3D printed ps5 controller

YouTuber’s open-source 3D printed PS5 DualSense attachment allows accessible one-handed play


A YouTuber has created a 3D printed adapter for the PS5 DualSense controller that enables users to play games one-handed.

Controller tinkerer Akaki Kuumeri submitted the design as part of The Controller Project which, with support from Prusa Printers, is building a library of 3D printed parts that can attach non-destructively to game controllers in order to allow for non-standard hand positions and make playing video games more accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Kuumeri’s design snaps onto Sony’s official DualSense controller to allow the user to access all the main functions just by using the right-hand side of the controller. The open-source design can be downloaded and 3D printed by anyone who would like to build their own adapter, and has already been received well by users on the disabledgamers subreddit.

Improving video game accessibility with 3D printing

While Kuumeri’s DualSense controller adaptor is certainly a new novel approach that has the potential to open up gaming to many more players, 3D printing has been leveraged before to create custom gaming aids to improve accessibility.

Back in 2013, Hack-a-Day veteran Caleb Kraft designed and 3D printed a custom gaming aid that emulated keyboard presses and mouse clicks and made these functions available via individual switches on a repositionable lap-board. The gaming aid was designed for a gamer with muscular dystrophy, and 3D printer manufacturer Lulzbot donated a 3D printer to the project. 

Kraft expanded the project to form The Controller Project, through which he has continued to develop Xbox modifications for disabled gamers such as unique custom Xbox thumbsticks and 3D printed foot controllers.

Almost a decade later and, in turn, The Controller Project has now provided a platform to showcase Kuumeri’s 3D printed controller adaptor through its latest competition. Last year, Kuumeri designed and 3D printed a novel joystick attachment for his Xbox Series X/S controller, turning it into a fully functional flight stick.

Kuumeri’s 3D printed PS5 DualSense controller analog stick adaptor. Photo via Akaki Kuumeri/Prusa Printers.

The DualSense adaptor

While the accessibility of video game playing is receiving more attention through developments like Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, Sony is yet to release an official accessible counterpart to its PS5 DualSense controller. Some users reportedly find it difficult to use the DualSense due to its bulky size and weight, and those who cannot use both hands at once are often unable to take full advantage of the controller’s functions.

Kuumeri’s 3D printed adaptor works by allowing a user to control the DualSense’s analog stick on any surface, including a player’s thigh, which should offer support to the hand used and prevent it from growing tired. The attachment snaps onto the controller’s left analog stick and enables players to maneuver the analog stick by balancing the controller on the surface and moving the entire controller.

The shoulder buttons are migrated over to the other side, where players can use their index finger to push all four. The buttons are placed so that pushing L2 and R2 simultaneously is possible, which is required for many games.

A second 3D printed adaptor can also be added to the controller to allow users to control the arrow buttons, giving full access to almost all of the controller’s keys. Save for the share button, the two adaptors enable players to use the entire DualSense controller with one hand.

Due to the DualSense’s symmetry, the adaptors can be reversed to fit onto the other side of the controller by mirroring the components’ design files before printing.

Aside from improving the accessibility of video game playing to those with physical disabilities, Kuumeri’s adaptor could also enable users to play co-op-only games solo by using attachments on two controllers, or enjoy a mid-game snack without hitting pause.  

Kuumeri 3D printed each piece of the adaptors without support in PLA, except for the controller’s stand which was printed in a flexible TPU to provide better grip. 

The files for Kuumeri’s PS5 DualSense adaptor can be downloaded for free here.

Both 3D printed adaptors combined on a PS5 DualSense controller. Photo via Akaki Kuumeri/Prusa Printers.

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Featured image shows both 3D printed adaptors combined on a PS5 DualSense controller. Photo via Akaki Kuumeri/Prusa Printers.

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Top 10 Best 3D Printed Accessories for PlayStation 5

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The PlayStation 5 is the hottest gaming console today. With its lightning-fast SSD, a redesigned controller, and an impressive lineup of games, the demand for the PS5 remains very high almost two years after its launch.

Every gamer knows that the cost of gaming does not stop at the console and the games. It’s great to spruce up your gaming setup with accessories. This is a rabbit hole that can get expensive very quickly. If you have a 3D printer, then you can try your hand at printing bespoke accessories for your PS5. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Controller stand

This is likely the most common PS5 accessory that you will see on 3D printing sites. Stands or mounts for the DualSense controller can range from basic stands with no visual embellishments to zombie hands and Dobby the House-Elf. There are also options for mounting your DualSense controller to the wall, under the table, or on the body of the PS5.

With so many controller stand options, it would actually be tough to come up with an original idea in this department. If you are envisioning a specific controller stand, there’s a good chance that there is already a model of it out there.

2. Game case holder

The plastic case of physical PS5 games is actually the same as that of the PS4 and even older DVDs, so you might not need to get a new case holder. However, you can print one that has a nice PS5 caption. There are also options for wall mounting of your games.

The best thing about 3D printing your own game case holder is that you can just make more when you buy new games. It would also be easy enough to design a bracket that will allow multiple case holders to be stacked on top of each other.

3. Thumbstick caps

The thumb sticks of the DualSense controller seem to have good quality, but this does not mean that they will not wear down eventually. This set of thumb stick caps provides some protection to your controller’s thumb sticks, hopefully extending their useful life.

Thumbstick caps aren’t just for protection, though. For extremely competitive games, having the right thumb stick cap can have benefits in performance. It can improve your aim, make the sticks more responsive, or make it easier to hold the thumbstick in a single direction for a long time. The best thing about thumb stick caps is that they are so small that you can print multiple caps in just a single run.

4. Headphone mount

Just as with controller stands, there is seemingly an endless well of models for headphone mounts. You can get standalone wall mounts, mounts that clip to the side of the PS5, or integrated wall mounts for both headphones and controllers.

You can also get this fancy headphone mount with the PS5 branding and the classic PlayStation icons. Controller stands are so easy and fun to design that it’s no surprise that the community has come up with so many choices. This is another case where you can likely find an existing model for every design idea you might have.

5. PlayStation trophy

Are you a PlayStation trophy collector? Normally, this only refers to digital trophies as rewards for doing in-game achievements. How about turning those digital trophies into actual ones? With this model, you can just 3D print a trophy collection to show off.

While you probably should not 3D print the actual number of in-game trophies you have earned, these make really good additions to your gaming setup. These are best printed with shiny PLA, sanded, and polished. Achievements are always something you can be proud of, even if they are in video games.

6. PS4 camera wall mount

The camera of the PlayStation 4 is still compatible with the PlayStation 5 and is still a requirement if you play VR games. To use the camera optimally, it should be able to see the sensors in the PSVR headset. The best way to do this is to wall mount the camera.

This simple wall mount places the camera in the best position for VR gaming while also decluttering your gaming setup. This is a very simple design with a small cavity where the PS4 camera stand slips right in.

7. PS5 stealth mount

The PS5 is a huge piece of hardware. It is so big that finding a position for it in a cluttered home entertainment setup can be difficult. This stealth mount attempts to solve this problem by placing the PS5 on the underside of a desk.

Some people may feel that this mount does not show off the PS5 in all its glory. This isn’t true at all. The PS5 is still visible, due in part to its size. The stealth mount is actually a very elegant solution to the problem of lack of space. It also perfectly positions the PS5 in a manner that still allows for optimal cooling.

8. DIY controller charging dock

A charging dock for controllers is considered a must-have accessory if you own multiple controllers and cycle through them regularly. There are dozens of third-party controller charging docks out there, but where’s the fun in just getting those when you can 3D print your own?

This custom controller stand has space for two controllers and holes for two USB-C cables. It’s stable and functional, but not necessarily visually appealing. You can, of course, print it with fancy colors to match the bright colors of the newer DualSense controllers.

9. Mini wheel controller mod

This is probably one of the most complex accessories you can 3D print for your gaming gear. This mini-wheel clips onto a DualSense controller, making it a more intuitive controller for racing and driving games. The design considerations that went into this model are quite impressive, making this an extremely fun project.

Take note that the plastic brackets that clip onto the controller may leave scratches on the controller’s surface. You can remedy this by coating the inside surface of the plastic clamps with some soft cloth.

10. Flight stick controller mod

We’re not quite done with the controller mods yet. This time, we’re turning the DualSense controller into a flight stick. Flight sims are not as popular as they used to be, but there is still a healthy library of flight sim games for the PS5. This flight stick accessory will make playing flight sims a lot more fun.

Take note that the free version of the model only modifies the left side of the controller to allow for stick motion. There is a paid version of this model that modifies both sides of the controller for both motion and camera control. It also has working triggers and rocker switches. This is easily the most impressive DualSense controller mod of this bunch.

Final thoughts

If you own both a PlayStation 5 and a 3D printer, it’s safe to say that you like keeping up with the latest technologies. It would also be a waste not to use your 3D printer to make a couple of fun and unique accessories for your shiny new gaming console. Sprucing up your gaming setup is almost as entertaining as playing the actual video games, but 3D printing these accessories rather than buying them gives you a lot more options.

Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.

Best Ps5・Cults

3D Printer Models

Clawstrider Horizon Forbidden West

59.78 €


1.48 €


3 €

Ratchet & Clank logo Wall\Shelf Decor

2,55 €

Precursor sphere

3. 82 €

support controller ps5

4 €

staffa muro ps5

3 €


1,25 €

Clip for PS5 controller


ps5 logo

2 €

Spiderman Ps4 3d head

1.53 €

PS5 headset holder

1.50 €


10€ -fifty% 5 €

Champion Headpiece - Skyline Forbidden West

5.76 €

Fang of the bloodhound - Elden's ring

5.76 €

Funko Pop Holder PS5 Aloy Horizon Forbidden West Control Controller / Controller

4.07 €


5,52 €

Steering wheel adapter for Thrustmaster T150/T150RS/TMX/TMX PRO

5 €

Spiderman's back symbol (Tobby)

0. 99 €

[REMIX] Browns PlayStation Xbox Switch Controller Stand for 3 controllers


Playstation - PS5 logo

3 €

Stand Recumbent PS5

1.49 €

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (TASM2) Spider Logo

0.99 €

stand for mickey ps4

1 €

The Amazing Spiderman 1 (TASM1) Spider Logo

0.99 €

Talana Helmet - Horizon Zero Dawn

11 €

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Spider 9 game logo0003

0.99 €

Ninja Turtle Joystick Holder!

4 €

God of War - Ragnarok (Kratos)

1.63 €

Playstation 4/5 game stand

2.04 €

Spiderman 3D logo PS5

2. 95 €

Mikecrack Joystick Stand


Stand/holder for Dualsense 9 controller0003

2.04 €

PS5 Headset Dock // Headphone Holder

1.68 €

Charger for Astro Bot PS5 controller

3.05 €

Double controller station


Joystick holder Madara

4,20 €


4,53 €


5 €

game clip for ps5 control

0.99 €

Banuk Ice Hunter Headpiece - Horizon Zero Dawn

9 €

PS4 PS5 Controller Holder Itachi Uchiha

10 €

PS4 PS5 God Of War Ragnarok PS4 controller holder

12 €

Stray Logo



3. 05 €


8,96 €

Cookie cutter Ps5 Dualsense Controller

1 €

Joystick holder 2022 Low Poly

0,50 €

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