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  • Heart Pendant

    Beautiful heart shaped cut crystal pendant, laser etched with the photo of your choice! Perfect for …

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3D-printed enlarged crystal with defects turned out to be stronger than steel

materials 3D printing

Complexity 3.1

Minh-Son Pham et al. / Nature, 2019

British scientists have 3D printed steel and plastic metamaterials whose macroscopic structure is similar to the crystal lattices of alloys and steels after a strength-enhancing procedure commonly used in metallurgy. Experiments have shown that the behavior of such materials is similar to the behavior of hardened crystal lattices, and they are much stronger than materials with a different structure. The article was published in the journal Nature .

One of the most important tasks of materials science is the creation of lightweight materials that are not inferior in strength to metal alloys and steels. With the invention of 3D printing, it became possible to create the most complex geometric patterns. Scientists led by Minh-Son Pham at Imperial College London have used this technology to create three-dimensional microstructured materials that replicate the structure of the crystal lattice of metals on a millimeter scale. Such materials have been created before, but they had strength only against one direction of application of pressure, since all cells were oriented in the same way. Now scientists have created and tested a design consisting of sections of such "crystals" that were oriented in different directions relative to neighboring ones. With such an arrangement of "grains", the boundaries between the domains prevented displacement along the sliding plane of the lattice and thus gave additional strength to the materials.

They modeled and printed constructions of repeating unit cells of face-centered cubic (fcc), body-centered (bcc) and face-centered tetragonal lattices, which repeated the crystal lattices of different alloys and steel grades, but with cells a few millimeters in size. At the same time, they reproduced the features that arise under the influence of various methods of strengthening metal structures.

Mechanical testing of stainless steel (left) and polyactide (right) materials.

Minh-Son Pham, Chen Liu, Iain Todd & Jedsada Lertthanasarn, Nature, 2019


The authors reproduced three such methods - the use of the Hall-Petch law, modification and strengthening due to differences in crystalline phases. Using the Hall-Petch relation, they calculated the sizes and orientations of grains of crystals of the same structure, providing the greatest strength of the material, and created a cube (with a side of 40 millimeters) from such grains. The second method involves the creation of a lattice structure oriented in one direction, but including elementary cells of another structure. The authors of the article included several face-centered tetragonal lattices in the matrix of fcc lattices. The third method combines the previous two - a structure is constructed, consisting of lattices of different types, which are differently oriented relative to each other. As materials, the researchers used stainless steel and polylactide (a polymer material often used for 3D printing).

Copying crystal grains with different structure orientations.

Minh-Son Pham, Chen Liu, Iain Todd & Jedsada Lertthanasarn, Nature, 2019


Structure consisting of two types of crystal lattice.

Minh-Son Pham, Chen Liu, Iain Todd & Jedsada Lertthanasarn, Nature, 2019


Copying crystal grains with different lattices and orientations.

Minh-Son Pham, Chen Liu, Iain Todd & Jedsada Lertthanasarn, Nature, 2019


In some cases, during deformation, the atoms are rearranged, forming new crystal lattices. Materials scientists have created a structure resembling a Kresling lattice, simulating the transition to hexagonal close packing (hcp) when moving nodes. Under load, such a structure was compressed, and then returned to its original position. Energy was distributed better, the structure did not collapse. By changing the position of nodes in such structures, it is possible to create materials that can distribute excess stress and return to their original undeformed state.

Scientists have experimentally shown the similarity in the behavior of crystal structures and metamaterials created in their likeness, and the effectiveness of applying metallurgy methods to macro-scale structures. The authors suggest that the combination of the proposed strengthening methods at different levels (micro-, meso- and macro-scales) will make it possible to create especially strong and lightweight materials that can even be used in aviation.

Hierarchy of structures in large objects on the example of an aircraft turbine blade

Minh-Son Pham, Chen Liu, Iain Todd & Jedsada Lertthanasarn, Nature, 2019


Using the approaches proposed by British scientists, it becomes possible to print materials with a given elasticity, strength and mass, which can be used for the construction of large objects.

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