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Largest 3D printers in 2022 for XXL prints

Large-scale 3D printers are able to print massive objects thanks to their gigantic build volumes. This guide covers some of the largest 3D printers in the world that are commercially available.

Last update June 23, 2022

We removed discontinued products and updated the BLB Industries The BOX lineup, which has been replaced by The Industry MAGNUM. We also added MASSIVit's latest solution, the Massivit 10000.

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Large scale 3D printers (XXL): 2022 selection



BigRep ONE v4




Massivit 10000


3D printing furniture

3D printing large prototypes

3D printing production series

Customized large scale 3D printers

What are the best large scale 3D printers?

Large-scale 3D printers have been in the spotlight for quite some time. When we say large scale, we mean it– these machines can 3D print objects of over 1 square meter. They can be used to 3D print pieces of furniture, large prototypes, or several series of smaller objects in one go.

The professional 3D printers featured in our article are basically super-sized versions of ordinary desktop 3D printers. They almost all use extrusion 3D printing technology (FFF) and work the same way as regular desktop printers.

Our “largest 3D printers” selection does not include construction 3D printers, which fit into a different category.

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Large scale 3D printers (XXL): 2022 selection

BrandProductBuild sizeCountryPrice

Approximate starting prices based on supplier-provided information and public data. Prices may vary by region, over time and do not include additional products or services (taxes, shipping, accessories, training, installation, …).


This brand is a certified partner from our network.

BIG-Meter1010 × 1010 × 1010 mm39.76 × 39.76 × 39.76 inIsrael$ 11,50011 629 €10,198 £1,663,866 ¥Buy
CreatBotF10001000 × 1000 × 1000 mm39.37 × 39.37 × 39.37 inChina$ 29,99930 336 €26,602 £4,340,375 ¥Buy
BigRepBigRep ONE v41005 × 1005 × 1005 mm39.57 × 39.57 × 39.57 inGermany$ 30,00030 000 €26,603 £4,340,520 ¥Quote
3D Platform400 Series WORKBENCH XTREME1000 × 1500 × 700 mm39.37 × 59.06 × 27.56 inUnited States$ 49,99950 560 €44,337 £7,234,055 ¥Quote
Tractus3DT3500⌀ 1000 x 2100 mmNetherlands$ 59,00049 900 €52,318 £8,536,356 ¥Quote
The IndustryMAGNUM1500 × 1200 × 1200 mm59. 06 × 47.24 × 47.24 inSweden$ 135,000129 990 €119,712 £19,532,340 ¥Quote
MASSIVit 3DMassivit 100001420 × 1110 × 1500 mm55.91 × 43.7 × 59.06 inIsrael upon requestQuote

This brand is a certified partner from our network.

MAMA2000 × 5000 × 1000 mm78.74 × 196.85 × 39.37 inIsrael upon requestQuote

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The products in the table are ranked by price (low to high).

BrandProductBuild sizeBuild volumeCountryPrice

Approximate starting prices based on supplier-provided information and public data. Prices may vary by region, over time and do not include additional products or services (taxes, shipping, accessories, training, installation, …).


This brand is a certified partner from our network.

BIG-Meter1010 × 1010 × 1010 mm39.76 × 39.76 × 39.76 in1030.3 LIsrael$ 11,50011 629 €10,198 £1,663,866 ¥Buy on Modix
CreatBotF10001000 × 1000 × 1000 mm39.37 × 39.37 × 39.37 in1000 LChina$ 29,99930 336 €26,602 £4,340,375 ¥Buy on CreatBot
BigRepBigRep ONE v41005 × 1005 × 1005 mm39.57 × 39.57 × 39.57 in1015.08 LGermany$ 30,00030 000 €26,603 £4,340,520 ¥Get a quote
3D Platform400 Series WORKBENCH XTREME1000 × 1500 × 700 mm39.37 × 59.06 × 27.56 in1050 LUnited States$ 49,99950 560 €44,337 £7,234,055 ¥Get a quote
Tractus3DT3500⌀ 1000 x 2100 mm1649.34 LNetherlands$ 59,00049 900 €52,318 £8,536,356 ¥Get a quote
The IndustryMAGNUM1500 × 1200 × 1200 mm59. 06 × 47.24 × 47.24 in2160 LSweden$ 135,000129 990 €119,712 £19,532,340 ¥Get a quote
MASSIVit 3DMassivit 100001420 × 1110 × 1500 mm55.91 × 43.7 × 59.06 in2364.3 LIsrael upon requestGet a quote

This brand is a certified partner from our network.

MAMA2000 × 5000 × 1000 mm78.74 × 196.85 × 39.37 inIsrael upon requestGet a quote

Overview of the best large scale professional 3D printers

The Modix BIG-Meter offers over one cubic meter of build volume. As all Modix printers do, the BIG-Meter is delivered as a self-assembly kit, which contributes to the printer’s relatively low price point.

This large scale 3D printer comes with a dual extruder (E3D Aero and E3D Volcano print heads), full automatic bed leveling (bed tile and bed mapping), a Wi-Fi controller, and a range of industrial-grade components. The print bed heats up to 120°C.

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The F1000 from CreatBot offers a full cubic meter of fully enclosed and heated (60°C) build volume. There’s also a filament chamber that can hold two spools of up to 5kg each and heat up to 45°C or 65°C.

Its dual nozzles are able to heat up to 420°C, while the print bed heats up to 100°C. Compatible materials range from standard PLA and ABS to PETG and carbon fiber-filled and flexible materials.

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The BigRep ONE, currently in its third generation of upgrades and updates, is one of the only large-sized 3D printers to provide independent dual extrusion (IDEX). IDEX can cut production times in half thanks to duplication or mirror modes.

The printer’s large touchscreen grants access to the webcam and allows users to resume prints even after a power outage. The filament holder is able to hold multiple spools of up to 8kg.

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This large format 3D printer with dual extrusion is customizable. Various extruders are available, and it’s possible to add an enclosure. The enclosure can be heated and/or include an air filter as well.

It’s possible to choose from two different control systems; with Wi-Fi or with Ethernet connectivity. The automatic leveling probe touches over 400 points on the print bed to ensure optimal calibration.

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The T3500, a huge delta 3D printer, offers a massive build size that can 3D print to an exact scale of 1:1 up to 2.1 meters high.

The large-scale Tractus3D T3500 can 3D print exotic materials with its hot-end extruder capable of reaching up to 300°C. This 3D printer features a heated bed and can be equipped with an optional dual extruder.

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The Industry MAGNUM is a very large format 3D printer by The Industry (previously called BLB Industries), a manufacturer based in Sweden. This XXL 3D printer offers a build volume of 2. 16m³ and comes with a set of nozzles ranging from 2 to 8mm in diameter. The MAGNUM is based on the company’s previous model, the BLB Industries THE BOX.

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The Massivit 10000 is an industrial large format 3D printer produced by MASSIVit 3D. MASSIVit 3D is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Israel. This 3D printer offers a build volume of 1420 x 1110 x 1500 mm.

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Modix has nicknamed their printer “Personal Car Factory”, a quick way to indicate how big the MAMA (Modular Additive Manufacturing Assembler) system really is. It’s equipped with a high-speed pellet extruder, and is also capable of 3D printing with spools of filament.

This huge FFF 3D printer isn’t available yet.

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Applications for large scale 3D printing

3D printing furniture

The largest 3D printers can be used to 3D print furniture in one go. This includes tables, chairs, and even bathtubs. 3D printing furniture can also generate unique, complex pieces that would be difficult to create otherwise.

Hence, customized furniture is becoming more and more accessible thanks to extra-large 3D printers.

The BigRep One is in action. Source: QMES

3D printing large prototypes

The professional large-scale 3D printers featured in our article can also be used to 3D print large prototypes. This enables businesses to test out their products before actually launching production. Industrial designers and engineers are able to perform more revisions in significantly less time.

They can test their future products extensively while at the same time reducing the production-to-market time.

3D printing production series

Large-scale 3D printers don’t have to exclusively 3D print large objects and prototypes. Their huge build platform also enables 3D printing big series of smaller objects.

Customized large scale 3D printers

There are several manufacturers that mainly offer tailored solutions rather than standardized 3D printer models. Tobeca, for instance, is a French team that builds 3D printers from scratch and is based entirely on their customers’ needs and requirements.

US-based Erectorbot also provides on-demand builds, although they do have a lineup of standard models. Then there’s Colossus, a company in Belgium that constructs 3D printers within shipping container-like structures. CNC Barcenas, a Spanish manufacturer, also offers tailored, large-scale 3D printers with a range of options to choose from.

BIG volumes starting at $310

Large 3D printers for consumers used to be hard to find. Today, there are many different low-cost brands that offer affordable large volume 3D printing. Check out our selection and large volume 3D printer buying guide below!

Table of contents

What’s the best large 3D printer when you’re on a low budget?

Big, affordable 3D printers under $1,000

CR-10 S5

Duplicator 9

CR-10 Max

Chiron (Kit)


X5S (Kit)


U20 (Kit)

Sidewinder X1

CR-10 V2



Structure: cartesian, delta, or CoreXY

Material support


Customer support


What’s the best large 3D printer when you’re on a low budget?

Build volume is generally an area where “bigger is better” if it’s within your budget. A large 3D printer will allow you to print anything from a TPU smartphone case to a full-sized stormtrooper helmet made from ABS.

As you can imagine, large build sizes are especially useful if you need to 3D print big objects. With a smaller desktop 3D printer, you’d have to break down your big 3D model into multiple parts and print them separately, to assemble or glue them together afterward. Big 3D printers are also great for printing a series of objects in one go.

Our guide focuses on 3D printers with a large build area that is available for under $1000. While some consider any printer beyond 250 x 250 x 250 mm to be in the oversized class for home use, our picks all exceed 300 x 300 x 300 mm.

Big, affordable 3D printers under $1,000

BrandProductBuild sizeCountryPrice

Approximate starting prices based on supplier-provided information and public data. Prices may vary by region, over time and do not include additional products or services (taxes, shipping, accessories, training, installation, …).

AlfawiseU20 (Kit)300 × 300 × 400 mm11. 81 × 11.81 × 15.75 in$ 310313 €275 £44,852 ¥Contact
GeeetechA30320 × 320 × 420 mm12.6 × 12.6 × 16.54 in$ 330334 €293 £47,746 ¥Contact
TronxyX5S (Kit)330 × 330 × 400 mm12.99 × 12.99 × 15.75 in$ 360364 €319 £52,086 ¥Contact
Artillery 3DSidewinder X1300 × 300 × 400 mm11.81 × 11.81 × 15.75 in$ 399499 €354 £57,729 ¥Contact
JGAURORAA5S305 × 305 × 320 mm12.01 × 12.01 × 12.6 in$ 399403 €354 £57,729 ¥Contact
ANYCUBICChiron (Kit)400 × 400 × 450 mm15.75 × 15.75 × 17.72 in$ 499505 €442 £72,197 ¥Contact
CrealityCR-10 V2300 × 300 × 400 mm11.81 × 11.81 × 15.75 in$ 519525 €460 £75,091 ¥Contact
ANYCUBICPredator370 × 370 × 455 mm14. 57 × 14.57 × 17.91 in$ 588595 €521 £85,074 ¥Contact
WanhaoDuplicator 9500 × 500 × 500 mm19.69 × 19.69 × 19.69 in$ 649656 €576 £93,900 ¥Contact
CrealityCR-10 S5500 × 500 × 500 mm19.69 × 19.69 × 19.69 in$ 759768 €673 £109,815 ¥Contact
CrealityCR-10 Max450 × 450 × 470 mm17.72 × 17.72 × 18.5 in$ 1,1001 112 €975 £159,152 ¥Contact

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The products in the table are ranked by price (low to high).

ProductBrandBuild volumeBuild sizePrice

Approximate starting prices based on supplier-provided information and public data. Prices may vary by region, over time and do not include additional products or services (taxes, shipping, accessories, training, installation, …).

U20 (Kit)Alfawise36 L300 × 300 × 400 mm11. 81 × 11.81 × 15.75 in$ 310313 €275 £44,852 ¥Contact manufacturer
A30Geeetech43.01 L320 × 320 × 420 mm12.6 × 12.6 × 16.54 in$ 330334 €293 £47,746 ¥Contact manufacturer
X5S (Kit)Tronxy43.56 L330 × 330 × 400 mm12.99 × 12.99 × 15.75 in$ 360364 €319 £52,086 ¥Contact manufacturer
Sidewinder X1Artillery 3D36 L300 × 300 × 400 mm11.81 × 11.81 × 15.75 in$ 399499 €354 £57,729 ¥Contact manufacturer
A5SJGAURORA29.77 L305 × 305 × 320 mm12.01 × 12.01 × 12.6 in$ 399403 €354 £57,729 ¥Contact manufacturer
Chiron (Kit)ANYCUBIC72 L400 × 400 × 450 mm15.75 × 15.75 × 17.72 in$ 499505 €442 £72,197 ¥Contact manufacturer
CR-10 V2Creality36 L300 × 300 × 400 mm11. 81 × 11.81 × 15.75 in$ 519525 €460 £75,091 ¥Contact manufacturer
PredatorANYCUBIC62.29 L370 × 370 × 455 mm14.57 × 14.57 × 17.91 in$ 588595 €521 £85,074 ¥Contact manufacturer
Duplicator 9Wanhao125 L500 × 500 × 500 mm19.69 × 19.69 × 19.69 in$ 649656 €576 £93,900 ¥Contact manufacturer
CR-10 S5Creality125 L500 × 500 × 500 mm19.69 × 19.69 × 19.69 in$ 759768 €673 £109,815 ¥Contact manufacturer
CR-10 MaxCreality95.18 L450 × 450 × 470 mm17.72 × 17.72 × 18.5 in$ 1,1001 112 €975 £159,152 ¥Contact manufacturer

Overview of the best large desktop 3D printers

Below you’ll find more details about each large 3D printer.

The Creality CR-10 S5 is one of the best large scale 3D printer options in this class with a build volume of 500 x 500 x 500mm. With only a few sections, it’s also one of the easier machines to assemble, and the build quality is a nice upgrade over the base model CR-10.

Dual Z rod screws ensure excellent accuracy along on this open-source machine, and the hot end can handle PLA, ABS, and TPE. As it’s essentially a larger version of the CR-10S, you can expect features like a heated bed, auto-resume, and filament runout detection as well.

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Wanhao is one of the more popular brands with makers looking for an affordable machine, and the Duplicator 9 500 (D9 500) is a large 3D printer with an array of excellent features. It’s well-built with an extruded aluminum frame and easy to use thanks to an integrated touchscreen display and auto-resume.

The MK10 full metal hotend is another highlight of this printer. It can reach 300°C, which allows you to print with a broader range of materials. Automatic bed leveling and a heated bed with an anti-backlash rolling system are also great features.

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The CR-10 Max is another new addition to Creality’s arsenal and a printer worthy of being in the large format class for average consumers. The spacious 450 x 450 x 470mm build volume gives you plenty of room to work, and several areas of this machine have seen a substantial upgrade over standard models in the CR-10 lineup.

Smooth prints on a large scale are possible with the CR-10 Max thanks to its unique Z-axis bracing system that Creality calls “the Golden Triangle”. Automatic bed leveling and the touchscreen-based UI are also great features to have on hand as well as the split-flow power supply, which heats up the bed in an instant.

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ANYCUBIC has several impressive 3D printers in their lineup, and they recently jumped into the large scale range with the Chiron. Given its price point and the build area compared to some of the printers on our list, it’s certainly an option for one of the best large 3D printer under $1000.

The ANYCUBIC Chiron keeps things simple with a classic design featuring a top-notch heated print bed and a 25-point leveling system. The single extruder and hot end are rated to work with ABS, HIPS, and TPU as well as PLA on this affordable big 3D printer.

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While a little smaller than the Chiron, the ANYCUBIC Predator is still one of the best big 3D printers under $1000. It’s just as capable as its larger sibling and is the perfect choice if you prefer Delta 3D printers to Cartesian-style machines.

The Predator offers up one of the largest build areas of any Delta printer in this range. It sports a quick heating Ultrabase Pro platform that can reach 100°C and has a 37-point auto-leveling system. An integrated touchscreen and filament sensors are also features to appreciate with the ANYCUBIC Predator 3D printer.

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TronXY is a company out of China that specializes in producing affordable machines. Their entry onto our list of the best large 3D printers under $1000 is the TronXY X5S. It’s a DIY kit with excellent reviews and a very stable structure.

The TronXY X5S is a CoreXY printer with a sturdy metal frame. That adds stability while you print and the auto-leveling system ensures accuracy. Filament runout detection, a heated bed, and a touchscreen are included, but their customer support isn’t quite up to the standards of other manufacturers in this class.

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Fans of the popular CR-10 will recognize this printer and appreciate the price. The Geeetech A30 is a big desktop 3D printer with a frame built from extruded aluminum parts. It prints materials like ABS, Nylon, and Woodfill with ease, which is ideal when you’re looking for a large 3D printer.

This large FDM 3D printer is a capable machine with an ample build volume and heated bed sporting a silicone carbine glass plate. Makers found the colorful 3.2-inch touchscreen a pleasure to use, although some had issues with software and offsets. Customer service and community support are both solid with this brand of 3D printer.

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The Alfawise U20 is a Gearbest 3D printer and a substantial upgrade over the previous model. It’s accurate and also one of the cheapest large 3D printers on our list, although missing a few features found on more expensive big 3D printers.

With a large build volume of 300 x 300 x 400mm, the Alfawise U20 can bring large creations to life whether you prefer PLA or TPU. It has all the standard bells & whistles, including a color touchscreen, but bed leveling is handled manually. Aside from a few awkward design decisions and a noisy fan, the U20 provides a lot of bang for your buck.

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Artillery has produced several popular printers over the past few years, including the Sidewinder X1. This sleek printer is quieter than other 3D printers with a large build area and has a heated bed capable of hitting its maximum temperature in around 2 minutes.

The Artillery Sidewinder X1 can print a wide range of materials with a direct drive extruder and Titan-style hot end. An extruded aluminum frame keeps the X1 stable regardless of your print speed, while the color touchscreen makes the machine a joy to use. Cable management and the synchronized Dual Z system are two additional perks of the X1.

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The Creality CR-10 V2 is one of the newest variants of the company’s extremely popular CR-10 3D printer. The new model shares plenty of similarities with the original but is a better option if you don’t need a printer quite as large as the CR-10 Max.

One advantage of the CR-10 V2 is the separate control box, which is ideal if you want to add an enclosure. The “Golden Triangle” design and aluminum frame ensure stability while 3D printing, and the dual-port hot end cooling fans help dissipate heat. Other noteworthy features include filament runout detection and auto-resume.

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The JGAurora A5S is a 3D printer that proves good things come in small packages. This machine leaves a smaller footprint behind than many of its competitors, but still has a large build volume for your creations at 305 x 305 x 320mm.

This 3D printer has a black diamond glass plate and a heated bed with a maximum temperature of 110°C. A 32-bit motherboard keeps things running smoothly, and we’re fans of discreet cable management system as well. Calibration is semi-manual, but the overall setup is quick and straightforward with the A5S.

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How to find the best large 3D printer for under $1000

There are a lot of exciting machines available at this price point, which makes it difficult to narrow things down. Here are a few key areas you’ll want to take into consideration before you choose your large 3D printer.


Build quality is important with any type of 3D printer regardless of the price. Well, it’s even more crucial with a large 3D printer as you’ll need a stable machine that can handle massive prints, which can take hours or days.

All of the key components– especially the mainframe– should be made from metal (ie. aluminum). Plastic 3D printed parts on budget-friendly printers are common, but can easily be reprinted and replaced whereas frames and aluminum parts are far more expensive to upgrade. Buying a printer that’s built like a tank is never a bad idea.

You also need to keep the overall size of the printer in mind, as 3D printers with large build areas are going to have a larger footprint. Check the dimensions of each machine if you are short on space, and keep in mind that some of them have separate control boxes that take up extra room.

Structure: cartesian, delta, or CoreXY

If you’re looking for a 3D printer in the $200 to $300 range, you’re typically limited to one style of printer. When it comes to large 3D printers under $1000, there are three main styles to choose from: Cartesian, Delta, or CoreXY 3D printers.

  • Cartesian (Prusa i3 type) – These machines are the most common, popular, and easy to alter. In this price range, they also tend to be the ones that offer the biggest volumes. The print head moves up and down, and from right to left, while the build bed goes forwards and backward.
  • Delta – This triangular type of 3D printer provides a cylindrical build volume, and is, therefore, taller than they are wide. The print head has more freedom to move as it is mounted at the center of three “arms”. The print bed stays in place, which eliminates wobbling issues that you can potentially find on an i3-type printer.
  • CoreXY – It is a kind of cartesian 3D printer, but it looks like a cube. The printer itself takes up less room than a Prusa i3 type 3D printer since the fixed bed doesn’t require space to move back and forth. These printers can be tricky to assemble and tweak.
Types of big FFF 3D printers, from left to right: cartesian (Prusa i3 type), CoreXY, and delta.

Material support

Material support comes down to two things – the hot end (nozzle) and the print bed. That means you need to consider the type of hot end that’s included with the printer as well as the temperatures it’s capable of reaching.

An all-metal hot end is the best choice for printing at higher temperatures or using exotic materials like LAYCeramic or Proto-Pasta’s conductive PLA. Nowadays, all-metal nozzles are a relatively standard feature on many large 3D printers.

However, if you do choose a printer with a brass nozzle, you won’t be able to print abrasive materials like carbon fiber without seriously damaging the hotend. Ordering a new nozzle and swapping the old one out isn’t too complicated though!

You will also find a heated bed find on the best big 3D printers, but how well they work and how quickly they will reach optimum temperatures can vary. A heated print bed will allow you to print with a wider range of materials too (TPU, Nylon, …) whereas without heating the platform you can pretty much only print PLA.


With smaller machines, it’s not uncommon to find things like Wi-Fi connectivity or a dual extruder, but you won’t find either of those on large-sized 3D printers under $1000. These kinds of features generally don’t make the cut in order to help keep the price down.

That said, there are some other nice features that you can find on big 3D printers in this price range. Many of them are equipped with a touchscreen and SD card slot, and some also boast automatic or semi-automatic bed leveling.

Customer support

Excellent customer support is crucial when purchasing any technical device. Even the most highly rated machines can have issues, which is where a good customer support system comes in handy.

Given the fact that almost all of the largest 3D printers under $1000 come from China, it’s essential to know who will handle any issues if they arise with your new printer. Smaller brands may not have the best customer support but often make up for it with active users and forums or Facebook groups where you can find help quickly.


How big can 3D printers print?

In the commercial range, there are printers with build volumes measured in meters, not millimeters. Printers with the big build size in the consumer class under $1000 typically come in under 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

Can I print with Carbon Fiber filament and other composites using a large 3D printer?

As long as the hot end meets the manufacturer’s recommended requirements for the filament, it’s possible. How well that exotic material actually prints depends on your machine and how well it’s dialed in, however.

How heavy is a large format 3D printer?

Great question, but it depends on the model. On average, you can expect the big 3D printers on our list to weigh between 24 and 35 pounds fully assembled.

budget printers for beginners or technology to the masses / Habr

The moment has come that having a small desktop 3D printer at home is not at all expensive, and using it does not require deep knowledge of technology or printing experience. The store has several good models for less than $200 (!), which are suitable for novice users. All 3D printers can print with the popular and safe PLA plastic, which is odorless and the easiest to learn.

Many people have already used 3D printing services or at least heard about additive technologies.

Every year this technology becomes more and more accessible, and Gearbest also contributes to this by making personal 3D printers even more affordable: cheaper and with delivery from stock in the Russian Federation (!).

I'll start with a good 3D printer - E180 from Geeetech. Current value $219.

This copy was developed with crowdfunding and was a success in 2018. The 3D printer is equipped with a large touch screen, a Wi-Fi module with access from a smartphone and a special application, as well as a microSD card reader with an offline printing function. The E180 does not require a computer to operate and manage - a smartphone or tablet is enough. The pause of the press with saving of intermediate results is provided. You can change the filament or turn off/on the printer. In the event of a power failure, it is possible to continue from where it stopped.

The printer prints with special nozzles Geeetech 0.4 mm. The print working area is 130x130x130 mm. Positioning accuracy up to 25 microns, minimum print layer: 50 microns. The compact strict design allows you to use it at work or in the office. No protruding wires or exposed hot components!

The next budget contender is the IUM1 Portable 3D printer with a print area of ​​110 x 110 x 120 mm.

Present value $189. The printer has a compact design with a closed design. All moving parts are inside the case. The table is equipped with a special removable polymer plate to increase the adhesion of parts, the plate itself is on a magnetic base for quick removal after printing. The printer has a microSD card reader for printing without a computer, as well as a print pause (pause) function for changing the filament. You can print colored parts in layers. Nozzle 0.4 mm, minimum print layer 100 microns. The printer is compact, lightweight, closed - suitable for home use, at school or in the office.

Another interesting and inexpensive option is the NANO 3D printer from Easythreed.

Current value $159.99 with coupon GBACERU0117C . This is a "cube" printer with closed kinematics. The table is completely motionless, the print head “flies” over the model, which has a positive effect on the print quality. The nozzle is set to 0.4 mm, the minimum layer is 0.1 mm. Due to the interesting design, the print area is divided into 2 parts. The main one is 110x110x90 mm.

Pay attention to his "big brother" - EasyThreed ET4000. This is a larger cube printer.

The current price is $237.99 - a little more expensive, but the pluses are greater rigidity of the kinematics due to the increased number of guides, as well as the presence of a large touch screen for control. The size of the print area is 120x120x120 mm. The printing accuracy is increased, the available layer size starts from 50 microns. Nozzle too, 0.4 mm. The manufacturer provides protective glazing of the windows, which is very useful if the printer is accessible to children.

If you have the time and desire, you can assemble a 3D printer from the "constructor". One of the most popular build kits is the Alfawise EX8 3D printer kit. To date, this is the most budget option for home 3D printing.

Current price $145.99 including door-to-door delivery, actual parts price. Alfawise EX8 is made with the latest improvements for printers of this design. Installed two drives along the Z axis. Improved model airflow. The X carriage is reinforced. Alfawise EX8 is equipped with a direct feed extruder drive, which allows you to “feed” the printer any plastic: PLA, ABS, PETG, SBS, Flex, and so on ... The large graphic display makes it easy to control the printer, a print pause is provided, and the An SD card reader allows you to print offline. Table heating provided. The printer has the largest printable area of ​​all listed: 220 x 220 x 240 mm. Minimum print layer: 100 microns. The nozzle is set to 0.4 mm, but it is possible to install any nozzle under the MK8 hotend.

For comparison, I add a fairly expensive branded printer: Tronxy C5.

This is an aluminum die-cut printer in a clean black design. Current value $330.99. The printer also has a direct feed (MK8) and a printable area of ​​210 x 210 x 210 mm. Available materials: ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PLA, PVC, Wood. Positioning accuracy 12 microns, minimum layer 50 microns. Nozzle 0.4 mm. Airflow of the model is provided. Rigid metal housing provides accurate printing and reduced parasitic vibrations during operation.

At the request of the comments, I add Creality3D Ender-3 DIY 3D Printer
Inexpensive pre-assembled printer for $199.99, the final assembly takes about half an hour - installing the portal to the base, plus connecting the electronics.

And a simple printer for a nominal fee.
Tronxy X1 Desktop 3D Printer available for $104.99 with GBTX123 coupon (limited supply).

In any case, all listed printers will be convenient for novice users. For slicing, programs like Cura, Slic3r, IdeaMaker and so on are used. For EasyThreed printers - E3D DORA branded slicer. All printers use 1.75mm PLA plastic. The last two may additionally use the other specified types.

If you have the desire and ability to print, you can look at interesting models in the public domain, for example, on thingiverse.com.

how not to miss the choice of a specific model for a beginner 3D printer / 3D printers, machines and accessories / iXBT Live

3D printer is a modern gadget that allows you to create unique models from polymer materials using FDM or SLA technologies. Such printers allow you not only to print the model you have designed according to individual drawings, but also to replicate it, repeating it over and over again. 3D printers have found their application in modeling, construction and design, industry and medicine. But users often make mistakes, obeying wow impulses and making spontaneous purchases. Knowing what you need a printer for will help you narrow down your search and choose the right model.

Beginners often fall for a number of common mistakes and make the wrong choice. Most often, this leads to a situation where a person “cools down” to 3D printing, and the purchased printer remains gathering dust in the corner. Sometimes this is caused by technical problems and a lack of the required level of knowledge and experience, sometimes by an incorrect choice of printer model.

The first mistake is the lack of a purposeful choice

First, try to decide on the purpose - what do you need a 3D printer for. Honestly imagine what models or details you will print on it and what scale. This is necessary in order not to waste money and time, and not to get an unclaimed device in a dusty corner. A compact 3D printer will be appropriate in the office or at home, it will be helpful in studies, hobbies or in your own business. The printer allows you to print models that you yourself have drawn in CAD, create components for a training project, shapes and parts for hobby and modeling, use open projects. Determine the media you plan to print with. FDM filaments such as PLA/ABS/PETG are available, as well as exotic (WOOD/Carbon/Nylon), elastic (TPU/Flex), etc., as well as photopolymer resins (SLA Resin). And if PLA / ABS are available for almost all FDM models, then compatible printers should be selected for the rest. For example, Nylon is extremely demanding on adhesion, TPU / Flex - on the plastic feed mechanism, etc.

For example, for modeling in scales 1:72, 1:350, etc. It will be convenient to use an SLA printer that allows you to create products with high detail of photopolymer resin. That is, first we set a goal for ourselves - what the printer is for, and then we select the appropriate model. For example, quite high-quality and popular ANYCUBIC Photon models with high printing accuracy. And for an introduction to 3D printing, a simple and reliable printer like the Artillery Hornet or the Creality3D Ender-3 will do.

The second mistake is buying 3D printers with a large margin

One of the most common mistakes users make when choosing a 3D printer is buying a "bigger" and "oversized" model. I encounter this type of error quite often. First, the user "invests" in a large printer, and then realizes that there is nothing to print on this option, and for small parts, a smaller printer could be chosen. First of all, large printers are more expensive, larger in size and more demanding on the rigidity of the frame as a whole. On a large area of ​​the table, the effects of shrinkage of plastic, distortion of the dimensions of the printed model, delamination of the applied plastic, as well as peeling off of the corners from the working surface of the table, are more pronounced. This can be dealt with, but the listed points can become a serious problem for a novice user. And the printing time for large-volume models can be measured in tens of hours.

Purchasing large margin 3D printers can be justified in cases where you really plan to print large models without splitting, as a whole. A good example of a 3D printer with a large workspace would be Anycubic's Chiron (table size 400 x 400 mm with a maximum print height of 450 mm), the LONGER LK5 Pro (300 x 300 x 400 mm with additional frame reinforcement), or the Artillery Sidewinder X1 (also 300 x 300 x 400 mm).

Third mistake - buying 3D printers with complex calibration

Another common mistake users make is buying 3D printers with difficult calibrations. These can be Delta printers, Scara models and the like. At first glance, they may seem interesting and simple, but from experience I will say that fine-tuning such printers can be a significant problem for the owner, requiring a deep understanding of the mechanics of the printer and the principles of 3D printing, as well as quite complex calibration of the movement of the print head along all axes of the device. Up to the fact that the resulting printing problems can completely discourage further desire to print and study 3D modeling.

Therefore, we check the characteristics and description of the selected models in advance. Examples of similar printers from Aliexpress are Flsun Delta Kossel, Anycubic Kossel, HE3D Kossel and the like. An acceptable option is when modern 3D printers are equipped with automatic sensors for calibration and table calibration assistants in the regular display menu.

Mistake Four - Color 3D Printers

Buying complex printers that can print with multiple colors or multiple plastics can cause additional problems. Yes, the result of multi-color printing of models or colored figures without the need for coloring can be interesting. But in real printing, you will face the complex preparation of the model in the slicer, the need for a deep understanding of the process and the nuances of printing with several types of plastics.

There are several options for printing with two filaments, ranging from Y-extruders to multiple independent printheads. When printing alternately one of the two heads, heated plastic can seep out of the unused one - you need to take into account retracts, “cleaning” before changing plastics (an additional separate “service” model is built nearby), calibration and alignment of the heads along the same coordinates. Color models must be loaded into the slicer separately, assigning a different model to each extruder. And if you still need color printing for work or your own project, then it makes sense to choose one of the proven models. For example, the JGMAKER Artist D 3D printer, which has two movable and independent print heads at once, each of which can be filled with a separate spool of plastic. This makes it possible not only to print color models, but also to create two separate models on the table at the same time, and it will also be convenient for printing soluble supports.

Fifth mistake - choosing simplified "children's" models

There are entry-level models in the range of 3D printer manufacturers. Sometimes a manufacturer saves by releasing models at the bottom of the market. These are budget options for novice users; in fact, these are “children's” printers. A good example is the Wanhao Duplicator i3, a simplified L-layout printer. The reduced rigidity of the carrier frame does not allow for high print quality. I note that the choice of models without blowing the thermal barrier can also be a potential problem. When printing for a long time, the thermal transition in the print head overheats and plugs can occur, leading to damage to models. This also includes 3D printers without a heated desktop, designed to print only with PLA plastic.

However, children's models are also important and needed. They are designed to provide basic skills and an introduction to the world of 3D printing on a limited budget. A vivid example of such a model is the Funtastique EVO and LONGER Cube2 3D printers, which can be an interesting gift for a schoolchild.

What to choose from the range of available 3D printers?

Thus, imagining the use of a 3D printer specifically for your purposes, you can choose the right model.

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