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▷ buddha free stl 3d models 【 STLFinder 】

Chinese Sculpture STL Model Buddha Head Free 3D model


STL Format Sculpture Model, Can be used for CNC Router or 3D Printer

Chinese Sculpture 3D STL Model Buddha Head Statue Free 3D model


STL Format Sculpture Model, Can be used for CNC Router or 3D Printer

Chinese Sculpture 3D STL Model Buddha in Heart Free 3D model


STL Format Sculpture Model, Can be used for CNC Router or 3D Printer

Buddha Free 3D print model


3D model of Buddha. OBJ,STL format. ...

Buddha : frame wall art : STL and SVG


beautiful Buddha frame images for reference only

Buddha Free 3D print model


Detailed 3d model of a apostle Buddha Statue. ...

B Buddha : Thai Buddha : Error Free - Statue Sculpture


( not my original design) Edited version of Thai Buddha and now it is Error Free very high quality Base is clear cut errors in the body fixed as well no support needed for printing







Buddha is peaceful Free 3D print model


Buddha is peaceful

Buddha happy jewelry Free 3D print model


Buddha happy jewelry

Buddha happy jewelry Free 3D print model


Buddha happy jewelry

Buddha Free low-poly 3D model


buddha fsadfdsafasfasdf safdsfasdfdfsadfdsafasfsadfsadfasdfafaf



stl,obj,rlf format. ...3d model of bas-relief,buddha. Follow me,you will get more free and cheap models. ...Best regards.



stl,rlf format.3d model of buddha with background of clouds texture. Follow me,you will get more free and cheap models. ... Best regards.



stl,rlf format.buddha 3d model with deep frame. Follow me,you will get more free and cheap models. ...Best regards.



stl format.3d model of buddha,bas-relief model. Follow me,you will get more free and cheap models. ...Best regards.



Buddha Footprint



The Buddha



Buddha model



just Buddha



sitting buddha



Buddha statue



buddha statuette



I scanned the decoraion Buddha of my gf with 3DF Zephyr free. Processed in MS 3dBuilder and sliced in Cura V4.9.1. You get the STL and the OBJ file if you want to change anything. ... I used black PLA filament but you can use what you want.



A happy Buddha.



Buddha damage recover



3D scan buddha



Buddha Thing for printing



Buddha by Leopoly. com

What to print on a 3D printer by March 8? 15 models for download - DFKit

A beautiful day on March 8 - a joyful moment for ladies and a difficult test for men. Each of us is familiar with the pre-holiday torment: how to impress relatives and friends of women? The answer is simple - the wonders of additive technologies.

In our age of consumerism, surprising a woman is no easier than taming a dragon. Jewelry or gadgets no longer arouse the soul of the chosen one, flowers are perceived as commonplace, and shampoos and soaps are easily given to friends for other holidays. An option that guarantees minimal security is to invest in a gift, albeit a small, but a drop of your own work. This task is easily solved with a 3D printer. Even if modeling is hard, don't worry - the global 3D community has already thought of everything for you. 3D modeling sites have millions of designer trinkets and really useful things that you can’t find in stores. Simply download and print. From male solidarity, we have selected the most interesting models.


Let's start with the foundation of any holiday - flowers. We understand that in Russian culture there is a certain prejudice towards artificial flowers, but just look at the photo. Can such a gift cause negative emotions? The author of the project experimented for a long time to make the hanging petals look neat, and he succeeded - the flowers look airy. In the link you will find similar instructions for 3D printing a model, including settings for the slicer.

Link to model and manual.


The solution to the first problem gives rise to the second: the flowers need a vase. It also does not have to be bought, but you can make it yourself. The invoice and the sizes can be absolutely any. For example, we liked the white curved PLA vase, the model of which we are happy to share with you.

Model reference.


From flowers we move on to decoration. Opening our hit parade of 3D printed accessories is a flexible bracelet. The ribbon will decorate any pen, and, importantly, will suit any wardrobe. To do this, just select the desired color of plastic. Surprise the lady before the party - print out the bracelet while she's getting ready. Believe me, you will have plenty of time.

Model reference.


Another good gift option is designer earrings. The ones shown in the photo come with a necklace, but they have the right to life without it. The stylish accessory is universal: it will suit both an evening dress and a casual blouse.

Model reference.


A plastic heart is a classic gift for a beginner 3D maker. But as advocates of a practical approach, we advise that the souvenir bring at least some practical benefit. The heart-reducer will not only express feelings, but also help the lady relieve stress. It is enough to twist the handle, and the elements will begin to move.

Model reference.


No, it's not wood. This is a 3D printed plastic hair clip. The author of this model had to work hard to get such a great color, but it was worth it. "Dragon" hairpin looks really defiant and stylish. Let your loved one feel like Daenerys Targaryen.

Model reference.

Candy box

The only gift where the 3D printer does not play any role. The shape of the box is not important, and the quality of the print, and even a lid is not needed. As you guessed, it's all about sweets. Give a sweet tooth a kilogram of her favorite sweets, and she will not pay attention to the layering of the box itself. If you decide to make a box in the shape of a heart, download the model from the link below.

Model reference.

Organizer for cosmetics

If your chosen one spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, don't get angry, but try to help her. She may not be able to find the right brush or pencil. Give her a 3D printed cosmetics organizer and she will easily understand makeup tools. We are sure that by doing this you will reduce the number of late dates.

Model reference.


Let's be honest, printed objects are rarely elegant. Layered surface, uneven sintering, flaking are not pleasing to the eye, give the models a sense of handicraft. The stylish butterfly pendant, of course, bears traces of 3D printing, but they only suit him. I can’t even believe that it was printed on 3D equipment, the texture and color are so well chosen. Download the model from the link and print. Just keep in mind - you need a 3D printer with two extruders.

Model reference.


An art object for the darling's bedroom — a 3D printed night light. Create a romantic atmosphere in the room thanks to spicy shadows. Of course, after 3D printing, it will be necessary to stretch the wire and insert the base, but for a real gentleman, this will not be difficult.

Model reference.


A needlewoman will be delighted with 3D printed thimbles. With the help of modeling, they can be made purely individual, of any color and for each finger. In the example at the link, there is an accessory the height of a pan. It's hard to imagine who will like a huge thimble, but what if size matters?

Model reference.


Giving rings to your girlfriend should be done with care. It is not known how far she will go in her thoughts and plans. But if you are deprived of such prejudices, feel free to download the ring model. An accessory made of “wooden” filament at the output is indistinguishable from the craft rings of craftsmen.

Model reference.

Wine glass holder

When the lady wants to soak in the bath, provide her with an increased level of comfort. And what could be nicer than relaxing in warm foamy water with a glass of wine? Only that it does not need to be held in hand. 3D print a coaster for a glass and give it to her for the holiday along with a bottle of her favorite wine.

Model reference.


None of her friends will have such shoes. Measuring sandals, printing on the foot and inserting a ribbon - not so much action for an unforgettable gift, is it? Download the model faster and turn on the 3D printer, it will take a lot of filament.

Model reference.

Jewelery tree

Jewelery storage option - plastic tree. Instead of hiding valuables in dark corners, the girl will be able to admire treasures every day and choose what to wear today. After 3D printing, the duties of a man do not end - it is in his power to constantly add leaves to the miracle tree.

Model reference.

typical problems and solutions

Three-dimensional printers are gradually flooding the world. Until a few years ago, designers and engineers would queue up for weeks to print their creations on such a device. And now anyone can create literally anything with a 3D printer. And today we will tell you about 10 most unusual things created by three-dimensional printing .

Designer shoe collection

In the summer of 2013, designer Janne Kyttanen printed an entire . Moreover, she posted software on the Internet so that any woman could print out a new pair of shoes almost every day.

The software allows ladies to customize shoes to fit any foot shape. So the painful process of choosing beautiful and comfortable shoes ceases to be relevant - in the future, each pair will become one.

Liberator pistol

The world's security system can be completely destroyed thanks to 3D printers. Indeed, quite real and functional copies of firearms printed on such devices have already begun to appear.

An example is the 9x17mm cartridge (.380 ACP according to American labeling). Of course, these firearms have a lot of misfires, nevertheless, they are quite real and potentially dangerous.

The horror is that such a gun can be printed on almost any three-dimensional printer - it is assembled from several plastic parts and individual metal elements. And the company that developed the Liberator posted instructions for its production on the Global Web.


3D printed prostheses for injured people and animals are gaining popularity. After all, it turned out that such products can be manufactured much easier, faster and cheaper on such devices than by the factory production method.

An example of this is the false teeth developed by a medical team at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. It was printed from plastic, steel, wax, silver, nylon, polycarbonate, steel, and photopolymers. The first owner of such a prosthesis was an 83-year-old woman with a destroyed by age and diseases of the lower jaw.

Aircraft model

A team of enthusiasts from the University of Virginia 3D printed a copy of the aircraft. Of course, it has dimensions several times smaller than the original, but this device can really rise into the air and fly there, being remotely controlled.

This replica aircraft has a wingspan of 2 meters and can fly at speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour.

Concert Flute

MIT engineer Amit Zoran has 3D printed a replica of the famous Objet Connex500 flute that is so good you could even play with it at symphony orchestra concerts.

The Objet Connex500 flute printed on the printer consists of four parts, and in the process of its creation, human participation is necessary only when assembling the elements that come out of the printing device.

Facial prosthesis

Surprisingly, with the help of a three-dimensional printer, it is possible to print not only prostheses of individual bones and organs, but even faces. Of course, it will not be a movable and fully functional part of the head, but a printed element can cover a terrible wound left from an illness or injury.

An example is the story of Australian Eric Mauger, who had a tumor the size of a tennis ball removed from his face by doctors. And in order to cover the wound formed after the operation, a “patch” was printed on a 3D printer for the patient, repeating all the subtleties of Eric’s lost appearance.

Dress for Dita Von Teese

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese appeared in public in the spring of 2013 in an extravagant 3D printed dress. The author of this outfit was designer Michael Schmidt, and the product itself consists of seventeen different elements. Put together, they turn into a chic dress that perfectly fits the figure of a celebrity.

Three-dimensional dresses have the same advantages as shoes printed on a 3D printer - the same style can be adjusted to any figure and height before printing using a computer.

An American engineer named Jim Kor has 3D printed two models of a car called the Urbee in the last three years. Of course, only the body of the car was created in such an unusual way - the suspension and the engine were made separately in the traditional way from metal.

The Urbee 2 electric car can travel up to 65 kilometers per hour and has a 10 horsepower motor.

Animal lights

Hunters like to decorate the walls of their dwellings with carved heads of animals they have killed while hunting. And the design studio Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jacques has found a way to create such interior elements without unnecessary cruelty and generally death. They created a collection in the form of heads of different animals - a deer, an elephant and a bear.

It's interesting that these delicate openwork lamps were printed by designers from white polyamide using a 3D printer.

The project called InMoov was started in 2012 by French fashion designer, sculptor and engineer Gael Langevin. He wanted to create a robot that would be a visual copy of himself. At the same time, the best way to achieve this goal, in his opinion, is to print the necessary elements using a three-dimensional printer.

Now InMoov is an international project with hundreds of people from all over the world working on it. Gael Langevin opened the program code and technical documentation of his robot, posted it all on the Internet and invited everyone to take part in the further development of the android.

As a result, InMoov turns into a universal robot, on which different groups of researchers work out technical innovations in many areas of applied science, including prosthetics.

Hello everyone, my dears! Just yesterday, I realized such a thing that many of my readers are very poorly versed in computers. That is, I’m talking here about how to make money using the Internet, about some cool services for saving money on travel, but it’s all like a wall of peas, because computers are a dark forest for some of my guests.

So today I decided to correct this omission and start with a very detailed story about how to type text on a computer. So...

In this article:

1. Program for working with text

There are special programs for creating a text electronic document. It is they that allow you to print the text, that is, create a document layout in electronic form, which can then be printed on a computer or dropped onto a USB flash drive.

There are a huge number of such programs, but there are only a few of the most popular ones.

1 - Microsoft Office Word
2 - WordPad
3 - Writer (rarely used, must be installed separately).

2. How to find the right program on your computer

I know from my family that the most difficult thing for a beginner at the first stage is to find and open these programs.

To accomplish this task, you must have an idea of ​​what the program icons look like. Most often it is a document icon with the letter W , or as in the latter case - with the letter A (as the WordPad program is designated):

Look carefully at the desktop and the toolbar below, programs can be placed in a prominent place, like on my desktop (by the way, here it is, don't be scared):

If you did not find anything, then try the second method:

1 - launch the panel Start or just click on the round icon in the lower left corner, a menu will open.

In it you need to find a field for searching files, I have it called Find programs and files :

Enter the name of the program you are looking for in this field. For example, I enter the word Word and get Microsoft Office Word programs:

If I enter the word WordPad, it will find this program for me:

a working window in which you can create a document: print text, edit it and save it.


Working with a document and editing text

So, in front of you is the workspace, the so-called blank sheet. It is here that you can type text, edit it as you please.

Usually beginners at the sight of this sheet and a huge number of buttons are lost and do not know what to do. Most of all, the keyboard causes an explosion of the brain: it is not clear where and what to press.

So, there is no need to be afraid of this, you will definitely be able to figure it out. To do this, just watch this informative video, everything is very simple and the main features of the program are explained in detail.

Be sure to watch this informative video from beginning to end, while not forgetting to repeat all the actions after the presenter. This will take you a giant step towards learning text editors.

Then you will only have to practice, and then you will be able to navigate literally in any text programs, since they are all arranged in approximately the same way.

4. How to save text

Once you have created your document, you can save it. To do this, find in the upper left corner the button that calls up the menu, and in this menu select Save as and any suitable format, such as Word Document :

A window will appear where you can choose:

  1. where to save the file (I usually choose Desktop,
  2. how to name the file (enter any suitable name),
  3. and the file format (I don't change it, I leave it by default).

Done! This file will now appear on the desktop of your computer.

You can do anything with this document. For example, throw it on a USB flash drive, send it by e-mail, open it for further editing, or delete it.

By the way, if you are working on a large document, I recommend that you make intermediate saves. And the more often, the better.

5. How to transfer a text file to a flash drive

It's very simple.

1. Insert the flash drive into the computer.

2. On your desktop, search for and open My computer (or simply Computer ).

3. Removable Disk should appear in the window that opens , click on it 2 times:

An empty window will open for us, which we will leave for now:

4. Now find our text file, we saved it in the previous paragraph on the desktop. Click on it with the RIGHT mouse button, and in the menu that appears, select Copy :

5. Now go back to the removable disk that we just opened in step 3, click on the free field with the RIGHT mouse button and select Paste:

The document will be copied and appear in this field:

That's it, now the flash drive can be removed from the computer.

6. How to print a document on a printer

Let's say you have a printer already connected to your computer and set up properly. I will not talk about connecting the printer and settings now, since this is a topic for a separate article.

But if you already have everything set up, you can print a document in just 2 clicks. But first, make sure the printer is turned on and that it has the required amount of paper.

1. Open the document you want to print:

2 . Find and open the menu in the upper left corner and select Print, and then again Print :

You will see a window with a bunch of settings, but don't be afraid of them, they are all quite simple.

Here you can select the printer if you have more than one, the number of copies of the document, paper size, print color, and so on.

But if you don't need any specific settings, you can leave everything as default and just click OK.

The printer starts printing and you receive your document. By the way, in this way you can print not only a text document, but also other files, the scheme will be the same.

7. Become “YOU” with a computer and improve life

Not having a common language with a computer today is a big problem. If 5 years ago it was forgivable not to be able to work with technology, today it turns into a huge obstacle for every beginner. This is because almost any profession today in one way or another comes into contact with a computer.

When I worked at a large military enterprise, we installed a new version of the design program. It didn't cause any problems for me, just a new shell.

This can be compared to the updated packaging of my favorite sweets: I didn't stop buying less of them, but simply was able to quickly adapt to the new wrapper.

But for many employees it was literally a disaster, so much they depended on the interface of the program, and their brains so desperately resisted everything new. As a result, they were even trained to work in the new interface.

Today is not the best time for Russian companies, and I don't even have to guess who will be laid off first. ..

And quite the opposite example is also from real life.

The engineer has more than 40 years of experience, is constantly developing and mastering not only the computer, but also all modern engineering programs. They do not want to let such a specialist go, he is needed, in demand and speaks the same language with young subordinates.

This is just one example. Now think about how many opportunities the ability to use a computer to earn money remotely via the Internet opens up. Even after learning how to use a text editor, you can write .

Today, being with a computer is already a necessity. No matter where you will study, today there is a huge amount of useful materials, courses, schools on the Internet.

I will end with this. I hope that the article was useful for you, helped you understand the main points. Move forward, improve, be better. And that's all for today, thank you for your attention and bye!

On the website of one of the most famous manufacturers of products for 3D printing, MakerBot, the work of gadgets is illustrated by the production of garden gnomes, and on the main page of the Shapeways 3D design library live not printed gadgets or at least guns, but cats. However, the possibilities of technology, which some call the root cause of the coming industrial revolution, do not stop there. Look At Me has collected models of 8 really interesting items that can be printed on a 3D printer.

1 Lens

The lens is not the easiest thing to 3D print, but at the same time effective and cheap to manufacture. Acrylic is used to print the lens itself, which is why the pictures (you can see them here) are not of very high quality - but for amateur opportunities this is still an outstanding result; however, the lens still has to be polished by hand. The lens can be customized to fit any camera.

2 Loom

Although obsolete, but useful in light of the general passion for manual labor, this particular printed loom is much inferior to the wooden one in terms of parameters - but it is quite suitable as a hobby. The author of the project complains that the machine took a lot of plastic and time; despite his conviction that there would be no more willing to try, almost one and a half thousand people became interested in the project. Warning: the author of the model did not bother to create instructions.

3 Table lamp

One of the most popular items in the MakerBot library is a table lamp with an extremely simple assembly scheme: you just need to print out all the parts and connect them together, and then put on the light bulb. The authors and users of the resource promptly respond to all complex cases and problems in the comments. The only negative is the small size of the lamp - although they can be explained by saving plastic, they make the lamp not very convenient to use.

4 Wall clock

A rare occurrence among the majority pretty ugly - let's admit it - printed objects: the author of the project took care of the appearance of the model, even giving it an external resemblance to the dashboard (dashboard) in Mac OS X. However, it will not be possible to print the clock mechanism - the author himself uses parts from Quartex. It is also interesting that this watch is a modest example of how you can make money on 3D printing: it is successfully sold on Etsy, like many other things printed by the same author.

5 Anemometer

how a 3D printer can be used to modify familiar and boring things - in this case, a bicycle computer was turned into a wind meter, forcing it to count not wheel revolutions, but revolutions of a propeller printed from plastic. Like most projects, the device is small in size - all spare parts fit on a banknote.

6 Enclosure for Atari 2600

Outlet for everyone who is sorry to throw away old cartridges from Atari 2600 - a full-fledged replacement for a failed case can be printed on a 3D printer. To do this, you need a fair amount of material, a printed circuit board and just one nail, which will connect all the parts together. According to the author of the model, the project appeared back in 2002, but before the appearance of the MakerBot Replicator, production was difficult.

7 Headphones

The problem is not the easiest assembly The author of the project solved headphones with detailed instructions with links to sites where you can buy spare parts that cannot be printed - which is quite a rarity among developers. It is impossible not to note the pedantry of the author, who even indicated how much time it would take to produce each individual part, to the nearest minute.

8 Robotic chandelier

Fantasy lamp (aka robotic arm), which can change position depending on the needs of the user - it will take a lot of effort, time and attention, but it seems to be worth it. You can verify this by seeing it in action. Despite the fact that the author of the project avoids any social networks in every possible way, except for the library of Thingverse models, YouTube and the site with instructions Instructables, he willingly answers questions and comments in the comments to the project.

The Dream of Reason, or Myths about the “Ancient Ukrainians”

“When the mind sleeps, fantasy creates monsters in dreams”
Francisco Goya

The project “Ukraine” was originally created by the West to separate a significant part of it from the Russian people , direct it to fight the rest of the Russians. In order to lead millions of people of the state formation with the name of the Republic of Ukraine, it is necessary to deprive these people of historical memory and the ability to think critically. The transformation of the population into mankurts is occupied by higher and secondary educational institutions of the “nezalezhnaya”. It is here that the cadres of Russophobes are forged. Here, the indoctrination of the population of "Nenka" is carried out, but real knowledge cannot be obtained here. People with the necessary knowledge base are able to resist the effects of lies, and the illiterate population is easy to manipulate. That is why illiteracy is cultivated on the territory of historical Little Russia. The population of "Nenka" does not know the past of their region, the Kyiv media do not convey truthful information about events in the world to the population - in fact, millions of people of "Nenka" live in a fictional, non-existent world. Over time, millions of mankurts can be sent on a campaign to the Kuban in order to "liberate it from the yoke of Muscovy."

Only people living in an illusory world are able to bawl in the central square of Kyiv: “Glory to Nenka! Glory to the heroes! Death to Muscovites! Only people who have lost the ability to distinguish truth from lies are capable of jumping for hours with a wild chant for free cookies: "Who does not jump is a Muscovite." People who have lost touch with the real world are unable to think logically and critically evaluate their actions.

Thus, Kyiv singer Ruslana urged the population of "Nenka" to "take trousers." On the 112 RU TV channel, she explained her call as follows: “We are a land much deeper, much more historical, much more interesting, authentic, much more exotic. Our roots speak of ancient cultures and civilizations. A country (“Nenka” is a country? - Author), which had Scythians, Sarmatians, Tripoli, Sumerians, and we would compete with Egypt every day in terms of property. And we use the references that the USSR once imposed on us, and perceive ourselves as a remnant of “Soviet Ukraine”. "Barers" is conditional, not literally, when we do not know our authentic culture and use pseudo-folk art, which we have simply been replaced with. They replaced it with the songs that they wrote, with the movements that they imposed. They said: "Here you are Ukrainians, and perceive yourself that way. Here is your stencil and there is nothing to climb further." And we are a nation (!!!), a country with a fantastic (!!!) culture. I encourage everyone to study themselves. It gives you the kind of inspiration that you never dreamed of." It turns out that TO INVENT THE HISTORY OF YOUR REGION, INSPIRATION IS NECESSARY!

It was under the influence of “inspiration that you never dreamed of” that Kvasiv E. was able to say: “The Black Sea appeared artificially thanks to the talent and labor of the ancient Ukrainians. In ancient times, when our compatriots returned home from distant wanderings and talked about large expanses of water in foreign lands, it was decided to create a sea for themselves ... And why not? .. As a result of the heroic work of more than one generation of your ancestors, it was dug a huge lake. Another evidence is the accumulation of hydrogen sulfide in the lower layers of this reservoir, which is explained by its intensive use for washing and bathing our glorious ancestors ”[Kvasiv E. The history of ukrov from the cradle to the present day. - Kyiv, Prosvita, 2006]. In writing this nonsense, the emphasis is on influencing the feelings of the reader. I am sure that Kvasiv himself, having written these lines, shed tears from the excess of feelings that flooded over him.

"Gidni ukry" believe that Gogol was kidnapped by the "Muscovites" and transported by them to St. Petersburg, "the Muscovites knew him." They believe that Gogol wrote the second volume of "Dead Souls" in "movie", however, the enemies forced him to burn the manuscript of the second volume of this immortal work, they believe that, unable to withstand the bullying of himself, Gogol died, cursing "Moskovshchina" and "tsarat ".

Myths that distort the image of the past of historical Little Russia were created by Kyiv and Lvov "scientists" only in order to incite hatred for the Russian Federation. “Svidomo” believe that it was the “ancient Ukrainians” who introduced the “unwashed moxels” to civilization, for which the “moxels” repaid them with terrible ingratitude: they, having multiplied, tried to enslave the glorious “ukrs”.
Kyiv and Lvov "historians" agreed to consider Attila "ancient ukr". Some of them are trying to prove that this ruler was actually called GATYLO. The Goths, the Huns, and the Germans obeyed him...

Falsifiers of history from Kyiv and Lvov claim that Jesus Christ was an "ancient Ukrainian" and spoke "Mov". "Svidomye" are also sure that the holy apostles were also "ancient Ukrainians", except for Judas, who, in their opinion, was an "ancient moxel".
The Kyiv intelligentsia is sure that "Nenka" BC was a granary for the whole world along with Ancient Egypt. Doctor of Historical Sciences Dmitry Bely stated this in an interview with the Kyiv media: “I assure you that Europe is in a certain sense afraid (!!!) of our side. From the second millennium BC, Nenka was the breadbasket for the entire Oikumene along with Egypt. If we really develop our capabilities, we will be a colossal competitor to European manufacturers, ”says a “Svidomo” researcher of the past.
“When I start giving lectures on Nenka's history, at the first lecture I say that the biggest mystery in Nenka's history is how we managed to survive the last two thousand years. Historian Yaroslav Gritsak draws such an analogy. Nenka, he says, is like a bumblebee - according to all the laws of aerodynamics, he cannot fly, but, nevertheless, he flies. Something like this with us, ukrov,” added Bely and shed a tear.
In 2008-09, Professor V. Bebik from the pages of the parliamentary newspaper repeatedly shared striking observations about ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the ethnic origin of Jesus Christ: Bird "... Judging by the images on the Egyptian pyramids (the burial of the wife of Pharaoh Cheops and his mother Hetepheres, the burial of Tutankhamun), the Egyptian queens at that time were blondes with blue eyes. In addition, it should be noted that a trident is found there in considerable quantities (now - the small State Emblem of Nenka). Buddha, according to V. Bebik, was also an "ancient ukr".
We must not lose hope that the population of "Nenka" will soon realize that the ideology of "Ukrainianism" leads millions of people to shame and death. It will reject the myths generated by the twilight consciousness of pseudo-scientists.

Three-dimensional technologies, firmly entrenched in our lives, do not stand still. Printing on a 3d printer has become almost a mass phenomenon and the continues to expand its scope. What can be printed on a 3d printer?

The 3D printer has entered our lives so deeply that it is used today in almost all areas of human life, from medicine to jewelry.

3D printing applications

3D printing is a process of layer-by-layer manufacturing (building up) of an object based on its built-up three-dimensional model from the following materials - plastic, photopolymer, gypsum, metal, paper and others.

Availability of 3D printing allows experimentation in the construction and architectural field, in small-scale production, education, medicine, printing, advertising and jewelry.

The following main areas of application for 3d printing can be distinguished:

Architecture and construction . With the help of a 3D printer, architectural models of buildings of almost any level of complexity are created. Such layouts clearly demonstrate the object of architecture and present it to the customer in the most profitable way. Ready-made models of houses and structures are also quite popular due to their low cost.

Medicine . Printing on a 3D printer has taken modern medicine one step further and allows saving human lives. With the help of a 3D printer, dental crowns, prostheses, an artificial kidney, joints, skin cells, human organs and tissues are printed.

Creation of a prototype for a new product, the production of which is planned to be launched, in order to present it to the customer and finalize the form. Manufacture of parts of mechanisms - reconstruction of lost or broken parts. Prototype printing, which creates a silicone mold for casting small batches of products.

Cinema . Three-dimensional objects printed by the film industry are much more realistic and economical than computer graphics and real decor - antiques, jewelry, cars, interior decorations, etc.

Today, new models of clothes for high fashion are made on a 3D printer - dresses, fur coats, shirts. In addition, three-dimensional printing allows you to make completely unusual models of shoes from polyurethane, plastic and rubber.

It is now possible to make a trial layout of a package and a bottle on a 3D printer. Such layouts can be colored and retain all design elements - barcode, label, trademark, etc.

When creating jewelry, the most time-consuming process is the manufacture of a wax prototype, today a wax model of a future jewelry item can be grown using 3D printing.

Decor and bijouterie .

Manufacture of souvenirs, toys and accessories .

What can be printed on a 3d printer?

Printing on a 3d printer is a revolutionary technology that has become an integral part of the field of science and technology. In addition to the already listed areas of application, the 3d printer is used in the most unexpected industries.

We present to your attention the masterpieces of modern 3D printing.


You can print sweets on a 3D printer in any quantity, in white or color, and you can also give them different flavors - mint, vanilla, fruit flavors.


Design company Emerging Objects has released futuristic 3D printed furniture; - a bench made of a mixture of cement and a lamp made of natural salt.

A line of so-called ODD guitars was released in New Zealand. In addition, an "artificial" violin and a real acoustic guitar have already been created.

SLR camera

Leo Marius has developed a technology for the production of a SLR camera, now you can download files and print your own camera on a 3D printer.


The Urbee 2 is made up of 50 3D printed parts.


Cody Wilson 3D printed a real 3D weapon - the Liberator pistol.

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