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Bed Clamp


Bed Clamp

Bed Clamp


Bed Clamp

Bed clamp


Glass bed clamps for creality tremped glass. Thanks, Enjoy! ...

Bed Clamp


This is my design for 3D Printer Bed Clamp. After installing my ultrabase on my Ender 3 my original paper clip didn't fit and I had nothing else. Your gonna need: 1x M6 Nut 1x M6 Bolt (Longer depend on you I use 25mm) I print it in PETG. ...

bed clamp


With this clamp you can tighten it to the base plate under the print bed

Bed Clamp


Uses two m3 screws and nuts to securely and safely clamp the glass bed to the heated plate. If it doesn't have enough clearance to clamp on your bed let me know and I'll modify it for you. ... Enjoy!

Bed clamp


Update: I've printed the clamps in PLA, that turned out to be a bad idea, obviously the PLA gets soft when the bed is heated and so they lost their clamping force after 2 prints. Maybe printing them in ABS would solve this issue. My first "design",...

CNC bed clamp (3018)


Was looking for a simple bed clamp design :-)

bed clamp ANET A6


Bed clamp for ANET A6. Use M3 self-locking screws. ... Adjusting height and locking with one hand.

Kossel glass bed clamp


STL is for glass bed having 20cm diameter and 3mm thickness. ... OpenSCAD source available for customization: https://github. com/aleung/KosselPrinter/blob/master/model/glass_bed_clamp/v2.scad

MakerGear corner bed clamp


... with no movement of the bed using just bed bumpers and clips. Print Settings Printer Brand: MakerGear Printer: M2 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 30 How I Designed This I used Sketchup to design this Markergear M2 corner bed clamp

Glass Bed Clamp


glass bed clamp for the Ender3, the spacing is 6.5mm after some trial end error I found this to be a good compromise, on the clamping force. Print it as tall as you want. put the long end under the table. ... Its a lower profile than the paper. ..

3D Printer Bed Clamp


Simple small bed clamp for your 3d Printer bed... I have added 2 main body's one with supports and one with out supports.. I made a slot in top to use a 4mm allen wrench. ...This will help hold it while you tighten the nut.

C270 Bed clamp


SummaryLogitech C270 camera bed clamp. Have not tested! Probably needs work! Cheers!Post-PrintingClamp bed clips together with an M3 20mm screw. Don't tighten it too much!!! Use an M3 10mm screw to attach the camera holder to the arm. ...Add a fish eye...

Kossel Adjustable Bed Clamp


This is a Bed Clamp I made for my Kossel Mini. Bed can be levelled if needed with the adjustment nuts and locked down with another set of nuts. It's designed for my 220mm diameter heated bed but should work with most other bed sizes as well. Print...

Glass Bed Clamp


I designed several bed clamps to hold my full coverage glass plate on the heated bed. This was the one I ended up using because it's easy to use and easy to print. The wedges hold the glass tight to the plate, but are easy to remove. This is designed...

Custom Glass Bed Clamp


This is a customziable glass bed clamp designed in OpenSCAD. It can be configured in many ways to fit different glass and printer sizes, with or without under-bed / over-glass brackets. #### Currently provided STLs ##### Mount Anycubic Ultrabase to...

He3D K200 Heated Bed Clamp


Simple Heated Bed Clamps for He3D K200 with heated bed and glass plate. ... Inspired by https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2386628 collection by curiousaardvard as it seems to be one of the only parts missing from their excellent set.

Anycubic Kossel Heated Bed Clamp


heated bed clamps for Anycjbic Kossel. ...My printer arrived with the wrong clamps for the bed so i had to make my own. They are very basic and do not clamp the glass. ...I tape the glass down on the edges

Anycubic Kossel Heated Bed Clamp


heated bed clamps for Anycjbic Kossel. ...My printer arrived with the wrong clamps for the bed so i had to make my own. They are very basic and do not clamp the glass. ...I tape the glass down on the edges

FLSUN Kossel Bed Clamp Mount


I loved the design of AlbertP's Kossel Bed Clamp however my FLSUN Kossel uses 4mm bolts to attach items to the extrusion. Just made a quick modification to support the bigger bolts, it works wonderfully! Full credit to AlbertP for the original...

Mini Select glass bed clamp


Work in progress, adjustable glass bed clamps which will allow adjustment of bed level, and shouldnt block any buildspace. Non printed parts: Countersink Screw. ... Added a file with all 4 clamps, and a file with 4 clamps and a z axis adjustment...

Kossel 2 tier bed clamp


I remixed the bed clamp to be a 2-tiered clamp. With the upper tier being 5mm offset from the bottom tier. I created 2 versions of the clamp, one with a 4mm thick bottom tier and one with a 5mm thick bottom tier. This version works very well to keep...

Kossel Adjustable Bed Clamp Flexible


Like Netsquash in the source of this model, I had problems using the original adjustable bed clamp due to the very small tolerances allowed with the printer. I also had a problem with Netsquash's version with the well where the screw connects to...

Ormerod front bearing bed clamp


the cut outs are to allow clearance for the bed/web clamp nut and washer. Instructions Printed in PLA at 0.24mm. ...Best option is to print 2 and bolt through the wooden bed support web (not easy to get...

Elevated bed clamp


Clamp to attach stuff to elevated garden bed. ...Print at 50% density with cubic infill.

Heated Bed Clamp


These spring loaded clamps allow easy quick removal of the top glass plinth on a heated bed of an AnyCubic Kossel delta printer. ... The remaining 3 original clamps need to be chamfered to allow heat bed gripping only.

Bed Clamp Adventurer 3


2 Sets of Clamps to tighten your glass plate to the bed and do some fine-tuning on the leveling.

Heat-Bed Clamp 6mm


This clamp is designed for a combination aluminum heating bed and a glass plate with a total thickness of 6mm. I printed my clamp in PETG with 100% infill, you can also use another plastic with a glass transition temperature of 80°C or higher. For...

Glass Bed Clamp


100c is the glass temp of both PETG and ABS so as of this moment I do not recommend using these if printing with 100c bed temps. ** This is a clamp that holds a glass bed in place on the build plate. I designed it to work with the HEVO bed design,...

8 Best Alternatives to 3D Printer Bed Clips – Printing It 3D

3D printer bed clips tend to get in the way, and they will interfere with the area available on your print bed. However, what if I told you that you could secure anything to your print bed without using bed clips with a bit of creativity? 

The 8 best alternatives to 3D printer bed clips are: 

  1. Custom 3D printed clips
  2. Binder clips
  3. C-Clamps
  4. Painter’s tape
  5. Hairspray
  6. Double-sided thermal tape
  7. Silicone thermal pad
  8. Borderless picture frame clips

So, let’s look at these printer bed clip alternatives together. I’ll explain the pros and cons of each and help you find a bed clip solution that will work for you, your budget, and your 3D printer.  

1. Custom 3D Printed Clips

Are you feeling creative? Why not make a custom bed clip with your 3D printer? 

Printing your own clips gives you the ability to free up printer bed space and eliminate any nozzle-knocking obstructions. Plus, you’ll have the option to use the colors and filament of your choice, making for a totally unique clip. 

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the design and development phase, tons of custom clips are available from websites like Thingiverse. For example, I use these low-profile glass bed clips from Thingiverse user Dakanzla on my Prusa MK2, and they have served me well for several years. 

Still, there are plenty more out there, so run a quick search for your model printer, and I’m sure you’ll find that someone has already put the work in for you!

2. Binder Clips

The most common alternative to branded 3D printer bed clips is binder clips. These cheap, small metal office clips are helpful for any binding purpose.  

Still, some people complain that the nozzle hits the clips during print jobs. So I’ve found that it’s best to slide the metal “keys” out of the clip, leaving only the flat-ish metal piece if you want to minimize the possibility of obstructing the nozzle.

In addition, you won’t need to use them on all four corners. Placing two of them on the back corners usually does the trick, and it will also give you more print bed space.

In addition, binder clips can give your 3D printer a bit of a custom look since they come in thousands of colorful designs. 

3. C-Clamps

Clamps like these luluxing Stainless Steel C-Clamps (available on Amazon.com) are a cheap and durable alternative to traditional 3D printer clips, and you might even have a few lying around if you do any other sort of crafting. 

Unfortunately, these clamps aren’t low-profile, so you may have difficulty with the nozzle hitting them when you make larger prints. 

However, they hold down the bed tightly and are easy to adjust, so in my opinion, they’re a great alternative.  

In addition, since you can adjust the tightness, you might be able to get away with only using one or two, making for more print space on the bed. 

4. Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is a convenient go-to tool for most 3D printers, and aside from being an excellent print bed adhesive, it can help you secure your glass print bed. 

Painter’s tape makes for a suitable temporary solution, but it can come loose and wear down faster than the other clips and adhesives on this list. 

That said, the most significant pro of using painter’s tape is that you can print objects on top of it. So, you won’t have to sacrifice any space.

5. Hairspray

Hairspray will do the trick if you wish to attach a glass plate to your print bed. 

Hairspray will make one side (or both sides) of the glass sticky, allowing you to temporarily glue down the glass to the print bed and stick your print to the glass with one convenient, cheap product. 

Since it sticks so well, most 3D printers recommend Aquanet Extra Super Hold (available on Amazon. com). I haven’t used any other hairsprays for print beds, but I will say that this one does the trick. 

When you’re done, spritz your glass plate with a bit of isopropyl alcohol for an easy clean. 

6. Double-Sided Thermal Tape

Double-sided thermal tape offers a strong hold that will resist burning or melting. In addition, it goes on the back of your glass plate, which means that you won’t have to deal with any clips or obstructions on the top side. 

Tapes like this AVNTKER Thermal Adhesive Tape (available on Amazon.com) are fantastic for adhering glass to your print bed, and they usually last quite a while, too. 

Still, you’ll have to change it out every once in a while, mainly if you use your heated bed at higher temps frequently. However, you get a lot of tape in one roll, and it’s incredibly affordable. 

The only real con to using double-sided thermal tape is that it may leave a residue. Yet, all you have to do is wipe your bed and plate down with some isopropyl alcohol to remove it.

You can also use this tape for electrical purposes, so it’s never a bad idea to have some lying around. 

7. Silicone Thermal Pad

A silicone thermal pad is a grippy, conductive sheet that you can place between your glass plate and print bed. 

These pads won’t catch on fire or melt since they are silicone, but they get stickier when warm. So, as you print, the pad will grip more and more, making the bond super secure. 

If you often use a glass plate, these are the way to go. They’ll last many years, and they don’t reduce the space on your print bed or obstruct the nozzle. 

I always recommend this ZUPAYIPA Silicone Thermal Pad (available on Amazon). It is thin enough to keep the glass plate warm, but it grips perfectly. It’s also a decent size, so you can cut it down to make it fit your 3D printer model.

8. Borderless Picture Frame Clips

One tip I’ve picked up from other 3D printing enthusiasts and pros is to use the clips from borderless picture frames as bed clips. In fact, this super creative solution is probably the most affordable.

Clips like these Uxcell Picture Frame Clips (available on Amazon.com) are fantastic. They are almost the same clip style as the Creality printer bed clips, but they are easier to find and come at a fraction of the cost. 

Still, these clips aren’t any better than the brand-name printer bed clips, and they may still obstruct your nozzle. However, if you only want an alternative clip because you’re on a budget, then these are the way to go. 

Final Thoughts

There are tons of things you can use to secure a glass plate to your 3D printer’s bed, and they don’t have to be expensive or fancy. 

Materials like thermal tape, painter’s tape, hairspray, and silicone mats are ideal if you’re looking for a way to maximize your print bed space. On the other hand, custom 3D printed clips, binder clips, and picture frame clips are cheaper, easier-to-find alternatives to brand-name products.

We 3D print bag clips

Author: Alex. Posted in Piggy Bank . views: 5979

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Why not use the 3D printer for something useful around the house, like printing clips for open bags like corn flakes, condiments, coffee, rice, etc. You can of course use stationery paper clips or special clips bought from Ikea. But those who have a 3D printer are not looking for easy ways. In addition, it is more interesting to make a clamp with your own hands, and not to use some other people's finished products.

Clip Peg

So today we are going to be printing bag clips. In the economy, this is a very useful thing. I'm just trying to print out a few of the clips I found on thingiverse.com here and see how they work. The first thing I came across was a product called the Clip Peg. In fact, it turned out to be the best of all that I found.

This clip is relatively fast to print and works like a clothespin. Those. you squeeze it and it opens its "mouth". And then bite them into a package. Very simple and effective. Made from PLA, it's stiff enough to keep bags closed well.

Sprung Bag Clips

But the first thing I tried to print was a product called Sprung Bag Clips. It looks like this clamp looks good. Seems to keep the package well. But after printing this small size clip, it turned out that it simply could not stay “fastened”. He immediately loosens up. I immediately threw it away after I found it didn't work.

Bag Clip Rex

The next product was called the Bag Clip Rex. Cute dinosaur.

Here, too, I failed. After I printed this dinosaur and tried to somehow “stir it up”, or rather open its mouth, its lower jaw simply broke off. It may need to be printed on a printer that supports two printheads, and in which the supports need to be printed from HIPS plastic, which is dissolved in a solution of limonene. Then, of course, you can print such a dinosaur, and then remove the supports with a solution of limonene, and his jaw will work correctly, as the author intended.

Chip Bag Clip V7

The Chip Bag Clip V7 is available in three different sizes. I printed out the smallest clip so as not to waste plastic and time. And here, too, an unsuccessful product turned out: the teeth of the clamp stuck together with each other. Perhaps the distance between the teeth is sufficient on the largest clamp, but here, perhaps, the author simply scaled down and, accordingly, the distance between the teeth decreased.

In my photo you can see that the teeth turned out to be glued together. For some reason, they are incorrectly offset relative to each other.

Bag Clip - PLA compatible

The clothespin called Bag Clip - PLA compatible performed relatively well. It holds well, but such a clothespin will not fit a thick bag in the mouth - her jaws are very thick and inflexible.

Bag Clip

The clip with the simple name Bag Clip seemed too tricky to me.

it broke almost immediately.

Clip Bag

Clip Bag clip similar to Ikea. It is tight when unzipped and after printing it is necessary to remove the supports. But overall a good choice. The jaws of this clamp are also thick and inflexible, so it will not clamp a thick bag.

Chip Clip and bag closure with Solidworks 2014 Source

I really liked the clothespin with the long name Chip Clip and bag closure with Solidworks 2014 Source. Small, easy to compress and keeps the bag closed well enough.

Minions Keychain / Paper Clip / Bag Clip / Money Clip / Bookmark / Magnets

Here the author in the title has collected everything where you can use his products made in the form of minions. It can be key rings, and paper clips, bags or money, and bookmarks and magnets.

But for the purposes of this article, I'm only interested in how this product works as a Minions Bag Clip. I'm too lazy to color the finished minion, so I just printed it out like all the other blue PLA plastic clips and tried how well it holds the package closed. It turned out that such a clamp is very weak, it barely holds on to the package. If the package does not resist much, then you can use it.


As you can see, there are many options. This article describes only a few clips that I printed and tested, and there are many more on the thingiverse.com website. I, while writing this article, supplied my kitchen with a large variety of bag clips for several years to come. Most of all I printed Clip Peg clamps, the ones with which the article begins. I liked them the most. Which bag clips do you like best?

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