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• Neuer Spaß mit Ihren Kühlschrankaufklebern, indem Sie die fortschrittliche 3D-Drucktechnologie verwenden, um Ihren Lieblingstextinhalt oder -namen auszudrucken und auf den Kühlschrank zu kleben, um Ihre Familie oder Freunde an warme und süße Tipps zu erinnern; kleben Sie es auf Ihre Schranktür oder Ihre Zimmertür im Falle einer Verletzung der Privatsphäre; kleben Sie es auf das Regal oder den Haustierkäfig, um die Funktion zu haben, Dinge zu unterscheiden.

• Verspielt und bezaubernd, die Leute können den Kleinen leicht an seiner hellen Farbe erkennen. Mit Mehrfachauswahl, idealer Größe und niedlichem Schriftartendesign möchten Sie nicht eine haben?



Stil: 3D Druck Textzeichen

Höhe: 2,5 cm (1 Zoll)

Dicke: 1 CM (0,4 ZOLL)

Material: PLA

Bearbeitungszeit: 5-7 Tage


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Top 10 fridge magnets printed on a 3d printer

Top 10 fridge magnets printed on a 3d printer

If you want to diversify your refrigerator with new interesting magnets, you don’t have to go to other countries to get them, just use a 3d printer. Your guests will be delighted with the originality of your fridge

1. Zipper magnet

A very unusual magnet, made as if the zipper is half open and a finger sticks out of it, this model has added a tongue and now it looks more dynamic. I would like to fasten it, but it is impossible.


2. Mjolnir

In anticipation of the Avengers movie premiere this year, this magnet with Mjolnir's hammer was made.
Loved by marvel fans and great for sticking notes.
Diameter 6 mm / Height 3 mm.


3. Shuriken

Hooray! Ninja in the kitchen! This is a 3d printed Shuriken fridge magnet. Show all your ninja skills! :-D
The model will require a 12 x 7 x 2 mm neodymium magnet, but it is also possible to modify the SCAD file to fit your magnet size.


4. Octopus

This is a continuation of the popular fat-legged octopus movement. The model has a place for a magnet so that the octopus is completely adjacent to the surface.


5. Octo Magnetz

Octo Magnetz is another 3d model of an octopus, in it all the legs are movable and have mini magnets at the ends, now there is always something to pin a photo to the refrigerator
Printing such a figure is very simple, but at the same time it will give a funny, practical and highly functional solution for everyday use at home, office or workshop. Such little things are great as a present and can be made in any color.


6. Batman v Superman Key Holder

Key Holder comes with 4 key hooks. There are two files, one of which has no holes in the back, and the other has 3 holes for installing neodymium magnets 10 mm x 3 mm for attaching to a metal surface. Three magnets are enough, but I recommend balancing the weight of your keys.


7. Batman Batarang Key Holder

Batman Batarangs Dashboard Magnetic Key Holder!
The design of this model is compatible with easy-to-buy magnets. I highly recommend using them to secure the key holder. They are cheap and not brittle, three magnets should do the job if you have heavy or metal key chains, two for lighter keys and chains.


8 Tiny 3D Pacman Fridge Magnets

WAKA - WAKA - WAKA Here comes Pacman and Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde from the famous computer game in your kitchen!
A super ghost, in case Pac-Man finds a super pill in the fridge. ..
Each model consists of at least two parts and a Ø6x3 mm magnet. Print out the pieces, stick them together, use glue if needed. If the fit is too tight, try scaling the models in the slicer.


9. Gecko DeskPal

A remix of a great little Gecko ModernGnome to be used as a mini magnet. Kids love to open the fridge often, love the bright and unusual decorations on the door and 3D printing, and if you combine this together, they will simply be delighted! Your kids can help measure the dimensions of the magnet using a digital caliper - not bad engineer game!!


10. Magnet Bottle Holder

But a 3d printer will help not only decorate the facade, but also save space inside. Read the full guide at: https://learn.adafruit.com/magnet-bottle-holder/
This 3D printed bottle holder is suitable for fairly strong magnets as it must hold a significant amount of weight.
I managed to find such and their power is preserved even when you accidentally slam the refrigerator door.
The strip has three places, each for a set of four magnets.


3D printed magnets of a given shape This limits their shape. Engineers and designers have to choose between available shapes of magnets when developing products.

On the other hand, polymer magnets (polymagnets) have recently appeared. They use a mixture of NdFeB magnetic powder (granule diameter of about 45 microns) and plastic or rubber, and are made by injection molding. These magnets have almost arbitrary shape. In fact, you can pre-program the shape of the magnetic field - and make a permanent magnet of the required shape specifically for your design. This technology is already used in industry, and magnets are used, among other things, for various tricks.

Polymer magnets have a disadvantage. For technological and economic reasons, they are made from an isotropic powder, so the strength - the value of (BH) max - of such magnets is two or more times inferior to the strength of conventional magnets. It would be possible to use a magnetic powder with better properties, but in this case, the economic sense of producing such magnets is lost, because their cost increases greatly, and the increased (BH) max , that is, a strong magnet, not everyone needs it. However, this is not about that.

Until now, there has been no technology for the piece production of polymer magnets with a complex structure. Thanks to engineers from the Technical University of Vienna, the first work in this area appeared. For the manufacture of magnets, engineers used 3D printing (and for quality comparison, they also used conventional injection molding).

Technical University of Vienna engineers next to a printer, a magnetic field computer, a 3D printer and a filament for printing a polymer magnet

3D Printing and Injection Molding Materials are made by processing commercial grade Neofer 25/60p blend. In this powder, NdFeB particles are mixed into polyamide 11, which is clearly visible in the photograph from the microscope.

Neofer 25/60p powder in SEM

Polyamide 11 is a highly elastic engineering plastic, just what you need. In the powder, NdFeB granules are mixed randomly, which leads to isotropic properties of the magnet.

Material properties are shown in the table: starting powder, 3D printing mix and casting mix.

Scanning electron microscope study showed that the NdFeB particles in Neofer 25/60p powder granules are spherical in shape with a size of approximately 50±20 µm. For 3D printing, the material was subjected to pre-atomization and heat treatment. That is, sifted and heated. 5 mm Neofer 25/60p pellets were then spun into filaments of the desired diameter of 1.75±0.1 mm.

The engineers chose the Builder 3D printer from the Dutch company Code P. This is a commercially available model that sells online for prices ranging from €1,675 for the smallest model to €3,750 for the largest. The scientists liked the model with a working area of ​​220 × 210 × 164 mm and a layer thickness of 0. 05–0.3 mm. Nozzle diameter - 0.4 mm. It was loaded with threads with a diameter of 1.75 mm. Empirically, we set the optimal print parameters indicated in the table.

Using this method, engineers printed a magnet of a given shape with a pre-calculated magnetic field.

The design of the magnet is calculated by solving Maxwell's equations, as described in the scientific work of Brückner and colleagues on macroscopic simulation of isotropic permanent magnets (1, 2).

Initially, the product did not have a magnetic field, but it was magnetized - placed inside the coil in a magnetic field with an induction of 4 T.

To check the results of the experiment, the strength and direction of the magnetic field, we made and calibrated a device with a Hall sensor with a measurement range of ±130 mT. It made it possible to measure the 3D shape of the magnetic field outside the magnet. The shape almost coincided with the calculated shape of the field of an ideal magnet from a computer simulation.

Comparison of real and calculated magnetic fields in all axes

A product of complex shape measuring 7×5×5.5 mm is printed in layers 0.1 mm high with a thickness of elements 0.8 mm. The strength of the resulting magnet indicates that 3D printing is quite suitable for making permanent magnets with complex shapes. Such magnets are not inferior in their properties to polymer magnets made of the same material by injection molding. In addition, they have less mass.

Researchers note that some devices require specially shaped permanent magnets. For example, a magnet that produces a strong field in one direction, but as weak a field as possible in an orthogonal direction.

The great thing is that using the described method, we can make magnets not only of arbitrary shape, but also use a wide variety of materials: from soft magnetic alloys to hard magnetic NdFeB or ferrite alloys.

The ability to locally print magnets of any shape in your workshop from materials with specially selected magnetic properties allows you to make magnets that are not commercially available.

Learn more