3D printed ray gun

Ray Gun Call of Duty Zombies 3D Printed Replica

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Listed on 18 Sep, 2022

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3D Printed Ray Gun from Black Ops UNDER RECONSTRUCTION by ChrisKrieg

3D Printed Ray Gun from Black Ops UNDER RECONSTRUCTION by ChrisKrieg | Pinshape

SummaryRay Gun from Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now ready to accept electronics to become a fully functional prop! I used some blueprints that I found online to scale the model. It feels quite comfortable in the hand. Supplies: Epoxy Two small magnets Some wire Clamps or some weights (cans of soda work too) Wax paper Flat surface Hardware: 4x M3x10mm Socket Head Cap Screws 2x M3x16mm SHCS (for hinge and trigger) 6x M3 Nuts 6x M3 Washers 1x M3 Threaded Insert Worth it to have 99 extra for other projects. Electronics: A 3.3V Microcontroller with at least 5 pins for data A Battery Charge Circuit for your MCU Adafruit Audio FX Mini Board Adafruit Mono 2. 5W Amp Mini Metal Speaker LiPo 1S Battery that will fit 6 or more WS2812B LEDs on Individual Pads Servo wire for those LEDs 2 Small pushbuttons. SPDT Switch Rotary Encoder (aesthetic, optional) Encoder Knob (aesthetic, optional) Tiny extension spring (I found one in an old tapedeck at Goodwill) or small rubber bands. Print SettingsPrinter: ORDbot HadronRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesResolution: 0.4Infill: 20%Notes: This project needs translucent filament! I used clear PETG with good results, but that presented some challenges with overhangs. The "Grip", "Barrel", and small parts don't need to be translucent so choose your favorite filament. Print a mirrored version of "Chamber Stop L". I'm using an E3D V6 Volcano with a 0.6mm nozzle, so the lines are quite thick for mine. The overhangs inside the frame can be a bit tricky, so choose your support settings wisely. I do not need a raft since I use a PEI build plate. I'd like to try to print it in ABS so that I can vapor smooth it, but that will be a challenge. Post-PrintingA. Assemble the Gun BodyI suggest painting the silver paddles on the "power" parts first, painting the red walls next to the paddles, then proceeding to the rest of the build. Those paddles will be a real pain to paint after you have glued everything together. Using a very strong 5 minute epoxy is recommended. After painting the paddles lay all three pieces for each side of the gun (left or right) on wax paper covering a flat surface and epoxy the parts to one another. Try to line up the seams as best as you can and glue. The best method I have found to keep the three pieces aligned is to weigh down each part with something like a can of soda. Repeat for the remaining side. After the epoxy on two halves has had time to set, I suggest trimming any ooze on the mating faces of the two halves so that they will assemble flush. Place a piece of wax paper between the two halves and bolt them together to check that the holes match. Then you can let the epoxy fully cure. Install your magnets. Paint the complete body before installing the small parts since they are usually a silver color, not red. B. Add the Small Parts Paint the parts. Take the two split circles, open them, and force them around the barrel. You can heat them with hot air to make this easier. Glue them to the fin on the barrel to make it look like the in-game model. I had to make these separate because they'd be impossible to print while attached to the barrel. Take the sight and glue some wire in a cross shape to create the reticle. The sight securely to the front of the barrel. It may be a good idea to drill a hole in the barrel so the sight can be inserted into it and glued. Take the three bridge pipes and epoxy them to the assembled gun ONLY ON THE LEFT SIDE to allow the gun to be disassembled later. DO NOT GLUE BOTH POSTS OF THE PIPES. Make sure that they remain aligned while the epoxy cures. This can be done by using hot glue to strap the pipes to the main part while the epoxy sets. Attach the emitter antenna to the front of the barrel. Attach this securely with epoxy or hot glue since it can be quite fragile. Attach the Chamber Stops to the two halves with hot glue. DO NOT INSTALL THE LEFT ONE IF YOU ARE ADDING ELECTRONICS Use a soldering iron with a clean tip to heat the threaded insert and gently press it into the hole where the trigger will be installed. 7, Install the trigger using the 16mm screw and enough washers to reduce friction between the trigger and the body. C. Now Set Up Your ElectronicsI don't have a guide yet, but it would be similar to this one. Here is a wiring diagram. Your pin assignments may vary. The code may not match this specific diagram so examine your pins if there is an issue. PROTOTYPE YOUR SETUP BEFORE YOU INSTALL/SOLDER IT [Try out this code.] STILL DEBUGGING. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE! Install the switches and rotary encoder. Solder your LEDs together and make sure they all fit. Solder your MCU to the LiPo Charger. Solder the Amp the the FX Board. Solder the speaker to the Amp. Hot glue the speaker to the left Chamber Stop print. Solder the switches to the MCU. Install the Chamber Stop with hot glue. Test system over USB. Glue MCU to print with hot glue while still plugged into USB. Secure other electronics with glue. Solder or plug in your LED strip. Install battery. Bolt everything together. Profit.

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is it possible to print pneumatic and firearms

Is it possible to make a gun on a 3D printer and is it legal?

Today's 3D printers offer enormous possibilities. They can print products of almost any complexity. Until quite recently, it was difficult to even imagine that a plastic weapon could shoot. However, it is already possible to make a pistol on a 3D printer, which, although not reliable, still fires live ammunition.

Can firearms be 3D printed?

As far back as 2013, a young American activist for the free sale and distribution of weapons proved that plastic weapons can be printed on a 3D printer. He was the first in the world to make a pistol in this way, in which only the striker was made separately from metal. All other parts were printed on an FDM printer.

Today's 3D printers are capable of printing any CAD model, and these models of firearms have been available for over 10 years. If in previous years their printing required professional skills, now almost any user can master them. With a 3D printer and a finished model, it became quite possible to print a gun. Another thing is that such "creativity" is punishable by the laws of most countries.

The evolution of 3D printed weapons

Despite all the prohibitions and restrictions, the evolution of 3D printed firearms is moving at a great speed. The beginning was laid by the single-shot plastic pistol Liberator by American K. Wilson, which appeared in 2013. It had a simple design and was chambered for 380 ACP. Already after 10-12 shots, this weapon became unusable. However, the very possibility of printing firearms served as an impetus for the development of the idea. The author of the first pistol himself founded the Defense Distributed company, which began to actively improve the technology.

One of the ways to increase the durability of weapons was to increase the number of their barrels. At the beginning of 2014, the Japanese Y. Imura makes a 38 caliber Zig Zag pistol. He was able to fire up to 6 shots non-stop. The author of the weapon was recognized as a criminal and convicted.

The next step was the production of a six-shot revolver by J. Patrick in 2015. The PM522 Washbear has been shown in action on YouTube. The weapon was noticeably safer for the shooter compared to previous versions, but still allowed to fire only a few dozen rounds.

The first semi-automatic pistol for a 9 mm bullet appeared in 2016 under the name Shuty-MP1. It was developed by a handicraft gunsmith who hid under the pseudonym Derwood. It wasn't exactly a plastic weapon. The author used some metal parts from factory pistols - a barrel, a firing pin, a bolt and several springs. This made it possible to ensure a rate of fire of more than 46 rounds / min. However, when changing the store, the plastic case had to be cooled. In 2017, the same master proposed an improved model - Shuty AP-9.

The main contribution to the development of 3D printed weapons technology was made by Defense Distributed, which united a group of like-minded activists. First, these enthusiasts won legal proceedings in the United States and obtained permission to 3D-print weapons, which greatly expanded their capabilities. Secondly, they were able to set up a professional business with product testing and quality control. As a result, in 2018–19 they developed numerous models of a variety of firearms - from pistols to carbines. They posted over 30 files for printing original gun parts. Most of them were plastic, and the metal parts were not made from purchased, ready-made elements, but from simple metal profiles (tubes, strips, etc.), which are sold in ordinary hardware stores. This made it possible to exclude the use of parts patented by gunsmiths.

At the moment, the semi-automatic carbine FGC-9, developed on the basis of the Shuty AP-9, has become the pinnacle of "creativity" of Defense Distributed. At the same time, there is not a single factory part in it. The barrel for the 9 mm cartridge is made of steel pipe using electrochemical processing.

Where can I get drawings and what should I look for?

Gun manufacturing bans make it much harder to get blueprints and models of guns for 3D printing. The right to free placement of information was achieved only by Defense Distributed. Their website provides free access to drawings, models and technologies. Other information can be found on the Internet, but they are usually illegal.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the following information:

  • material used;
  • cartridge for which the model is designed;
  • number of cartridges in the magazine, rate of fire;
  • operating time before failure.

It is important to clarify which metal parts will need to be purchased separately, in addition to plastic for printing on a printer.

What does the law say in different countries?

The only country where firearms can be 3D printed is the United States. Gun Control Act 19 applies here68, giving Americans the right to make weapons, but only for personal use. Only one limitation is put forward: it must be determined by metal detectors, that is, it must have a metal element. In virtually all other countries, homemade manufacture and repair of weapons for any purpose is prohibited by law. In Russia, printing it on a 3D printer falls under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and is punishable by imprisonment.

Should we be afraid of plastic weapons?

The question of how dangerous a weapon printed on a printer is becoming increasingly important. Despite all the prohibitions, it is extremely difficult to control the spread of technology around the world. The availability of 3D printers and the increase in their functionality make it possible to master the production of plastic guns at home. How dangerous is such a weapon?

Most experts agree that currently printed weapons are more of an interesting toy. It is quite expensive and is designed to carry out only a few dozen shots. Moreover, such pistols are quite dangerous for the shooter himself with live ammunition, because they can explode in their hands.

However, the danger cannot be underestimated. It is easier and cheaper for a "serious" criminal to buy illegal military weapons than to make them on a printer. At the same time, there may be "enthusiasts" who, for their own interest, can make a pistol and try it out in action. Such inadequate people represent an undoubted danger. In addition, the temptation is great for terrorists. Metal detectors do not detect a plastic gun, which means that it is easier to carry it, for example, on an airplane.

Important! Plastic weapons have a very small resource. At the same time, sometimes just one shot is enough to kill a person.

3D printed firearms have the following advantages:

  • the ability to make military weapons at home;
  • light weight;
  • availability of materials;
  • Ability to copy famous weapon models.

Always remember that there are significant disadvantages:

  • illegal production;
  • high cost of weapons;
  • very small resource and limited rate of fire;
  • danger to the shooter himself.

Currently, plastic weapons have more disadvantages than advantages, and most importantly, you can get a real prison term for making them.

Prospects for printing weapons

The potential for 3D printing of firearms is far from exhausted. The expansion of equipment capabilities and the development of innovative materials indicate that in the near future such weapons may approach military weapons in terms of characteristics. In the future - a significant increase in the resource and the provision of automatic firing.

Significantly increases the reliability of printed pistols and carbines SLS technology using metal powder. Such weapons already differ little from the factory metal models. While it is very expensive, which significantly limits the application. However, over time, the material will become cheaper, which means it will become more affordable.

Printing firearms on a 3D printer has become a reality. Despite its extremely low performance and reliability, interest is growing in it. Experts predict that the printing of weapons will become widespread, and it is impossible to stop such production. There comes a time when measures should be taken at the legislative level to establish effective control over this process.

  • March 21, 2021
  • 3198

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