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Maslow is designed to cut the kinds of materials you could normally cut with a router table. Think plywood, sheet rock, MDF, etc. We have some people ask about cutting pieces that have been glued up. Generally, we don't recommend Maslow for this type of use. Keep in mind that you cannot do any 3D carving with Maslow and you are limited by the depth of your router. That being said, you can cut pockets as long as the are smaller than the size of the sled!

The thickness of material you can cut is really only limited by the travel on your router. On the router we use that's about 1.5 inches. We cut 3/4 inch plywood regularly. Cutting thick materials requires multiple passes. The general rule is that you need to cut in depth half the width of the cutting tool you are using, so when usually cutting with a 1/4 inch bit, we make 1/8th inch passes. 

Can I shrink or extend the 4'x8' work area of the Maslow?

Yes! You can make a smaller or larger frame for the Maslow and the software and calibration process will take this new size into account. The only thing to take into consideration when building a frame larger than 4'x8' is that you may need to extend the 11' length of #25 roller chain we provide in the Regular Kit.

How does the z-axis work?/How does the machine raise and lower the router bit?

There are two ways to raise and lower the router bit. The Base Kit relies on you to set the depth of the cut manually. When the bit needs to be raised or lowered the machine will stop and the software will prompt you to set the depth on your router. We chose to do it this way to keep the kit as simple and affordable as possible, and to ensure it works with as many types of routers as possible.

Alternatively, you can purchase our Z-Axis Kit for an additional $60. This kit comes with all the parts necessary to attach a motor to the fine adjustment shaft of your router so that the depth of the bit will be adjusted automatically when making a cut. Please reference the photos below to understand which part of your router you will need to measure in order to determine the size of the shaft coupler you should select when placing your order for the Z-Axis Kit. If you are purchasing the recommend Ridgid R22002, the shaft coupler for this router is marked as such in checkout, so you won't need to measure your fine adjustment shaft.

The variable part is the Shaft Coupler.

Use a precise measuring device to measure the width of the fine adjustment shaft. The coupler you choose when purchasing your Z-Axis Kit will connect the fine adjustment shaft on your router to the Z-Axis motor. Be sure to remove the knob that is (usually) attached to this shaft before measuring it.

You keep listing the price as "under $500" but the complete kit is $350. What's up with that?

We didn't want to say for $350 because you still have to buy bricks, plywood, and 2x4s to put your kit together. If you don't have a fixed base router already, you will have to buy one of those too. Additionally, you may want to purchase the Z-Axis Kit which is $60. If you don't own a router, the total comes out to be about $500.

If you're in the US, we recommend the Ridgid R22002. It has a number of nice features. It's easy to adjust, the closed loop speed control is nice, the LED which light your cut are nice, and the dust collection is nice. If you're outside the US, the following list is one that has been put together by our community:

Please note that with the new Ring System upgrade to the Base Kit, compatibility with many routers may change. The inside of the current ring is 18 centimeters across, meaning the router you use with Maslow needs to be less than 18 centimeters wide.

What tools do I need to assemble my Maslow CNC?

A philips screwdriver, a drill, a hand saw, and a pair of pliers.

What kind of plug does Maslow use?

Maslow comes with a power supply which works from 100-240 volts, 50-60Hz. We will provide either a U.S. power cord or an E.U. power cord. If you live in a country which uses a different cord type you will need to buy a standard computer power cord for your country like the one shown in the picture below.

How do I control Maslow from a computer?

Maslow comes with our Ground Control software which lets you move the machine to where you want to cut, see a digital readout of the machine's position in real time, and open and cut a file. Ground Control can run on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. Ground Control is multi-touch compatible so if you want to use a tablet as a touch interface to your machine, you can.

Maslow uses G-code which means it works with hundreds of different programs which handle dozens of file types. The most common file types we use are .DXF (Autocad) and .SVG (Adobe Illustrator), which need to be converted into G-Code (.NC file type) in order to be read by Maslow's software, called Ground Control. Check out the website to play around with cutting something out from a .SVG file.

That depends on the job at hand, but we usually use the 1/4 router bits available from our community market.

As an open source project, you have the right to do anything you want with the hardware in your kit, but please be careful.

Anywhere with an address! For the Maslow CNC Base Machine Kit, domestic shipping is $13 and international is $70. For just the Z-Axis Add On, domestic shipping is $6.50 and international is $35. Please keep in mind that if receiving a Kit internationally you will have to pay the import tax imposed by your country in order for the package to actually be released to you. This tax is different in every country, but is some percentage of the total cost of the goods you are importing.

No. That's illegal. We are doing our best to keep the cost and shipping cost of the machine as low as possible.

Can I purchase individual parts of this kit instead of buying the whole thing?

Yes! We have some spare parts available under the "Store" tab of our website.

You will need to buy bricks, 3/4 inch plywood, and 10' 2x4s. You will also need a fixed base router.  Lumber dimensions are not critical, 18mm plywood and metric sized lumber will work perfectly.

What’s the best way for me to get in touch with someone from the Maslow team?

The forums are the best way to ask us a general question because it's likely that someone else will get back to you before we do. If you need to contact us personally, [email protected] is the best way.

He got a job, but he's still involved. He's become somewhat of a Kickstarter expert since our last project, and he advised us on how to run the campaign. He wasn't in the video this time, but he was standing on the other side of the camera laughing at all of our bloopers.

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This is a Christmas Yard Art project. It is a 2 tool setup that is first drawn with the marker holder and then with the router (1/4 in bit).

(This project file is originally from the Maslow Community Garden)

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  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs Empresa Motivation Self-actualization, maslow, motivation, maslow's hierarchy of needs, self-actualization png 1913x1287px 95.74KB
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  • United States Maslow's hierarchy of needs Information Concept, Multilevel pyramid, angle, triangle, united States png 1641x1594px 57. 64KB
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  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs Consumer behavior Psychology, interests, miscellaneous, angle, text png 714x547px 168.42KB
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs Human motivation theory Psychology Self-esteem, trophic pyramid, png 1134x794px 123.91KB
  • Egyptian pyramids Oil hierarchy of needs, color pyramid, angle, color Splash, triangle png 846x862px 200.84KB
  • Self-awareness Self-esteem Maslow's management Hierarchy of needs, self-control, miscellaneous, angle, text png 1024x559px 101. 38KB
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  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pyramid Financial triangle, pyramid, png 1093x892px 15.06KB
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs Want Psychology Desire, Self esteem, png 800x759px 170.75KB
  • Wikia Character Psychology Maslow's hierarchy of needs, psychology, miscellaneous, orange, monochrome png 566x1148px 61.88KB
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs Theory of human motivation Pyramid, pyramid, png 848x848px 231.94KB
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  • Rapid prototyping 3D printing Prototype Additive manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, electronics, display Advertising, logo png 1555x1001px 40. 72KB
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The future has already arrived. The question is where it will lead.


Starway48 902 several rifles (metal), also printed on a 3D printer.

igor 70

Nothing. to the many illegal ways of acquiring a short barrel, another one, also illegal, was added.


A young man asks in a bookstore:
- Do you have the book 'How to become a millionaire in 7 days'?
- Please, only together with it I highly recommend purchasing the Criminal Code:
but so . . how much does such equipment cost, where to get cartridges? well, and all that.

igor 70

how much does such equipment cost, where to get cartridges? well, and all that.

Damn it. For the sake of experimenting with pestles, it is clearly not bought. Such equipment on which thread of production makes good money. And in shift changes it is available for such experiments.
In general, the concept is interesting. Keep parts that are not printable on completely legal grounds. And if necessary, print the device. Then dispose of it. Leave the details until the next one.


igor 70
must be found)

together with weapons.

igor 70

Find both legally and illegally.
and you can legally. With a license in the store. and transport and store. you can even sit down in checkers in front of the regional department to play them-white-9x18 .black 9x19. or vice versa))


The weapon is bullshit. It's already clear what can be printed. I'm interested in something else. If they learn to print organs, as well as prostheses, then it will be possible to upgrade themselves completely. And then it will be possible to print your wife of any type you want. The question is how the brain prints. But maybe his wife does not need him? Just like combat robots. And here a completely new page of weapons is already opening ... It seems that the terminator already does not look as futuristic and unrealistic as in 1984 years....

In fact, here is the answer to the title of this topic, what this future will lead to:

1) Organs will definitely begin to be printed and there will be a restoration of body parts.
2) Definitely, the sex industry will take huge steps towards creating an artificial lover, with a choice of appearance and body parameters , and anyone will have any souvenir or any detail from anything)
5) There will definitely be combat robots and all sorts of nano-micro drones and other muck designed to kill a person.

(and now think about how many people on the planet will lose their jobs... I suggest: 90% of the planet's population) (essentially going into the category of museum exhibits and ornaments of national costumes) .... Just think who will care if you have a Glock or MP5 if your opponent has a mini-robot sitting on his shoulder (or located nearby in a building) , which simultaneously explores the entire space within the radius of visibility and, in case of danger, shoots with computer accuracy at the object of danger ... calculating the trajectory of the bullet directly into the pupil of the enemy's eye. So having the ability to illegally print CS will mean nothing in fact, because along with this available technology, the technology for printing defense robots or something even cooler will also become available . .. It was cool to have a saber when everyone around was with clubs. But what's the use of her when everyone around is 19eleven? It's cool to have an injury when everyone is around with gas. Also with firearms. What is the use of a handgun when there are robots around whose analysis speed and accuracy are tens of thousands of times greater than that of the human nervous system.


Yes, and 3D printers will also depreciate, I bought one printer and printed a couple more!)))



As soon as a person learns to get security, food and sex almost free of charge, that's it. There will be no need to work. That is, if a 3D printer closes the entire pyramid of values ​​​​according to Maslow - that's it. The familiar world and its foundations will sink into oblivion. And a developed virtual reality system with advanced 3D printing capabilities will unequivocally implement everything according to Maslow for any person ... Everything will be virtual. And what is not virtual is printed.


The video is 3 years old. Didn't you see something? 😊


It seems that not everyone understands that this technology is not like that of the Strugatskys, when the Guy from the underworld "put a ram in there" and took out a "stick of sausage" from there.

A cool company invested, probably millions, paid for engineering, developed 3D drawings, purchased equipment . . and with the resources, made an inferior gun, a copy of a normal one. No one said about man-hours, no one said about the costs, the cost of the machine park, and so on. With this money, one could buy a carload of quite normal weapons.

And yet, maybe someone forgot, but having the technology of the Stone Age, the partisans made their own pistols, machine guns and others. Even without a Chinese hobby level machine.
(The video is still full, the same "Kalash from a shovel".)


It's all true, but you lose sight of the main thing. Such videos are like a harbinger of a reduction in the cost of such technology. You write that: "With this money one could buy a carload of quite normal weapons." Yes it is. But only today and yesterday! And tomorrow is no longer a fact. It's just that in the 60s they also thought so about computers ... That they will always be for exceptionally complex calculations and no more . .. But what can I say, if in the 80s few people still believed that "a computer will show a movie." To my friend, one doctor of sciences from a Moscow research institute (I won’t name it) said exactly in the 80s: “Vitya, computers will never show movies. Remember this!”

It's the same with these technologies. It will be everything. And the world will change a lot in the coming decades.


1) Organs will definitely begin to print and there will be restoration of body parts.

If we are not talking about prostheses, then there will not be for a long time. For transplantology is a complicated thing, and the stem cell industry has been severely dented.

2) Definitely, the sex industry will take huge steps towards creating an artificial lover, with a choice of appearance and body parameters

They will not print a living woman, and the silicone will not be even along with a living woman

3) Developments will definitely go in the creation of synthesized food

and cheese in supermarkets - the first example 😀

Gun 4) Many physical objects will definitely depreciate (since they will be stupidly printed, and anyone will have any souvenir or any detail from something)

"Authentic" Kalashmat or fairy tales about unique technologies will be valued. Marketers will always find an approach

5) There will definitely be combat robots and all sorts of nano-micro drones and other muck designed to kill a person.

Man is free cattle and works from the consumption of grub. But where to get really capacious energy sources for robots is a question.

Kmk, it is more likely that we will be thrown back in the RZhV than there will be a significant technological leap.
Although, it's tempting. There will be a magic wand. It is possible not to work ... but who will allow it?

(now think how many people on the planet will lose their jobs... I suggest: 90% of the planet's population).

This was already said in the Middle Ages, when looms were smashed. And nothing, who wants to work today works.

Director 2012

None of those who write here will see these miracles as everyday.

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