3D printed demogorgon

Creating the Stranger Things' Demogorgon Monster with 3D Printing

With Stranger Things season four now available for our viewing pleasure - we thought we'd refresh you all about how the Stranger Things' Demogorgon monster was brought to life with Formlabs technology.

One of the most popular articles on our blog is 3D Printers in Films. On the big screen, 3D printing has played a role in manufacturing some of the coolest recent film props, such as Kylo Ren's hilted red lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and RoboCop's suit in the 2014 film RoboCop.

It has to be said, that the practical application of 3D printing is incredibly useful for visual and special effects studios. 3D printing is being used in almost all big budget sci-fi films now, to manufacture prototypes and props that will be used and abused by actors. The benefit of 3D printing to VFX and SFX studios is that it allows their artists and designers to communicate their ideas faster, and for new models to be created in less time than it takes to film a scene.

TV, of course, is not immune to the charms of 3D printing either, although its practical application is not widely written about compared to Hollywood. So, it makes a refreshing change to hear that Stranger Things' creators, The Duffer Brothers, partnered with VFX studio Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) to 3D print a terrifying, ghastly model of the Demogorgon Monster, a predatory humanoid creature that doesn't eat humans for food, but for sport.

Bringing Nightmares to Life

When The Duffer Brothers began production of the Stranger Things series for Netflix, they wanted to try something different - they wanted to create authentic 80s sci-fi nostalgia, with a practical effect for their monster. So, they approached Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) with their vision, in the hope that they could create what they were looking for.

ASC decided that the best course of action would be a hybrid approach, rather than a 100 per cent practical one, and that 3D printing would be used to create maquettes of the Stranger Things' Demogorgon Monster. For this, the team chose Formlabs 3D printers, because the stereolithography technology offered more detail than the FFF competition.

Aaron Sims, co-founder of ASC, explained in a blog post on the Formlabs website how and why his team got involved: “My background being practical, we always try to figure out the simplest method that’s going to make it the most effective, the most realistic, and not overbuilt. Because it’s a TV show, it has to be done really quickly.”

“The Stranger Things' Demogorgon was one of the first prints that we did using our Formlabs 3D printers, and we were amazed. Before that, we had always outsourced printing. So to be able to grow it in-house, and see a design that we helped create from the very beginning printed right in front of us, was kind of an amazing thing. It was like going back to the days of when we used to sculpt with clay,” said Sims.

Here's the initial sketch of the Demogorgon Monster which the directors worked from:

And here's the digital 3D version of that sketch:

After the digital assets were created, the ASC team looked to 3D printing to bring their ideas to life and create model maquettes. Here's a photo of the Demogorgon Monster being printed:

And here's the model being prepped for presentation to the directors:

This photo of the Demogorgon Monster maquette, after painting, shows just how much detail 3D printing can capture:

To find out more about how the Duffer Brothers and Aaron Sims Creative used 3D printing in the production of Stranger Things, read the original blog post on the Formlabs website here.

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remember the main events of the three seasons of the series "Very strange things" - Movies and series on DTF

Who is Eleven, with whom the main characters fought and which characters did not survive the events of the show.

22 450 views

On May 27, the fourth season of Stranger Things, one of the main Netflix shows, starts. In the world of the series, only a few months have passed since the events of the last series, but we met with the heroes as much as three years ago.

So it's worth remembering what the characters went through in the 25 episodes of Stranger Things.

First season

The main characters of the series are teenagers Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will, who live in the small town of Hawkins. They go everywhere together and love to play Dungeons & Dragons. After the next game, Will returns home, encounters a mysterious creature and disappears.

The rest of the trinity goes in search of him, but in the surrounding forests they find only a strange girl who speaks little and has telekinesis. She calls herself "Eleven", but new acquaintances prefer to call her Eleven.

Here they are, from left to right: Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin

Of course, it's not just his friends who are looking for Will. His mother Joyce is actively involved in the search for the child, who enlists the support of the local sheriff Jim Hopper.

Joyce is sure her son is alive and somewhere else. The woman constantly receives phone calls with interference and it seems to her that Will is trying to contact her using electricity. She ends up being right.

Other heroes are involved in the investigation. First of all, Mike's sister named Nancy, her boyfriend Steve, as well as friend Jonathan - the older brother of the missing Will. They are united by the search for another missing person - Barbara, Nancy's friend. Later it turns out that she, unlike Will, died.

Steve, Nancy and Jonathan

Meanwhile, the main characters get to know Odie better. It turns out that their new friend escaped from the Hawkins National Laboratory, where the head of the institution, Martin Brenner, experimented on her. The girl from birth had unusual abilities, and the doctor tried to strengthen them in order to gain an advantage in the Cold War.

Odie was often placed in a special tank, her eyes were closed and she was put into a trance. This way she could communicate with other people over vast distances: Brenner usually had her spy on the Russians.


But one day Odie saw a monster, and tried to make contact with him at the insistence of the doctor. At this moment, the gates opened between reality and the dimension of a terrible creature, which was nicknamed the "Inside Out" (another translation is "The Other Side"). The monster began to travel between worlds and seek out victims.

Will was one of the first to be dragged into the Upside Down by the creature. Accordingly, Odie, familiar with the other world, could help bring Will back home. When Mike, Dustin, Lucas find out about all this, they immediately call the monster "Demogorgon" - in honor of the terrible creature from D&D.


Joyce and Sheriff Hopper find some more information about Odie's past. So, the girl's mother worked for Brenner and they also experimented on her. When the woman gave birth, her child was immediately kidnapped: it is quite possible that the doctor personally did this.

At the end of the season, the lines of almost all heroes are united. They repeat Brenner's experiment so that Odie finds Will and Joyce and Hopper are taken to the Upside Down from the Lab after making a deal with the doctor. Nancy, Steve and Jonathan, in turn, encounter the Demogorgon and nearly succeed in killing him.

Brenner tries to get Odie back and attacks the school where the children are hiding with the military. However, the girl does everything to avoid falling into the hands of her tormentor, and kills many attackers. Immediately, Demogorgon comes running to the school to the smell of blood, finishing off the surviving military.

Only Odie can stop him, but she puts all her strength into the attack and disappears after the monster's death. Mike reacts worst of all to the "death" of the girl, who has feelings for her. At the end of the last episode, Dr. Brenner goes missing, and Joyce and Hopper rescue Will from the Upside Down. However, the boy still retains a connection with another dimension.

Recap of the season from Netflix for more visibility

Second season

A year has passed since the events of the first season, and life in Hawkins has returned to normal. Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will meet new classmate Max and accept her into their group, while Joyce begins dating a new acquaintance, Bob. But soon strange events begin again.

First of all, no one can understand what is happening with Will: the doctors believe that the boy developed post-traumatic syndrome after the events he experienced. But in reality, he constantly sees hallucinations in which he moves to the Upside Down and meets a new monster that seems much more dangerous than the Demogorgon. As a result, the creature takes control of Will and with the help of him monitors the inhabitants of Hawkins.

The monster is called the Mind Flayer, and it gradually infiltrates the real world. The creature controls not only Will, but also several Demogorgons: several monster larvae fall into Hawkins, which grow rapidly. One of them, by the way, lived with Dustin for some time, since the boy did not suspect what kind of strange creature he came across.

Other heroes are also busy: Sheriff Hopper, for example, is looking after Odie. It turned out that the girl, after defeating the monster, ended up in the wrong side, but then got out into the real world. Odie wanted to go to Mike, but she was frightened by government agents visiting the boy's family.

Hopper and Eleven

Soon the sheriff found the girl and settled her in his grandmother's abandoned hut. Odie lived there for a whole year, not communicating with anyone except Hopper. For the sheriff, this situation turns out to be an opportunity to save the girl, who is still being hunted by scientists. Moreover, a few years before the events in Hawkins, Hopper's daughter died of cancer, and for a long time he could not come to terms with her loss.

But a year later, Odie gets tired of living in isolation, and she increasingly argues with Hopper. As a result, she finds out information about her mother Terry and escapes, going in search of her. The girl manages to find a parent, but she is in a terrible state.

Eleven with mother

Odie learns her story. As it turns out, Terry was trying to get her daughter back after being kidnapped by Dr. Brenner. For several years she was told that the child was dead, but the woman did not believe and eventually broke into the Laboratory with a weapon. She was rendered harmless and subjected to shock therapy, which drove Terry insane.

Odie also learns of the existence of another victim of Brenner's experiments, a girl named Kali. She finds her sister in misfortune and for some time helps her to take revenge on the offenders. However, Odie quickly realizes that he does not support his friend's cruelty. As a result, their paths diverge, and the girl returns to Hawkins.

Kali and Eleven

The second season also develops the Nancy and Jonathan line. This time they are investigating the Lab and succeed in securing its closure at the end of the season. All thanks to the fact that the guys connected the death of Barb with the tricks of scientists and published their data in the media.

As for Steve, he breaks up with Nancy and joins the company of the main characters: he has a particularly good relationship with Dustin. Steve becomes a more likable character overall than in the first season. In addition, he develops a rivalry with Max's abusive half-brother named Billy, who will play a prominent role later.

Max and Billy. It is later revealed that the latter is constantly acting rude due to the cruel upbringing of his parents

Gradually, the main characters are approaching the solution of the mystery with the Mind Flayer. So, they manage to deprive the monster of communication with Will. It turns out that the creature does not tolerate high temperatures, and the heroes break the symbiotic relationship between the Torturer and the boy, overheating the latter.

The confrontation is completed by Odie, who closes the gate to the Upside Down. However, in the final battle with the monsters, Bob, Joyce's new boyfriend, dies. All the characters remember him as a hero, and the woman herself cannot recover from the death of her lover for a long time.

Bob and Joyce

At the end of the season, the kids attend the annual Hawkins Ball, and two couples finally form: Mike kisses Odie, and Lucas begins a relationship with Max, who has become an important member of the group despite the antics of his psychotic brother. In the final scenes, the Torturer appears, still planning to capture Hawkins.

Recap of the season from Netflix for more visibility

Third season

At the very beginning of the season, it turns out that they are trying to open the gates between the worlds again: only this time, Soviet scientists and the military. The first test ends in failure and one of the participants in the experiment named Alexey is given a year to fix everything.

Meanwhile, the people of Hawkins enjoy life. Mike, much to Hopper's annoyance, spends all his time with Odie, and the rest of his friends are constantly visiting the new mall. Steve also works there: he sells ice cream with his partner Robin.

Robin, Steve and Dustin

But evil does not sleep: the rats of the city begin to behave strangely, and Will once again feels the presence of the Torturer. The monster is indeed returning to Hawkins, and this time it needs even more victims. At first he is limited to rodents, but quickly switches to humans.

One of the first victims is Billy, Max's brother. The creature subjugates him, and the young man begins to bring other victims to the Torturer.

Soon, Odie and Max, who have become visibly friendly, notice Billy's strange behavior and begin to follow him. After that, they turn to Mike, Lucas and Will for help: together they lure Billy into the sauna and raise the temperature in an attempt to break his connection with the demon. However, the guy escapes and escapes to the Torturer's hideout in the factory.

Nancy and Jonathan also conduct their investigation for the local newspaper. The case of the strange behavior of rats can help the girl's career, as her colleagues do not take her seriously yet. They eventually learn that the Tormentor's victims can merge into one, forming a new monster.

The rest of the characters are trying to figure out what the Russians are doing in Hawkins. Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica (Lucas' younger sister) intercept an encrypted message and it leads them to a lab under a new mall, where they learn of attempts to open new gates. Of course, they are caught and tortured, but everything ends well for the heroes.

Hopper and Joyce are also looking for Russians. They manage to capture the same scientist Alexei, who is in charge of the experiment. With the help of private detective Murray, who helped the heroes back in the second season, they manage to get along with Alexei and find out the details of the Russian plan. However, they fail to protect the charming scientist: he is killed by a soldier named Gregory for treason.


By the end of the season, the main characters are hunted not only by the Torturer, but also by the Russians. The last battle with the monster takes place in the mall: children fight it, as the adults went to the Soviet laboratory to destroy the machine to open the gates between the worlds.

Billy dies in the battle and Hopper sacrifices himself so that Joyce can destroy the machine. The Torturer's body, reassembled from his victims, dies, but a part of the monster is sure to still live in the Upside Down.

At the end of the season, we see how the US authorities are trying to hush up everything that happened, and Odie is deprived of his abilities. She leaves Hawkins with Will, Joyce and Jonathan. Steve and Robin get a new job at a video store.

In the last scenes we see how the prisoners are given to be eaten by Demogorgon in some Soviet prison.

Learn more