 3D print model


Stacking boxes for your screws/nuts/bolts/small items and pencil/hand tools. Various stacking boxes with none-5 dividers and either one sloped edge or straight edges. I've made the edges 1.6 mm thick, so with a 0.4 mm nozzle and 2 perimeters, they...

Vacuum Tool/Nozzle for cleaning screw boxes, drawers etc.


This is a vacuum nozzle i made with crossed bars at the end to prevent screws, nails and the alike to get sucked into the vacuum cleaner when i was cleaning dirty ol' toolboxes. Works like a charm. It is possible to use the vacuum nozzle to collect...

Ikea storage boxes


Addon part "Mounting clip for mounting IKEA RGB led set to Velleman Vertex K8400." of ronkeli Instructions Addon part "Mounting clip for mounting IKEA RGB led set to Velleman Vertex K8400." of ronkeli In association with screw and nut 4mm diameter.

Unlimited Storage Boxes


you can store screws and nuts or else. This is an unlimited storage boxes concept which means you can print as much boxes as you want and link them together. For the second line boxes cover, it should be printed vertically for a better finish as. ..

Unlimited Storage Boxes


you can store screws and nuts or else. This is an unlimited storage boxes concept which means you can print as much boxes as you want and link them together. For the second line boxes cover, it should be printed vertically for a better finish as it...

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3D printed electronic pill organizer

Birth of an idea

While 3D printing as a hobby, I often wondered if it is possible to use a regular 3D printer to create something more interesting and complex than hooks, hangers and figurines? My first project was a simple laboratory power supply.

Then on the Internet I saw and repeated a great machine concept for processing plastics and other materials.

All these devices are undoubtedly of high value from the point of view of the "hobbyist", but they are not suitable for everyday use, and even more so they are not distinguished by strong intellectuality and complexity. As they say, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.

A couple of years ago I ended up in the hospital. After being discharged home for the rehabilitation period, I was given a truckload of different medications that had to be taken according to a certain scheme, and each pill - according to its own schedule. At that moment, I realized that I needed some kind of organizer that would help me correctly and accurately maintain the schedule for taking all these drugs.

There are hundreds of different tablet organizers on the Internet. But in fact, it turned out that almost 99.9% of them were simple or not very simple plastic boxes with compartments for pills and numbering by day (Mon-Sun) or by time of day (morning-afternoon-evening). Having bought a couple of such magical organizers and spent 30 minutes just to put the pills into cells, I finally understood what exactly I needed. A bold plan ripened in my head and, sitting down at the computer, I roughly estimated the list of Wishlist for my gadget. Here is the list.


    1. This should be a compact device, about the size of a cigarette case or slightly larger. It should fit comfortably in a backpack pocket.
    2. I don't want to sort pills by day or by time of day. Ideally, just put different tablets in different cells and replenish them as you use them.
    3. The gadget itself should remind me of the time of taking the medicine and suggest which pill I should take from which cell.
    4. Suppose I forgot if I last took my pills. It should be possible to see it on the screen of my device. Spoiler: This is a great help to my elderly relatives who sometimes forget the organizer at home and don't remember later whether they took pills or not.
    5. I don't want to bother with batteries. My device must be powered by a built-in battery.
    6. I don't want to keep track of my battery life so I don't miss the moment when it runs out. Let it work on a single charge for months, if not years. Spoiler: the first prototype worked for more than a year on a single charge. I suspect that this is not the limit, since it is still working and has 80% charge.
    7. I don't want to get tangled up in wires and have a separate power supply for my gadget. Although not often, let it charge from a classic USB port. I always have a charger for my phone with me, and we will use it.
    8. Some of the tablets I take at night, and it would be nice to have an automatic backlight of the screen at night and, possibly, an up-to-date cell.
    9. I don't want to tediously and slowly dial the schedule for each type of tablet on this gadget using two or three buttons. Let there be some kind of mobile application where it will be convenient to schedule and synchronize it with my gadget with the click of a button.


Having made such a list, I got a little crazy. Of course, I work as a professional programmer and am interested in electronics as a hobby, but will I be able to master such a project? Spoiler: could, which I will talk about later.

In general, I will not delve into the electronic part of the project, but simply briefly describe the milestones on the way to creating the electronic filling, and how I adapted it for 3D printing.

The first debugging concepts were made on conventional breadboards and were fairly large. Having worked out various electronic components of the project separately, I came to the conclusion that the most compact scarf is best suited to optimize the size of the gadget. Variants of its placement inside the case were tested on a couple of first prototypes.

While wondering what type of screen to use, I found a nokia 5110 screen. This is the same LCD screen from a Nokia phone. It is still actively sold and used in many projects. Given its zero power consumption and built-in backlight, I decided to opt for it. Actually, he determined the dimensions of the rest of the electronics of my device. The electronic board was redesigned in such a way as to connect to the screen in a kind of sandwich and thus optimize the space inside the gadget.


Having designed the board and received the final dimensions, I started the most interesting part of the project - 3D-modeling the case for printing. Since I took five different types (names) of pills, counting the number of controller pins, I realized that the maximum number of supported pill cells that I can implement on it is six. But, in fact, not everyone needs such a large amount, for example, my wife takes vitamins and a couple of cells are enough for her.

So, in my organizer there should be an arbitrary number of cells for tablets, from 1 to 6. It was decided to develop the case in such a way that it would be easy to make it of variable length and already insert a certain block into it, in which to make cells .

And you can make them of any size in width and length. This is already a matter of taste. And, damn it, I myself print the case on a 3D printer, and I can choose which gadget I get!

This is one of the things I love about 3D printers: the freedom to create and choose. Later, I came up with the idea to post this project on the Internet and provide access to its STL and CAD files so that anyone with a 3D printer can not only print such a gadget for themselves, but also modify the case to their taste, taking my files as a basis or even making them from scratch. After all, we have the opportunity to print on a 3D printer!

I tried to use the most accessible elements in the case project: buttons and a booster from arduino sets, LEDs from light bulbs are used as LEDs.

In order to determine if there was a medication, I decided to build a reed switch into my gadget and place a magnet in the lid. In this way, I not only determine if the lid has been opened to take the pill, but also automatically wake up the controller and the screen from sleep mode. You simply open the lid and see messages on the screen that turns on. Convenient and simple! If you do not need to take pills, the gadget will tell you the current state, if necessary, write from which cells and how many pieces to take.

By the way, my biggest concern was the cover of the device. The original design was in the form of a pencil case with the inner part coming out, but after printing a couple of prototypes, I realized that the sliding surfaces are very difficult to machine and therefore settled on the classic form of a box with a lid.

To strengthen the lid and prevent it from opening in the backpack, I added another magnet to the lid and body. Thus, the lid is tightly magnetized when closed, but at the same time it is quite easy to open it. I spied the idea from my wife in a powder box.

Initially, a mini-USB connector was planned in the case, but remembering that it is not symmetrical, I decided to use a Type-C USB connector. Although it is a little more expensive, it is symmetrical and does not infuriate when you try to plug a cable into it and you get on the wrong side.

In general, the development of the case was perhaps the most interesting part of the project. I changed the layout of external elements several times until I achieved a more or less convenient arrangement of buttons, connectors and LEDs.

Illumination and light signaling deserve a separate story. For my 3D projects I use XTC-3D 3D compound. This is an epoxy that is used to smooth 3D models. Using the LEDs from the lamp, I got a great light indication, just like a phone flash! But if it was perfect for a reminder, then when the cells with pills were illuminated, the LED turned out to be slightly, let's say, bright. And I decided to use XTC-3D to make some kind of diffuser. But still, the backlight was still too bright and slightly "hit" in the eyes. But we are making a real gadget! It was decided to make all the illumination and alarm holes matte.

I found an interesting article on the Internet about how someone made a matte sidelight for a car by adding silicon dioxide to the epoxy. It turned out to be an excellent diffuser, giving a milky color to the epoxy. At the same time, the loss of brightness was not very noticeable and the backlight turned out to be simply gorgeous.


After spending a lot of time on this project, I realized that it is rather difficult to repeat it without having sufficiently extensive knowledge in electronics, android programming, circuitry, etc. I decided to make the task easier for those who decide to make such a gadget for themselves, and prepared the entire electronic part in the form of a whale, which included the electronics board itself and all the components that are involved in the project. My wife made a video about the capabilities of the gadget and detailed video instructions for assembling it. And I collected all this in a separate site with all the necessary materials.

I would be happy to help if you have any questions.

File 3D SD & Micro SD Card Organizer with Screw Cover・3D Printing Design for Download 3D・Cults

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