Silver 3d printer

Online Silver 3D Printing Service

Design Specifications

Minimum Wall Thickness

0.6 mm

Minimum Details

0.35 mm


±5% (with a lower limit of ±0.35 mm)

Maximum Size

88 x 88 x 125 mm


0.3 mm

Enclosed Parts?


Interlocking Parts?


Pricing Info

The pricing for Silver is based on model volume, which is the volume of your model used to calculate the material cost (mm³).

Additionally, a startup cost is applied to the price of your model. This is a fixed cost independent from the parameters of your model. If you order two or more copies of a model, the price automatically decreases because the preparation of multiple copies can be carried out more efficiently.


The hallmarking of silver is a way of guaranteeing that you’re getting the correct level of purity in your precious metals. We don’t use an assay office; instead, we have permission from the Royal Mint of Belgium to mark cast models with a master (also called a maker) and purity stamp. The purity mark will indicate the purity of the precious metal. Sterling silver (92.5% purity) will have an oval purity stamp with the text “AG 925”.

The master or maker stamp has been registered and approved by the Royal Mint of Belgium. It displays the symbol of a lightbulb with the letters “i.m” inside the outline of a barrel.

Hallmarking is performed to the highest extent possible, either with a laser or by stamping the metal. However, if there is a risk of damaging the final product, the marks may be missing. In every case, you will always receive an invoice as proof of authenticity. Pursuant to the Belgian Law of 11 August 1987 on the warranty of works on precious metals and the Belgian Royal Decree of 18 January 1990 on the warranty of works on precious metals, i. materialise guarantees that the object of the Invoice fulfills the standards of purity for silver at 92.5% purity.

For customers outside the EU, hallmarking is not provided.

i.materialise complies with Belgian legislation and the free movement of goods in Europe.

Typical Use

Silver is mainly used for jewelry such as rings, cufflinks, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

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Wax 3D printing and lost-wax casting are used to build your design when using this material. The wax printing process is a type of Stereolithography that uses a wax-like resin. Support structures are printed along with the model to make sure your model doesn’t fall apart. These support structures are automatically generated and manually removed after the printing process. After support structures are removed and your model is cleaned, the model can be prepared for casting.

First, one or more wax sprues will be attached to your model. Next, the sprue and model will be attached to a wax ‘tree’, together with a bunch of other models. The tree is then placed in a flask and covered in fine plaster. When the plaster solidifies, it forms the mold for silver casting. The plaster mold is then put in an oven and heated for several hours to a point where the wax is completely burned out.

Then, the molten silver is poured in to fill the cavities left by the wax. Once the silver has cooled and solidified, the plaster mold is broken and the silver models are removed by hand. Finally, your model is filed and sanded to get rid of the sprues. It will be sanded, polished or sandblasted to achieve the finish you desire.

Additional Information

  • Because pure silver would be too soft for durable jewelry, an alloy is added to harden the material for longer wear
  • Due to the nature of the process (lost-wax casting and printing) used in the production of silver, interlocking or enclosed parts are not possible
  • Sterling silver is a standard alloy used for jewelry purposes and is safe to wear on your skin
  • The quality of a silver model is comparable to the kind of jewelry you can find in jewelry stores
  • Silver consists of 93% silver, 4% copper, and 3% zinc

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iSANMATE silver silk pla 3d printer filament

iSANMATE PLA 3D printer silk filament has the characteristics of smooth surface, high gloss and easy printing. Various colors are available, and customized services are supported at the same time.
Product name Silk thread Color silver
Wire diameter 1.75mm Tolerance +/-0.02mm
Net weight 1kg Gross weight 1. 35kg
Length About 340 m Certificates ROHS, CE, ISO
Print speed 190-220deg Hot bed Temp. 50°C
Print speed 40-80mm/s OEM&ODM Good
Color setting Available Packaging Vacuum packed

Features Smooth and shiny finish just like real silk.

2. The orderly winding
all our 3D thread PLA was neatly located without tying nodes during printing.

3. High accuracy
Keep a stable tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm, without clogging and provide an excellent 3D printing effect.

4. Strong strength
360° back swivel without break.

5. Multicolor optionally
Available individual color threads of the 3D printer.

6. Eco-friendly
The material of our 3D filament was imported from Thailand and USA, 100% pure material.

7. It is easy to print
our thread on a 3D printer operates for 99% of 3D printer and 3D-handle.

8.3D Display model
Low shrinkage and good physical shape. Mixed with silk and metallic texture, the 3D printed model looks
much more shiny than the base ones.

9.Vacuum packed
Neutral packing shipping available, customized brand logo.

We are currently certified by CE and ROHS

About customization
Our company pla filament printer receives customized services, there are various spools, outer packaging and even label contents can be customized. If you need customization, please let our business staff know the details in advance.

As for outer packaging, we have two kinds of boxes: cartons and colorful boxes, if you have any customized packaging requirements, you can send your box design documents to us.

Success Case iSANMATE:

We have our own production workshop. Since its inception, it has cooperated with many domestic and foreign brands of consumables. The company has a strong research and development and production force.

iSANMATE Severi:
1. Pre-sale: There will be someone to tell you the details of the order in detail, such as: purchase quantity, whether to customize, inquire the shipping cost of the order, etc.
2. In sales: a special person is responsible for clarifying the dynamics of logistics and timely communication with you
3. After-sales service: If you have any questions after receiving the goods, we will have a special person to track them.

Product name Silk thread Color silver
Wire diameter 1.75mm Tolerance +/-0.02mm
Net weight 1kg Gross weight 1. 35kg
Length About 340 m Certificates ROHS, CE, ISO
Print speed 190-220deg Hot bed Temp. 50°C
Print speed 40-80mm/s OEM&ODM Good
Color setting Available Packaging Vacuum packed

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Esun 3D Fiber Printer Silver 1.75mm ABS 1KG Roll

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