Note 10 lite 3d scanner

3D Scanning on your Note10+

Have you ever wished one of your inanimate objects, like a stuffed animal, could come to life? With the 3D Scanner app on your Note10+, it's almost possible! This app lets you scan an object and create a 3D model of it. You can even interact with the model once the scan is complete.

Note: The 3D Scanner app is not available on the regular Note10.

Ready to make that physical object into a cool, digital one? It's easy with 3D Scanner and your phone.

The 3D Scanner app doesn’t come pre-installed, so you'll need to be download it first. On your Note10+, navigate to and open the Galaxy Store app. Search for and select 3D Scanner. Tap Install, and once it downloads, open the app.

Allow the different permissions, and then read the tutorial to learn how to scan something. Line up the subject with the circle and wait for it to turn green. When you’re ready, tap the Record icon. Circle around the subject, making sure it stays within the selected area. And make sure not to go too fast.

When you’ve completely circled around the subject, tap the Record icon again to end it. Now you can view your 3D model; use your finger to rotate it and get a good look at it. Then, tap Save if you are satisfied. A gif of your 3D model will be saved in Gallery!

From there, you can use the other options to have fun with your model. For example, tap the Camera icon to take a picture with your model!


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Galaxy Note 10+ 3D scanner app now available on the Galaxy Store

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By Abhijeet Mishra

Last updated: August 23rd, 2019 at 16:41 UTC+02:00

Samsung has published a new app called 3D Scanner on the Galaxy Store. The 3D Scanner app takes advantage of the ToF (time-of-flight) camera on the back of the Galaxy Note 10+ (and Note 10+ 5G) to scan and create 3D models of real-world objects. The Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A80 also have a ToF sensor and should technically support the app, but Galaxy Note 10 owners won’t be able to use it as the smaller Note 10 doesn’t have a ToF camera at the back.

Creating 3D models of real-world objects requires one to scan the object from all directions. Those models can then be transported as a GIF file for sharing with others and can also be added to pictures and videos captured with the camera. Samsung recommends objects sized between 20-80 cubic centimetres, and we also found that you need to make sure there’s nothing else around the object that you’re trying to scan when we tested it out, or you simply end up with a scan of the object and its surroundings.

We’ll test 3D Scanner on the Galaxy Note 10+ more thoroughly later on and will tell you all about it in our review of the device. For now, if you have the Galaxy Note 10+ (or a Galaxy A80 or Galaxy S10 5G), you can grab the app from the Galaxy Store by clicking this link on your phone. After it has been installed, you will find a shortcut to the app in the app drawer. You can also access 3D Scanner from Bixby Vision –  just open the camera app, tap Bixby Vision, then switch to the apps panel.

If the app isn’t available for you via the Galaxy Store, you can download the APK file on your phone and install the app manually by navigating to the downloaded file in the My Files or other file manager app. Download the APK file here, and let us know your experience with 3D Scanner once you’ve been able to use it on the Galaxy Note 10+ (or Note 10+ 5G). Also let us know if it works for you on the Galaxy A80 or Galaxy S10 5G.

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Top Ten 3D Scanners from $100 to $100,000 / Sudo Null IT News There are several ways for you: you can of course create your 3D model from scratch in a 3D modeling program or find a suitable one on the Internet, but you can also scan an existing object! The purpose of this review is to help you understand the variety of 3D scanners available and offer the best in every price segment from a photogrammetric smartphone app to professional 3D scanners.

Scanners are listed in ascending price order so you can choose the one that suits your budget and use the resulting 3D models for both 3D printing and animation.

If you are not satisfied with the proposed solutions, there is an extended overview at this link.

3D scanner in hand:

1. Best smartphone app: Autodesk 123D Catch (free)

Autodesk 123D Catch is a free photogrammetric application. It allows you to create a 3D model from photographs of an object taken from different angles. You can use it to scan objects, people, and even the landscape. For some applications, if you don't need perfect accuracy, you don't need special equipment. This application actually provides quite good detail and is easy to use. However, it will take you at least 30 minutes for the app to process your photos as the processing takes place on the server and it takes time to send them.

2. Best DIY 3D Scanner: Kinect ($99.99)

The Xbox Kinect is designed to expand your gaming experience. It is not designed for 3D scanning, but you can easily find manuals and third party software (like ReconstructMe) to turn it into a 3D scanner. If your arms are growing out of your shoulders, this is an interesting and inexpensive solution for 3D scanning.

Price: $99.99
Resolution: 0.051mm


This scanner can be attached to your tablet or phone (generally designed for iPad, but can be adapted to other devices). Lightweight and easy to use, with a very good resolution. Suitable for large items (can scan a full-length person) and outdoor scanning. You will be able to use it with software running on Occipital's SDK. This will increase the resolution and give you access to special features like room scanning. It probably won't be something you'll use for 3D printing, but it's interesting for game development, for example.

Price: $ 379
Resolution up to: 0.5 mm
accuracy to: 4 mm

4. The best of cheap manual 3D scanners: Cubife ($ 399)

3D 3D-scanners can be quite affordable and easy to use if you choose from inexpensive portable models. Cubify fits these criteria very well and has a relatively good resolution. But still, its capabilities are not enough for texture scanning and it is better to use it for subsequent 3D printing of one-color models.

Price: $ 399
Resolution: 0.9 mm
Resolution at a distance of 0.5 m: 1 mm

3D scanner on the table:

5. Best and cheapest table 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D- Scanner: Matter and Form ($519)

If you're looking to take your quality to the next level, you can purchase a desktop 3D scanner. This model is compact, easy to use, and delivers good resolution, especially considering the price (not your go-to option if you're looking for perfection, but great for educational and demo purposes). The scanning process takes place with the help of a laser and a rotating platform. The scan takes about five minutes and simultaneously reads the texture of the object.

Price: $ 519
Resolution: 0. 43 mm
accuracy: ± 0.25 mm

6. The best device "two in one": XYZPRINTING DA VINCI 1.0 ($ 600)

is inexpensive combines a 3D scanner and a 3D printer. The quality of the models is not too high, but the price is very low for such a combined device. This makes the XYZprinting Da Vinci the easiest solution for beginners who want to get into the world of 3D scanning-printing.

Professional 3D scanners:

7. Best value for money portable 3D scanner: Fuel3D Scanify ($1490)
Very easy to use, intuitive, and feels good in the hand, this scanner delivers good accuracy and texture quality. The only limitation is that the size of the scanned area is limited, which is great for small objects, but for scanning a full-length person, for example, it will not work.

Price: $ 1490
Resolution: 0.35 mm
accuracy: to 0. 3 mm

8. Best price The scanner uses a different scanning technology than others. Instead of a dual laser scanning system, it uses a structured light source and cameras for fast scanning with very fine detail down to 0.06mm! The scanner comes with DAVID Pro Edition 3 software that works with OBJ, STL and PLY 3D file formats that can be exported to other programs for further editing.

Price: $ 3995
Resolution: 0.06 mm
accuracy: 0.5% of the size of the object

9. The best table professional 3D-scanner: SolutionIX REXAN 4 ($ 79 900)

The 3D scanner and its price provides much better scanning quality. Solutionix Rexcan is equipped with two cameras for greater accuracy. It uses optical phase shift triangulation technology and two high-resolution CCD cameras to provide high-precision data. The scanner can be used to scan larger objects by increasing productivity with a photogrammetric system. As an option, it can be equipped with an automatically rotating platform capable of supporting up to 50 kg of weight.

Price: $ 79 900
accuracy: from 0.03 to 0.71 mm

10. Best professional manual 3D scanner: Metrascan 750 ($ 50,000 - $ 100,000)

Creaform Metrascan 750 is a complete professional, production solution for accurate 3D scanning. It is light, accurate, fast, and scans objects of any surface quality, with any texture with excellent accuracy.

Price: $79900
Resolution: 0.050 mm
Accuracy: Up to 0.03 mm

We hope this was a useful read and you found a 3D scanning solution suitable for your needs and your budget! If you want to learn more about photogrammetry, you can read this article.

Good luck with your 3D scanning!

Top 10 3D Scanner Software Review: The Most Popular 3D Scanning Software

Home / Blog / Useful / 3D Scanning Software

Specialized software not only analyzes the information received and creates a virtual copy based on it, but also helps to eliminate possible errors and errors made during the scanning process and much more.

Today we will talk about the most popular programs for 3D scanners that allow you to solve almost any user task.

Photomodeler Scanner

Very simple and functional software that can create 3D models of varying degrees of complexity. Almost everyone can understand it and learn how to use it to recreate virtual copies of anything, even a person.

You can set the characteristics of a future object in Photomodeler Scanner using 3 methods:

  1. by setting the parameters manually;

  2. automatically, from already laid beacons;

  3. from a point cloud from overlapping images.

In the latter version, the user will also need to indicate the position of the camera during the shooting process and mark control points on the images, linking them together.

Creating a 3D model with Photomodeler Scanner

With Photomodeler Scanner, you can create all kinds of diagrams, graphs, different planes, expand a 3D line, and much more.

This application is very affordable and at the same time allows you to get professional results with a minimum of effort.


One of the most frequently used and convenient programs. It is distinguished by its quality and versatility, as it is suitable for many models of 3D printers.

It analyzes the data received using a 3D scanner and creates an accurate three-dimensional model. If you need to make any changes, then it will be quite easy to do this, since the program is very simple and straightforward to use.

Example of work in Rapid Form

RapidForm has several types of programs:

  • XOS - designed to regulate and control 3D scanning, as well as processing the resulting images.

  • XOR - widely used in design, as it has a huge number of tools for 3D modeling. With its help, you can create high-precision three-dimensional models (on a cloud of points) of almost anything.

  • XOV - allows you to control the quality of the resulting three-dimensional image, which makes it possible to maximize its detail.

RangeVision ScanCenter

Software that provides the user with a huge selection of functions and tools for creating a high-precision digital three-dimensional copy of an object of any complexity. For data analysis, unique algorithms are used that make it possible to convey as clearly as possible not only the geometry of the scanned object, but also its color (up to shades, including white) and texture. At the same time, anyone can understand the RangeVision ScanCenter, as it is intuitive and easy to use.

Screenshot of the process of creating a 3D model in Range Vision

It can work in various scanning modes: free, with markers and on a turntable. The resulting file can be exported to all popular formats.

All actions of the program are automated as much as possible (calibration, adjustment, analysis of the quality of scans), which greatly simplifies the task and at the same time gives the best result at the output.

Geomagic Control X/Design X/Wrap

Professional programs for 3D scanning Geomagic are presented in 3 versions: Wrap, Control X, Design X. They use the latest topological shape recognition technologies. They can not only project a three-dimensional image of an object, but also analyze the degree of its possible wear and deviations. Often used in reverse engineering.

Geomagic Design X 3D reverse design software. Provides the ability to combine CAD processing and 3D scan data based on a design, resulting in detailed CAD models. This can be done both automatically and manually by setting parameters and editing the processing of point clouds and polygonal meshes.

Geomagic Control X - software for quality control and geometry of 3D models. Provides users with a wide range of tools to enhance their scanning experience with reporting and data analysis capabilities.

Wrap : Used for processing point clouds and meshes, used in modeling and design. It works quickly and accurately, making it possible to optimize the resulting model without losing the original properties of the object, such as texture and texture. After processing the scan data with Wrap, the created 3D project can be printed. Suitable for both small and large items.

How to create a 3D model in Geomagic Wrap

The Geomagic software package, like other analogues, allows you to control the quality of scans and export 3D models created on their basis to various formats.

FARO Scene

Faro is a world famous manufacturer of 3D scanners, which also produces one of the most advanced software for them. One such program is Faro Scene. It is suitable for working both with "native" devices of the same brand, and for many others.

Faro Scene is widely used to create 3D models of various buildings

It is very effective in processing scans: it can combine them, carry out all kinds of measurements, visualize data, etc. In addition, thanks to the advanced functions of the program, it is possible to transfer color from a photo to a finished model by overlaying and further balancing it.

3DF Zephyr

Perhaps the most popular program among users, due to its convenience and simplicity. The interface is so clear that it is not difficult to understand it.

3D-Zephyr will not cause problems even for beginners

Suitable for both amateurs and professionals. The latter will especially like a large selection of tools and settings, including the ability to transfer the resulting three-dimensional model to CAD software.


Indispensable in cases where you need to quickly and easily create a 3D copy of an object. Colmap makes it possible to use a 3D mesh both from one camera and from several. This approach is very convenient where you need to scan a large number of items in a short time.

Colmap example

The “minus” is that editing 3D models will not work without additional software. However, the quality of such 3D images is quite acceptable.


The capabilities of the program allow you to analyze the accuracy of the resulting three-dimensional copy, as well as its quality.

3D object created in PolyWorks

PolyWorks is widely used in areas where maximum detail of a 3D object and its accurate reproduction are required: medicine, automotive, construction, design, etc.


Software created specifically for reverse engineering products, as well as finalizing 3D scan data. It has the function of editing a polygonal model, its alignment, extraction of primitives, construction of surfaces and export of objects.

Vxmodel can create 3D models of various parts

It can process information from any 3D scanners and translate it into CAD and prepare it for 3D printing, so it is very convenient to use. Manufactured by Creaform.

Artec Studio

Quality software with a wide range of tools. At the same time, you can use it even if you do not have the skills to work with such programs. Especially for such users, the "Autopilot" mode was developed, which simplifies the process of processing 3D scanning data as much as possible, independently selecting algorithms based on the user's answers.

3D model created with Artec Studio

Allows you to control the quality of the 3D model not only at the processing stage (compatible with Geomagic Control X), but also in the process, giving a color signal about how close / far the operator is from the object when scanning.

The program itself is able to select the degree of sensitivity of the scanner, as it can analyze the type and complexity of the surface. This makes it possible to digitize even dark and shiny objects.

Well determines the colors and configuration of the scanned object, making it unnecessary to apply markers. Suitable for formatting scans for CAD.

Artec Studio easily handles large amounts of data, making it ideal for 3D scanning of various buildings and structures, etc. All operations are performed very quickly and efficiently.


All the programs for 3D scanning discussed above have good tools and a sufficient amount of options to perform tasks of any degree of complexity. They are suitable for both professionals and ordinary users who do not have experience with such software, since they have a high degree of automation and have a fairly understandable interface.

Each major manufacturer of 3D scanners releases its own software for them, which is constantly updated and improved. However, many of these programs can easily be used on third-party devices without loss of quality. You can use any of the listed 3D modeling software.

If you need equipment for 3D printing, but it is difficult to make a choice on your own, contact Tsvetnoy Mir.

Learn more