Easy 3d print projects

The 25 great beginner projects for at home 3D printers


When you’ve just got your first 3D printer at home, you’ll be excited to get started – the possibilities really are endless and you can print absolutely anything! You could wait to make your first print until you’ve mastered whichever 3D modelling software you’re going to work with, and create a bespoke design; but with such possibilities, we don’t know many people who would want to wait that long to get started!


If you’ve never done any 3D modelling on your PC before, then no matter how excited you are, you’ll probably feel a bit daunted. Luckily, you don’t have to be, since there are some great projects that are already out there and available for you to download, both for free and to pay to download. Heading for any of the biggest 3D printing communities will lead you to some fantastic projects to have a go at. 

There are so many great projects that deciding which one to do can be a time-consuming mission all by itself! That’s why we thought we’d narrow down some of the best projects out there. With so many projects available, we’re sure we have missed some other great ones – so even if you don’t find the print you want to make, we’re sure our finds in this post will inspire you.


Where can I find 3D printer files for beginners?

As we mentioned in our 3D printing basics post, there are some 3D printing communities that are incredibly active, and share files and instructions so you can start making without any prior knowledge. These communities are made up of members with varying levels of experience, and many include discussion boards that you can post to if you have questions. You’ll almost always receive great advice from people who want to help you be as enthusiastic about 3D printing as they are! Here are some of the best places to start looking for your projects:

  • Thingiverse is one of the biggest 3D printing communities and has over a million items to print – with designs free to download and use. 
  • MyMiniFactory has both free and paid designs available that were created by community users, and encourages users to earn on their store.  
  • PinShape has both free and paid for designs available to download. Projects on PinShape are usually high quality with technical information included so you can print quickly. 
  • GrabCAD has some great model projects that are perfect for beginners at home, with many that are free to download. 
  • YouMagine is full of free to download projects – perfect when you’re starting out and don’t want to pay for your print files!
  • Repables has projects that are free to use, but be aware – anyone can upload their project, so bear in mind you might not end up with quite the result you want without tweaking the design.


Best projects for kids

Printing in 3D at home is as exciting for kids as it is for adults, and so if you’ve got children around, there is a high chance that you’ll have them begging you to design and print cool stuff for them. We’ve rounded up some of the best 3D printing projects to help keep kids (young and old) happy – for a while at least…!


Nerf gun parts

Whether you’ve got boys or girls running around at home, there is a good chance that they go absolutely nuts for Nerf guns. Even if you don’t have them already, they are great toys to add to the toy box – they are relatively inexpensive (although some of the bigger ones can cost more than £80) and they are easily to find, and you can buy them pretty much anywhere you can buy toys. 

We know a lot of children say the bigger, the better when it comes to Nerf guns – and the big kid in us is inclined to agree! There are no end to the cool ideas for your 3D printer that are available to modify and adapt them. 

  • If you need a way to help carry more Nerf bullets into battle? There is a project for that here, but there are loads of different options, depending on the type of Nerf gun you have.
  • If you’re particularly competitive, you might want a scope on the top of your gun for even better aim – and you can print a pretty excellent scope from the files here.
  • If you’re in need of a torch for aiming in the dark (and why wouldn’t you – we mean the kids – be playing Nerf wars in the dark?!) then you can find files here.
  • If you’re super serious about your Nerf battles and you need to record them (and of course, have evidence of just how much better you are than your opponents!) you can find files to print attachments to mount a GoPro camera on your gun here.


We could go on about Nerf projects all day – mostly because Nerf guns are so much fun – but also because there are so many out there! If you, or your kids love Nerf gun fun then you’ll almost certainly want to check out this post – we got inspired just by looking through it. 




Lightsaber projects 

When we said this section was for kids young and old, we meant it! Whether you’ve loved the Star Wars films since you saw the first one in the cinema in 1977 or you’ve become a fan as your child has grown into them, you’ve probably dreamt of having your own lightsaber. And although buying one online is the easiest way to get your hands on one, building your own is way cooler. Whether you want to act as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or even Yoda, you’ll find plenty of lightsaber projects ready to go – and may the force be with you.



The possibilities are endless for Star Wars toys, since there are already a huge number of projects available for you to download and print without any modifications required. Search Star Wars on any of the community websites and you’ll find masks and models, through to other projects suitable for superfans such as:

  • Star Wars snowflakes perfect for Christmas 
  • Cufflinks that are ideal for bringing a little more Force to your work shirt
  • A whole Star Wars chess set that makes a fantastic gift idea
  • A full size, wearable Stormtrooper helmet


The Infinity Gauntlet 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed the way we thought about all kinds of things when we saw Avengers: Endgame. Just in case there is anyone who still hasn’t seen it, we won’t give anything away, but what we do know is that Thanos really taught us the power of the Infinity Gauntlet – and there are plenty of kids who would love the chance to play and snap things into place! Luckily, there are enough Infinity Gauntlet projects that are already created and available for new 3D printer users to download – and this one is life sized, complete with all the stones. 

While we’re on the topic of Marvel and superheroes, there are quite literally thousands of projects available – search for your favourite character, or try some of these: 

  • Captain Marvel emblem earrings
  • Baby Groot flower pot 
  • Mjolnir keychain (that’s Thor’s hammer!) 
  • An Iron Man SD card holder 


Remote controlled cars 

Continuing the theme of 3D printing projects that are great for kids young and old, we can’t not mention remote controlled cars. Of course, 3D printing doesn’t do the electronics bit, so this is a bit more of a project than just sending the job to the printer, but most of these types of projects have a lot of people that contribute to them.  

  • This particular project allows you to print Formula 1 style cars (be sure to print using the right colours for your favourite team) and has a guide for the electronics 
  • This project helps to create a monster truck body for an RC car 
  • This one is to 3D print a dune buggy or go-kart


Once you’ve created a load of remote controlled cars, you’re probably going to need somewhere to store them – and since you put in the work to make them, you’re not likely to want to put them away in a box somewhere! How about printing yourself wall mounts so you can see the brilliance of your skills? 


Toothpaste tube roller

Technically this isn’t just a print for kids, but we’ve seen enough kids squeeze toothpaste from all kinds of different angles (and we have cleaned the toothpaste up from the floor too!) so we think kids are the ones who will benefit the most from this toothpaste tube roller project. Simply put the end of the toothpaste tube in and start rolling! It’ll help you and your family get as much out of a toothpaste tube as possible too, which is a great bonus.  


Storage cube for Nintendo Switch games

Kids love Nintendo Switch – but neither parents nor kids love it when those expensive little game cartridges go missing. This storage cube project has storage for 22 cartridges, and folds up into a cool little box that is easily carried anywhere, and will stop any of those meltdowns happening when cards have been lost – because they simply won’t get lost anymore!



Of course, with so many different games available for the Switch, the 3D community have gone to town designing cool accessories to suit all different types and for different abilities. 

  • This switcherang travel controller looks incredible
  • An attachable grip 
  • A stand to allow for playing when the Switch is plugged in


Although we’ve looked at the Nintendo Switch here, if the console of choice in your household is either Xbox or PlayStation based, simply search the communities for them.  


Barbie accessories 

Little ones who love their dolls are always looking for accessories so they can play out real life scenarios in their Barbie world. While you could spend countless thousands on official accessories, if you’ve got a 3D printer then creating personalised pieces can be a great way to keep your child happy. We think a folding laptop for Barbie when she goes out on business will inspire some fantastic imaginative play, while a flat screen TV and furniture for her house can make it feel like home. If your little one has managed to fall and break a bone and is in a plaster cast, or loves playing doctors and nurses, then creating a cast and crutches for Barbie to wear means they can play to their heart’s content. There are so many other fantastic projects that we could mention – so search the communities to find the perfect project for your Barbie fan.


Board game pieces

Ever had a board game that you’ve lost a piece for? We would be willing to bet that you probably have. You’ll be able to rescue your favourites by 3D printing your lost pieces. MyMiniFactory has files available for all kinds of board games, from classics like Scrabble tiles and chess pieces, to more unusual board game accessories like life counters for Magic The Gathering or boxes for specialist dice. 



Best practical projects 

As much as we love a fun, cool or geeky project, we love a useful print job more. If you’re looking for really practical print jobs, there are a lot of projects to print tools of all different shapes and sizes – meaning if you need a spanner or a screwdriver after the shops have shut on a Sunday, you can print your own to get your job done. 

But in addition to printing your own tools, there are absolutely loads of different projects that you can download and print to make life just that little bit easier. With many of these prints, there are often other ways to work around the issue (such as with the next project we’re going to mention), but having something that is designed to specifically solve a problem in the way that you want to solve it? That’s a really satisfying print. Here are some of our favourites.


Drill bit storage

There are few of us that haven’t been told when borrowing someone’s power tools that “all the bits had better be there when you bring it back!” And now we’re a bit older, we appreciate the convenience of being able to find our drill bits the exact moment that we want them. Searching any of the communities for drill bit storage will bring you plenty of results that might suit your needs (or the needs of your power tool owner!) but we love this one, since it works perfectly with the Ikea Jansjö work lamp, and doesn’t need any additional desk space.


Screw measuring device

When you need a screw that is a certain measurement, you don’t want to be digging through an old biscuit tin full of screws, nuts and bolts and grappling with your steel ruler. Finding the right screw is much quicker when you can rest them in a neat little tray with the measurements marked out on the side. There are some great projects that print screw measuring devices like this one – very handy.  


Bike accessories 

We’re all trying to squeeze in a bit more exercise these days. Riding your bike to and from work is a convenient way to fit in a bit more exercise, but what if you need to be able to carry your morning coffee on your bike too? Try printing this holder for your bike. If you’re fed up of getting splashed when you get caught in the rain, printing a mudguard is a great little project that doesn’t take much to fit, and if you need to be able to use your phone as a sat nav, print yourself a mobile phone holder to attach to your handlebars. 



Spool desk tidies  

Whether the desk in question is really a garage workbench, is in a sewing room or is just where the PC is, this is a great way to use up those empty spools that you don’t really know what to do with, but don’t want to just throw out. This desk holder is a great project to compartmentalise those fiddly little bits – whether they are pins, needles and buttons, nuts and bolts or USB dongles for wireless devices – and to upcycle those empty spools that you’re not quite sure what to do with.

Desk caddies, pencil pots and other types of office storage items are prolific on 3D printing communities – although some are more spectacular than others! Have a good look at the options before you opt for a standard cup style pot for your pens and pencils.


Zip toggles 

How annoying is it when a zip pull breaks? Well, it might be a relatively minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, since you can use a split ring as a workaround – but what if your zipper could be fixed permanently, in a way that doesn’t announce “I broke my zip” to the world? Someone has thought of this – and this universal zip toggle is a much better fix to keep your trusty backpack (or any other item with a zip!) going for much, much longer. 


Bag clip with a screw cap 

Keeping plastic food bags closed to keep the contents fresh has been an issue for years – especially when the contents are easily spilled when they are poured. Regular plastic clips and pegs are great, but this project for a bag clip with a screw cap on it is so simple, it is borderline genius and will ensure you’ll never encounter cereal, cat food or coffee beans on your kitchen worktop ever again. One printer said this was one of their top five favourite things they have printed – so we think this is a really handy print that you’re bound to want to produce over and over again.

Spare keys

Keys might typically be made from metal, but did you know that plastic ones work exactly the same, and that you can 3D print any key? This is a great way to ensure that you have a spare available (or can make a copy) whenever you need it. You’ll need to have a little bit of knowledge of 3D modelling to make this work, but it really is a great project to have a go at – and you’ll have a useful spare key when you’ve cracked it too! 





Although the summer days might be fading away, before we know it they will come back around again. Buying a bladeless fan from a big name brand is outside of many people’s budgets, but there are many projects online to 3D print your own. These projects are a little more in-depth, and require some electrical work so might not be ideal for your first project, but they’re definitely worth the effort. You’ll be glad you made the effort when that first heat wave hits next year! 


Great projects for at home 

In this final section, we’re taking a look at some of the projects that are suitable for anyone, of almost any age. Some are really useful, while others are just plain fun.  


Cases and accessories for phones and tablets 

Phone cases aren’t just there to help protect our phones when we drop them for the 300,000th time since we got them – they’re also there to help us identify our phone when we’re out with friends. While there are countless different cases available to buy for very little money on Amazon or eBay, why would you spend money on one that you might spot on someone else’s phone, when you could print your own design? 

You can find absolutely loads of phone and tablet case designs on different websites with the files ready to go. We particularly love this case, with the built-in working gears – it’s like having a fidget cube with you all the time! Other accessories that make for a great simple first project include this mobile phone wall dock, stands for tablets and holders for while devices are on charge.



Cable accessories

Anyone who has worked in a technical industry has probably encountered the dreaded cable tie. They are functional and do the job they need to do – they tie cables and keep them neat – but they aren’t great for the environment, since you have to cut and bin them when you need to take a cable out. Enter cable clips – they are small and easy to print, and you can open and close them repeatedly, so they are a much better option. This project is a great one. 

While we’re talking about cables though, there are absolutely loads of options to help with storage and keeping all types of cables secure – from Android cable stands to headphone storage and cable clamps. Whatever annoys you when it comes to keeping cables rolled up and out of the way, you’re likely to find the answer on a 3D printing community website. 


Electric coffee maker

Coffee is a pretty important thing at Hobarts – we don’t really enjoy a morning without one! While most of the time our coffee goes from the tin into the mug with hot water, we’re pretty fascinated with this electric coffee maker. There are full instructions available, but if you’re not quite confident in your electricity skills, you still have options – here is a hobo coffee maker that uses a Red Bull can. Still not convinced that you’ll get the standard of coffee you prefer but want to improve your coffee? Try searching for accessories like mugs, coffee cup sleeves, spoon rests or sieves to personalise your chocolate powder being shaken over the top.  


Bottle opener and cap gun

This is a want to have rather than a need, but it is absolutely fun to make and play with each time you open a beer! Opening a beer bottle isn’t a hard thing to do, nor is it difficult to find a bottle opener (most of the time, anyway!) but this bottle opener with inbuilt cap gun is absolutely designed to be a hit at parties. Just be sure to set up a target so that people are encouraged to aim away from eyes…! Check out the video below.


Digital sundial

We might be almost at the end of summer as we write this post, but this digital sundial is just so cool that we couldn’t not include it in our list. Unlike traditional sundials that cast their shadow to point to a time, this one displays the time, in digits, inside its shadow. We can’t imagine how long it took the original designer to create and test, but we really want one for our garden…!

The time updates every 20 minutes, so it isn’t one you can be accurate to the minute with – don’t use it to time your morning boiled egg! However, the magical nature of this print makes it well worth the effort. We can imagine it getting admiring glances during those long, lazy days of summer when you only need to measure how long it has been since your last trip to the fridge for another cold one. 


Secret storage shelf

There have been many times when we have needed somewhere to hide something – from our secret diaries as children to needing somewhere unsuspecting to put our passports or a bit of extra cash. This shelf unit looks like a regular floating shelf, but when you print it, it has a secret tray inside that you can hide your treasures in. With an ornament or decoration on top, you’ll be able to hide your valuables in plain sight. Genius. 


Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters aren’t hard to come by. Search Amazon or eBay and you’re bound to find all kinds of shapes and sizes that you can use to create delicious themed treats! Sometimes though, you can’t find quite what you’re looking for, or you don’t want to wait for delivery – especially if there is a wait. Making treats for your pup, or perhaps for Halloween? Try this bone cookie cutter. Batman fans will adore you for creating Batman biscuits, while younger children will love their own Peppa Pig biscuits. There are so many great cookie cutter designs out there that we could talk all day about them – but now we fancy a cup of tea and a biscuit!



Candy dispensers 

When you’ve bought a bag of sweets, it isn’t ideal to eat all of them in one go. If you’re trying to keep yourself (or others!) from grazing through the bag in the course of an afternoon, try 3D printing a candy dispenser. Choose from an old-fashioned gumball machine style one, to a zombie dispenser that is perfect for storing Halloween candy, or this Mojo Jojo monkey candy dispenser. You can even upcycle a Nutella glass in this project



Whatever the occasion, there is always a perfect decoration that somebody wants but that just can’t be found. Whether it is the perfect snowflake or Santa for Christmas, cake decorations for birthdays or more risqué ornaments for stag or hen parties, you will find countless possibilities on 3D printing communities. 


Our final thoughts

When you’ve got your hands on your at home 3D printer for the first time, we have absolutely no doubt that you’ll be raring to get going. You might even have something in mind that you want to design and make – and that’s fantastic. But if you’re not quite sure where to start, or perhaps this is your first foray into the world of 3D printing, then you’ll be looking for ideas of things to print, so that you don’t waste your materials, or your time and effort setting up the print.

While we’ve linked to some great print projects here, don’t forget that if you’re not quite certain about the project we’ve linked to – because you want something slightly different perhaps – then search the different communities. There are a vast number of 3D printer designs available, so if you want something a little different, don’t settle – you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. 

Finally – when it is time to order your next lot of supplies, be sure to check out our range of consumables, and if you find you’re printing a lot then consider our servicing options to keep you on track.

3D Printing Projects For Beginners - Fun and Easy Prints for All Skill Levels

3D printing seems like a daunting task at first. If you have no experience in using a 3D printer, you could already feel overwhelmed before you even plug it in – goodness knows I did.

To me, 3D printing was a sci-fi concept, something I’d never thought I’d get to do in my lifetime, and I had zero idea where or how to begin. But here I am, writing about them for a living. And if someone as formerly technologically illiterate as me can grasp it, anyone can.

If you’re in the same boat I was, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of 3D printer projects for beginners out there that are simple to make and still really cool.

Here we’re going to look at some of the easiest 3D printer project ideas for total novices, so no matter how new to 3D printing you are, you should have no trouble with any of these.

Keep in mind that this is a list of projects ideal for beginners to 3D printing, not a beginner’s guide to 3D printing.

If you’d like a little extra advice before you get started, you can check out our top 7 3D printing tips for beginners here. But I will still include some helpful tips to help even the most inexperienced of printers get started.

Hints and Tips

Maybe you have some experience in 3D printing, maybe you’ve done your research, or maybe you’re staring down a $200+ piece of tech and have absolutely no idea where to start.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you get printing with confidence.

Know Your Hardware

Now no one is asking you to know exactly how a 3D printer works or about how or why each individual part functions, but it is important to know what the main pieces of your 3D printer do.

Knowing how extruders and motors work and how to manage them is a great way to get you used to your machine and will also help you keep safe when using them.

Making sure you don’t touch heated parts too soon and knowing how to properly shut the printer down when not in use will help you stay safe and your machine in good working condition.

Your 3D printer will come with safety guides and summaries of what the parts do. Be sure to read and note these carefully to avoid tears in the future.


Tweaking your settings like infills, extruder temperatures and the like will help you get an idea of what everything does. Don’t worry if things are a little mangled at the start or if things don’t work out the way you think they should.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Continuing from above, anyone getting started will have a few hiccups along the way.

It takes some prodigious skill to get everything right on the first try, so if your minifigure is warped or your toy car is more brittle than it should be, don’t let that discourage you!

With enough time, experience, and learning, you’ll be printing with the pros.

And even then you’ll probably still have the odd misfire. The waste of time and materials is frustrating, sure, but it’s perfectly fine, I promise.

These are just some simple advice steps but are important for making sure you stay safe and willing to keep up your enthusiasm even despite the odd failed print.

Pokémon 3D Prints for Beginners

For me (and at least eight of my friends and colleagues,) getting started in 3D printing by making Pokémon was a simple and fun way to learn.

I’m not just recommending Pokémon as an easy 3D printing introduction just because I happen to love the franchise. Pokémon make a great first step because even in the most basic forms, their shapes are still easily recognizable.

What makes them particularly easy is that Pokémon are often printed in one big part instead of several interconnecting parts. But you can always make them more complicated as you get comfortable with your printing skills.

Specifically, the best Pokémon to 3D print as a beginner are the low-poly models, which can be printed with minimal hassle and still look really cool.

Low poly Pokémon are as simple as it gets, taking no editing or particularly specific settings to get right.

Totodile and Seaking are two great examples to get started (Lickitung was one of my firsts) and you can find so many more out there, including the recently announced and already fan-favorite Lechonk.

If you want something more than a statue, there are a few cool Pokémon Quest-inspired articulated Pokémon you can check out too.

Some of my personal favorites are Cubone, Gengar, and Mewtwo just to name a few.

These are all very easy 3D prints and will help you get used to different settings and infills as you experiment with the models.

Once you get more comfortable, you can even make your own adjustments to get you used to editing software and print management.

Animal Statuettes

Pokémon aren’t the only easy 3D prints that come in the low-poly form.

If you’re not a fan of the Pocket Monsters franchise or just want to do something different, low poly animals are an equally good way to get started with 3D printing.

They can also be printed as one piece and with no experience, and come in a lot of different forms as well.

There are so many low poly animals that any beginner can 3D print, I couldn’t possibly get to all of them now. Needless to say, if you have a favorite animal, you’ll have no trouble finding one you can print with ease.

Some examples include this duck, this alpaca, this pig, and this hedgehog (that last one happens to be the personal favorite of a good friend of mine. )

Once you get used to the one-piece designs, you can start to branch out with projects like this low poly fox.

It’s designed with pieces to be printed individually in different colors to make an excellent multicolored statue that can be made with a single-color printer.


Keychains are fun ways to express yourself and things you like because we carry them around with us pretty much everywhere we go.

Because they need to be light and fairly small, keychains are great 3D printing projects for complete beginners, and can gradually become more complicated as you get more used to 3D printing.

A keychain of your zodiac sign is a cool way to accessorize, and this paper plane keychain is a simple but pretty neat print that works well and makes your keys more noticeable.

You can even print a keychain of your favorite emoji like these heart eyes or this grumpy one.

Some 3D printed keychains are deceptively simple. This miniature map of the U. S. with separated state lines looks a lot harder than it is, and is a great project that even a beginner can be proud of.

Once you’ve got the hang of these simple shapes, you’ll be able to branch out and make some even cooler 3D printed keychains before you know it!

Snap Cards

Snap cards, also known as kit cards, are small models that come as individual pieces attached to a card to be snapped off and assembled. Like any miniature model, they can be extremely complicated or very easy 3D prints.

But the complexity often comes down to the design, meaning the printing process is usually very easy and ideal for beginners who want something a little more fun to mess with post-print than a simple ‘print and display’ project.

Some snap cards are practical like this eating utensils card and this survival card, while others are fun like this catapult and this slingshot.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, there are a ton of kit cards for you. The Millennium Falcon, Imperial Shuttle, and even the seldom-seen Landspeeder are all available as easy 3D prints that any Star Wars fan can have fun putting together and playing with.

If you’re still following the canon like I gave up doing a while back, then you might be happy to know that more modern designs like The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest is also a cool kit card to 3D print.


When you think of 3D printing for beginners, you probably think of simple decorative projects with little substance beyond looking nice, but this is far from the truth.

There are plenty of easy toy 3D prints that anyone can make and have fun with, regardless of 3D printing experience.

The micro catapult is one of my favorites.

It doesn’t need much material and requires no extra hardware or parts to assemble. Despite its simplicity, it can launch small paper balls around 6 feet, perfect for getting on your least favorite colleague’s nerves.

Articulated toys are easier to make than you’d think, too.

This Loki alligator is a cute little wiggly toy that works well as a keychain too. You can also print out these fun articulated fish, as well as some funky prints like this shark or even a model of the cartoon classic Earthworm Jim (who else remembers that cool dude?)

These prints don’t need any supports or additional hardware to connect and move well, and are a lot easier to print than they look. So there’s no reason even beginner 3D printers shouldn’t dive in!

More traditional toys like this airplane and these simple toy cars are easy 3D prints that you can be proud of as you either play with them yourself or watch any little ones in your life have fun with your own creations.

You can even have a go at printing this balloon-powered car for some extra fun!

As you delve further into your 3D printing adventure, you’ll soon find toys to be some of the most fun things you can make. And once you get tired of the easier stuff, our list of the best 3D printed toys will be waiting for you!

Phone and Tablet Stands

When I got my first 3D printer, a friend of mine asked me to make him a business card holder.

While I never got around to it, it did make me think that making holders and stands might be some easy project to help me get started.

As someone who up until then had been using a stuffed cat toy to prop up my phone at night, this revelation was very welcome.

Because 3D printed phone stands only need the most basic of shapes, the only real tweaking or designing you’ll have to do is changing the size to match your device.

This will not only give you a good beginner 3D printing project but also help you get used to file editing before printing in a way that isn’t too complex.

While you can make some simple stands like these, don’t be afraid to go down some more creative routes.

This corded landline holder looks pretty cool and will fit well on any desk, and this ‘McFly’ design is just a pair of small 3D printed shoes to keep your phone upright whether you’re watching a video or on a call.

Tablet holders are the same, they can be simple projects that do the job well enough or creative prints that still don’t take much for some cool results.

You can go with fun and goofy designs like this Peppa Pig tablet stand, or more practical like this adjustable tablet holder or this foldable one for when you’re on the go.

3D Printing Projects For Beginners FAQs

What can you make with a 3D printer for beginners?

3D printing projects for beginners have a lot more variety to them than you’d initially think.

Even with no 3D printing experience, you can make low-poly animals and Pokémon as well as simple toys and even tiny working machines.

What are the easiest things to 3D print?

Statuettes like low poly animals are the easiest things to 3D print, but generally speaking, any simple minifigure is simple to make.

They require little to nothing by way of added hardware or construction and often don’t need any editing before sending to print. But that doesn’t mean beginners to 3D printing should feel limited to static figurines.

Is it hard to start 3D printing?

3D printing may seem like a complicated and daunting world to get into, but with excellent support networks, user-friendly hardware and software, and excellently detailed online instructions, anyone can start 3D printing.

Companies are always renovating products and support networks to help introduce inexperienced people to 3D printing, so it’s easier than ever to get started even for those with little to no experience.

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50 3D Printing Ideas

It looks like we'll soon be drowning in useless stuff made for 3D printing projects. But you can do something that will really be useful! If you're running out of ideas, here's a list of 50 3D printable items you're unlikely to throw away.

Bag clip with screw cap

Now the bag clip will have a new feature - a hole with a lid for quick access, as in the photo. This clip is easy to print and convenient to use. Strange that no one thought of this before.

Author: Minkix

Download: Thingiverse

Modular Furniture Connector

This connector allows you to quickly assemble modular furniture. The default model is designed for 17×17 mm wood, but the size and material can be changed to suit your needs using a parametric file for customization.

Author: LeFabShop

Where to download: Cults

Sealant cap

No more throwing open sealant tubes away. The screw cap for the nozzle presses the o-ring tightly against the body of the tube and closes the access of air to the solvents inside.

Author: The-Mechanic

Where to download: Thingiverse

Laptop niche

Now the laptop will always be at hand, but hidden from prying eyes in a special niche that is attached to the bottom of any coffee table.

Author: Too Snide

Download: Thingiverse

Phone holder - Candice

Elegant and simple, perhaps the easiest thing you can print on a 3D printer.

Author: Clem.C2

Where to download: Cults


The idea for Polypanels came from Devin Montes. A polypanel is a series of three-dimensional building blocks. The individual elements of a Polypanel look simple, but if you print a lot of them and different types, you can create all sorts of complex designs. Something like LEGO where you can design each brick.

Author: MakeAnything

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Coat Hook

This coat hook is designed as an E3D attachment and can be printed multiple times to fit all your clothes.

Author: Filar3D

Where to download: Cults

Plant Pot

This anatomical brain flower pot is easier to print than it looks, creator DrFemPop says. For assembly, it is only necessary to glue the parts after printing. It turns out an original house for plants.

Author: DrFemPop

Where to download: Cults

Door Holder

This is a simple solution for holding a door. Double-sided adhesive tape is sufficient for surface mounting.

Author: Akiraraiser

Where to download: Thingiverse

Piggy bank

A simple piggy bank for beginners, no complicated settings.

Author: lecaramel

Where to download: Thingiverse

Cable ties

This tie is perhaps the simplest and most ingenious of all devices. Clips are printed as a whole sheet at once, and then the required amount can be cut off from it.

Author: Sunshine

Where to download: Cults

Roller ruler

An indispensable device if you need to measure the length of something non-linear: a piece of rope, a curved line, a perimeter with bends, etc. The ruler is called Geneva and has step 5 mm.

Author: MechEngineerMike

Where to download: Thingiverse


This small, solid piece of plastic can easily replace your pliers / pliers. These forceps take the force to the handles and redistribute it at the end of the grip. It's definitely pliers. Just smarter.

Author: BYU CMR

Where to download: Thingiverse

Cylindrical textured box

Beautiful tube from Syboulette decorated with hexagons. Well suited as a kitchen utensil for storing oatmeal, rice and other crumbly substances.

Author: Syboulette

Where to download: Cults

Door stopper

This stopper is modeled after the Guyer Anderson cat statue in the British Museum. The design is hollow, which allows you to fill the limiter with something for additional weight.

Author: Duaneindeed

Where to download: Cults

Plague Doctor Mask

Not exactly the most useful item on the list since bubonic plague is a thing of the past. But a mask can come in handy, for example, when you need to clean up after your pet. And you can also go to the carnival in it.

Author: Odrivious

Download: Cults

Universal Spool Holder

This adjustable spool holder uses a spring and an adjustable rewind clutch. It's the perfect place to store those pesky wires.

Who made it: Vincent Goenhuis

Where to download: Thingiverse

Sturdy waterproof box

This tight-fitting box will keep things from getting wet. Print it in PLA or PETG, add a flexible TPU seal and M3 screws for the spring hinge, and you're done.

Author: ZX82

Where to download: Cults


This dice is suitable for flat 3D printing and has a face size of 16mm.

Author: Devin Montes (MakeAnything)

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Collapsible Coat Rack

Really cool coat rack. That's all there is to say about her.

Author: Komaru

Where to download: Thingiverse

Business Card Holder

Great for showing off your new business cards to your Wall Street friends. What could be more delightful than this Zippo card holder with flip-top lid.

Author: PentlandDesigns

Where to download: Cults

Pencil and pen holder

Iceberg or melting beehive? Be that as it may, this is a handy pen and pencil holder that is cheaper to print than to buy.

Author: BeeVeryCreative

Where to download: Cults

Groovi Monster Audio Amplifier

This is a passive smartphone audio amplifier that looks stylish and does the job well. It's called Groovi Monster for a reason.

Author: 3DShook

Where to download: Cults

Cup holder

Can be used not only as a cup holder, but also as a coaster for hot dishes. The dimensions of the template are easily adjusted to suit any size cookware.

Author: jmdbcool

Where to download: Thingiverse


Designed for fixing various materials, including the ends of the wire in the coil. Also great as a clothespin replacement.

Author: Med

Where to download: Cults

Pencil Box

Suitable for storing all your desk trivia and trinkets (memory cards, rubber bands, pencils, paper clips, etc.).

Author: Monkey3D

Where to download: Cults

Headphone holder

This is a duck. Yes, you can hang headphones on it.

Author: Toshi_TNE

Download: Thingiverse

Polyhedral Succulent Pot

Unusual geometric pots for your growing succulent collection. These small pots can be configured to be connected together.

Author: PrintFutura

Download: Cults

Survival Whistle

This is a survival whistle with original design. It is durable, easy to make and very loud (118 dB is more than enough to be heard in an emergency).

Author: Joe Zisa

Where to download: Thingiverse

Measuring Cube

Simple and original measuring cube for the kitchen. On each side there are recesses for measuring the volume of ingredients (in cups - according to the American system, and in metric units for everyone else). It is best to print with PETG material, it is the safest for products.

Author: iomaa

Download: Thingiverse


This is a parametric hinge that can be sized to fit your needs.

Written by Rohin Gosling

Download: Thingiverse

Car Eyeglass Holder

Attaches to your car's sun visor. Glasses will always be at hand.

Author: Trevor Long

Download: Thingiverse


The simplest things are usually the most useful. Convenient and easy to print opener. Covers the sharp edges of the cork as much as possible, protecting you from injury.

Author: Jeremy Peterson

Download: Thingiverse

Superhero Keychains

Sometimes you need to remind yourself of your hidden superpowers. Stylish and cool keyrings are well suited as a small gift.

Author: Formbyte

Where to download: Cults

Headphone stand

It will be useful for music lovers and gamers who use headphones a lot and often. After all, now they will no longer roll around anywhere.

Author: MakerBot

Where to download: Thingiverse

Bag Clip

The model consists of two printed parts. Allows you to keep packages closed and keep food fresh longer.

Author: Walter Hsiao

Download: Thingiverse

Plastic wrench

Handy wrench, but don't choose soft plastic to make it.

Author: Daniel Noree

Where to download: Cults

Sliding Decal

No more worrying about whether cups are clean or dirty right now in the dishwasher! With the help of a special mechanism, the slider easily changes the inscription on the plate.

Who made it: MiddleFingerBoss

Where to download: Thingiverse

Collapsible basket

Cool picnic item. A folding square basket with five sections is printed from several parts and then glued together. For product safety, it is recommended to use PETG plastic.

Author: PatternToPrint

Where to download: Cults

Self-watering plant pot

Houseplants are dying from your forgetfulness? This will not happen again! This pot will water them by itself, and your conscience will be clear.

Author: Parallel Goods

Where to download: Cults

Maze Gift Box

Cash is not the most original gift. But if you present them in such a gift box, your friend will surely like it. The lucky recipient will have to work hard to get to the prize, because there is only one right way.

Author: Robert

Download: Thingiverse

Wired headphone holder

The headphones will now be protected from tangling and breakage.

Author: Robert

Where to download: Thingiverse

Tube Squeezer

Will help squeeze out the contents of the tube to the last drop. Wide enough to fit most tubes on the market. Printed in three separate parts.

Author: Justin Otten

Where to download: Thingiverse

Webcam Shutter

The best thing for the paranoid and just for those who are uncomfortable being under the gun of a webcam. Instead of sticking tape or sticky tape over the lens, attach a slider shutter to the body and open it when you need a video call.

Author: Horizon Lab

Where to download: Cults

Hexagonal Prefabricated Drawers

Useful to free your desk from the noodles of cables, wires and just every little thing. The design can be easily expanded if necessary.

Created by Dan O'Connell

Where to download: Cults

Wall Phone Shelf

Attach the shelf to a power outlet and place your phone on it while charging. The model also has a corner slot that holds your smartphone or tablet upright for watching videos.

Author: Tosh Sayama

Where to download: Cults

Card Shuffle Machine

Awesome item for poker lovers. This device will help to shuffle the cards and deal them during the game.

Author: LarsRb

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Box with a secret lock

Box for storing things in a place inaccessible to prying eyes with a secret multi-stage opening mechanism.

Author: 3DPrintingWorld

Where to download: Thingiverse

Digital Sundial

Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. This is a digital sundial and it really works. They are designed to pass only the right beams at the right time and at the right angle to display the actual time in 20-minute intervals. Only works during daylight hours, of course.

Author: Mojoptix

Where to download: Thingiverse


Designed in the shape of a stylish Swiss Army knife, it looks amazing. Printed from two plates and the keys are held in place with standard hex nuts and bolts.

Author: Craig Blanchette

Where to download: Thingiverse

50 Cool Things to 3D Print in June 2019 Tired of worthless trinkets? Here is a list of 50 cool really useful things for 3D printing.

Like us, you are fascinated by the possibilities of 3D printing. But, unfortunately, the horizon is littered with trinkets, trinkets and other unnecessary things. We are in danger of being buried under a heap of useless rubbish.

Throw off the shackles of mediocrity! Let's create really useful things! Here is a list of cool things that you can make on a 3D printer right now. Prove to your family and loved ones that this wonderful technology can be used daily and in practice.

No access to 3D printer? No problem. Just upload your files to our 3D printing price comparison system and choose the best price, ONLINE!

Don't have a 3D printer to print these amazing things? Then come to

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #2: Power Outlet Shelf

Attach a shelf to your power outlet to support your phone while charging. The shelf has a slanted recess that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet upright.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #3: Soap Dish

Elegant bathroom soap dish with two washable compartments. You can change the pattern of the inner pallet if you wish.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #4: Nightstand Tag Handles

The art of storage doesn't have to be boring. The Hobb Knob is a small pen with a label to describe the items in the drawers. Now you will never lose your socks!

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #5: coasters with geometric patterns

When it comes to hot drinks, mug circles are an inevitable risk. Things take a much more serious turn if there is a coffee-addicted inhabitant in the house. Available in three designs, these coasters help you avoid unsightly stains.

Download from Pinshape

3D Printing Cool Thing #6: Hinge Lamp

This modular hinged lamp consists of 6 main elements: a base, a body and a top with LEDs. To make the lamp taller, you can add the required number of elements.

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #7: One-Handed Bottle Opener

This boomerang-shaped bottle opener is useful for people who have difficulty performing activities that require force, such as opening a plastic bottle. Print it out and give it to your grandmother. She will appreciate this gesture.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #8: shower head

Is swimming under a waterfall on your list of things to do before you die? The next best thing is a 3D printed shower head (probably).

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #9: Secret Shelf

Hide valuable documents and stash from prying eyes on this secret shelf.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #10: jar handle

Enhance empty jam jars with a printed handle. What could be easier?

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #11: Plastic Wrench

A full size general purpose plastic wrench. Actually for screwing and unscrewing around the house.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #12: business card holder

"What a delicate yellowish shade, and the thickness is tastefully chosen, oh my god, even the watermarks." Do you have such a business card? Find her a pair in the form of this business card holder, printed in its entirety (yes, already with a hinged lid). Instructions for adding a custom logo are included.
Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #13: Alien Invader Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Brighten up your bathroom with a functional printable model of a classic alien invader... ahem holding your toilet paper.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #14: lift platform

Here is a fully assembled lift platform. Printed in full. No need to fiddle with a bunch of details. The adjustable height can be used to lift or support an object of acceptable weight.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #15: Plant Drinker

Are indoor plants a victim of neglect? FORGET ABOUT IT. Print out this simple automatic plant drinker and your conscience will be clear.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #16: earbud holder

We spend a lot of money buying headphones on the go, but we don't protect them enough when we use them. Hide your headphones safely in this 3D printed holder.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool 3D Printing Thing #17: Package Pen

We are all familiar with this situation. You trudge home from the supermarket, loaded with bags of groceries. The force of gravity causes plastic to crash into your palms, am I right? ENOUGH. Print these bag handles and forget about chafed palms forever!

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #18: tablet stand

There are times when you need to free your hands when using your smart device, such as watching TV shows or cooking recipes. This simple stand supports 7" and larger tablets in both portrait and landscape modes.

Download from Pinshape

Cool 3D Printable Item #19: Plant Drinker #2

Another horticultural art contraption. It is especially suitable for kitchen plants. The next time you buy fresh herbs for cooking, transplant them into this neat device and they'll stay fresh all week long.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #20: door stop

Tired of everyone slamming doors at home or in the office? Then you need an UNCOMPROMISING door stop. Light weight, child safe, designed for easy installation and easy fabrication on an FDM 3D printer. The creator of the stop also claims that the device can be used to repel zombie attacks, however this version has not been verified.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #21: Windshield Scraper

If you want to quickly and easily get rid of snow and ice on your car windshield with this handy scraper. Printed without support, at the end there is a hole for a lace.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #22: Water Hose Control

This special nozzle regulates the flow of water in the garden hose, about 2 liters per minute. It’s great if you have water limits set in the height of summer.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #23: Modular Wine Rack

Whether you're new or a connoisseur in the world of wine, this modular wine rack is the perfect storage solution for your fine drink. bottles of WIRA. It can be expanded (or narrowed) according to your collection by printing only the required number of modules.

Download from 3DShook

Cool thing for 3D printing #24: whistle for protection

This original design whistle is easy to make and carry. Durable and very loud. How loud? How about 118 decibels? This is more than enough to get people to hear about your emergency.
Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Thing #25: Apple Headphone Holder

Download from ThingiVerse9

3D Printable Thing: Cool Thing #20522 Holder of an umbrella for a wheelchair

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 28: Protection for disk

download from Myminify

Twisting thing for 3D printing No. 29: form for snowfields No. 29: form form for snowfields No. 29: form for snow

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool 3D Printable Item #30: Wine Bottle Protector

Download from MyMinitory3 Download fromOl000

3D Printable Cool Item #33: Apple Remote Stand

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #34: Key Holder

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 35: Holder of the cutlery for people with disabilities

download from Myminifactory

Cool Press No. : wine bottle

Download from MyMiniFactory

Cool thing for 3D printing #37: Paper cup holder

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D Press No. 38: Case for blades

Download from Myminifactory

Cool Press No. 39: Supporter for a children's bottle MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #40: Towel Rack

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #41: Holder for a glass

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D Press No. 42: Holder for a phone in shower

download with Myminifactory

Cool Sentor. for beer glasses

Download from MyMiniFactory

Cool thing for 3D printing #44: MacBook Pro stand

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 45: Protection for SD-cards

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 46: Basket for Battery Bathroom

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Thing #47: Ice Cream Cone Holder

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Thing #40522 Bound set

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D Press No.

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