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Top 10 Thingiverse Alternatives for 3D Printing

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No matter if you’re new to 3D printing or have printed hundreds of components, Thingiverse, has become a popular website for finding free, open-sourced, 3D printing files.

However, relying on just one source for information can be risky, and Thingiverse may not have the exact model you’re looking for. That’s why in this article, we’ve put together a bunch of Thingiverse Alternatives to inspire your next 3D printing sprint.

While it is helpful to know how to create 3D models using CAD, not everyone has the time nor the skill to sit down and draft.

Plus, a lot of the fun in having a 3D printer is 3D printing. Imagine that!

In this article, we’re going to explore the top alternatives to Thingiverse that you can use when you’re looking for your next file or project to print.


What is Thingiverse?

It wouldn’t be a list of Thingiverse Alternatives without mentioning Thingiverse first. Thingiverse (pronounced Thing-e-verse) is owned by Makerbot and has thousands of open-source, and community-submitted projects. The majority of the projects based around 3D printing, but you can also find an assortment of woodworking and craft projects.

“In the spirit of maintaining an open platform, all designs are encouraged to be licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning that anyone can use or alter any design.”

Why should you reinvent the wheel? With sites like Thingiverse, you don’t have to.

The goal of Thingiverse is to encourage makers to create 3D models, submit their projects, and allow others in the community to remix and alter the designs. This is helpful because it creates a network of 3D printing enthusiasts and a repository of files that can be reused for the same or similar projects.

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1. Pinshape: Thingiverse’s Cousin

If Thingiverse doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or you’re looking for an alternative site to use, check out Pinshape. Like Thingiverse, Pinshape is owned by another 3D printer manufacturer, Formlabs.

There are over 70,000 Makers and Designers who have shared their designs on Pinshape.

You can use Pinshape to download free and premium 3D printer designs, sell your designs, and learn about 3D printing.

It’s a growing community that offers contests, forums, an ambassador program, and a blog. If you’re looking for a 3D printing community to join, you’ll want to check out Pinshape.

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2. GrabCAD: Thingiverse for Professionals

On the other hand, if you’re looking for complex CAD models, components, and free designs, check out GrabCAD. Out of all of the sites on this list, GrabCAD is more of a “hardcore” CAD modeling site.

If you have a complex design or you’re looking for a very specific part, then GrabCAD probably has it (or something very similar). Typically the designers on GrabCAD are more experienced and the models are better quality.

“[GrabCAD is] the largest online community of professional designers, engineers, manufacturers, and students.”

GrabCAD boasts over 6.8 Million users with backgrounds in professional design, engineering, manufacturing, and education.

If you’re looking for a site that will provide free models, quality CAD tutorials, and professional design challenges (sponsored by NASA, GE, Stratasys, and the like), then you’ll want to join the GrabCAD community.

4. YouMagine: The “Thingiverse” for Ultimaker Printers

Next on the list of Thingiverse Alternatives is YouMagine. This community is Ultimaker’s attempt to step into the 3D printing community space.

YouMagine is a community of mostly Ultimaker customers and projects printed on an Ultimaker printer. There are over 16,000 designs, making it a lot smaller than some of the other sites out there.

However, if you have an Ultimaker printer, it makes sense to join a community-driven around the Ultimaker brand.

“YouMagine wants CAD & 3D files to be as easy to create, adapt, share and change…”

As most of these online communities, the goal is to create a platform where it’s easy to collaborate, remix, adapt, and share 3D printing and CAD files. YouMagine is very intuitive to use. First, create an account, then upload your designs. Add multiple designs to collections. Right now, YouMagine doesn’t have 3D printing or CAD tutorials, but you can easily find these on the Ultimaker website. (Or at any of the other Thingiverse Alternative websites.)

5. MyMiniFactory: 100% Independently Operated

A lot of the online 3D printing communities are owned by 3D printer manufacturers. MyMiniFactory is 100% Independent, which means it’s run by people who aren’t trying to sell you their 3D printer.

MyMiniFactory started in 2013. They handpicked 3D designs, personally tested each 3D print and sold models out of their office space. It’s since evolved into a growing online consortium for designers and makers to buy and sell 3D models. Nowadays, MyMiniFactory has plans to improve printability and provide incentives for businesses to increase sales. Their goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem for 3D printing.

“Enable a decentralized ecosystem for 3D creatives that promotes freedom through our shared values.”

Some of their shared values are Sustainability, Purposefulness, Inclusiveness, and Freedom. You can read more about MyMiniFactory’s values here.

As someone who’s looking to make some extra income from 3D printing, MyMiniFactory, is an interesting community to check out. You can offer your designs for free, for a fee, or with a contribution button.

If you’re just looking to download files, it’s a great way to find quality 3D printer files, while supporting the designers and creatives behind the files.

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6. Cults3D: A Giant 3D Printing Community

Cults3D was founded by three motivated French guys (Hugo, Pierre, and Sunny) and is the first independent 3D files marketplace.

That means you can find both free and premium 3D printing files for download.

And, you can interact with others using Cults’ social networking features. Cults has over 85,000 3D printing designs and 8,000 designers who specialize in 3D printing. It’s a huge network of over 800,000 3D printing fanatics.

So, if you’re looking for a network that has a lot of history, members, and designs, then you’ll want to check out Cults. You don’t need to be a 3D CAD modeling wizard, either. Everyone on Cults has a mix of skills, from makers to professional designers.

7. Treatstock: Offer & Get Manufacturing Services, Too

Treatstock is a multifaceted website that provides tools for 3D printing and CNC machining.

If you don’t own a 3D printer or mill, and you need to get a model printed, you can upload your file and have it professionally manufactured.

Another interesting feature of Treatstock is the ability to offer services, yourself. You can become a manufacturer and offer services through Treatstock. If you have a 3D printer and you want to fulfill other people’s 3D printing requests, you can set up a shop, and start selling manufacturing services. Treatsock also offers a collection of 3D printing files for download, too. Check out Treatstock, here.

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How to find STL Files with Search Engines

We’ve all been there. Opened up any number of 3D printing websites with the hopes of finding a very specific design or an STL file.

After hours of searching these sites, there are a ton of files, but nothing is remotely close to what you’re looking for.

And then you’re stuck.

Fortunately, there are many STL search engines that you can use to find designs directly. No need to join a community, or wait for Thingiverse to load.

Give these STL search engines a try, next time you’re looking for a CAD model.

  1. Yeggi
  2. STLFinder Search Engine
  3. STL Base
  4. Zimple3D

Lastly, you can try going directly to the part’s manufacturer to see if they list the CAD model. McMaster-Carr is notorious for having CAD files in just about every file format, for just about every part.

What are you going to 3D print today?

In this article, we explored a bunch of options for finding 3D printer and STL files online. With a wealth of options out there, you should be able to find inspiration for your next 3D printer project.

What do you plan on printing? Leave a comment below.

And, if I missed your favorite resource for open-sourced 3D printer files, be sure to let me know there as well!

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A thing... I guess (Tree?)


... in Blender after getting the hang of the controls. ...I suppose this will serve as the starting entry in this folio of 3D adventure! This and probably quite a few future models won’t really be textures because I’m still learning how to UV texture.

Bulldogs thing that i made

thingiverse Instructions Using the following options: Loop_position = 10 center = 3 spacing = [12.5,12.5,11.3,9.4,9.6, 10.4, 11.05,11.2] Font_name = Chewy twist = -0.5 Rotation = 0 height =...

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Egg Thing 3.0 (The best one I think)


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8 cool things that are already being printed on a 3D printer. Both adults and children

Bridges, artificial organs, space satellites - all this (and more) can now be printed using a 3D printer. Chalk and 1C explain how adults and children create such complex things and why it is useful to learn 3D modeling from school.

We are already used to 3D films and are not surprised by butterflies flying around or raindrops. But with 3D modeling and 3D printing, everything is not so obvious. Although now even children can design an object on a computer and then print it in three-dimensional form. AT 9In the 00s and 2000s, 3D printers were used only by engineers and designers, but now such technologies are appearing in universities and schools. Here are eight things that are being created with 3D printing right now (it’s even scary to imagine what children will be able to print when they grow up!).

What children and teenagers print on 3D printers

1. Musical instruments

11-year-old Dane Jarvis was really lucky to have a music teacher. At a rehearsal, Lisa Baier told him about 3D printed musical instruments. The idea captured the student so much that he began to save money to buy a printer, and the teacher even added the missing part. As a result, in 24 hours they together printed a plastic violin, the prototype of which was Hovalin, a printed model of a Stradivarius violin.

Lisa thinks that their instrument sounds no worse than the usual wooden violins, only a little quieter. 3D printed tools are great for school use because they are more durable. And they can also be “painted” in different colors. Now Dane and Lisa are planning to create a full-fledged school orchestra with three-dimensional musical instruments.

2. Orthoses (splints) for a specific patient

At the beginning of 2017, a Moscow schoolboy Nikita Kruglov printed a splint on a 3D printer that helps fractures heal faster. It is adjusted for a particular patient and his injury. The injured arm or leg is scanned for the patient, and then a unique 3D tire model is made for it. It remains only to print. But that's not all: Nikita built a special device into the tire that emits ultrasonic pulses. It stimulates the bones to produce more bone protein - due to this, bone tissues grow together better. Judging by the first clinical trials, such a 3D rate treats 30%faster.

There are similar inventions in other countries. For example, American programmer Bodo Honen printed a 3D bionic orthosis for his daughter. Her hand was paralyzed, but she could still slightly move her hand and fingers. The programmer scanned the child's hand and designed a lightweight structure that is attached to the shoulder and forearm. The girl controls the orthosis using a drive of 17 sensors (it picks up even weak nerve signals). As a result, the mobility of the hand began to recover.

3. Space satellites and parts for the ISS

Indian high school student Rifat Sharouk built the world's smallest satellite, KalamSat. The 3D cube is made of carbon fiber and weighs only 64 grams. Inside the cube is a microcomputer and eight sensors that measure the satellite's acceleration, the Earth's magnetosphere and other important data. The project won the Cubes in Space competition, which is supported by NASA. And already in June 2017, KalamSat was launched into a test suborbital flight. 125 minutes after takeoff, the satellite separated from the rocket and fell into the sea (of course, it was later caught to decrypt the data).

And scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a 3D printer for printing in zero gravity. It will help Russian cosmonauts produce the parts needed on the ISS right during their flights. Tomsk schoolchildren printed the first part, which went to the ISS for experiments. In 2018, the printer itself will also be transferred there.

4. Printers that printers print

Mikhail Kozenko, a graduate of the Volgograd school, assembled his first 3D printer from improvised materials at the age of 14. He simply read books on mechanical engineering and, for the sake of curiosity, printed various figures. And at the age of 16, I realized that I wanted to be not just an engineer, but a free engineer (not to limit myself to the capabilities of technology). I printed a second, improved one on the first printer, and created my own VolgoBot company.

His 3D printers are almost indistinguishable from Western counterparts, and you can do anything with them. The devices purchased from Mikhail are already operating in five regions of Russia. So the hobby became a business. Mikhail makes the case and racks from Russian materials, and orders parts for internal electronics in China. Although in the future he dreams of independently producing all the components.

What adults print on 3D printers

1. Bridges across the river

MX3D is building a pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam, all parts of which are printed on a 3D printer. Back in 2015, the developers planned to build the bridge right in front of the eyes of citizens and tourists. But it turned out that the canal walls were not strong enough. Therefore, the channel is now being strengthened, and the project is planned to be completed in the spring of 2018 (so far it is only 30% ready). Four printers will simultaneously build two symmetrical halves of the bridge from different sides until they eventually connect in the middle. Meanwhile, in the south of the Netherlands, the world's first bridge for cyclists was opened, which was printed from concrete.

The Dutch were overtaken by the Spaniards. At the end of 2016, the Institute of Modern Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) presented the world's first 3D printed pedestrian bridge. The concrete structure is located in Alcobendas, a suburb of Madrid. The bridge is about 12 meters long and 1.75 meters wide. The builders did not forget about the environment and optimized the disposal of non-food waste (they were recycled right during production).

2. Residential buildings

Building buildings using additive technologies is fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This method has been practiced in the world for several years already: for example, in China they began to print high-rise buildings already in 2014. And in Russia they tried it only at the beginning of this year. The authors of the project are Apis Cor (developers of a giant 3D printer) and PIK Group of Companies. The design was printed both outside and inside at the same time - they managed it in 24 hours. Now in Stupino near Moscow you can find a cozy house with an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. And it is not as fragile as it might seem at first glance: a flat roof easily withstands snow deposits.

3. Artificial organs (even human skin!)

Bioprinting appeared in the early 2000s. It was then that it became clear that the nebulizer of an inkjet printer does not deform living cells. Now, with the help of printheads, different types of cells can be sprayed, so that in the end they unite into living tissue. Today, a doctor makes a CT scan, and then prints out the exact implant in just a couple of hours. 3D printers can print auricles, heart valves, vascular tubes, and even bone tissue.

More recently, a team of Spanish scientists from leading universities in Madrid has unveiled a 3D bioprinter that replicates human skin. Printed skin is just like natural skin: it consists of an outer protective layer of the epidermis and inner layers of the dermis. Even the process of collagen production is on its own.

4. Cars

The automotive industry is actively applying new technologies in the production and repair of cars. It all started with a three-wheeled hybrid model Urbee 2 - some details of its interior are printed on a 3D printer. True, it accelerated only up to 112 kilometers per hour. The later Strati electric car could reach only 65 kilometers per hour, but the load-bearing body was printed as a single piece. At an auto show in Detroit, the developers created this car in 44 hours in front of visitors.

A year later, the Blade supercar came out. Its frame, body and even chassis are made of carbon fiber tubes and connected to each other by aluminum parts. In general, the car is almost completely printed on a three-dimensional printer. The car accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in two seconds and is many times lighter than conventional cars. The creators of Blade say that 3D printing will significantly reduce the level of environmental pollution.

As you can see, children work with 3D printing technologies at a decent level - they catch up (and sometimes overtake) adults. To become a great specialist, the first step is to study with professional teachers. For example, on a special course in "1C: Programmers Club", developed for schoolchildren in grades 3-8. Here, children will learn how prototypes and experimental models are created, get acquainted with the device of a 3D printer and learn some tricks necessary for efficient work. They will also come up with their own robot, print all the necessary details and assemble it.

Text: Anna Vinokur

50 cool things to print on a 3D printer / Sudo Null IT News

No ideas for 3D printing? Tired of worthless trinkets? Here is a list of 50 cool really useful things for 3D printing.

Like us, you're excited about the possibilities of 3D printing. But, unfortunately, the horizon is littered with trinkets, trinkets and other unnecessary things. We are in danger of being buried under a heap of useless rubbish.

Throw off the shackles of mediocrity! Let's create really useful things! Here is a list of cool things that you can make on a 3D printer right now. Prove to your family and loved ones that this wonderful technology can be used daily and in practice.

No access to 3D printer? No problem. Just upload your files to our 3D printing price comparison system and choose the best price, ONLINE!

Don't have a 3D printer to print these amazing things? Then come to

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #2: Socket Shelf

Attach a shelf to your wall outlet to support your phone while charging. The shelf has a slanted recess that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet upright.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #3: Soap Dish

Elegant bathroom soap dish with two washable compartments. You can change the pattern of the inner pallet if you wish.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #4: Nightstand Tag Handles

The art of storage doesn't have to be boring. The Hobb Knob is a small pen with a label to describe the items in the drawers. Now you will never lose your socks!

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #5: coasters with geometric patterns

When it comes to hot drinks, mug circles are an inevitable risk. Things take a much more serious turn if there is a coffee-addicted inhabitant in the house. Available in three designs, these coasters help you avoid unsightly stains.

Download from Pinshape

3D Printing Cool Thing #6: Hinge Lamp

This hinged modular lamp consists of 6 main elements: base, body and top with LEDs. To make the lamp taller, you can add the required number of elements.

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #7: One-Handed Bottle Opener

This boomerang-shaped bottle opener is useful for people who have difficulty performing activities that require force, such as opening a plastic bottle. Print it out and give it to your grandmother. She will appreciate this gesture.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #8: shower head

Is swimming under a waterfall on your list of things to do before you die? The next best thing is a 3D printed shower head (probably).

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #9: Secret Shelf

Hide valuable documents and stash from prying eyes on this secret shelf.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #10: jar handle

Enhance empty jam jars with a printed handle. What could be easier?

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #11: Plastic Wrench

A full size general purpose plastic wrench. Actually for screwing and unscrewing around the house.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #12: business card holder

"What a delicate yellowish shade, and the thickness is tastefully chosen, oh my, even the watermarks." Do you have such a business card? Find her a pair in the form of this business card holder, printed in its entirety (yes, already with a hinged lid). Instructions for adding a custom logo are included.
Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #13: Alien Invader Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Brighten up your bathroom with this functional printable model of a classic alien invader... ahem holding your toilet paper.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #14: lift platform

Here is a fully assembled lift platform. Printed in full. No need to fiddle with a bunch of details. The adjustable height can be used to lift or support an object of acceptable weight.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #15: Plant Drinker

Houseplants fallen victim to neglect? FORGET ABOUT IT. Print out this simple automatic plant drinker and your conscience will be clear.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #16: earbud holder

We spend a lot of money buying headphones on the go, but we don't protect them enough when we use them. Hide your headphones safely in this 3D printed holder.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #17: Package Pen

We all know this situation. You trudge home from the supermarket, loaded with bags of groceries. The force of gravity causes plastic to crash into your palms, am I right? ENOUGH. Print these bag handles and forget about chafed palms forever!

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #18: tablet stand

There are times when you need to free your hands when using your smart device, such as watching TV shows or cooking recipes. This simple stand supports 7" and larger tablets in both portrait and landscape modes.

Download from Pinshape

Cool 3D Printing Item #19: Plant Drinker #2

Another horticultural art contraption. It is especially suitable for kitchen plants. The next time you buy fresh herbs for cooking, transplant them into this neat device and they'll stay fresh all week long.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #20: door stop

Tired of everyone slamming doors at home or in the office? Then you need an UNCOMPROMISING door stop. Light weight, child safe, designed for easy installation and easy fabrication on an FDM 3D printer. The creator of the stop also claims that the device can be used to repel zombie attacks, however this version has not been verified.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #21: Windshield Scraper

If you want to quickly and easily get rid of snow and ice on your car windshield with this handy scraper. Printed without support, at the end there is a hole for a lace.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #22: Water Hose Control

This special nozzle regulates the water flow in the garden hose, about 2 liters per minute. It’s great if you have water limits set in the height of summer.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #23: Modular Wine Rack

Whether you're new to the world of wine or a wine connoisseur, this modular wine rack is the perfect storage solution for your fine drink. bottles of WIRA. It can be expanded (or narrowed) according to your collection by printing only the required number of modules.

Download from 3DShook

Cool thing for 3D printing #24: whistle for protection

This original design whistle is easy to make and carry. Durable and very loud. How loud? How about 118 decibels? This is more than enough to get people to hear about your emergency.
Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Thing #25: Apple Headphone Holder

Download from ThingiVerse9

3D Printable Thing: Cool Thing #20033 Holder of an umbrella for a wheelchair

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 28: Protection for disk

Download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 29: Form for Snegles

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool 3D Printable Item #30: Wine Bottle Protector