3D printer bow

Bow best 3D printer models・Cults

Arrow Fletching Jig


Stylish Bow Tie 2.0


Set of 8 Mini Stud Stamp Embossing/Imprint Shapes for Polymer Clay - Bow, Star, Flower, Knot, Leaf, Modern Celtic Knots, Floral


high elf archers


Deagle Crossbow - Desert Eagle Style X-Bow


Narly Peep Sight 1/8th inch + template


Merida's Bow from Brave


Ranger Elf Female


Kids Takedown Recurve Bow


POLYMER CLAY CUTTERS Christmas Wreath and Bow/Ribbon 4 size 2 version cut/EULITEC.COM/CC/COPYRIGHTED LICENSE






Black hunter arrow rest


Bayek - Amenhotep Bow - Assassins Creed Origins 3D print model



€7. 13

Presentation Box for Gift Card Vault


Battlemaul Expedition 59 Elf Hero


1pc + 2pc Heart Gift Box Bath Bomb Mold


Honkai Impact 3rd - Whisper of the Past: Sonnet


Christmas Stud Pack Polymer Clay Cutters | Digital STL File | 2 Cutter Versions | 5 Designs


said the navigator's christ




Cookie cutter bun/liston


SIL Hybrid Bow Adapter -> Man Kung AURORA CB50


The 5 snow hunters - 28mm for wargame


Genshin Impact - Hunter's Path


Twisted Bow - Runescape cosplay prop


Button BowTie


Xerneas Bow

€6 -20% €4. 80

Gorou Raven Bow Model

€12.13 -65% €4.25

Vikings series 2 - 13 figures - 28mm for wargame


Love and WAR bow & arrow (Rubber band)


Huntress of Deception Normal and Nude C


Huntress of Deception Nude C


Huntress of Deception C


Huntress of Deceprion Normal and Nude B


Huntress of Deceprion Nude B


Huntress of Deceprion B


Huntress of Deception Nude A


Huntress of Deception A


RS-X-Bow "Government - 1911" style

€5. 75

Wood elves Archers


Wood elves Heath riders


Wood elves heath hunters


Highborne elves Reaver chariots




Highborne elves Grey Watchers


Highborn elves fast cavalry


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Printing jewelry on a 3D printer - an overview of the most interesting models

The times when 3D printing of jewelry seemed like something fantastic is over. Today, more and more designers are using 3D equipment to bring their ideas to life. Some printers work with filament, others use powder, and still others print with liquid resin or wax. 3D printed jewelry looks and feels exactly like traditionally molded pieces.


White and black Gemino & Orbis Nylon earrings printed in nylon resin using SLS technology. The material has a very light weight, which makes the jewelry comfortable, ideal for everyday wear. An interesting design will organically fit into both a classic and a shocking look.

3D printed wedding rings. Original custom-made symbols of eternal love accurately convey the details that are important for the newlyweds. With a unique asymmetrical line and elegant twists, Ray's ring will appeal to fans of the original designs. For lovers of clean, minimalist silhouettes, the Clio is the way to go. For connoisseurs of unconventional solutions, the Amar diamond ring will suit, the design of which forms a loose knot of two lines that merge, symbolizing an unbreakable union.

Gorgeous 3D printed face jewelry by Iris van Herpen. Cellchemy 3D printed jewelry designs look like a mask and the way it sits on the face of the wearer looks like something otherworldly. The wire masks are printed with a high resolution multi-material printer. Each part of the mask, custom-designed for a specific runway model, was created using a generative design process after a 3D scan of her face.

Guinness World Record-listed diamond ring. India's major 3D printing service provider Imaginarium helped Kotti Shrikant win the Guinness World Record for having the most diamonds set in a single ring. The process of developing a masterpiece called "Divine - 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam" went through several iterations. The design team chose the Himalayan camellia flower, which strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary forms. Computer-aided design (CAD) was then used to calculate the number of diamonds. Imaginarium managed to make petals of gold and helped to set the intended number of stones.

18K Gold Charm 3D print by Elizabeth Landis. The spectacular pendant reminds of natural harmony and succinctly complements the luxurious look. Honeycombs are formed into an openwork pattern, and the figure of a bee symbolizes wisdom, diligence, purity.
Frog Ring 3D Gold Plated Brass Object by Peter Donders. The designer rejects classical forms and traditional solutions. He uses 3D printing to revolutionize the jewelry industry, be it in the areas of jewelry making or designing finishes. The frog ring emphasizes the grace, sense of humor of the fair sex.

A charming decoration that can effectively complement a creative look.
"Opposites" collection by Francesca Paolin "spring-summer 2015", printed in polyamide. The MA in Fashion Design from Domus Academy channeled her creativity into creating body jewelry from alternative materials using 3D technology. The author drew inspiration for the development of the collection from ancient history and culture.

Solar nylon bracelet. The Septem brand offers unique fashion items from designers around the world. All products are made on 3D printers. The customer can choose their favorite materials, colors, sizes from the list. The original bracelet attracts with its futuristic design and adds creativity to the image.

N-E-R-V-O-U-S necklace is a 3D printed necklace made up of 175 unique pieces. It is a 21st century piece of jewelry designed and manufactured using methods that did not exist until recently. The necklace is built in layers of durable yet flexible nylon using selective laser sintering technology. The design comes out of the printer fully assembled. The necklace attaches simply and securely with a hidden magnetic clasp.

Plumeria Nylon Earrings have a matte texture, ideal for original, bold looks. You can choose any color from 12 possible. Earrings with a floral pattern will appeal not only to young fashionistas, but also to elegant ladies.

Ide Bag Nylon is a stylish element of the look. A model that imitates openwork knitting will add charm to the ensemble, plus it will allow you to create a harmonious, feminine, exclusive look.

The Orbits Bracelet Nylon is your own galaxy on your wrist. 3D printed space-inspired jewelry is the choice of daring experimenters who are not afraid to try on new looks. Unusual material plus an innovative manufacturing method add enchantment and extravagance to the little thing.

Jewelry designers are constantly testing new materials and experimenting with different design approaches. Printing jewelry on a 3D printer has already become a popular production method. The technology allows you to implement bold ideas, make adjustments and see the results within a few hours.



3D printed jewelry, Orbits Bracelet Nylon, 3D printed space jewelry, Necklace by N-E-R-V-O-U-S - 3D printed necklace, 3D scan

American designer for the first time printed completely on a 3D-printed sneaker – Moscow 24, 03/23/2022

Shoe manufacturers are increasingly turning to 3D printing technologies. What is the future of the industry, as well as how 3D printers will change the patterns of production and consumption, argues scientific observer Nikolai Grinko.

Photo: yankodesign.com

Virginia Tech graduate Calan Kerner unveiled the world's first fully 3D printed sneaker. They are made from a special material that can be completely recycled. Shoes are a monolithic product, a bit reminiscent of clogs. But, unlike traditional Dutch shoes, it is made at a modern technological level and in a futuristic design.

In general, shoe companies have been experimenting with 3D printing for a long time, but most often only soles and decorative elements are made using this method. This is completely logical: at the current stage of development, 3D printers cannot work with either textiles or leather. Their main working material is plastic, but this will not always be the case.

Printing technologies are constantly improving, and if you think about what such machines can work with today, you can find liquid concrete (for building construction), dough (for baking) and even living cells (for printing artificial organs) on this list. Printers, of course, are unlikely to learn how to weave a fabric from threads, but some time will pass and they are guaranteed to be able to "print" something very similar to textiles. That's when amazing things start to happen.

It took half a century for computers to become personal, and today there is no industry left that does not use them. One can try to imagine what will happen when a personal 3D printer appears in every home and learns how to stamp objects from any materials. Perhaps the very first thing that people will print for themselves is clothes and shoes.

The usual dimensional grids will disappear, since each item will be made exactly for a specific user. All mass producers will have to urgently and deeply rebuild: they will need to produce not shirts and sneakers, but files that are accepted by 3D printers.

The buyer will go to the store's website, choose a style and color, pay for the purchase and immediately send it to print. The phrase "downloaded new jeans" will become commonplace and completely familiar. Not only that, there will immediately be a market for illegal files, just as there is now a huge industry of fake Nike or Dolce & Gabbana. Manufacturers will actively fight against piracy, but they will not be able to win - fakes have always existed and are unlikely to disappear in the near future.

Photo: yankodesign.com

The good news is the coming flowering of creativity and self-expression. In fact, if you can make clothes and shoes right at home, why make it the same as everyone else? Experiment as much as you like. In the same way that today anyone can make a website from ready-made blocks with their own design and content in half an hour, in the future it will be possible to get a coat or skirt of a personal style and color.

There will most likely be smartphone apps (if smartphones themselves don't disappear by then) in which users will invent their own garments, share files, edit finished products, and so on. In the end, a new fashionable "bow" can be printed daily, handing it over for processing in the evening. Most of the "self-printed" models will, of course, be strange, defiant or simply terrible, but successful and even brilliant ones will appear among them. Fashion designers will have to make room under the onslaught of self-taught.

Retail clothing and footwear stores will disappear - there will be no point in them. The textile industry, if it does not disappear altogether, will be seriously restructured. Logistics, storage, construction and rental of warehouses - all this will become completely unnecessary.

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