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Nintendo Switch RCM Jig_remix


This is a remix from [Nintendo Switch RCM Jig ](https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4095790) from ShadowX. As there are two versions of the RCM jig for the Nintendo Switch : - wires spaced by 6.20mm apart - wires spaced by 2.54mm apart So I just added...

Nintendo Switch RCM Jig


This is another printable RCM jig. What makes this file different than the other designs? 1) Its designed so that installing the wire is straightforward and very easy. There is no need for wire jigs since the part is the jig. 2) The...

Switch RCM Jig


After being frustrated with the preparation required to make a USB-based jig, I designed one from the ground up that minimizes stress on the Switch's connector and is a lot simpler to make. ...Simply force some 32 gauge wire into the slot and try to...

Switch RCM Jig case


I used to loss the Jig, so I made a box.

Switch RCM Jig Storage Cover


Before I got a 3D Printer, I had bought an "RCM Jig" at the recommendation of a Nintendo Switch CFW guide I followed. I checked the guide just now and can't seem to find the link, so maybe this particular seller is no longer in operation. But I've...

Hole-less Switch RCM Jig


My 3D printer couldn't print any of the RCM jigs with holes--It ends up squishing plastic down into where the holes should be-- So I modified this jig to hold a wire without holes. Just place the wire down into the two channels and tape it on the...

Small Nintendo Switch RCM Jig


... be bent up and down to push it up against the Joycon connector, without damaging the pads. It should be slightly springy. This model is a redesign/alteration/remix of the RCM Jig designed by yahnbaron. ...https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2892320

Fusion Nintendo Switch RCM Jig


I liked the option of a keyring in [Sulya's](https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2973594) RCM jig, but *loved* the design of [ShadoX's](https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4095790) Jig. So I combined them! ____________________ ShadowX's Summary ...



Simplified version of jig

Yet Another Switch RCM Joycon Jig


Hey here is another one of those joycon jig tools. I used cat5e wire removed from its protective coating and pushed into the slots.</p> <p>Print at 0.1mm layers or send it off to a high quality print service. ...Shapeways is great for little things like...

Yet Another Switch RCM Joycon Jig


Hey here is another one of those joycon jig tools. I used cat5e wire removed from its protective coating and pushed into the slots. Print at 0.1mm layers or send it off to a high quality print service. Shapeways is great for little things like...

Nintendo Switch RCM Jig SD card Game Cartridge Adapter


remixed to add sd card slot

Yet Another Switch RCM Joycon Jig with Keyring


Added a keyring opening so it can be attached to my switch case for safe keeping.

RCM Jig Switch HACK


Jig for Nintendo Switch, facilitates the union of the pins to start the console in RCM mode and thus be able to inject pailoads. Don't gamble and don't damage your Switch! 0.4mm cable is recommended. ... Do not change size.

Jig RCM Switch


Jig para Nintendo Switch, facilita la unión de los pines para encender la Nintendo en el modo RCM. Se recomienda usar cable de 0,4mm. ... No me hago responsable del mal uso del dispositivo.

Nintendo Switch Dual SDcard RCM+Jig Cartridge


I modified another JIG design using smaller holes, because all you need is a solid core CAT5e/CAT6 Ethernet cable or you could clip off the edges of a resistor. Don't forget to sand the edges of the metal so that you don't cause any stress on the...

Swiss Switch micro SD cards and RCM Jig Insert


This is an insert for the Swiss Army Style SD Holder This holder will hold two micro SD Cards, as well as my favorite RCM Jig (seen here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2892320). the spaces to the left of the micro sd card are for labels. ...the...

RCM Jig and wire bending template for Nintendo Switch


Update 25th June: made the keyring hole a bit bigger, fixed issue with orientation: apparently the model was rotated a bit upon export to stl Description: Redesigned RCM jig, based on thing 2877484 but redesigned from scratch with following changes:. ..

RCM Jig and wire bending template for Nintendo Switch


Update 25th June: made the keyring hole a bit bigger, fixed issue with orientation: apparently the model was rotated a bit upon export to stl Description: Redesigned RCM jig, based on thing 2877484 but redesigned from scratch with following changes: ...

RCM Jig Cartridge Adapter


This project aims to fit an entire RCM Jig into The Nintendo Switches cartrdige slot. It requires the use of a paperclip, which if the ends are left sharp, will most likely damage your Switch's Joy-Con rail. If the jig is too hard to slide into the...

Keychain MagnetHax Nintendo Switch (RCM)


Rather than having to remove the right joycon, put the JIG, switch to RCM, remove the JIG then put back the joycon, there is more to put the magnet directly behind the joycon and enjoy !!!!!! ... For more info : Magnethax switch English :...

RCM Jig with Cartridge holder for microSD card and jig


Tinkered with the wall thickness a little on both the cart and the height of the jig for a better fit Storage for a microSD is useful in case you often swap cards, for example if you run fusee on one and switchroot Android on another like myself. ..

RCM Jig with Internal Wire - M600 Pause Needed


Be careful when applying this jig to your switch, it will not be forgiving if you have allowed one of the wires to bend out of place or if you cut them too long. Of course, I assume no fault or responsibility if you use this wire in a way other...

Nintendo Switch Gamecard Jig


This is a work in progress RCM Jig for the game card slot. The jig does work pretty well but still needs some adjustment. Right now you need to fiddle a little bit to make it work consistently.</p> <p>I will add the Fusion source files once I get it. ..

Switch Alignment Jig


Jig used to align switches while soldering the Smaller Simone Giertz's Good Habit Tracker Hackaday.io project here: https://hackaday.io/project/78869-smaller-simone-giertzs-good-habit-tracker Not my project but I wanted to make my own boards and...

Switch soldering jig


I needed to solder 5 switches together and access wouldn't be easy if installed in the case; additionally the spacing needed to be right if done uninstalled as the wiring would be quite rigid. I therefore knocked up this jig to allow the switches to...

Switch JoyCon Grip


I designed a JoyCon grip based on the: Nintendo Switch JoyCon Small Grip by Bodacious_Bum, (https://www. thingiverse.com/thing:2437689), to also be able to house the: Nintendo Switch RCM Jig by ShadowX (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4095790),...



No description provided.

Switch Soldering Jig - 12 mm


This soldering jig makes it easier to solder wires to the leads of a 12 mm tactile switch. ...

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Jig


Super simple design for a jig to help place a screen protector on the original Nintendo Switch. I'm always having trouble placing screen protectors and alignment is usually off. This helps a bunch. After doing the appropriate screen cleaning/prep,...

Giant Pinball Machine Made by Hacking Nintendo Switch Controllers with 3D Printing - 3DPrint.com

“Ever since I was a young boy I’ve played the silver ball…From Soho down to Brighton I must have played them all.” – Pete Townshend, The Who

Now that I’ve got “Pinball Wizard” stuck in your head, let’s talk about this classic arcade game. The concept is pretty simple: you use game paddles, or flippers, to manipulate the little metallic balls on the game field inside the glass-covered cabinet, or pinball machine, to score as many points as you can. It’s so popular that many gaming consoles like the hybrid Nintendo Switch, have their own versions, in case players can’t get themselves to an actual arcade—do those even exist anymore?

The Switch can be plugged into a docking system and played on a TV, or used as a mobile gaming device with a touchscreen interface. Naturally, many people have used 3D printing to hack the system, and customize the multi-use JoyCon controllers however they want, which brings us back to pinball. Maker Tommy Williamson is the founder of the Nerds&Makers community, which is exactly what it sounds like — the members visit the site to “showcase cool projects, to promote makers, to find inspiration, to teach, to learn and most importantly to connect with other makers and like-minded individuals.”

Williamson found that playing pinball on the Switch was difficult with the standard JoyCon shoulder buttons, which are decidedly not the typical flipper controls used to play the original game. He did what many a maker has done before, and used 3D printing to create a custom solution. The JoyCon dock he created, which he dubbed the SwitchPin, makes it much easier to play the game. Basically, the controller turns two buttons on the JoyCon into two different buttons for optimal pinballing.

“Sometimes two buttons really need to be two other buttons, and in those times we should not let anything get in the way of a creative solution,” Kotaku writer Mike Fahey wrote about Williamson’s creation.

The SwitchPin is an ingenious solution. Basically, Williamson modeled two blocks, and fitted them with pinball arcade flipper buttons. Then, he 3D printed the blocks out of black Hatchbox PLA on his Prusa i3 Mk3 3D printer; the buttons were printed in red, and he recommends using the printer’s quality settings due to the tight tolerances of the design. Once the print job was finished, he had to spend some time removing supports from the blocks, and then did a little sanding to, as he wrote on Thingiverse, “tweak things to be just right.”

He used 3/8″ x 5/8″ springs from a Harbor Freight box set to make the flippers work, and assembled the SwitchPin with M3 screws – no soldering required.

“I recommend drilling and tapping the frames, the center parts use nuts. I used M3 20mm and 25mm,” Williamson wrote. “To keep it from sliding around there’s small wells on the bottom for rubber pads. I used hemispherical ones from this pack.”

As you can see in the image above, there’s a slot for a JoyCon controller inside each block, and the controller’s shoulder buttons line up perfectly with the arcade button actuators. Then, Williamson added enough black plastic in between the two blocks to make the whole thing the length of his TV when on portrait mode. He removed the TV from the wall, set it on a table, placed the 3D printed SwitchPin at the bottom, set the Nintendo Switch to the correct view, and started playing the game the way pinball is meant to be played. It’s a pretty impressive setup.

You can get the 3D printing files to make your own SwitchPin pinball controller for free on Thingiverse. Take a look at the video below to see Williamson’s whole building process:

I was curious about what other interesting 3D printable Switch adaptations people have been making, so I searched a few 3D model repositories and found some interesting designs. Mechatronics engineer Julio Vazquez, also known as Vexelius, created these JoyCon adapters that allow disabled gamers to play with just one hand, and also came up with this Accessibility stand “to provide an easy to print and non invasive mod that will help disabled players enjoy a better experience.

“The SL and SR buttons, which are small and difficult to press are now easier to reach, thanks to a couple of extensions; and an optional cross-shaped cover for the buttons will help users that might not have the accuracy to press the small buttons in the Joy-Con,” Vazquez wrote.

On Cults 3D, I saw this JoyCon Wristband for playing the “Just Dance” game on the Switch, which has two slot sizes, and I also found two different versions of a Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller Drink Holder.

(Images courtesy of Nerds&Makers)

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