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A case involving a gun made from a 3D printer causes tension between Diane and Kurt McVeigh, Alicia must decide whether to make a political attack against her husband, and Canning has an odd... Read allA case involving a gun made from a 3D printer causes tension between Diane and Kurt McVeigh, Alicia must decide whether to make a political attack against her husband, and Canning has an odd request for Alicia after his transplant. A case involving a gun made from a 3D printer causes tension between Diane and Kurt McVeigh, Alicia must decide whether to make a political attack against her husband, and Canning has an odd request for Alicia after his transplant.





  • Director
    • Rosemary Rodriguez
  • Writers
    • Robert King
    • Michelle King
    • Craig Turk
  • Stars
    • Julianna Margulies
    • Matt Czuchry
    • Archie Panjabi
  • Director
    • Rosemary Rodriguez
  • Writers
    • Robert King
    • Michelle King
    • Craig Turk
  • Stars
    • Julianna Margulies
    • Matt Czuchry
    • Archie Panjabi
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    Alan Cumming

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    • Finn Polmar

    Zach Grenier

    • David Lee

    Christine Baranski

    • Diane Lockhart

    David Hyde Pierce

    • Frank Prady

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    Michael J. Fox

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    Billy Magnussen

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    Denis O'Hare

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    Steven Pasquale

    • Johnny Elfman
    • Director
      • Rosemary Rodriguez
    • Writers
      • Robert King
      • Michelle King
      • Craig Turk
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    Runs in Flawed, Filler, Poorly Written Circles

    As disheartening this is to admit about "The Good Wife," a show that rarely underperforms, "Open Source" is not just the weakest episode of the sixth season so far, it's categorically flawed. "Open Source" has a foundation tenuous, but it has a few good things built on top of the foundation.Some strong moments and ideas try to accomplish artistry amongst a script that runs circles inside of inconsistent character development and nonsensical filler plot. Thanks to Rosemary Rodriguez's clear sense of directing, "Open Source" is easy to watch and involves the viewer more than a worse show would in one its lazier episodes.

    A compliant most of the mainstream audience members have had with season six is the change in direction from standalone court cases to a more serialized narrative. Season six put individual "cases of the week" on the back burner for more personalized story lines, such as Alicia running for State's Attorney, Cary's trial, and Kalinda's involvement with Bishop. But the best thing about "Open Source" is it provides the most engaging court case of the season: a gun control lawsuit involving the 3-D printing of firearms. Not only is the case more vibrant than any other court case this season (aside from Cary's trial, of course), but it makes Gary Cole's return to the show feel relevant and justified.

    The shortcoming of this gun control case was actually a character who always strengthens an episode: Judge Abernathy. If you ask just about anyone who their favorite Good Wife judge is, they'd probably answer, "Judge Abernathy." Having him back after almost two years is a treat, but the writers use him as an ignorant spokesman for the message they want to get across in "Open Source" . Though I agree with the Kings choosing to highlight the cultural (and liberal) incredulity of this topic, using Judge Abernathy weakened the line between reality and sensationalism too much. But through all of the questionable writing, Denis O'Hare sold it like a pro.

    One of the highlights of "Open Source" is the car scene involving newly weds Diane and Kurt pleasuring one another. What other television series--network or cable--would show an 60- year-old woman as being just as sexual as someone in their 20s? None other than "The Good Wife."

    The chunk of "Open Source" that not only turned me off but utterly mystified me was Alicia's plot with Louis Canning and David Lee. I, like Alicia, am naive and believed Mr. Canning and David Lee based on the pathos of their malarkey. Then, after the story arced, I was left confused as to what exactly happened: Was Canning really pranking her on his death bed? Even though we got a clear-cut answer, there was no sense to it. It's hard to buy what the writers were selling here: Canning is that much of a scumbag that he's capable of doing something so petty on his deathbed. This aspect of "Open Source" was so unnecessary and idly written that it makes me, as a fan, lose faith in the continuity of both characters Canning and David Lee-- David Lee's nebulous characterization has been shamefully butchered with inconsistency since the beginning of season six.

    The most exciting element of "Open Source" for many fans was the growth of Johnny and Alicia's relationship. Though Steven Pasquale's acting was rather average and Johnny's subplot preceding the final revelation was poorly done, the move made against Peter was an interesting direction the writers took--one that will likely have lasting effects and will set the stage for Peter and Alicia's marriage after the election. What will likely be one of the last scenes between Alicia and Prady, "The Good Wife" reminded us of the great relationship they built over the past eight episodes between the opponents. I'm going to miss David Hyde Pierce after he leaves-- this scene is proof of the dramatic resonance he brought to the series during his time as Frank Prady.

    "Open Source" is so unstable that it instilled a sense of skepticism amongst fans of the show. Personally, I find these opinions about the show "losing its way" to be unfair. Season five's perfection set the bar so high for the show, so now, when "The Good Wife" has a substandard week, the criticism seems to be harsher and more judgmental than other acclaimed television shows. People seem to have forgotten that it just premiered one of their greatest episodes ever ("Mind's Eye"), the first half of the season was unblemished, and we are mid-season, where things tend to lag for just about any show.

    Grade: C+



    • RyanCShowers
    • Mar 22, 2015


    • Release date
      • March 15, 2015 (United States)
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      • United States
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      • English
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      • CBS Television Studios
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    Can You 3D Print a Gun? 'The Good Wife' Case-Of-The-Week Revolves Around One But It Seems Far-Fetched


    by Jefferson Grubbs

    While Alicia is busy trying to win an election, her partners at the law firm Florrick, Agos, & Lockhart are busy trying to win, you know, actual cases. Throughout its six seasons, The Good Wife has portrayed lawsuits ripped straight from the headlines: bitcoin, Reddit, Anonymous — even a fictional musical TV show called Drama Camp that plagiarized a musician's parody of a pop song. After an off week spent attempting to dramatize the inside of Alicia Florrick's mind, the CBS legal drama is back at it. "When Florrick/Agos/Lockhart take on the case of a man paralyzed by a malfunctioning gun created on a 3D printer, they call on Kurt McVeigh to testify as an expert witness," teases the press release for this Sunday's episode, "Open Source."

    For some reason, 3D printers seem to be all the rage these days. Although early forms of the technology were developed in the 1980s, used primarily for mass production of industrial parts, they have really exploded into the public consciousness within the past few years, as improved technology has led to wider use and more complicated products. Recently, 3D printers have dominated both the news (NASA is now sending tools to the International Space Station via 3D printer) and our medical soaps (Meredith is obsessed with 3D printing organs on Grey's Anatomy). So it makes sense that the always-topical Good Wife would want to get in on the action.

    But can a 3D printer really produce a working firearm? A wrench is one thing, but a complicated contraption with many moving parts that produces a dangerous explosion? Actually, yes... although 3D-printed guns are not without their risks — hence the "malfunctioning" part in the episode summary, I presume.

    The first gun created in a 3D printer was built in 2012 by the online "weapons wiki," Defense Distributors. Called the Liberator, it was capable of firing a single shot. Early models were plagued by the fact that, since the firearm was built from brittle plastic and not solid metal, they were prone to exploding . In the years since, advances have been made, fewer guns are shattering in users' hands, and weapons have even been built with rotating chambers that can hold up to six bullets at a time. While metal is still needed for the firing pin and the bullets themselves, it's widely regarded as only a matter of time before these pieces are successfully recreated in a 3D printer as well:

    The truly scary part about a gun made entirely out of plastic is how impossible it would be to detect such a weapon. As you might assume, the advent of this technology has raised all sorts of ethical and legal concerns, which will no doubt be tackled on The Good Wife. Two days after Defense Distributors posted the Liberator design online for free download, the US State Department demanded that they be taken down (although the blueprints had already been downloaded 100,000 times). In December of 2013, Congress voted to extend the Undetectable Firearms Act by another 10 years, which prohibits the manufacturing of any firearm that cannot be picked up on a metal detector. (Ergo, "legal" 3D-printed guns must have at least one metal component in them.)

    It will be interesting to see The Good Wife tackle this subject with its usual thoughtfulness. .. and also because the case will feature the return of guest star Gary Cole as Diane's husband, Kurt McVeigh. The marriage between the very liberal Diane and the very conservative Kurt has always been dynamic, and it looks like this lawsuit is going to bring their clashing ideologies to the forefront. The press release ominously threatens that the case "leads to a rift between Diane and her husband."

    Say it ain't so, Good Wife! My fragile heart can't handle any more bad news on this show's romance front right now. Hopefully Diane and Kurt will make it out of the courtroom unscathed.

    Images: Jeff Neumann/CBS

    is it possible to print pneumatic and firearms

    Is it possible to make a gun on a 3D printer and is it legal?

    Today's 3D printers offer enormous possibilities. They can print products of almost any complexity. Until quite recently, it was difficult to even imagine that a plastic weapon could shoot. However, it is already possible to make a pistol on a 3D printer, which, although not reliable, still fires live ammunition.

    Can firearms be 3D printed?

    Back in 2013, a young American gun fighter proved that plastic guns could be 3D printed. He was the first in the world to make a pistol in this way, in which only the striker was made separately from metal. All other parts were printed on an FDM printer.

    Today's 3D printers are capable of printing any CAD model, and these models of firearms have been available for over 10 years. If in previous years their printing required professional skills, now almost any user can master them. With a 3D printer and a finished model, it became quite possible to print a gun. Another thing is that such "creativity" is punishable by the laws of most countries.

    The evolution of 3D printed weapons

    Despite all the prohibitions and restrictions, the evolution of 3D printed firearms is moving at a great speed. The beginning was laid by the single-shot plastic pistol Liberator by American K. Wilson, which appeared in 2013. It had a simple design and was chambered for 380 ACP. Already after 10-12 shots, this weapon became unusable. However, the very possibility of printing firearms served as an impetus for the development of the idea. The author of the first pistol himself founded the Defense Distributed company, which began to actively improve the technology.

    One of the ways to increase the durability of weapons was to increase the number of their barrels. At the beginning of 2014, the Japanese Y. Imura makes a 38 caliber Zig Zag pistol. He was able to fire up to 6 shots non-stop. The author of the weapon was recognized as a criminal and convicted.

    The next step was the production of a six-shot revolver by J. Patrick in 2015. The PM522 Washbear has been shown in action on YouTube. The weapon was noticeably safer for the shooter compared to previous versions, but still allowed to fire only a few dozen rounds.

    The first semi-automatic pistol for a 9 mm bullet appeared in 2016 under the name Shuty-MP1. It was developed by a handicraft gunsmith who hid under the pseudonym Derwood. It wasn't exactly a plastic weapon. The author used some metal parts from factory pistols - a barrel, a firing pin, a bolt and several springs. This made it possible to ensure a rate of fire of more than 46 rounds / min. However, when changing the store, the plastic case had to be cooled. In 2017, the same master proposed an improved model - Shuty AP-9.

    The main contribution to the development of 3D printed weapons technology was made by Defense Distributed, which united a group of like-minded activists. First, these enthusiasts won legal proceedings in the United States and obtained permission to 3D-print weapons, which greatly expanded their capabilities. Secondly, they were able to set up a professional business with product testing and quality control. As a result, in 2018–19 they developed numerous models of a variety of firearms - from pistols to carbines. They posted over 30 files for printing original gun parts. Most of them were plastic, and the metal parts were not made from purchased, ready-made elements, but from simple metal profiles (tubes, strips, etc.), which are sold in ordinary hardware stores. This made it possible to exclude the use of parts patented by gunsmiths.

    At the moment, the semi-automatic carbine FGC-9, developed on the basis of the Shuty AP-9, has become the pinnacle of "creativity" of Defense Distributed. At the same time, there is not a single factory part in it. The barrel for the 9 mm cartridge is made of steel pipe using electrochemical processing.

    Where can I get drawings and what should I look for?

    Gun manufacturing bans make it much harder to get blueprints and models of guns for 3D printing. The right to free placement of information was achieved only by Defense Distributed. Their website provides free access to drawings, models and technologies. Other information can be found on the Internet, but they are usually illegal.

    When choosing a model, pay attention to the following information:

    • material used;
    • cartridge for which the model is designed;
    • number of cartridges in the magazine, rate of fire;
    • operating time before failure.

    It is important to clarify which metal parts will need to be purchased separately, in addition to plastic for printing on a printer.

    What does the law say in different countries?

    The only country where firearms can be 3D printed is the United States. Gun Control Act 19 applies here68, giving Americans the right to make weapons, but only for personal use. Only one limitation is put forward: it must be determined by metal detectors, that is, it must have a metal element. In virtually all other countries, homemade manufacture and repair of weapons for any purpose is prohibited by law. In Russia, printing it on a 3D printer falls under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and is punishable by imprisonment.

    Should we be afraid of plastic weapons?

    The question of how dangerous a weapon printed on a printer is becoming increasingly important. Despite all the prohibitions, it is extremely difficult to control the spread of technology around the world. The availability of 3D printers and the increase in their functionality make it possible to master the production of plastic guns at home. How dangerous is such a weapon?

    Most experts agree that currently printed weapons are more of an interesting toy. It is quite expensive and is designed to carry out only a few dozen shots. Moreover, such pistols are quite dangerous for the shooter himself with live ammunition, because they can explode in their hands.

    However, the danger cannot be underestimated. It is easier and cheaper for a "serious" criminal to buy illegal military weapons than to make them on a printer. At the same time, there may be "enthusiasts" who, for their own interest, can make a pistol and try it out in action. Such inadequate people represent an undoubted danger. In addition, the temptation is great for terrorists. Metal detectors do not detect a plastic gun, which means that it is easier to carry it, for example, on an airplane.

    Important! Plastic weapons have a very small resource. At the same time, sometimes just one shot is enough to kill a person.

    3D printed firearms have the following advantages:

    • the ability to make military weapons at home;
    • light weight;
    • availability of materials;
    • Ability to copy famous weapon models.

    Always remember that there are significant disadvantages:

    • illegal production;
    • high cost of weapons;
    • very small resource and limited rate of fire;
    • danger to the shooter himself.

    Currently, plastic weapons have more disadvantages than advantages, and most importantly, you can get a real prison term for making them.

    Prospects for printing weapons

    The potential for 3D printing of firearms is far from exhausted. The expansion of equipment capabilities and the development of innovative materials indicate that in the near future such weapons may approach military weapons in terms of characteristics. In the future - a significant increase in the resource and the provision of automatic firing.

    Significantly increases the reliability of printed pistols and carbines SLS technology using metal powder. Such weapons already differ little from the factory metal models. While it is very expensive, which significantly limits the application. However, over time, the material will become cheaper, which means it will become more affordable.

    Printing firearms on a 3D printer has become a reality. Despite its extremely low performance and reliability, interest is growing in it. Experts predict that the printing of weapons will become widespread, and it is impossible to stop such production. There comes a time when measures should be taken at the legislative level to establish effective control over this process.

    • March 21, 2021
    • 3126

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    A few days ago, there was a rumor that sales of the Modern Warfare 2 shooter in Russia could be banned because of the very mission with the execution of civilians at the airport. Tonight, sales of the game began around the world, and Russians were also able to purchase it.

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    However, for a reason that is not entirely clear to most, only the computer version of the new game appeared on sale. We dare to assume that this is the case (Softclub has so far refrained from making an official statement): the game really fell under the law on combating terrorism, and distributors were ordered to recall all console versions of the game from retail.

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    However, anyone can order the game in foreign online stores, such as or Play-Asia.

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