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Our pricing is fair because we want everyone to get creative and start making.

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We are an entirely Sri Lankan small business and we don't charge corporate prices.

What is 3D Printing?

It's like printing text or pictures on a piece of paper, but instead you're printing an actual, tactile object in three dimensions. It's revolutionary. From objects as simple as chess pieces shaped like Minions, to replacement window knobs for your car, to vital parts of aeroplanes, all sorts of cool stuff is now being 3D printed.

Once upon a time, manufacturing physical objects was the domain of factories and corporates - not any more!

The possibilities are endless. And you don't need to spend an insane amount of money either. We provide 3D printing services so that you can make your ideas a reality without breaking the bank.


Click the button below to get a quotation for your 3D models.
Starting from just

Rs30per GRAM

  • 200 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm print size
  • PLA, ABS or PETG material
  • Premium European plastics
  • Several colours*
  • Place and track orders online
  • Quick quotation
  • Collection or delivery when complete**

* our quotation form has an up-to-date list of colours
** delivery fee applies

Our Process

Upload Your Design

Send us your . stl models and print settings using our simple online form.

Receive Our Final Quotation

We let you know the final price and how soon your order will be ready.

Place Your Order

Pay the advance, confirm your quotation online and we will start printing.

Collect Your Print

Pick up your creation from our locations in Colombo, or have it delivered to you by courier. Payment on collection or bank transfer.

For more complex or expensive prints, we might follow a different process. We'll let you know if that's the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you print for?

EVERYONE. We want everyone to start creating and making. We're really keen on spreading the maker madness. That's why we don't charge exhorbitant corporate prices. Bring us your ideas, we won't disappoint you!

How do I design something to print?

There's plenty of design software like FreeCAD (free and open source) and Autodesk Fusion 360 (free for non-commercial use). You can also scout websites like Thingiverse for designs that fit your requirements. We may be able to design something for you. Email or Facebook message us with your requirements.

Can I visit you?

We are a home-based business. By not maintaining a showroom, we can keep costs low for our customers. Please get in touch via email for further information.

Where do I collect my prints?

We have multiple collection points in the Colombo area. We can also arrange courier delivery.

How do I order?

Use our online quotation form to send us your .stl model. We'll send you a quotation as soon as possible. You can accept the quotation online and pay any advance fee required, and we will start printing your creation. Or contact us by email or Facebook message for custom designs.

What about print quality?

We use premium plastics imported from Europe to provide the best quality possible. We check designs before printing them, so if there is a potential flaw that could cause a poor print, we'll let you know and help you fix it.

How do you calculate prices?

Our pricing is based on multiple factors including costs of material, equipment and labour. Please submit your model and we can provide an accurate quotation.

Do you match prices?

Yes! If you can forward us a competitor's quotation for the same print design, material and colour, we can match their price for you using our premium European plastics. Get in touch with us by email.


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Would you wear a dress made from a 3D printer?

The annual Fashion and Textile Days in Zurich: models showcasing clothes created by designer Danit Peleg await their runway. Wongwannawat

Recently, at the annual Fashion and Textile Days in Zurich, a presentation of 3D-printed clothes took place. When 3D printing can really compete with weaving machines, and whether it can at all, this question remains open.

This content was published on April 25, 2017 - 11:00 AM

Susan Misika (Suzanne Misika), Zurich

Israeli fashion designer Danit PelegExternal link creates her designs without the usual fabrics and sewing machines, while being the most popular participant in the annual Fashion and Textile Days. Clothing items have been printed on 3D printers before, but it was she who became the first fashion designer to create an entire collection in this way. Danit Peleg's goal is to enable its customers in the future to receive sketch files by e-mail, using which they themselves will then be able to print their own clothes where and when they want.

Unfortunately, while most people do not have easy access to cheap and high-quality 3D printers, therefore, at this stage, she plans to design and produce outerwear in small batches on order. These clothes will be made exactly according to individual measurements, in addition, customers will be able to choose the color of this model, as well as the style of the lining, the role of which cannot be overestimated, because without it people will simply freeze, and such clothes will sometimes look too frank and defiant.

Swiss textiles

Switzerland was once famous for its textile industry. It was in this industry that the process of its rapid industrialization began in the 18th century. Fine lace, fine linen, skillful embroidery - all these Swiss textile products once glorified the country throughout Europe. The largest center of weaving and weaving machinery was the city of St. Gallen in the Confederation. In the second half of the 19th century, however, the Swiss textile industry fell into a serious crisis.

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The profitability of production has fallen sharply, but the machine and machine tool traditions have managed to survive all the troubles, including wars, and today, in the era of the transition of the world economy to new innovative tracks, Switzerland is still a global leader, being a country convenient and comfortable for everything new and unusual, which, perhaps, will determine the face of European fashion in the future.

It is no coincidence that the exclusive textile manufacturers Jakob Schläpfer and Forster Rohner are now based in St. Gallen, and that the “Swiss College of Fashion, Design and Business” is located in Zurich, which is famous for its mechanical engineering. administration" (" Höhere Fachschule für Fashion, Textiles und Business ManagementExternal link "), which now has about 700 students. It is this combination of business, university science, venture capital and a comfortable innovative environment that helps maintain the long-standing Swiss fashion tradition. Volumetric printing using 3D printers is considered here as a very promising technology.

Clothes from the printer

Danit Peleg makes his models using plastic fiber instead of the usual thread. During the years of study at the Israel College of Technology, Design and Arts ShenkarExternal link she spent a lot of time looking for the most comfortable and durable material and the most efficient printer model. At the same time, she received support from a number of Tel Aviv start-up companies and innovation laboratories.

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For Peleg, the main advantages of clothes created on a 3D printer are individuality of style, flexibility of the production process and environmental safety. “It’s a truly zero-waste production—there are no scraps or unclaimed clothes in stores,” she says, adding that if you get bored with any piece of clothing, you can simply melt it down and make a new one from the resulting material.

The problem is time!

As you might expect, the association " CEMATEXExternal link ", which brings together European manufacturers of textile machinery and equipment from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Sweden, is very skeptical about the prospects for replacing 3D looms - printers. “Nevertheless, it must be admitted that this is an interesting trend and a very curious technology,” said Ernesto Maurer, director of the Textile Machinery Division of the cross-industry Swiss engineering organization Swissmem and vice president of CEMATEX.

Whether 3D printing will prove to be a real threat in the near or far future for the traditional textile industry, which has about 40 companies in Switzerland alone, only time will tell. As D. Peleg says, the cost of equipment and consumables has already approached a quite acceptable level: a spool of special fiber now costs about $30, and a more or less normal and 3D printer can already be purchased for $2,000.

Therefore, time remains the most significant problem. Now it takes about 100 hours to "print" a traditional dress - not bad at all, but only if you consider that just a year ago this operation took three times as long. A conventional loom is capable of producing the material needed for one dress in about 8 minutes.

Looks great, but not very practical

Another downside is that 3D printed clothing - mostly made of polyethylene - is too stiff and inelastic. D. Peleg admits that traditional cotton and silk are much better suited for creating clothing models. But tastes change, and technologies improve. E. Maurer says that 30 years ago, almost all clothing was made from natural materials. “The only exception was nylon tights. Nobody wanted to wear synthetic clothes, but what about today?

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Elian Diethelm, co-founder of Little Black DressZurich-based Little Black Dress, agrees. “The first polyester fibers produced in the 50s and 60s were just terrible, but the technology has evolved. Look at modern sportswear - it is unthinkable without polyester," emphasizes E. Diethelm.

Together with her business partner Joanna Skoczylas, she is currently designing clothes, which are then produced in small batches in Switzerland and Bosnia, mostly from European wool and silk, but 3D printing is not yet in their plans. “I find 3D printing interesting. This method gives designers new opportunities,” says E. Diethelm. “However, 3D printing is only taking its first tentative steps so far. Such clothes, of course, can be worn, they look great, but so far they are not too practical.”

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First 3D printed house in Germany

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    A two-storey building with an area of ​​160 square meters was built in the small town of Beckum, located in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    What happened? The first residential building printed on a 3D printer was commissioned in Germany. Recall that the construction of this facility began at the end of September 2020. The 160 sqm house is located in Beckum, a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    Authorship. The building was designed by the local architectural firm MENSE-KORTE ingenieure+architekten. Engineers from the Munich company Schießl Gehlen Sodeikat helped to obtain the necessary permits for construction, and the Munich Technical University conducted control tests.

    The printing process was carried out by the Bavarian formwork and scaffold manufacturer PERI. He brought to the site the BOD2 printer, which is considered the fastest in the world - the device is capable of laying cement mixture at a speed of 1 m / s.

    Technologies. The house, built in Beckum, consists of three-layer hollow walls filled with an insulating compound. The span between the floors is covered with prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, since 3D printers have not yet learned how to print horizontal elements of sufficient strength.

    Quote. “The possibility of printing on a 3D printer gives us more freedom at the design stage,” said Waldemar Korte, partner at MENSE-KORTE ingenieure+architekten. “Implementation using traditional construction methods would be accompanied by large financial costs.”

    Let us recall that the municipal authorities supported the project and invested €200,000 in the construction of a house in Beckum.

    Prospects. So far, the building is used as an exhibition pavilion and in some way as a "testing ground". The first tenants will come here only in 2023.

    Find out more. It is high time for Germany to catch up with other countries that are successfully introducing 3D technologies into the construction sector. In Amsterdam, for example, a house was printed on a 3D printer back in 2014. In the same year, a Chinese company got the hang of creating such buildings in just a day. In 2015, it was announced that Gaudí's famous creation, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​would be completed using this technology.

    Learn more