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🔫 Best STL files 3D printing for Fortnite・Cults

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🔫 Best STL files 3D printing for Fortnite

Download 3D files from Fortnite

Discover our selection of STL files linked to the universe of Fortnite. They can be perfectly 3D printed to decorate your office or room. You will find in this collections all the 3D models that allow you to affirm your passion for this video game that everyone is talking about right now!



Fortnite Key Chain


CARDHOLDER-WALLET (only back plate with logo Cyberpunk)


Rainbow Smash Fortnite


Scar Keychain - Key Chain


Cardholder-wallet (universal package)

€1. 38



Calamity Fortnite


Fortnite Sniper Key Chain


Fortnite Mini Raven


Fortnite - Drift Skin (Maxed)


Fortnite Lithophane Lamp


Fortnite Mini Rabbit Raider


Fortnite Mini Dark Voyager


Fortnite Gingerbread man Cookie Cutter


Durr Burger






Fornite Keychain






Fortnite Teknique Fixed on V-buck










Fortnite LLama

€1. 02

Fortnite Drum Gun


3D Printed Desert Eagle


Fortnite Chest Game Prop Pc Xbox PS4


sticky grenade weapon fortnite battle royal deco




weapon repulsive grenade repulsive fortnite battle royal deco


Clinger Grenade from Fortnite




boogie bomb / usb rgb led stripe version / fortnitebattle royale


Fortnite Bolt Action


Fortnite keychain The Ice King




FortNite SCAR

€22. 44

Fortnite Chest Remix






Porta-Fort (Fortnite)




FanArt of a Gas Grenade


Drift Mask Fortnite


All cookie cutter sets (+200 cookie cutters)


Cardholder-wallet (universal package)

Cardholder-wallet (universal package)

Cardholder-wallet (universal package)


Here is our selection of the best STL files from the Fortnite BR universe, all these creations are from Cults 3D file library and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection includes many free 3D files from the Fortnite universe, you will also find some premium paid files. There are so many 3D printable objects inspired by Fortnite ! You can find many characters and skins from the video game Fortnite Battle Royale : Power chord, Rapace, Red Knight, Rabbit raider, Bunny brawler, etc. But also many Fortnite BR 3D printable weapons like the Scar or the Minigun !

The 3D modelers who propose their creations on the 3D file download platform Cults have therefore competed in ingenuity to create elements of many Fortnite suits and masks, video game logos, key chains, takeaway coin...

30 Cool Things to 3D Print for Gamers – Accessories & More (Free) – 3D Printerly

Many gamers are involved with 3D printing but can find it difficult to find some of the best things to 3D print.

I thought to search through the internet and find 30 really cool 3D printed objects that gamers would love, packed with accessories, characters, high quality models and more.

Before we dive right into it, know that if you have a 3D printer, you can create your collection of gaming models.

Let’s check them out!

For lovers of retro games, it contains 8 different unique video game coasters with customized holders for holding drinks in place while you have fun. It is a great addition to your living room.

Created by hockenmaier.

Your Nintendo Switch game controller can now be made better with 3D printing!. It is a joy-con grip that does not require a strap. There is an easily accessible button present. It works very fine and several people that have made it love it.

Created by manabun.

The Clawshot model perfectly reflects the glory associated with the legendary Zelda game series. A user mentioned they used a Makerbot Replicator 2X with White ABS to create this model. It will need some post-processing to get it perfect.

Created by TheKretchfoop.

Created after the Harry Potter series to replicate the wand, It is divided into two pieces so that it will print on any good 3D printer.

Created by jakereeves.

Another game accessory for gamers is this modeled keys of the “traditional” 8-bit heart, and 4 minis, which can be used as a substitute for a board game or can be used to make a pretty bracelet.

Created by mortinus.

Although it is not recommended for motor vehicle use, this 3D print is an ideal protective homemade partner for light and tedious tasks. When done with the right 3D settings, it should fit your head without stress.

Created by big_red_frog.

This Pokémon-based 3D print features an easy and cool way to hold your switch game carts. There are 5 parts: top outer shell, top inner shell, a button, bottom inner shell, and bottom outer shell.

Created by samk3ys.

This model is very easy to print no matter the type of 3D printer you have, it is effective, and will come out strong as long as you get the settings right. You will also need some superglue if you are printing editions 2, 3 or 4.

Created by Kart5a.

You may have tried a lot of bag clips but found out that most of them are only working with ABS material since it is more flexible. This designed 3D printed clip works with PLA. The creator used a hinge instead of a spring mechanism.

Created for MasterFX.

If your favorite is cartridge games, this designed case was designed for you to store your games in a cool space when you are not indoors. The handle wrap is a faux suede cord.

Created by kDaesign.

A great gaming accessory is this case that holds a Raspberry Pi and a Model. It hooks up just fine and the input and outputs for various models like USB game controller, SD card, and Micro USB are made available in case you want to 3D print each.

Created by tastic007.

This game: Enchanted Garden of Messer Ansaldo was designed by Marie Spartali Stillman to follow a magician who makes a garden bear fruit and flowers in the winter for Messer Ansaldo to win the heart of a married lady.

Created by boris3dstudio.

Enjoy your premium game experience with simple buttons you don’t need any straps to enjoy playing your favorite game. Easily printed on an Ender 3 with Cura as many users have done.

Created by manabun.

You get to choose different frames for your game controller. All you need to print is one frame and one wheel. After that, it is cruise control for your Xbox. You can enjoy this game controller better with racing games.

Created by pixel2.

If you want to spruce up your gaming are with some nice decorations, this Zelda Planter is a perfect 3D print to create. It is available in both dual extrusion and single extrusion versions.

Show off your love of gaming with this cool design on your desk or table.


These goggles can be used for an expanded view of special events in and around the home. You could order a pair of lenses to complete the 3D print. Printing comes with a simple instruction: print with about 40% infill, no support, no raft, all parts in one go.

Created by opendive.

This model allows you 3D trigger buttons on your smartphones. It doesn’t matter the make or model, it should fit perfectly and do the job right.

Created by angelocasi.

Another great gaming accessory that can do almost anything as long as you use the required hardware. The designer recommends that you print at 25% infill to get a smooth and great design.

Created by AndrewBougie.

This magnetic phone mount is another cool model you should 3D print. You will be set free from holding your phone even at night as you can freely fall asleep while streaming your favorite movie to TV program.

You’ll need a Magnetic Plate Mount and Enkay 4480-C 8-Pound Super Magnets.

Created by doctriam.

A really cool take on the Mario question blocks that most of us can appreciate.

As long as you try sanding or slicing back the bottom edge, you won’t have any issues with printing the box, the lid, the question marks, and the 4.5mm screws.

Created by Kickass3DPrints.

This model, when 3D printed, will help store headphones correctly. It incorporates a cable hook to keep things tidy when storing the headphones and a modular design to aid in repairs should it break.

The design is very strong and is more than capable of supporting a good pair of headphones.

Created by NoycePrints.

This mug is modeled to fit a standard 33cl can (66mm diameter) which fits snugly inside. The mug is also useful for keeping all your dice, in case you are an ardent tabletop gamer. It’s made to print without any supports.

Created by ArsMoriendi3D.

Patterned after the ancient Greek dice of 20 sides, it has electronics inside, so it won’t be 100% balanced. It doesn’t replace your dice, but you could load each of the 20 faces with the names of local lunch spots and use it to pick the day’s destination.

Once it lands on one of the faces, it verbally speaks on what you set it to say. This is really cool and has so many possibilities for fun!

Created by adafruit

Most people enjoy dice games but find it annoying looking for the dice when they go missing. This dice tower will accommodate most standard dice sizes but can be scaled up or down accordingly depending on your preference.

Created by 3DCentralVA.

The main difference with this dice tower is how you can actually watch your dice roll down the tower. It has been through updates and iterations to make sure it looks and 3D prints nicely for all the users out there.

For example, some users mentioned difficulties with printing the banisters, so the designer increased the thickness to make it better. You even have the optional knight within the dice tower to add as a decoration.

Created by Lau85.

This set of miniatures were created for you to print and customize easily. It not only has the STL files for you to download, but also has the OBJ design files. You’re getting a whopping 17 different models with this character pack.

The character files are available so you can change the pose, weapons, or tweak.

Created by Valandar.

If you want an awesome gadget to have on your table which can spin at nice speeds, you’ll want to 3D print the Spinning Tops Orbital Series.

It is designed specifically in a way that puts the weight of each top on the border, leading to a centrifugal force that spins the model easier and for longer. Kids and adults can definitely enjoy this model.

Created by Ysoft_be3D.

This final design is based on Pokémon. The model from the picture was printed with a Prusa i3, 0.2mm layer height, 0.5mm nozzle, 45mm/s speed, and a cooling fan. With the right material, it holds well without any support.

It is made to lack detail, but give enough of it so you can see it’s a Pikachu!


This version of the case can be used with the Raspberry Pi 4. All other parts are the same as with the Raspberry with the top and bottom being the only difference.

You’ll need a set of parts to create this such as superglue, 7 M2.5 screws, then the Raspberry Pi itself with accessories.

Created by elhuff.

Fan covers on Thingiverse haven’t been the best quality, so one user decided to make the ultimate package of customizable fan grill covers that can be 3D printed nicely.

You can actually use different settings and create your own fan cover. Follow the instructions on the Thingiverse page and you’ll be guided through on how to do this for yourself, or you can use the pre-made fan covers that are available.

Created by mightynozzle.

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Children's Dental Clinic No. 46

Lilie wrote on 10/18/2022 11:40:39 AM:
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Olga. wrote on 25.04.2022 23:41:04:
For the last 10 years I have been regularly treating and removing the teeth of my girls in chipboard √ 46. It is difficult to sign up, but in the morning, when the registration is opened, it is possible. Polite girls at the front desk. For acute pain, they will always accept without an appointment. Our favorite dentist Antigova Patimat Antigovna. A wonderful Doctor, children go to her without fear, or rather they did, now she is temporarily not working, but we are really looking forward to her. When teeth are to be removed, there are always tears. Although the doctors are young now, they are always men and do their job very well. Today, for the first time, we got to be removed to Arestova Valeria Nikolaevna, and for the first time, in many years, we did not shed a single tear. The child has ceased to be afraid of both injection and removal. Thank you very much, Valeria Nikolaevna!!! Now, remove only to you!

Shmytkova Julia Valerievna wrote on 12.07.2021 14:23:10:
I express my deep gratitude to the doctors! July 12, 2021 Came in with my son in severe pain. Without any questions, they sent us to the doctor on duty, took a picture, received a dental surgeon, and after that the doctor removed the diseased teeth (milk teeth, caused suppuration of the gums). Thank you for your kind and caring attitude. Many thanks for the professionalism of Morozova I.K., Mandel M.I. and of course the front desk staff.

Larina Maria Sergeevna wrote on 04/05/2021 18:29:54:
Good afternoon. My daughters are observed in this "miracle" polyclinic. Nothing for the youngest. But the eldest suffered enough ... almost all circles passed. Starting from a dentist, continuing with surgeons and ending with orthodontists. Everyone had surgeons. So, Mandel and Egorov, in my opinion, are absolutely not intended to work with children. Children are hurt and scared, and it is unpleasant for parents to listen to their reproaches that the child does not even want to sit down in a chair. I thought I just had such a child, too afraid, but no. For us, the work of another surgeon Fedotov G.V. was a discovery and a reward. He is not just a doctor, he is truly a master of his craft! Knows how to find an approach to the child and do everything quickly and painlessly. At the previous ones, we left in hysterics and with a swollen lip, due to the fact that it was pushed back a lot. Fedotov knows how to win over a frightened child (8 years old, for a second). I am so very grateful to him. Because every trip to the surgeons was a test of stress resistance. We will only see him! We advise everyone! Take care of yourself and your children! And nerves!

Shcherbakova Maria Georgievna wrote on 21.09.2019 15:22:12:
I would like to express my deep, priiii huge gratitude to the dentist Makoev Azamat Khasanovich for the miraculous removal of a PROBLEM tooth from my daughter. We met the doctor at an appointment at DSP No. 46 and did not regret that she signed up her daughter for removal just to him. The removal procedure was PAINLESS!!!, I was constantly interested during the injection and during removal, what sensations she had, whether it hurt her, whether her head was spinning, etc. Everything was done very neatly and efficiently! Kind, knowledgeable, caring and professional. My daughter said that now we will delete ONLY from Azamat Khasanovich. It's a pleasure to deal with such doctors. There should be more such doctors in children's clinics.
I wish you health, strength and patience, Azamat Khasanovich!!!

Yulia Vladimirovna Kiseleva wrote on 05/28/2018 11:34:32 PM:
I want to express my deep gratitude to Rychikhina Marina Vladimirovna, Ramazanov Gamzat Sergeevich, Poddubny Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, Thank you for your attention. accuracy, care for my son.
I am satisfied with these wonderful doctors, my son calmly walks with him and knows that they will not hurt, that they will talk and calm. Thank you so much! food second review! but I don't see the first one.

Olga wrote on 11.04.2018 10:25:13:
Many thanks to Dr. Besedina Maria Sergeevna for the treatment and preservation of milk teeth! The reception was held in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, which is very important for young patients.

Yulia Vladimirovna Kiseleva wrote on 04/05/2018 23:02:57:
Good afternoon, the other day we visited Doctor Rychikhina Marina Vladimirovna, my child and I liked her very much, she treated the tooth very well, when the child was in pain, Marina Vladimirovna calmed him down and spoke warm and pleasant words. Thank you very much for your care and professionalism. There would be more such doctors! Before that, the child was very afraid of doctors, leaving the dentistry, he said that he would not be afraid anymore, but on the condition that we would only go to Rychikhina Marina Vladimirovna. Huge thank you very much. You have given confidence to my son.

Administration of GBUZ "DSP No. 46 DZM" wrote on 02.02.2018 12:53:10:
Thanks for your feedback. We will be glad to see you again. Administration of GBUZ "DSP No. 46 DZM"

Irina wrote on 01/26/2018 13:39:12:
After the visit, there is an unpleasant feeling, rude nurses, especially in room 29. Teeth have to be treated in a normal paid clinic, after visiting this dentistry. The only plus is the receptionist and cloakroom attendants. Dear doctors, children come to you,
be kinder and more attentive to little patients, and treat your teeth correctly, without a disregard. Not everyone has money for a paid clinic, where, as practice shows, both treatment and attitude are many times better. ..

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Discover all 16 Nintendo Switch Limited Editions

After being on the market for just over three years, the console stands out for its unique features, exclusive games and limited Nintendo Switch editions that are interesting and some even very rare. The Nintendo Switch may not be the most powerful console of its generation, but it is certainly very original and offers gamers a variety of options. A hybrid of desktop and handheld console, the Switch features the ability to let you get out of the house and pick up where you left off, along with motion controls and exclusive Big N games.

To make these exclusives even more exclusive, Nintendo is releasing commemorative versions of the console with in-game skins, additional game features, special partnerships, and even select store exclusive sales to further pique the curiosity of collectors and gamers who love their franchises.

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Laptop and console table.


So here we are going to show you some of the coolest and most curious versions of the Nintendo console. Some of these are very rare these days and can be very expensive for those who are behind. Discover limited editions of Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey Simple but mustachioed fans loved it

This is the simplest version of the limited edition Nintendo Switch. It was launched in 2017 with Super Mario Odyssey and cost $380 at the time (something like R$2.145 in current calculation). Its exclusives include a full download of the mustachioed plumber game and a commemorative protective case.

Its main attraction for those who want this console are the red colored Joy-Cons. Cappie, is unique to this console. For those who want to take control in this company's official color, this is the only way to achieve it.

Mario Red + Blue Edition for Nintendo Switch It's me... Swich

Este Nintendo Switch special was shown along with the Bowser's Fury DLC included in Super Mario 3D World on the Switch. The red and blue colors on this console match classic Mario attire, and the included carry case features Mario's iconic symbols: his gloves, hat, jumpsuit and, of course, his mustache.

Did you like this? Want a Nintendo Switch Limited Edition?

Buy now!

Nintendo Labo This is a very rare and exclusive version of

Remember when Nintendo wanted to sell cardboard parts to players so they could create accessories by cutting and assembling parts? Whether it was a good idea or not, they tried to get more people into this mod with an exclusive console dedicated to the launch of Nintendo Labo.

No, it is not made of cardboard (which can result in a very fragile and potentially flammable console), but with a lid that very convincingly resembles cardboard in color and texture. But, unlike the others, this one was not for sale. To get one of these, simply win the contest that Nintendo ran to promote the product.

Those who send them creative and fun ways to use Nintendo Labo will receive a personalized console, a fake cardboard case and a framed certificate signed by the creators of Labo. Is it possible to buy one of them now? I have a really hard time finding some of these Nintendo Switch Labo limited editions, except for some winner getting rid of the object.

Pokémon Pikachu and Evie Nintendo Switch Fofura Release

When Pokémon Go was released for mobile phones, the world exploded in worship of pocket monsters, as it did in 1997 when the anime hit TV channels and was featured on the cover of Time magazine. Of course, Nintendo wasn't about to miss the wave of the very popularity of one of its gold mines and launched everything that could be stamped with Pikachu's yellow face.

One such item is the rare and expensive Nintendo Switch Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Evee. The game itself was a remake of Pokémon Yellow 1998 with features that are related to the mobile game and attracted attention due to the lack of fights when catching small monsters, but a limited Switch edition, as the game attracted attention with its price (about RUS $ 400) and Joy-Cons in the colors of the title monsters and Pokéball Plus, a Pokémon-shaped controller that lets you capture rare Mew Pokémon.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Zacian and Zamazenta Switch Lite It's a beautiful console, but without the extras.

Literally legendary edition. This version of the Nintendo Switch Lite (this version of the console with Joy-Cons installed on the device) comes with a beautiful print of the legendary Pokémon Xasian and Zamazenta included in the game Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield on the back, but this is also the case. This console does not include the game like the other models in the listing.

It was launched for $199, which is almost the price of the base version of the device. So in this case, it might be worth spending a little more and getting a different part, especially if you're a fan of pocket monsters.

Looking for cheap Switch Lite?

Find here!

Diablo III Can you imagine leaving a box on the table when a religious aunt visits?

It's worth noting that Nintendo, always family oriented, is churning out Diablo on its consoles. This version comes with capetão lettering on the dock and a nice protective case, and includes the full Diablo III game for download. In addition to all the features of this Switch version, the player still receives exclusive armor from the character Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda series.

This version is sold exclusively at GameStop (if available) for $360 change. A real deal for those who love the Diablo series.

Dragon Quest XI S We need stuff like that too, Nintendo

Apparently only Japan is getting these beautiful Nintendo Switch limited editions, or at least that's the feeling Dragon Quest fans should feel. To help launch the long-awaited release of the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI S, the console received a themed pack released in late 2019.of the year.

This limited edition not only included some detailed and interesting artwork from Dragon Quest on the dock and Joy-cons, but also included a copy of the RPG's definitive edition. All this could be achieved with a simple price of 39.960 yen (about 2.056 reais). For fans of the series, this might not sound like a bad deal, but you should be prepared.

Monster Hunter Rise Monster Hunter Rise

This is the latest version of the limited edition console. On March 26, 2021, this edition will only be sold in Japan, Europe, North America, and Oceania (nothing for us here in South America). The console and dock are black with gold graphics, while the Joy-Cons are gray.

In Japan, limited editions of Nintendo Switch already come with a copy of Monster Hunter Rise pre-installed, while in Europe and Oceania, customers receive a code to download the game. You can find this console for around $500 on Amazon stores, but at current rates, this game is going to be pretty salty.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch Nintendo Cute Witch

Um Cute switch with charismatic Animal Crossing characters. You'll get two pastel-colored Joy-Cons and a shiny dock with Tom, Timmy, and Tommy Nook. Again, in Japan, in addition to the themed console, it came with the game pre-installed, while in Europe, customers received a code to download the game from the Nintendo Store. In North America, the same edition was sold, but without the game or code.

Did you like the Nintendo Switch Limited Edition?

Buy now!

Fortnite lucky

Did you know you have Fortine's Switch version? So, find out more about this exclusive Switch edition. Fortine on the website.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch Switch designed for the door

The biggest game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. of all time is on the Switch, and Nintendo has released an incredible console to commemorate the launch. You'll get a gray Switch console with specially customized Joy-Cons and a docking station with several iconic Nintendo characters. Additionally, the console included a download code for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Monster Hunter XX Special Edition Another Japan Exclusive

Another Japan Exclusive, this special console was released with the Monster Hunter XX RPG in 2017. It includes a physical copy of the game, which was also only released in Japan, gray Joy-Con controls, and a docking station decorated with themed runes. All these cool things, apparently, are only in Japan.

Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch Very colorful box

Like the Super Mario Odyssey pack, the Switch Splatoon 2 exclusive console doesn't have a special badge, but the Joy-Cons come in neon pink and neon green colors, as well as a carrying case. While it may find this version on Amazon from time to time, you'll probably have to buy a used one on eBay if you want one of these, as it's no longer being made.

Jack Jeanne Switch Lite A very famous game in Japan, but little known here.

This is the rarest Switch version to date. It is estimated that only 50 to 100 were produced, so finding one for sale can be very difficult. It features the JRPG character, Jack Jin, and was illustrated by Toyko Ghoul artist Sui Ishida.

Don't you know Jack Jeanne? An RPG that combines elements of a dating sim and a rhythm game? Everything is fine! Watch the trailer for the game.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Set

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Set

Cute and plump emoji from Mickey and his gang are printed on this console.

Learn more