3D print credit card holder

💳 Best 3D print models of Wallets・Cults

💳 Best 3D print models of Wallets

Download 3D models for 3D printer of wallets and card holders

Thanks to your 3D printer you will be able to create your own decorative objects but also everyday objects. The famous wallet that is always in your pocket is an excellent example of what 3D printing is now capable of!

Smaller Chainmail Wallet!


CARDHOLDER-WALLET (only back plate with logo Cyberpunk)


Cardholder-wallet (universal package)


FlexWallet (multiple designs)


Tiny Wallet




Simple TPU Wallet


ChainMail Wallet - Single Print!


Tesla Cyberwallet


Slim - Smart Wallet

€2. 39

Slim Wallet V2.0


Slim and Simple Wallet / Card holder


Minimalistic Wallet // 3DWB


minimalist wallet


Money Clip


Double Money Clip


simple wallet


Credit card and identity card wallet


Credit Card / Loyalty Card / Business Card / Wallet


Minimalist Wallet


Phone Card


CARDHOLDER-WALLET (only back plate with logo FORTNITE)


Classic Money Clip


MAGNETIC Chainmail Wallet! -Single print!


$$$-box - Print in Place

€1. 42

An Open Wallet


Slim TPU Wallet


Slim Wallet V4.0


MAGNETIC Chainmail Wallet with exposed Magnets


Shield Wallet


Smart Wallet - Diferent Lock


Credit cards case/holder wallet


Urban Minimalist Wallet


Cassettes Wallet


Minimal TPU Wallet


3 Card Wallet with Money Clip


Mobile Phone Stand


Slim Wallet with cash holder


Wallet. Credit Card Case


Wallet for cards and money clip


3DWB // Minimalistic Wallet




black bulls wallet


3D Fabric Wallet

€0. 50

wallet card holder


Minimalist wallet




Credit card wallet for ten (10) cards


Cardholder-wallet (universal package)

Cardholder-wallet (universal package)

Cardholder-wallet (universal package)

Smaller Chainmail Wallet!

Discover our selection of the best 3D wallet and card holder files for 3D printer. All these STL, OBJ, 3MF, CAD files are perfectly 3D printable, so just download them, start your 3D printer and choose your colors and filament materials. This collection was made by selecting the best creations from the 3D print file download site Cults.

You will find in this collection various styles of wallets and card holders, there is the classic one that folds in half to fit in your bag or your back pocket of jeans, but there is also the very simple card holder or the wallet with a mechanism that allows cards to go up. In short, there is something for everyone and for every need. Once you have selected the format and size of your wallet, simply choose the most beautiful color among all your filaments for 3D printers and get started!

3D printing a wallet also means making the most of your printer, as you will be able to use flexible filaments to obtain a wallet that can adapt to the quantity of cards you will need to put in it. If you don't have flexible filament, this is not a problem, the 3D designers who offer their STL models on Cults have the solution with 3D files that will be flexible once printed.

15+ Cool 3D Printed Wallets You Can Download & Print Today

Since wallets are traditionally soft and flexible, 3D printed wallets are a little difficult to imagine. But actually, there are tons of cool wallet designs you can 3D print today.

Rigid wallets and flat card holders are the most common 3D printed wallets, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. With some smart models and designs out there, we’re going to look at some of the coolest 3D printed wallets to check out if you happen to need a new one.

Simple Wallets

Simple and minimalist wallets are popular these days. They’re light, easy to carry around, and harder for pickpockets to nab.

They are effectively small rigid wallets with segments to hold credit cards, business cards, and even keys.

So, here’s a few easy-to-print wallets without all the bells and whistles that anyone can 3D print.

EDC Wallet

This EDC wallet is a cool design that holds all your important cards (and a few bills if you like) in one place.

You will need to use a rubber band or something as elastic to hold it together, however, as the design doesn’t allow for free movement of the parts.

Slim Wallet

Spare keys are good to have around, but simply storing them in your house defeats the purpose. While doormats and fake rocks are often go-tos, they’re obvious spots for would-be thieves to check.

This slim wallet is a take on a traditional minimalist wallet that has enough space for a single key. Avoid being locked out by carrying your spare key in this 3D printed wallet so you’ll know it’s safe and out of the scope of uninvited guests.

The designer has admitted to not being a 3D printing expert, so you may need to tweak the design and infill, but it looks solid to me!

In addition, if you like to take your files with you, I recommend this minimalist wallet that’s similar to the slim one above, but with a built-in slot for a single USB drive.

Flipping Wallet

Flat card holders are handy enough, but they normally can’t hold much without being too big to be practical.

3D printed flipping wallets are great for those of you who have a few too many cards for a standard wallet. This flipping wallet design is one of many, but it’s the one I’ve found to be the most reliable while still being simple to make.

The Smart Wallet

Speaking of cool flip wallet designs, this smart wallet is a sleek model that holds up to nine cards.

There are two different designs, one that simply holds your bills and one that actually hides them when the wallet is closed. This is good news if you’re worried about thieves but still like to carry cash.

Non-Money 3D Printed Wallets

3D printed wallets aren’t just for holding credit cards and cash. Sometimes they’re just useful tools to store and keep track of other important objects. I for one dislike having things loose in my pockets or bags, so I have any number of organizers for any pocket-size things I happen to need to carry around.

SD Card Wallet

If you’re a shutterbug, then you probably know the pain of keeping those tiny SD cards safe and organized.

Fortunately, this simple SD card wallet is a great way to keep them all together and away from pocket lint. Could be a lifesaver on your next vacation or tour!

If you carry around more than 4 SD cards, then you can simply tweak the design or choose from one of the similar models here.

Technicians’ Wallet

The heavy duty technicians’ wallet is a 3D printed carrier for just about anything. As an all-in-one, it’s practically a pocket-size travel box, making it one of the coolest 3D printed wallet designs out there!

A simple print that’s been tweaked over time, the heavy duty wallet can hold an SD card, SD card reader, floss pick, nano Wi-Fi adapter, USB stick, and up to nine business and credit cards just to name a few!

It’s easy to see why this is the perfect wallet for anyone who finds themselves digging through bags and drawers for the smallest of conveniences.

Wallets don’t have to be simple billfolds or plastic with slots. Sometimes putting a new or even practical touch on a wallet makes it a lot better.

Here are some 3D printed wallets with cool touches that make them even more useful.

IOT Wallet

Millions of people around the world have invested in cryptocurrencies, and each of them needs to keep constant track of what they’re worth.

If you’re an investor yourself and don’t mind some extra work, then you’ll definitely want to check out this cool 3D printed wallet case. It comes with instructions on how to add a small screen that, if kept connected to Wi-Fi, keeps live track of your crypto’s value.

It makes sense when you think about it. What better way to keep track of your money than with the wallet in which you carry it?

Similarly, there’s this digital wallet that’s partially 3D printed and, with the right software, helps you keep track of your passwords for various social media sites. Just be extra sure not to lose that one!

Squishy Wallet

There are two things we carry around a lot, wallets and phones. Both of these are noticeable rectangles in our pockets and can ruin a good outfit or even be uncomfortable to carry around. Not to mention they’re very easy for would-be pickpockets to see and target.

If you’re a fan of skinny jeans then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

With flexible filament, you can 3D print this squishy wallet. It’s just like carrying your bills loose in your pocket while still keeping them organized.

It’s a simple idea that’s great for quick shopping trips or nights out so you don’t need to fumble with an awkward rectangle when you need to pay and will barely even notice carrying around.

If you still need it to be slimmer, then you’ll be happy to know that the designer made an even thinner version.

Coin Holder

As someone whose day-to-day wallet doesn’t have a coin pouch, I can tell you it gets very annoying when I’ve got change burning a hole in my pocket.

If you’re sick of sounding like a cowboy when you walk around too, then you’ll like this wallet addition for holding small change.

It’s still a work in progress, but since you’ll need to change the measurements to fit your own wallet anyway, that shouldn’t be an issue.

For a cooler option (albeit a little less useful) there’s also this neat quarter holder for those sneaky trips to the vending machine.

Cassette Tape Wallet

No more practical than a normal 3D printed wallet but a cool design nonetheless is this cassette tape wallet. It looks cool and is pretty well-detailed to boot.

If you’re old enough to remember using these (I don’t know about you but I always found rewinding them with a pencil pretty satisfying), then you’ll love keeping your bank cards and bills organized in this 3D printed blast from the not-too-distant past.

The X Wallet

The most minimalist wallet I could find is the X wallet. The bill clip is optional, but I think it really makes it look cool and means you won’t need to squish your cash in with your cards.

With the clip, the X wallet can hold up to seven credit cards and a small wad of bills. It takes very little material to make, and looks way cooler than you’d expect from a design this simple. All in all, it’s one of my favorites and is wide open for changes and customization.


Can you make a wallet with a 3D printer?

Yes, 3D printed wallets and card holders are very easy to make and come in a variety of styles, from minimalist and practical, to zany and fun. Using a sturdy filament like PLA is a good way to ensure you get top-quality results.

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A craftsman dissolved a bank card in acetone to make a ring for contactless payments / Habr

Many people find it convenient to pay with a contactless RFID card: just bring it to the terminal without entering a pincode. But it’s even more convenient to get rid of plastic and pay with just your hand.

The idea of ​​this DIY project is that if you have an RFID bank card, you can ask the bank for another one, then dissolve it in acetone, pull out the RFID chip, solder a new antenna to it, glue this assembly to the inner frame , and then place it in a mold made from a full-sized ring, fill it with resin. As a result, you will have a ring that will allow you to pay at any institution that accepts contactless cards (that is, almost everywhere) without having to take out your wallet.

To find out if your card supports contactless payment options, check for this symbol (pictured left), which is usually located on the front side. If not, you can ask your bank if they can issue a duplicate card with contactless payments. If the bank issues a duplicate card, then its number does not change, and both will work.

Having made a ring, it is better to carry a second card in your wallet in case RFID cards are not accepted somewhere or the merchant suddenly wants to read your name on the card, writes the author of the instruction on Instructables, American David Sykes.

They say that somewhere in Europe they issue "mini-cards" designed for a phone or key fob. They are a kind of RFID duplicate of the main card. This is about what we do, only with our own hands.

So the first step is to dissolve the card plastic in acetone until the RFID microchip is exposed. The author draws attention to the fact that the microcircuit with the substrate does not react to acetone, but they are very fragile and should be handled with care.

Beforehand, it is better to cut the card approximately according to the dimensions of the chip with the antenna, so the plastic will dissolve faster. So the procedure is reduced from one and a half hours to an hour.

Having taken out the microchip with the antenna, you can proceed to the second stage - printing the container for the chip and the ring.

Here you need to find a high resolution printer, because conventional FDM printers will not be able to reproduce the details on the inner frame with the necessary accuracy. Source files for printing (according to the size of the author's ring finger 10.75) are published online. If your finger size is larger or smaller than 10.75, then scale the ring.

Then the author cut the chip as wide as possible so that it would fit better in the ring.

Then solder the antenna to the chip. David Sykes writes that it should be at least half the length of the original. He had a 30-inch long antenna there. So, here you need to put 15 inches, that is, 38 centimeters. This is the distance from the first point where the antenna contacts the chip to the second point. In theory, all contactless cards should have antennas of the same length, because they all operate at the same frequency. The author used this wire for the antenna, although he admits that there are better options. It is important that you only need to solder one end, so that later it would be convenient to wind the wire around the ring.

At this stage, the card can already be checked in some vending machine before being fixed in the ring. In case of any problems, you can order a new one from the bank and start work again.

If everything works, then you can congratulate yourself: half of the work is over. It remains to fix the chip in the ring. We attach the chip and the new antenna to the inner printed frame, carefully winding the antenna around it.

Now you need to insert the inner frame into the ring. But first, you need to make a ring from the master model printed on a 3D printer. Previously, the author thoroughly polished the master model with fine sandpaper, making it perfectly smooth.

He recommends sanding with 1000 sandpaper for an hour, then 1500 sandpaper for an hour, and then wet sanding with 2000 sandpaper for an hour. But this is for the absolute ideal. And so, in principle, you can grind for 15 minutes with paper 1000 and that's it.

The master model is inserted into the plasticine (yellow) about halfway, filled with silicone (blue).

The whole thing is placed in a vacuum chamber for a few minutes to remove all bubbles. You need to wait 24 hours for the material to harden, then carefully clean the material on the other side without removing the ring from the mold yet or disturbing it in any way, then spray a release agent everywhere (which makes it easier to separate the rubber), and then pour the other half out of the same material (or whatever is convenient). We take out the mold, making room for the epoxy.

Once you have made the mould, cut out a hole in the silicone and two small bubble vents as shown in the photos.

Now you need to put the frame with the chip inside, wrap the silicone mold with two rubber bands and pour the epoxy into the hole with a syringe. This is placed in a pressurized vessel at 60psi for at least 24 hours, which should force air bubbles out of the casting so that they are not present in the final ring.

The ring is ready!

The author says that his ring works in most of the retail stores he visits. Probably, it is easier for a potential hacker to read data from a chip located on a hand than from a card in a wallet, but in reality the author has not encountered this, because you need to bring the card reader at a distance of about 2 centimeters. It's hard to do it without being noticed.

The same ring can be made from any radiochip, not just bank cards. For example, from a remote control for a car. Well, instead of a ring, you can make a bracelet. It's even simpler: there is more space for mounting the chip and for the antenna. For normal induction, you still have to wrap the antenna in several loops.

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