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10 Ornaments You Can 3D Print Right Now for Christmas

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Extrude some holiday cheer with these ten Christmas ornaments you can make on your FDM printer right now. We’ve selected models that are both easy to print and totally free from some of the best designers in the 3D printing community. 

3D printed plastic ornaments are not only inexpensive; they’re fairly unbreakable, a real bonus if you have pets or kids. This list includes classic baubles and pop culture icons, from TIE fighters to Minecraft creepers.

These highly-detailed, 3D printed ornaments take anywhere from two to 16 hours to print, depending on their size and levels of detail. While having one of the best 3D printers is helpful, any competent FDM model should get the job done. The color and texture will vary based on what filament you use. For best results, we recommend going with a vibrant, silky PLA filament.

Please note that all printing times are based on Cura 4. 12.1, using a standard profile with a .2mm layer height, 50mm print speed, on a Creality Ender 3 Pro. Your results may vary.

Snowflake TIE Fighter

by Fixumdude (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Hang a whole fleet of festive TIE Fighters on your tree and protect it from rebel scum. This fan made Star Wars ship comes as a flat “card kit” you can gift or build yourself. There are two versions – a solid wing and a hollow wing with the snowflakes cut out. It looks great when printed as a two-color model with a simple filament color swap.

The hollow model requires a well calibrated machine with a super clean bed. Creator Fixumdude has included an easy version with looser tolerances in the file list. You can also print the ship without the card to save a little time or if you just need to reprint a single part.

Download: Snowflake TIE Fighter
Estimated Print Time: 3 hours and 47 Minutes

Minecraft Creeper

by Simone Fontana (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Bring your favorite game to the tree with this simple Minecraft Creeper head ornament. It is a very easy print and looks classy in a shiny silk PLA.

Simone Fontana has a whole lineup of similar blocky ornaments, including a pig, pumpkins and skelly head.

Download:  Minecraft Creeper
Estimated Print Time: 4 hours 

Death Star Bauble

By C47_3D  (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

This tiny Death Star is the perfect companion to your Snowflake TIEs. Its artistically detailed surface means it takes a bit longer to print than other ornaments on this list, but it’s worth the wait.

C47_3D included several versions of the Death Star in his Thingiverse post. You can print it as a solid tree ornament, a small storage container or gift box, a lamp shade or even a keychain.

You can print it as one solid ball with supports like we did here, or choose a version of the model that is split in half. It looks great printed in silver or grey silk PLA.

Download: Death Star Bauble
Estimated Print Time:  11 hours and 51 minutes

Hypno Missile Toad 

By Codiac 2600  (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

All glory to the mighty Hypno Missile Toad! Meme lovers will appreciate this epic mash up of Futurama’s hypnotic toad and the “missile toe” pun. Any frog can be tied to a rocket, but only the hypnotoad comes equipped with a missile launcher worthy of a space marine.

This model is broken into several easy and support-free pieces, with the head printed separately from the body. This also allows the missiles to be printed in a separate color, saving the need for paint. We had to print the joining piece at 99% and it still had a firm fit. 

Matterhacker’s Quantum blue green filament added to the hypnotic allure of this mighty bug eyed toad.

Download: Hypno Missile Toad
Estimated Print Time: 13 hours and 37 Minutes

Icicle Tree

By Slimprint  (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

This icicle tree ornament reminds us of old fashioned glass baubles, but without the danger of fragile glass. Don’t let it’s daintiness fool you – this is an easy print when you use a small raft to hold it steady. 

While not a vase mode print, the elegant bauble can be printed without infill or support. It looks best when printed with shiny or sparkly filaments and has amazing depth in the design’s fins.

Download: Icicle Tree
Estimated Print Time: 2 hours and 49 minutes

Kaleidoscope Christmas Ball

By Dazus  (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Are you looking for mesmerizing decorations to hang on your tree? Dazus has a whole collection of beautifully twisted baubles for you to 3d print. These might look like wobbly knots, but they print easily due to designer-added supports. 

If you’re in a hurry you can print these a bit smaller, or check out Dazus’ collection of mini ornaments. 

This one was printed in Matterhacker’s two tone Quantum for extra dimension.

Download: Kaleidoscope Christmas Ball
Estimated Print Time: 15 hours and 18 minutes

Vase Mode Bell

By Jane Rain (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

When you need ornaments in a flash, vase mode prints come to the rescue. You’ll need to turn on the “spiralize outer contour” special mode to print these light, single wall prints – otherwise you’ll get a hefty solid model. 

Vase mode models look like frosted glass when printed with translucent filaments. They’re also extremely light weight and won’t weigh down your tree branches.

This bell print has a flat base, making it the easiest ornament to print in Rain’s collection. There are several shapes with different printing difficulties to choose from.

Download: Vase Mode Bell
Estimated Print Time: 2 hours 

Tangled Spool

By CM Design (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Do you know a maker who’s been naughty this year? Then gift them the Tangled Spool, a hilarious decoration only 3d printing fans  can love. CM Design created this cursed spool to hang on your tree and haunt your soul like the ghost of Christmas Past. 

Despite it’s terrifying appearance, it’s a very easy model to print because it’s broken into three parts. Only the “filament” requires support. The spool prints in two pieces and snaps around the filament portion without any need for glue. 

Warning: the spool is quite large at 100% and too much infill can make it hefty. This is a great print to try out with Cura’s new lightning infill. You can also reduce the print time for this model by reducing it in size.

Download: Tangled Spool
Estimated Print Time:
16 Hours and 27 Minutes

Snowflake Deer

By ChaosCoreTech (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Simple and elegant, this flat print ornament prints effortlessly. ChaosCoreTech has several flat print ornaments to choose from, including Mickey ears, snowflakes and Noel. 

The classic shaped cutouts are 127mm on the Y axis and will hold their detail at a smaller size for quicker prints.

Download: Snowflake Deer
Estimated Print Time: 4 hours and 54 minutes

Star Tree Topper

By Bugman_140 (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Your tree needs a new star so why not 3d print one? This well-designed, hollow star prints without supports, though it does need adequate cooling for the best backside. The conical base prints separately, and can be sized to perfectly fit your tree’s apex.

The star is only 101 mm at 100%, perfect for smaller trees. Try super sizing it for larger trees.

Download: Star Tree Topper
Estimated Print Time: 4 hours and 36 minutes 

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Denise Bertacchi is a Contributing Writer for Tom’s Hardware US, covering 3D printing.


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3D printed Christmas decorations (+ video)

Checkers with candies

There is always something to do during the holidays - spend time with family, eat traditional dishes, unpack gifts, watch movies or play games in games. Board games are often given away for the new year, and Giuseppe Finizia's 3D-printed candy checkers are a great option. You only need to 3D print the checkers themselves, and then put small candies into them, for example, Smarties, M&Ms, Skittles. The developer himself used a Zortrax M200 3D printer, but any such personal model should work. 3D printing does not require support elements.

Snowflakes in various shapes

Traditional Christmas snowflakes can also be transformed with a project by Laura Talman, aka mathgrrl. She developed the Snowflake Machine program, which automatically generates unique snowflakes based on mathematical algorithms, code, and some variable parameters. Talman's Thingiverse page features over 45 types of snowflakes created with the Snowflake Machine. Simply install the program to get access to an almost unlimited number of unique snowflakes.

Cookie molds

Any cookie will benefit from interesting shapes, especially during the holiday season. Moreover, thanks to innovations, there is no need to storm stores - with the help of 3D printing, you can make any cookie shapes at home. In addition to their own models, there are many interesting free options available on the Internet, among them are bells, Santa Claus and reindeer from OogiMe. The already mentioned Snowflake Machine by Laura Talman has also been redesigned for 3D printing cookie cutters, thanks to Matthias Peschek. Cookies in the form of different snowflakes will definitely decorate a festive dinner.

Movable Christmas toys

bqLabs cute toys - reindeer, Santa Claus and elves - not only print as a single unit, but also feature moving arms and legs. Support elements are needed during the 3D printing process, but the developer notes that they are easy to remove by simply pulling. These adorable toys can be further painted and finished to enhance the festive effect.

Santa Claus reindeer

A couple of years ago, Canadian 3D designer Yeg3D published a free model of a holiday deer. The figurine printed on a 3D printer is worthy of serving as a Christmas decoration in itself, but if desired, it can be painted, as the author did. In addition, the deer can be decorated with bows, bells and any other traditional accessories - it will definitely become a favorite of the whole family.

Christmas tree-snowflake

This project combines two main themes: at first glance, the 3D printed decoration looks like an ordinary Christmas tree, but from below you can see an unusual snowflake. The 3D model can be downloaded for free from Genapart's author page on Thingiverse. The author presented four options for decoration: with and without a hole for hanging, curved and straight wood. Several users of the site have already reported that they have successfully printed an unusual Christmas tree.

Minimalist decorations

Thingiverse user Marten Curver has presented stylish, minimalist 3D printed Christmas decorations. The author notes that to create one ball, you need to print the main files eight times, and the top and bottom once. These pieces can be assembled into a piece of jewelry by gluing them together or connecting them with a 3D printing pen, as Curver did. The range of decorations is amazing - it's easy to imagine how beautiful such a Christmas tree will be.

Christmas Reindeer Card

One of the more interesting postcards is the version with the deer head model kit included. A flat postcard can be put into any envelope, and the details of the model are easily separated from the sheet and assembled according to the instructions. Of course, given that the model is flat, you may need to change the 3D printing settings. Model designer Tony Short suggests printing at 100% infill and 0.2mm resolution, printing the bottom layer slower than usual. In addition to 3D printing models, Short included files to create a postcard using laser cutting.

Small holiday lamps

It is difficult to imagine the New Year without festive lighting. One example is small lamps that can be 3D printed. They will also require a CR2032 battery, a 5mm LED, a switch and a soldering iron to assemble. Following simple instructions, you can assemble a glowing base, which includes several 3D printed parts. The finished base can be combined with several 3D-printed “caps”, including a snowman, a Christmas tree and a candle. Of course, everyone can create their own versions of the top of the lamp.

Glass Christmas Tree

Glass 3D printing startup MICRON3DP decided to showcase its achievements with a Christmas tree model created by Russ Taber. Of course, making a glass Christmas tree on a personal 3D printer will not work, but you can make a copy of an unusual plastic decoration. You need to print the Christmas tree without the bottom layer so that you can add a lamp.

We wish you all happy, interesting and creative holidays!

10 Christmas decorations on a 3d printer

Christmas decorations like nothing else create a festive atmosphere at home. Christmas tree toys are a kind of clothing, and having even the simplest 3d printer, you can make this tree “fashionable” and unique. This year, a lot of ready-made projects have appeared on the Internet, which you just need to download and print. Most of them are classic Christmas tree decorations, but some have approached the decoration process with all the creativity they could muster. Let's look at ten of the most unique and interesting Christmas toys that can be printed using a 3d printer.

Gyroscopic star

A star is an essential attribute of a Christmas tree, but what if you take several celestial bodies and combine them into one product? That's right - you get something completely incredible, and even mobile. The gyroscopic star in the assembled state looks like an ordinary, unremarkable decoration, but it is worth turning each part a little along its axis, and you will get a unique geometric figure, which, by the way, will already look more like a snowflake. In addition, each element can be painted in different colors or printed with multi-colored plastic.

Download - Thingiverse

Gyroscopic snowflake

Continuing the previous decoration, the gyroscopic snowflake is made in the same way. Several elements can freely rotate around their own axis, and the designer has created several options for jewelry that will appeal to everyone. To make such a snowflake unique with paints or varnish.

Download - Thingiverse

3d garland

Not all garlands need to glow to look beautiful. The creators of this decoration came up with a great way that will allow you to create almost dimensionless products that can be placed on Christmas trees of any size. Each element of such a garland is printed separately and fastened to each other with a special latch. The user only has to stock up on material for a 3d printer in advance, since it is very easy to get carried away with the production process.

Download - Thingiverse

Your own Santa

What new year can do without Santa Claus, Father Frost or other masters of winter? Now you have the opportunity to decorate the Christmas tree with your own Christmas spirit. 3d printable Santa will deftly stay on top of the Christmas tree. The only drawback is that the figure will have to be processed after printing, since it is printed in one piece.

Download - MyMiniFactory


Although Olivier salad is considered the best decoration of the New Year's table, no one forbids diversifying the holiday with flowers. Poinsettia is another symbol of the New Year, which in importance can be compared with a Christmas tree or a pine tree. In order not to run around the market in search of a living flower, you can download a project for 3d printing and decorate the table with a beautiful product that is not “afraid” of pets and careless movements. The model can be painted both during printing and using multi-colored plastic. 3d Poinsettia consists of 2 independent parts, so the decoration process will not be difficult.

Download - Thingiverse

Japanese style lantern

New Year is celebrated all over the world, including in Japan. In this country, the traditions of the holiday changed quite often, but regardless of the changes, the Japanese lantern remained a symbol. Such a product can be printed in any color, a garland can be drawn through it, a light bulb can be connected inside and left to glow on the Christmas tree.

Download - Thingiverse

Snowflake Ball

The main task of New Year's toys is to create a festive atmosphere. Not all decorations should be bright and warm, especially considering that the New Year is celebrated in winter, and a ball with a snowflake ornament is a vivid confirmation of this. Each snowflake is printed separately and connected to each other using special fasteners. They can be decorated, but even the standard version looks stylish and attractive.

Download - Thingiverse

Christmas Tree Heads for Garlands

If you want to decorate the holiday with an exclusive garland, then it's time to download and print 3d Christmas tree garland attachments. A flimsy Christmas tree is unlikely to cope with the weight, but decorating a pine tree or a house with their help is a great solution. It is better to print these nozzles from a translucent material, since ordinary PLA plastic will not let light through.

Download — Thingiverse

Christmas Flame

Not only a star or a cone-shaped ball can flaunt on top of the Christmas tree, but also a real Christmas flame. It is better to print it from orange or yellow material, and you can easily fix the product using a special nozzle, which can also be found in the project. It is desirable to place an LED inside the product so that the flame not only decorates, but also glows.

Download - MyMiniFactory

Christmas tree in a minimalist style

If there is no way to install a large Christmas tree at home, then you can easily download and print the desktop version.

Learn more