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eBOX Lite

A cost-effective storage filament dryer with constant temperature and humidity, moisture-proof and dust-proof with heating function specially developed for 3D printing filaments.

eBOX Lite has transparent PC material upper cover allows real-time observation of consumables usage; the arc-shaped heating sheet and the heat conduction metal plate produce more uniform heat, making it easier to maintain constant temperature and humidity in the filament dry box; flame retardant and heat insulation foam are placed on both sides of the interior, which is safe and anti-scald, it also helps heat preservation.

eSUN filament dryer equips a long-life and low-noise turbo fan, which has good performance and low noise. It has wide compatibility and can be used with various consumables.


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* Description:


Compared with eBOX, eBOX Lite removes the weighing function and improves the cost performance;

The eBOX Lite is a cost-effective storage filament dry box with constant temperature and humidity, moisture-proof and dust-proof and heating function specially developed by eSUN for 3D printing filaments.

The esun filament dryer's upper cover is made of transparent material, which helps to observe the remaining of filaments in real time;

The curved heating plate and the sheet metal heat conduction plate design make the heat more uniform and easier to maintain constant temperature and humidity;

Heat insulation and flame retardant insulation cotton are placed on both sides of the filament dryer, which are safe and anti-scald, and also have the function of heat preservation;

The filament dry box's fan adopts a long-life and low-noise turbo fan, which has good effect and low noise;

eSUN filament dryer also has wide compatibility with most of the 0.5/1KG, 1.75/2.85mm filaments on the market such as PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, ePA, ePA-CF, ePA-GF, PC, TPU-95A, etc.


Moisture-proof and dust-proof
Real-time observation
Even heating

High security
Wide compatibility
low noise

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* Application


The eBOX Lite material box is a cost-effective storage box with constant temperature and humidity, moisture-proof and dust-proof with heating function specially developed by eSUN for 3D printing filaments. It optimizes the problem of insufficient temperature, uneven temperature, inaccurate weighing, and abnormal noise of box fans.

With the popularization of 3D printing technology, the usage of 3D printing filaments has also increased sharply. Among them, FDM has gradually become the mainstream. The filaments used in FDM fusion 3D printing are mostly reel-shaped, which all have certain water absorption, including but not limited to PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, ePA, ePA-CF, ePA-GF, PC, TPU-95A, etc. Moisture absorption will not only reduce the molecular weight but also makes filaments brittle. A series of bubbles appear on the surface of the prints, and the printed model will be stringing, rough and whitish. By heating and adding a fan to circulate and evaporating the humidity, the filaments are kept in a dry state during printing and printing quality is also improved.


Possible cause


Not enough drying effect Filaments have serious water absorption or high-temperature filaments (such as nylon, PEEK and other filaments that need high-temperature drying) eBOX Lite only has the function of maintaining constant temperature and humidity during printing. It is not suitable for drying filaments with serious water absorption and high temperature (such as nylon, PEEK and other filaments that need high temperature drying). It is not suitable to promote the drying function.

The screen does not light up, the buttons do not work, do not heat up, and the fan does not work

Damaged components Quality problems return to the factory for repair or replacement

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eSUN eBox Review (2022) How Does the PLA Filament Dryer Box Work?

Many 3D printing manufacturers are producing not only printers but also 3D printing accessories. One of the accessories that the companies produce is known as filament dry box.

In this Guide

Does PLA Need to be Kept Dry?

When you remove PLV filament from the sealed package, it can start absorbing moisture in the air. This is especially the case during the humid months. When the material absorbs moisture, the result can be clogged nozzles and failed prints.

A 3D printing filament drying box protects PLA filament from absorbing moisture from the air. The dry box, also known as an eBox, also stores and dispenses the filament to the 3D printer.

One of the best filament dryer boxes on the market is the eSUN eBox Dryer.


In this eSUN eBox review, we’ll go through an overview of the filament  storage box, how it works, and whether you it will be a good 3D printer accessory to buy.

Before we get started, let’s go through an overview of the company.

What is eSUN?

eSUN is a high-tech Chinese enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of degradable polymer materials such as PLA and other types of plastics. The company also develops a wide range of 3D printing materials.

eSUN eBOX Review

The eSUN eBOX is a PLA dryer box designed to make it easy to print various types of plastics, especially those that absorb moisture.

The main function of the eBOX is to ensure  that the temperature is consistent during printing and that the plastic dries well. Apart from this, the eSUN dryer box can weigh the plastic coil and show how many grams of plastic you have left, and also protects it from dust and moisture.

The dryer box is designed to hold the reel on rotating shafts rather than hanging on the holder. Therefore, the box can be used to store almost any type of plastic reel.

There is a long and wide guide tube that runs from the dryer box to the printer. This guide tube offers prevents the dust from settling on the plastic during printing.

The eSUN filament dryer box has a small display through which you can set the required temperature, adjust the weight of the coil, and set a timer.

You can set the eBOX operating time (up to 10 hours) through the timer.

The dryer box protects the filament from absorbing moisture by decreasing humidity in the surrounding environment. This is made possible thanks to a small compartment, where you need to put a bag of silica gel and a small fan that drives air through the bag.

For best results, you should dry the coils for about 10 hours for best results.

NOTE: Avoiding putting more than 2 sachets of silica gel in the compartment. If you have more than two satchets of silica gel, it will be difficult for the fan to blow air through the compartment. As a result, the surrounding environment will still be humid.

After getting our eSUN dryer box from Amazon, we decided to test its efficiency by measuring the difference in temperature and humidity using a weather station with a small external unit. We placed the outdoor unit in the eBOX, and left the main unit in the room.

From our observations, we realized that a gradual decrease in humidity occurs in the first 2-3 hours of box operation. After 10 hours of operation, the difference in humidity reached 10-12%.

On a rainy day, when the indoor humidity is higher, the difference would be even greater.

ESUN has conducted printed tests to determine the optimum drying time for the plastic. For the tests, PVA and ePA (nylon) were used due to their unpredictable properties.

PVA Plastics

When PVA absorbs moisture, it starts to bubble and prints very unevenly.

ePA (nylon)

The drier the nylon, the more transparent the model becomes. Printing with raw nylon is very problematic as the material does not adhere well to the print bed and shrinks very much.

eSUN eBOX Manual (PDF)

If you’d like to learn more about this 3D printer filament box, check  download the manual below.

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eSUN eBox Review: Verdict

After opening the sealed package of your PLA filaments or other  plastics, the materials begin to absorb moisture almost immediately. There is almost nothing you can do about it. And we know that the materials do not print well when they have absorbed moisture.

To avoid failed prints, you can store the filaments in a sealed container filled with silica gel.

If you usually print plastics with unpredictable properties and do not want to figure out how to urgently dry the plastic using the oven or other method, get the  eSUN filament drying box.

The other option is to store the plastics in an oven or silica gel container.

The eSUN eBOX dryer is an excellent accessory for printers with an external container for small spool volumes. For example, with UP Mini 2, only coils with plastic up to 0.5 – 0.75 kg are placed in the outer container. This dryer box will ensure your filaments do not absorb moisture, which can make them print unevenly.

The eSUN eBOX dryer is available on Amazon.

eSUN B07HQCFY4S eBOX 3D Printing Filament Storage Box for Dewatering User Manual

eSUN B07HQCFY4S eBOX 3D Printing Filament Storage Box for Dewatering

Please read this manual carefully and before using the machine 90 it for emergencies.

  • Remove the connecting plug if the power line or socket is frayed or damaged.
  • Turn off the power when not in use.
  • Keep away from children.
  • DO NOT let children operate it unsupervised.
  • DO NOT touch the bottom plate while the threads dry in case of burns.
  • Switch off the machine when not in use.
  • DO NOT use it in a damp environment.
  • Turn off the power and contact us immediately if something is wrong.
  • DO NOT disassemble or repair it yourself.


  • This user manual is provided as a convenience to users. Images and descriptions may differ slightly from the actual product. The contents of this user manual are subject to change without notice.
  • We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to the user's negligence.
  • We are not responsible for damage caused by improper use.
  • Please read this manual carefully before using it.
  • Make sure the voltage at the outlet matches the product before using it.
  • Please remove all packaging from the product before using it for the first time.
  • Place the product on a horizontal table for accurate weighing.
Product name of each part

Product specification table

  • WOC
    Press the power button to start, the weight will automatically reset. Then enter WOC mode to set the weight of the tablet. For more details, please refer to "Weight Setting Mode".
  • Open the top cover, place the desiccant in the empty slot at the back of the box, then insert the coil.
  • Insert the spool and pull the thread through the outlet, close the cover. (The direction of the thread tension may be from bottom to top or top to bottom, depending on the position of the printer)
  • Parameter setting
    • The product has four buttons: open button、function button、up button、down button.
    • The product has five modes: gram, gram, pound mode, WOC weight setting mode, TEMP temperature setting mode, TIME heating time setting mode.
    • Press to switch modes and change settings.
    • The system will enter standby mode after idle for 5 seconds, the backlight will disappear in standby mode, press any button to wake up, and then press the button to set the parameters or turn off.

    Gram Mode

    • After power on, the default mode is Gram Mode. You can press the or button for manual reset and calibration.
    • The screen displays the weight in grams, the displayed number is the number that subtracts the total weight including the carton weight from the empty tray weight, and the empty tray weight can be set in WOC mode. As shown below, the weight of the remaining threads is 980g.
    • After turning on, press the mode button once and switch to lb mode. The screen will display POUND and the number displayed is the weight of the remaining threads. The unit is pounds. As shown below, the rest of the fibers weigh 2.160 lbs.

    Weight setting mode

    Double press the button and switch to weight setting mode after power on, then WOC will be displayed on the screen, the number displayed is the empty plate weight set, the unit is gram. As shown below, the weight of an empty plate is 220g.

    • In WOC mode, press the up button or down button to increase or decrease the weight by 10 grams each time.
    • The default weight of the empty plate is 220 g. The actual weight of the empty plate can be obtained from the filament manufacturers or obtained in the following way:
      1. Set the plate weight to 0 in WOC mode.
      2. Place an empty plate in the box, press the mode button to switch to GRAM mode, the number displayed on the screen is the weight of the empty plate.

    Temperature setting mode

    • Press the mode button three times and switch to temperature setting mode. The screen will display TEMP, there are 4 levels in total, which can be adjusted with the up or down button. The higher the number, the higher the temperature will be. "0" means no heating. See the table on page 9 for more details on level setting.. As shown in the screen below, the heating temperature is set to the 4th level, i.e. the highest temperature.
    • The higher the level, the higher the temperature inside the drawer, the lower the humidity inside the drawer.

    Heating time setting mode

    • Press the button four times and switch to heating time setting mode. The screen will show TIME and the displayed number is the remaining heating time. Unit - Hour. As shown below, the remaining heating time is 5 hours 30 minutes.
    • The displayed value in TIME mode decreases over time, similar to a countdown.
    • In TIME mode, press the up or down button to increase or decrease the time by half an hour.
    Offer for setting up parameters

    Reference table of levels

    Package size × 249 (D) mm0065
    Product size 215 (d) × 104 (w) × 238.5 (c) mm
    φ200 × 73 (c) mm
    Nominal power AC100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
    Output DC12V ~ 3a

    32 Caution

    : The above weight is only for some spools, other spool weight please consult thread distributor.


    • The fiber pack desiccant can be used for drying.
    • Do not open the box if the temperature drops while drying the threads.

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