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In 3D printing, there are low-cost printers and then there is the Tronxy X3. It is inexpensive, open-frame, and fun to use. It is one of the largest printers you can get for the price, which makes it tough to beat.

The Is the Tronxy X3 Worth it? is another classic kit 3D printer, which comes fully unassembled. You can expect set up to take around 10 – 12 hours if all goes smoothly.

Of course, depending on your technical skills this can swing one way or other. If you are new to kit 3D printers be sure to use the internet for help when you get stuck. More than likely someone else has run into the same issue and many online communities are ready to help.

This is a printer where the grass is greener on the other side. Right out of the box, the Tronxy X3 is not as good as other top-rated 3D Printers. But with some minor adjustments and changes, it will be creating masterpieces for you. So be warned if you are new to 3D printing. You will learn a lot with building and calibrating this machine but with a little time and patience, you will be able to get it just right.

Once you have the Tronxy X3 built you will find it has a lot of awesome features. It creates a fairly high-quality print and is consistent with its quality. There is a large community online that is willing to help and provide tips and tricks. Overall, this 3D printer pleases most who use it. Let’s check out some of the finer details.

Table of Contents

Cores Features of Tronxy X3 3D Printer

Is the Tronxy X3 Worth it?

If you are comfortable with the DIY build, the Tronxy X3 is one of the MOST reliable kits on the market for 3D printing. Best of all, the print time estimator is ACTUALLY ACCURATE. Among the best values under $300.

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  • All Metal Design: An aluminum frame give it an industrial polished look. All metal pulleys improve performance and allow the machine to operate smoothly. Stainless steel rods, gears, bearings, and connectors. All of this makes for a sturdy build and a 3D printer that looks and feels like it will stand the test of time. It seems to be a much sturdier machine than the similar Anet A8.
  • Compact Design: The total footprint for this machine is only 19.2″ x 12″ x 7.8″, and it weighs less than 20 lbs. The lightweight and aluminum design make this 3D printer easy to move between workspaces. Whether it’s a new spot in the office or bedroom, you can rest assured the printer will move easily and stay intact when you pick it up all without taking up much space in your area.
  • Large Print Bed: A fairly large print bed is a big draw for many people to this printer. It allows you to create most objects that you would want to print on a desktop machine. You can create multiple small pieces in batches or a large functional prototype. As mentioned previously, this is one of the larger build volumes you will find at this price point.
  • LCD Screen: Makes printing off an SD Card a breeze as all print functionality can be configured through the screen. You can easily adjust settings and manage your printer without the need of an external computer.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specs of the Tronxy X3 3D printer:

Build Area 8.7″ x 8.7″ x 11.8″
Print Speed 150 mm/s
Filament Types ABS, PLA, Wood, Nylon, PVA, HIPS and more
Layer Resolution 50 – 100 microns
Extruders 1
Nozzle Diameter 0. 4 mm
Open/Closed System Open
Warranty None
Our Score 8.3/10
Price Is the Tronxy X3 Worth it?

Pros of the Tronxy X3

Here are some of the aspects I really enjoy about the Tronxy X3.

  • Supports multiple filament types: All metal, hot-end temperature: 170-275 C, Heated aluminum bed only thing missing is an enclosure, which can be easily purchased or printed.
    Upgrades: as most popular 3D kit printers, the X3 has a large following online. You are able to find many tips and upgrades from people with the same printer. One that seems to be a fan favorite is printing legs for the 3D printer to rest on. This frees up space under the printer. You can store the electronic housing box or even extra filament spools under your 3D printer and not use any more desk space.
  • Price: You will find the Tronxy X3 3D Printerfor right around $250 with that pricing varying depending on where you are purchasing the 3D printer from. It is currently listed on Amazon for $255 and can be found around that price on most other sites. Always be sure to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable seller to ensure better service and products. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.
  • Auto-leveling bed: While this does take a minor upgrade it is worth the cheap buck to improve your 3D printer. The auto-leveling feature makes it so you no longer need to fiddle with tiny screws between prints trying to get the bed perfect. Let a couple of sensors do the work for you.

Cons of the Tronxy X3

We don’t love it all, so here are the things that get to users of the Tronxy X3 the most.

  • Timely setup: Takes time to properly calibrate – As you should expect from budget 3D printers, they are not perfect. One of the most reported flaws is the time to get the machine fully dialed in. Due to the bed having a bad wobble you will need to spend some extra time getting it properly calibrated. Of course, the plus side to this is a few cheap improvements will drastically improve the performance of the machine and stabilize the bed. Many of these improvements can be printed from your machine and models can be found online.
  • Limited connectivity options: Unfortunately, the TronxyX3 does not support WiFi connectivity. You are restricted to using a usb cable to connect it to an external machine or an SD card with your models preloaded onto it. This isn’t the end of the world it just limits some of your capabilities. You will need to be with, or close to, your 3D printer in order to begin printing and monitoring the process.

Final Take – A Decent 3D printer for a Specific Group of Users

The printer is by no means perfect. But with a little bit of work, you can take this from a so-so 3D printer to an awesome 3D printer. Which is why this is a great 3D printer for hobbyist and those that want to customize and mess around with the inner workings of their machine.

This is why the Tronxy X3 is a fairly popular desktop 3D printer. Most users are the creative hobbyist types and enjoy and hands-on task. If you fit into that category then this could be a great option for you.

However, this 3D printer is not meant for everyone. Many novice users and those wanting to use the Tronxy X3 for educational purposes are better off looking at pre-assembled 3D printers. If you are looking for an easy to use, plug-and-play type printer then you will need to be willing to spend a little more and look elsewhere.

Is the Tronxy X3 Worth it?

If you are comfortable with the DIY build, the Tronxy X3 is one of the MOST reliable kits on the market for 3D printing. Best of all, the print time estimator is ACTUALLY ACCURATE. Among the best values under $300.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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Tronxy X3


Print Speed

7. 0/10

Build Area






Ease of Use



  • Supports multiple filament types
  • Price
  • Auto-leveling


  • Timely setup
  • Limited connectivity options

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  • Build volume: 300mm x 250mm x 200mm
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  • Layer height: 0.05-0.4mm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle diamet

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Tronxy X3 desktop 3D printer with high precision LCD screen

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Tronxy X3 3D Printer Kit Youtube video reviews

Descriptions of Tronxy X3 3D Printer Kit


● Please read and follow the user manual carefully before assembling or using the 3D printer.

● Modification and customization of the 3D printer is strictly prohibited. We will not be held responsible for any issues related to the changes.

● Always use the correct AC voltage for your region.

● Do not place the 3D printer near flammable/combustible materials or heat sources.

● Use the 3D printer only in well-ventilated areas. Maintain a safe distance from the printer.

High Precision Tronxy X3 LCD 3D Printer


This 3D printer is designed to redefine usability, quality, performance. This is an unbuilt DIY kit to provide an unforgettable step-by-step learning of 3D printer from scratches. As long as you have a passion for creativity, you cannot afford to miss this product. It is suitable for a wide range of customers, young or old, professional or amateur, etc.


● Made from aluminum profile to maintain a garage feel and handcrafted charm

● Multilayer 3-layer thread supporting ABS/PLA/wood/nylon PVA/PC/HIPS, etc.

● Print volume 220 x 220 x 300 mm, just for you

● All metal pulleys for improved functionality and performance

● Fast acting feeders for fast and smooth filament feeding

● High printing precision, stainless steel guide rods, gears, bearings and connectors for smoother movement

● Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Mac

● Software language: English, Russian, Spanish, etc.

● Interface: USB, LCD and SD card reader

● Host software: Repetier-Host, Cura

● Print support: SD / USB

● Heating temperature : 0 to 110°C

● Operating environment:

Temperature: -5 to 40°C

Humidity: 20 to 80°C


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  • Claudio

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    My first 3d printer

    I printed several parts for my large format cameras, from a rotating 4x5 back to ratainer clips, to adapter for self made lenses on canon eos system in ABS. After a while, I was able to get very precise and unbended parts. It took a while to build, and once in a while, i have to make sure that the screws are tight, but so far it really do what I was expecting a 3d printer should do
    -completed printer stress test (picture 4 with blue bridge - 65mm lenght) - no way to print this in other cheap printers
    -There IS No Printout Coolind (Need Upgrade and Additional FAN)
    • 9000 9000


      Yes (one)

      Good 3D printer Tronxy X3

      Fast shipping. The printer is completely dismantled. Assembly took about 8-9 hours. There are some flaws. Ordered an additional profile to increase the rigidity of the frame.
      Fast delivery. The printer is completely disassembled. Assembly took about 8-9 hours. There are some flaws. I ordered an additional profile to increase the rigidity of the frame.
      A weak power supply. Planning to put more powerful.
      Weak power supply. I'm planning on getting a more powerful one. Yes (0)

      tronxy x3

      Decent printer for the price. Haven used it much, but being the owner of a tronxy x1 which I also picked up from gearbest I have an idea of ​​what to expect.
      No instructions, I checked the SD card. The only information for building on the SD card was a video, which didn't state what screws go where. Had to go online and download the manual.

      MAR (3)

      Awesome 3d printer!!!

      It has a metal 2020 profile frame, so its so stable compared with the anet A8.
      It has bowden sistem
      Separated and enclosed electronics
      Easy to upgrade
      As all the under $400 priner, you will have to make some cheap improvements

      Jan 12,2017

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    TRONXY X3 Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit Large Print Size 220*220*300mm with 8GB LCD Screen Memory Card USB Interface Support PLA/ABS/HIPS/WOOD/PC/PVC Filament ( Item#: OS0463EU )

    TRONXY X3 Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit Large Print Size 220*220*300mm with 8GB LCD Screen Memory Card USB Interface Support PLA/ABS/HIPS/WOOD/PC/PVC Filament
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    TRONXY X3 High Precision Desktop 3D Attacher has a large print size of 220*220*300mm and supports a variety of 1.75mm filaments with various materials such as PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD, PC, PVC and so on. It is widely used in jewelry, construction, commercial 3D products, industrial design, education and medical equipment, etc.
    High precision desktop 3D printer with large print size 220*220*300mm.
    Aluminum frame uses 90° hidden connector, simple structure and strong resilience.
    XYZ aluminum rail stepper motor, stable and smooth.
    CNC machined extruder with upgraded MK8 nozzle for smooth and smooth fiber flow.
    double Z-screw auger design provide more stable and accurate printing.
    Adopts plastic bearing for smooth, quiet and accurate printing.
    Supports a variety of 1.75mm filaments with various materials such as PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD, etc.
    Electronic box with 2004A LCD screen and 5 control buttons, simple operations.
    Equipped with card slot and USB interface, allows online and offline printing.
    Instruction manual, software and assembly videos are stored in a free 8GB TF card.
    Print Color: Single
    Print Material: ABS / PLA / HIPS / WOOD / PC / PVC etc.
    Max. Printer Size: 220*220*300mm
    Print Speed: 20-150mm/s
    Nozzle Diameter: 0. 4mm
    Layer Thickness: 0.06-0.4mm
    XY Axis Accuracy: 0.012mm
    Z Axis Accuracy : 0.004mm
    Nozzle temperature: 170-275℃
    Heater temperature: 40-110℃
    Operating system: XP, Win7, Mac, etc.
    Printing software: Repetier-host, Cura
    File type: .STL / G-code
    Print support: TF card / USB
    Plug: US
    Voltage: 110/220V
    Current: 20A
    Environmental requirement: -5℃ -40℃
    Humidity: 20 -80%
    Item Size (Assembled): 50 * 48 * 41cm / 19.7 * 18.9 * 16.1in
    Item Weight: 6.9kg / 15.2lb
    There are different voltages in different countries. Please select the correct voltage before turning on the power.
    Please note that the thread and print pattern shown in the picture is not included.
    Package List:
    Package Contents 1 * 3D
    Card 1 * TF Card
    1 * Memory Card Reader
    1 * Power Cord (US Plug)

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