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Portland Keeps It Weird with Life-Sized 3D Printed Cow - 3DPrint.


The unofficial motto of Portland, Oregon proudly states “Keep Portland Weird”, and as someone who visits the city regularly, those are not empty words. Being weird, or alternately different and fun, for many Portland residents is a lifestyle and many of them wouldn’t be afraid to admit how closely their communities resemble the satirical skits on Portlandia. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a local 3D printing club teamed up with a local steakhouse called Urban Farmer to 3D print a life-sized cow. Just because.

Although, to be fair, life-sized cow sculptures aren’t really all that weird; after all, Iowa has been attracting people to their state fair for over a century with their 1,000 pound Butter Cow. Frankly a cow made completely of butter, while delicious, sounds a lot weirder than a 3D printed cow to me. But that may simply be a case of me catching the weirds from my Portland family members. Whatever they tell you, I was not weird before they moved to Portland, that is simply slander and lies.

The PLA cow was designed and created by the PDX 3D Printing Lab, a 600-member strong group of 3D printing enthusiasts who meet monthly to collaborate and share their projects. The group is as diverse as you would imagine from Portland with members from all walks of life; they even count among their number an 11-year-old maker who built his own 3D printer. The group is organized by Shashi Jain, who explained that their 3D printed cow represented the intersection of art and science. Essentially using 3D modelling software and a robot to do what a woman in Iowa does with a butter knife.

“We have maybe 10 minutes of operational talk at meetings, then the rest is ‘we could do this, we could do that. We found kindred spirits with Urban Farmer. They appreciate what we are doing and we appreciate what they are doing. Let the imagination run wild for a little bit,” Jain explained to the city’s largest paper, The Oregonian.

After being assembled, the large cow sculpture, called the CrowdCow, will be displayed in the front window of the Urban Farmer restaurant. Once installed, the steakhouse famous for using organic and locally sourced ingredients will add an interactive, multimedia component showcasing the various cuts of meat taken from a typical cow. Something that the uptight and snobby Butter Cow doesn’t even try to do.

The cow itself, or technically half-cow, really is life-sized and was made up of 99 individual parts that were assembled using heat and glue to join them together. All of the cow’s components required over 700 hours of 3D printing on a total of 14 different 3D printers. The CrowdCow was printed with recyclable and compostable 3D printing filament.

Here is a brief time lapsed video of the cow being assembled:

Several of the group’s members were on hand to help assemble the CrowdCow, including 11-year-old Paul whose 3D printing hobby is both encouraged and financially supported by his proud father.  Another unlikely member of the group is Rosalee Moore (also known as Mazuir Ross), who used her CAD skills and donated two months of her time painstakingly sculpting a replica of the exact breed of cow that Urban Farmer uses to source their steaks and beef.

11-year-old maker for scale.

Moore had her first 3D printer built for her by her partner in order to print her own line of jewelry. Moore has a background in 3D design and modelling, so now that she has a 3D printer she can design and print her projects within a day. That is a huge improvement over the several-week turnaround that was required when she ordered 3D printed parts online.

“It’s way more affordable, $20-30 per roll of material, AND it’s ready in a few hours,” Moore explains.

Urban Farmer is located in The Nines Hotel, and that is where several members of PDX 3D Printing Lab met up to assemble CrowdCow. They had several 3D printers on hand to print custom connectors to holds the parts in place until they could be connected permanently. Have any local Portland steak enthusiasts seen CrowdCow in the wild? Tell us how she looks in the Life Sized 3D Printed Cow forum at 3DPrintBoard.com.

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From now on, everyone can "legally" with a 3D printed gun that will open fire.

Imagine this picture: before the black man came to the printer, insert a USB flash drive from the printer and printed a plastic gun, hiding in the population in his pocket. After shooting the target, then threw the gun into the flames, deep Tibetan Work and the title disappeared into the crowd.

In the past, the plot would only be a sci-fi movie, but now it's all becoming a reality.

Texas in arms,

Some people wish everyone had a revolver

The world's first 3D printed pistol was born in 2012, which is designed and manufactured by the University of Texas, Cody Wilson. Among the various states in the United States, it is located in the south. It's a solid bunch of voiceovers in politics and very "correct". Fire measures must be hammered into F. An average of over 3,000 people die per year.

Cody Wilson Design The first 3D printed gun is called the "liberator". It is printed using ABS plastic with ABS plastic with ABS plastic. This is a revolver.

This gun is not an imaginary plastic toy, but you can fit a standard magazine and complete a real gun that will fire almost ten shots.

Cody Wilson is a surprise download liberals CAD design drawings on the Internet, providing free downloads for free. That is, someone could spend hundreds of dollars to download a 3D printer and then mass-produce 3D printed guns.

Later, Cody Wilson simply applied the US handgun federation, founding the company's defense, distributed officially, became a legitimate firearms manufacturer. The pistol design is no longer limited to the left round pistol, and there are pistol, semi-automatic rifle, magazine, etc.

After the first download of 3D Print Pistol Drawing, this mode is popular. Data shows that from 2012 to 2013, only 100,000 people downloaded 3D Cody Wilson roll drawings for just over a year. Now distributed defense plans to build an open 3D printed pistol pistol library, everyone can upload their own drawings of 3D printed pistols, everyone can also download the blueprints.

Justice Department v. Genius,

Why the United States legally held?

Will you be afraid of the 3D Print Pistol?

But soon Cody Wilson, who suggested this genius, received a warning from the US State Council - if the blueprints were not canceled, Cody Wilson would be warned by the Department of Justice because he had illegally violated a weapon.

If this happens in China, Japan or other countries, then it is not surprising, but it is worth thinking in the United States. It is worth thinking about it: the United States is a legal holding of weapons, a pistol rifle may even be a Caucasian package sold, why do you want to print a pistol for 3D? Know that the 3D printed materials of most materials cannot withstand the strength of a gun to fire a bullet, it will produce irreversible damage after multiple bullets are played. And the ordinary gun is not very expensive in the US selling price, the cheapest is only about 100 US dollars, and does not cause 3D printing to reduce costs and flood weapons.

Where is the American fear of 3D printing?

In fact, the danger of 3D printed guns is not from prices and utilities, but from their secret and calls for traceability.

The so-called secret is that conventional firearms must be registered when buying, reviewing and recording registered purchases. If the buyer does not match the situation in age, mental health, crime, etc., can not buy a gun.

At the same time, the United States has an "unspeakable weapons act" requiring weapons to contain metal components that can be detected by metal detectors so as not to hide weapons in personnel in a tighter place. To comply with this bill, the 3D printed weapons produced by Defense Distribution will add some metal bumps and other components. But if you take a drawing, it's easy to avoid the limitations of these widgets or hide the 3D printed parts and assemble it on the spot. This is a very simple way to avoid metal detection.

From the point of view of a secret, ordinary weapons leave numbers on the body of the weapon, and the weapons themselves are very strong and difficult to be damaged. If there is a murder, you can trace the killer according to the information about the number, fingerprints and other information about the gun.

But not only do 3D printed guns have no numbers, but the ABS plastic material can be easily burned in the melt to make the gun disappear without a trace.

Therefore, in the case of 3D printed guns, there may be a situation that a person even a package of unknown, unknown, unknown people in sputum, various drawings of the gun from the Internet, print the gun with a cheap home printer, hide the details in all parts of the public, safe by security check and then put the weapon.

This situation does not tell Cody Wilson to blame.

Surprisingly lost,

When the United States becomes a 3D photo of the gun

But even more surprising, after four or five years of lawsuits, people have opened up at the end of the US Department of Justice. That is, future downloads of 3D printed pistol drawings and printed guns will be legitimate from the Internet.

The reason the US Department of Justice lost the case is very remarkable. The main reason is that online downloading of 3D printed drawings belongs to the freedom of speech and there is no legitimate reason for the restriction.

In this case, how do we prevent 3D printing guns from causing uncontrolled consequences due to latent and latent traceability?

From our current technical possibilities, it may be possible to solve it in the following ways.

For example, in blockchain technology, all factory 3D printers and 3D printed gun drawings are encrypted and traceable, as a strict implementation of weapons to buy 3D printed gun drawings, distribution and use.

Learn more