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Initiative Tracker


Path Finder Initiative Tracker

Initiative Tracker


Both the tracker itself and the turn indicator can be printed with no supports — standing upright for the tracker and with the point pointing upwards for the indicator — although depending on how good your bed adhesion is you might want to add a...

Initiative Tracker


https://www. kickstarter.com/projects/initiativerod/the-legendary-rod-of-initiative?fbclid=IwAR3FuIObaam5Kzuqh5rOw0pL7A6ozubSe9rJ1gClFkeyWXARE7rqXNNkygk More realistically, this item is much, much more similar to...

Chris Initiative Tracker


Chris Initiative Tracker.

Blank Pathfinder Initiative Tracker


Blank pathfinder initiative tracker.

Monster Initiative Tracker (Pathfinder)


Monster Pathfinder initiative tracker.

Numbered Initiative Tracker Remix


Numbered trackers for NPCs. ...Remixed from thelukec!

Pathfinder Monster Initiative Tracker


Pathfinder monster initiative tracker. ...Updated for improved printing and better fitting with condition markers.

Custom Pathfinder Initiative Tracker


Pathfinder initiative tracker. ...Slot allows for custom name written on paper to be inserted.

Pathfinder Blank Initiative Tracker


Pathfinder blank initiative tracker. ...Updated for better fit with condition markers and improved printing.

Initiative Tracker for DnD


This is a blank initiative tracker compatible with the standard 5th edition DM screen. ... Customize the model how you see fit or write on them to distinguish them.

D&D Initiative Tracker


Print your character(s) image (see dimensions and quantity below), cut, and slide into the initiative tracker. On an initiative roll, the DM puts the trackers in the correct order for the group to see (DM's, please not that the order will be in the...

Tabletop Gaming Initiative Tracker


Simple Initiative Tracker that allows you to glue a small portrait in place. These can be lined up on the DM screen so everyone can see the turn order. If you put your picture in an Oval that is 25mm x 39mm it should fit perfectly inside of the...

D&D Initiative Tracker


These D&D Initiative trackers hang nicely on the top of you DM screen. ...Even though the aren't all in the photos, there is a model for every class.

Initiative tracker without supports


remix from DrLeFonque's initiative tracker. it loads the picture from the side instead of the top. ...can be printed without support, as long as your printer can handle some bridging.

Banner-Style Initiative Tracker


Banners and stands to create an initiative tracker for tabletop RPGing. You'll need to add a 4mm diameter X 300mm long rod to complete the setup. ...You can use a longer rod if you need to use more banners.

Dungeon Master Initiative Tracker


This is an initiative tracker I made. Print them out, toss them on the official dungeon master screen. It fits fine. Takes a small piece of paper. ... I added the slot in the top to stick some flags, I'll make some later.

TTD Initiative Tracker


Easy snap together Init Tracker. There is a hole down the middle if you'd like to use a metal rod as well. ...If you use a piece of all thread you should be able to screw the topper on it if printed in pla or petg

D&D Initiative Tracker


If you like this design you should check out my others at https://cults3d.com/en/users/Jinja/creations Idea for DM: You can place a different picture on each side of the tracker. One could be a silhouette of the creature with ??? as the title. The...

Banner Initiative Tracker


... with the Paladin example. I also made some different clips to make it possible to use these initiative trackers with the DM screen from thsturgill https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2769923 If you have questions, remarks, etc. ...Please let me know

Initiative Tracker - Initiativenanzeiger


Initiative Tracker for D&D. 2 variants for you! One with 4mm gap and one with 3mm. (3mm should be enough to put it on the DM screen, but I printed 4mm to scratch the screen under no circumstances. ) The trackers are kept neutral with the D&D...

DND Initiative tracker


This DND initiative tracker includes a couple small magnets to hold the top indicator instead just pressure. It is based on this coold design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4130591 by https://www.thingiverse.com/unsoluble You can use small...

RPG Nameplate Initiative Tracker


Created in Tinkercad: I needed a better solution as an initiative tracker. Here is my solution based on the concept of a desk nameplate. The design allows the DM/GM to insert a standard poker sized card in the slot provided. This gives me the...

Modular Initiative Tracker


Modular initiative tracker that is a joy to use. It has a satisfying magnetic snap when placing character order and communicates initiative order clearly. It is designed to mount to the standard dungeon and dragon DM screen. Once you are up...

Tree's Initiative Tracker


Tree's Initiative Tracker ### No Supports! My design for an Initiative Tracker for D&D. Made to fit on top of the standard DM Screen. Differently to a lot of other designs, this will not cover any of the useful information that is written on the. ..

Initiative tracker clip


Une pince permettant de tracker l'initiative lors des combats en placant les cartes de personnages ou de monstre sur un ecran. Permettant egalement au maitre du jeu d'avoir les caracteristiques des monstres sous les yeux. A noter que l'ecartement...

Shadowrun 5 Initiative Tracker


I did not yet include the connector to close the box up, as I am not yet fully content with having two kinds of connectors (one for connecting the two main parts to use it as tracker, one kind to close the two parts up into a box) and will be looking. ..

D&D Initiative tracker


This is my 3D printed initiative tracker for the game "Dungeons and Dragons". In combat, you have to remember the order in which people act and this column lets you insert representative coloured pieces in a simple row. The tiles can be painted to a...

Banner Initiative Tracker


After a testprint I added a pole on top to make it possible to track if the characters have a concentration spell active. I also made 4 different monster initiative trackers, where I remixed some awesome creations. The clips have indicators on the...

Monster eye Initiative tracker


I made these to use as a monster tracker in initiative for my D&D games they print sideways so they are supportless for the 2 inch version ( which i use for bosses) i got them here. ..

Best Dungeons and Dragons Models for 3D Printing

Many people from all over the world are in love with miniature wargames and tabletop role-playing games. Dungeons & Dragons combine both types in the fantasy genre and have an army of fans. If you also love this game and are in search for things to 3D print for D&D, Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace is happy to share some of the most inspiring Dungeons and Dragons models you can bring to life on a 3D printer.

Surely, you can play D&D with a nickel that replaces multiple characters. But it is more exciting to use exclusive Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed characters and turn fictional D&D miniatures into real objects that wow with their realism and share a true wargame spirit.

D&D Fantasy World

D&D exists since 1974. The original game became a foundation for many new versions, updates and fantasy worlds which is possible because of the simple game setup. The adventures are set by DM (Dungeon Master who is like a storyteller) and accomplished by players. The DM suggest the challenges, and players are forced to battle and complete quests.

Dungeons and Dragons is not a one-day game. It can last for months, and players can develop their characters, gain new experience, learn new skills, pick up loot, etc. Thus, 3D printed D&D terrain, dungeons, castles, tokens, various miniatures and characters become a valuable part of the game, its background and equipment, useful items and spells, enemies and supporters.

Dungeons and Dragons Models

The game suggests the 12 basic classes of characters, such as wizards, warlocks, monks, fighters, bards, rogues, sorcerers, druids, barbarians, paladins, rangers and clerics. There are also several hundreds of monsters and fantasy creatures such as gnomes, half-orcs, elves, Dragonborn and humans. Besides, the D&D rules keep developing and extending beyond the world of Dungeons and Dragons, crossing with other famous universes such as Lord of the Rings, Dark Souls and Naruto, and growing with the fan-art and canon D&D artwork.

It is entirely up to you which things to 3D print for D&D as long as you read the Player’s Handbook and follow the basic rules of the game. Below you will find a list of Dungeons and Dragons models for 3D printing that can make your gameplay more remarkable and thrilling.

D&D Terrain 3D Print Files

The terrain sets the emotional background of the game. Thus, gamers who are in love with a mysterious and adventurous atmosphere of Dungeons and Dragons often search for high-quality D&D terrain 3D print files. Use your fantasy while searching for the best 3D printing pieces or 3D design your own medieval-style castles, brick walls, old pavements and fortresses.

Thanks to a big D&D online society and true fans of the game, you can find impressive 3D printed D&D terrain STL files and build your scenery on a 3D printer at home as Markus did. Also known as @dndcrafting, Markus is a talented Dungeon Master who loves to 3D print beautiful terrains:

Maker: @dndcrafting (instagram)

Some fans love to create giant dioramas that feature everything a D&D player needs. Ryan Devoto is one of such makers, and his 3D printed D&D terrain impresses with its scale. Even to explore every detail and corner of such scenery can take you hours and hours in a row:

Ryan Devoto’s masterpiece

What can you say about playing in such surroundings?

Here is a stunning example of 3D printed D&D terrain featuring tavern and bandit camp:

Maker: honorablethief (imgur)

These are 3D printable tiles for Dungeons and Dragons and similar tabletop games:

D&D tiles for 3D printing

And this 3D printed dungeon by Reddit user Pseudo_Prodigal_Son is also fantastic:

Maker: Pseudo_Prodigal_Son (reddit)

Your dungeon can be built as a modular system like this 3D printed scene that was based on Fat Dragons Games Dragon Lock 3D printing models and made by user tk32:

Maker: tk32

Your 3D printed D&D map can also look similar to this project made by ShinyGeek:

Maker: ShinyGeek (imgur)

You can download D&D terrain 3D print files to build the medieval cathedral, towers, gates, houses and other stunning miniatures. For example, these moving gates for Dungeon and Dragons look stunning:

Image: Alex OIK (MyMiniFactory)

Here is a brilliant example of a medieval village and cottage that can be a tremendous D&D terrain:

Medieval village model. Image: Hugo Vilandré (Thingiverse)3D printing cottage model. Image: Arian Croft (Thingiverse)

Even a 3D printed ship can become your playable terrain:

3D printing ship model. Image: Tecwyn LEE (Thingiverse)

Fantastic 3D printed 28mm stalagmites can decorate your background as well:

Stalagmites for 3D printing. Image: Ryan Beasecker (Thingiverse)

You can always find more D&D terrain 3D print files on the numerous www-resources and build beautiful D&D terrain with the medieval atmosphere which spirit runs through your veins and heart.

D&D Dragon 3D Print

Even though the maps and terrain remind of medieval times in Dungeons and Dragons game, its scenes feature many fantasy creatures. And dragons are among the list of figurines you might like to 3D print once you build the villages and towns.

You can start your collection with impressive creatures from The Lost Dragons series or 3D models designed for tabletop games such as D&D. One Kickstarter project offers a whole bunch of various dragons, monsters and characters which you can 3D print as fantastic miniatures for yourself:

D&D models for 3D printing

You can also imagine the dangerous Deathwing ruining one of the D&D castles. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers Deathwing STL files, and even though this mighty dragon is a big statue, some talented hobbyists manage to downscale the model without losing all the impressive details.

Here is a stunning example of the Deathwing diorama in its mighty size:

Maker: Annie Moberg

The same thing can be said about Viserion Ice dragon for 3D printing and Smaug dragon model. Both figurines become stunning 3D prints and might be hypothetically added to the D&D scene as miniatures.

Maker: Aelia Petro

Or you can 3D print a red dragon miniature by Miguel Zavala for your D&D game, which can be painted into any other colour as well:

Maker: Miguel Zavala (MyMiniFactory)

This black dragon 3D printing figurine by Miguel Zavala also looks like a well-fitting miniature for the D&D tabletop world:

Maker: Stephanie Muringer (MyMiniFactory)

Here is another 3D printing dragon with a rider for D&D world:

Image: Nathan Lambes (Thingiverse)

And here come even more fantastic dragons for 3D printing to enjoy:

Images: Thingiverse

3D Printed D&D Tokens, Dice, Coins

Every tabletop game requires dice, tokens, coins and other accessories that make the storytelling a real adventure and turn the regular room into a fantasy world. D&D is not an exception to the rule. This famous miniature wargame requires many essential miniature pieces without which the game can be dull.

For example, you will need 3D printed D&D tokens once you choose to create your Dungeons and Dragons gameplay pieces on a 3D printer. Luckily, many fans of the game share their STL files of 3D printing tokens like these beast tokens which you can turn into life:

Image: Jim Rodda (MyMiniFactory)

These are numbered D&D tokens which you can 3D print for your gameplay:

Images: Patrick Leedom (Thingiverse)

You can download class D&D tokens STL files that cover all 12 basic classes of characters that exist in the game:

Image: Joseph Beaudoin (Thingiverse)

It is also possible to 3D print D&D initiative tracker and to build a spell slot tracker:

Images: MyMiniFactory

Fans of skull designs can 3D print unique enemy counter for your Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game:

Image: Tom Price (MyMiniFactory)

Coins are also a part of the game. So, make sure to 3D print various coins for your D&D world. These are some examples of Dungeons and Dragons models you can find on the internet:

Images: MyMiniFactory

A set of Dungeons and Dragons dice models (D4 to D20) and a dice case box are also a valuable addition to your collection of 3D printed D&D miniatures:

Images: MyMiniFactory

To roll your dice, you can 3D print a fantastic D&D Dice Tower model. This project offers two paths. Your dice can be rolled through the tower’s top. If you are using just one die, you can move it through the channel in the model’s balcony:

Image: Emma Simo (Thingiverse)

If you need a life counter, only 3D print it:

Image: Markus Kothe (Thingiverse)

D&D Miniatures 3D Print Files

There is a big list of possible Dungeons and Dragons 3D print miniatures. And you can make them all if you have enough free time and a big desire to recreate a unique world of D&D with Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed characters, monsters and other miniatures.

When thinking about the best D&D miniatures 3D print files, one should recollect a real fan of the game, 3D designer Miguel Zavala. This hobbyist is so much in love with Dungeons and Dragons that he keeps adding more and more D&D miniatures STL files to help others print fantastic figurines for the game.

Take advantage of the D&D miniatures for 3D printing created by Miguel Zavala. Many of his impressive 3D printing figurines and models come with free STL files:

Maker: Miguel Zavala (@mz4250 on instagram)

The collection of D&D miniatures designed by Miguel Zavala already exceeds 1,900 projects!

Also, keep in mind the various monsters’ 3D printing miniatures you might like to make on a 3D printer:

Chest monster, Basilisk, Carrion Crawler, Beholder, Behir and Black Leech. Images: Thingiverse

Dungeons and Dragons 3D Printed Character

Every player needs characters to act according to the storytelling set up by the Dungeon Master. Here is a D&D character starter set you can 3D print for your gameplay:

Image: William Chamberlin (Thingiverse)

If you enjoy the D&D artwork created by Arian Croft, you will love the D&D miniatures 3D print files shared by Efgar. The 3D printing set includes several characters such as wizards, barbarian, bard, monk, ranger, dwarfs, warlock, paladin, cleric, etc.:

Image: Edgar Garcia (Efgar, Thingiverse)

Women who play Dungeons and Dragons with their men might like to choose a female warrior as their 3D printed character. Here is an example of a 3D printing woman warrior miniature for your D&D collection:

Image: Leo Verde Art (MyMiniFactory)

It is easy to build a real orc horde and paint your D&D miniatures any colour you like:

Image: William Chamberlin (Thingiverse)

You can even design your own Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed character. Just use the basic form, add changes and download your STL files to 3D print the figurine.

3D printing Dungeons and Dragons miniatures

Other Things to 3D Print for D&D

If you wish to focus on gaming and D&D story, you can print various accessories that add more intricate details to your adventures.

Begin with 3D printing D&D logo/stencil which can decorate your terrain:

Image: 614 Creations (MyMiniFactory)

A set of D&D condition rings can help you track your gameplay once these pieces are 3D printed:

Image: JINJA (Cults)

With a 3D printer, you can even make a case to keep all your condition rings used for playing Dungeons and Dragons:

Image: Brittney Duke (Thingiverse)

You can recreate a set of D&D ampersand keychain and turn these projects into 3D printed gifts for your friends:

Image: John Gantos (Thingiverse)

P. S. You can also decorate your D&D terrain with one of the most famous characters from the Lord of the Rings universe, the Treebeard. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers the Treebeard figurine for 3D printing, and it looks stunning when printed at 65% scale by maker Bullets Ie:

Maker: Bullets Ie

As a rule, Gambody doesn’t recommend scaling down of the models at all. However, some talented hobbyists manage to 3D print stunning miniatures that are scaled down from the original models and still look fantastic.

The list of inspiring Dungeons and Dragons models you can 3D print is long. The game accounts hundreds of characters, numerous terrain ideas and simple-to-follow rules that do not limit your fantasy. A bit of patience, your creativity, and a 3D printer can do a miracle and help you build a beautiful tabletop world for days and months of incredible gameplay. Just make sure to share your 3D printed masterpieces with other hobbyists in Gambody group on Facebook, as this community loves adoring beautiful works and projects that wow.

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Some of the most amazing 3D printing materials currently available

3D printing with classic materials such as plastic, metal or ceramics is widespread. In the meantime, there are many alternative materials that are not only unusual, but can make a 3D printed part even more special. In our selection, we introduce you to these unusual materials. From chocolate and salt to recycled plastic waste or ashes, now you can create the most extraordinary items. In some cases, these materials are even proving to be a great alternative to plastic, reducing overconsumption and the associated environmental impact. Today we're going to take a look at these amazing 3D printing materials.

3D printing material from the sea

Today, filaments are still the most commonly used 3D printing materials, mainly because FDM machines are readily available. But did you know that some threads are made from shellfish and crustaceans? The French company Francofil offers materials from PLA and shells of mussels, scallops and oysters. Their shells come from recycled food service waste and are shredded to become threads. The materials are made in France and can be printed like regular PLA.

Photo: Francofil

Local Salt

Emerging Objects is an American company that uses new technologies with innovative materials to create impressive projects. Among the most prominent initiatives is Saltygloo, a salt 3D printed structure. The salt used was collected from San Francisco Bay. Due to climatic conditions, about 500,000 tons of sea salt are produced here annually. Salt has been used to additively manufacture lightweight structures on a large scale. In addition to Saltygloo, the company is known for other salt projects such as the GEOtube tower and building houses.

Photo: Matthew Millman

Chocolate is the sweetest 3D printable material

This 3D printable material may not be as exceptional as some of the others on the list, but it is certainly one of the most used. The chocolate 3D printing process is similar to FDM technology, but it has different cooling properties than plastic, so the process takes longer. The popularity of this technology has grown over the years, prompting many companies to develop various designs and even chocolate 3D printers. Among the best known is the collaboration between 3D Systems and Hershey's, one of the world's largest chocolate makers. We also featured some 3D printers that can make delicious sweets like mycusini or Print2Taste. If you want to know more about this technology, don't miss the video below.

3D printed material from the ashes to remember your loved ones

The Spanish company Narbón is introducing new technologies and innovations in the funeral industry. 3DMemories uses 3D printing to create original, unique and exclusive ceramic jewelry from the ashes, hair, DNA or skeletal remains of a loved one. To do this, the pattern must be processed and then combined with porcelain before the decorations can be 3D printed. Then the enamel is applied and the product is fixed. The service offers a wide range of products for men and women. Undoubtedly, 3DMemories with its range of jewelry is an exceptional way to remember a loved one.

Photo: Narbón

Wood-Based Threads

Wood or vegetable threads have also been available on the market for some time. For example, the Dutch company ColorFabb offers several alternative threads in this category. What started in 2014 with BambooFill has expanded in subsequent years with CorkFill and WoodFill. Wood fibers, usually blended with a PLA/PHA base, give parts a natural, high-quality finish. Whether used to make figurines, pieces of furniture, or wall decorations, the threads can be used anywhere the look of wood is desired. Since ColorFabb discontinued BambooFill, a similar product can be purchased in Wood Bamboo form from AzureFilm. According to the company, 40% of recycled wood is mixed with 60% of polymers for this purpose. However, to avoid problems when printing with this filament, it is recommended to reduce the print speed.

Left: ColorFabb, Right: Azure Film

Other Uses for Linen

Another alternative to traditional filaments is a composite of PLA and linen from French manufacturer Nanovia. The company says the composite is not only a sustainable alternative to traditional filaments, but also offers the ability to achieve different shades of brown by applying different print settings. This can be achieved simply by changing the print temperature during production. As for the finish, the manufacturer recommends sealing the printed parts with UV protection to keep them intact for as long as possible.

Photo: Nanovia

Sugar 3D Printing

Sugar Lab was acquired by 3D Systems almost ten years ago and, as the name suggests, has focused on sugar 3D printing. Using the 3D Systems ChefJet Pro printer, the company creates intricately shaped candies and decorations. The Los Angeles-based company claims to be able to produce candy in all flavors and colors. Whether it's birthdays, weddings or Christmas parties, The Sugar Lab offers all sorts of 3D printed candies. As for quantity, the 3D printer seems to be capable of producing up to 100 candies a day. While The Sugar Lab is the most famous company using sugar as a printing material, other companies like The Modernist Cuisine are also trying their hand at 3D printing with sugar.

3D printing with glass

Glass has been popular in many industries for many years and is also used in additive manufacturing. Several researchers, such as those at MIT or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), have developed 3D printing solutions to print on glass. For example, an MIT team has developed the G3DP2 machine, which can process 5 kg of glass per hour. With this machine, the researchers were able to create three-meter-high glass columns at Milan Design Week. Recently, the Glassomer startup has also unveiled its glass 3D printing technology. The company is developing a material made from fine glass powder and a plastic binder that can be processed on SLA printers.

Photo: Glassomer

Recycled plastic filament

Sustainability is gaining more and more attention in additive manufacturing, and many companies are looking for alternatives. In recent years, several exciting products have been developed to make 3D printing more sustainable by making filaments from recycled plastic. One such project is Print The City by The New Raw, in which plastic from the waste of the people of Amsterdam and Thessaloniki is turned into 3D printed filament and used to print benches and other outdoor furniture. Another initiative is the Million Wave Project, which aims to produce recycled PET filaments for 3D printed prosthetic limbs for those in need. Another example is the ZUV tricycle, which was printed in Austria by EOOS using filaments made from 70kg of plastic waste from supermarkets in Vienna.

Photo: New Raw

Ivory Inspired 3D Printing Material

Among the many materials used for 3D printing, there are some that have been specifically designed to meet specific requirements and solve old problems in an innovative way. One such material is Digory, which was developed by the University of Vienna in collaboration with Cubicure GmbH to meet the need for the restoration of ancient ivory monuments and objects. It is a synthetic resin containing calcium phosphate particles and silica powder. Researchers have developed this new material with ivory-like characteristics and properties to restore objects using 3D printing or SLA technology. The similarity between these two materials is striking - there is almost no difference!

The Digory material on the right is very similar to the real ivory on the left (photo courtesy of Vienna University of Technology).

Clay as a greener material for 3D printing

One of the unusual 3D printing materials that has certainly attracted attention in recent years is clay. Technically, this is a subset of ceramic 3D printing that, although difficult to print, is known for its incredible properties, in particular the use of clay was especially popularized by the work of the Italian company WASP. For example, we recently saw WASP and Honda use 3D clay printing to create greener vehicles. There are many other uses, although many of them focus on sustainability due to the clay's properties. This can be seen in projects such as archiREEF terracotta tiles for coral restoration in Hong Kong, or 3D printed clay containers designed to reduce food waste.

Photo: Jonathan Keep

Diamond - 3D Printing of the Hardest Material on Earth

It may surprise many that one of the hardest materials on Earth, diamond, can actually be printed. Back in 2019, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing announced the first ever 3D printed diamond composite. It is not shiny, but will allow manufacturers to 3D print super-hard material, which will help revolutionize, especially in the tool industry. Diamond is often used in industries such as mining and drilling, machining, and medical implants, especially for its wear-resistant properties, but it is difficult to process. Sandvik claims that this breakthrough in composites will now allow very complex shapes to be 3D printed, and the company has high hopes for its use in the near future.

Human cell printing

When it comes to 3D printing in the medical sector, people often think of bioprinting. In bioprinting, cellular structures, including human structures, are made from bioink loaded with stem cells. As with conventional 3D printing, the biomaterial can be applied layer by layer to create things like skin, tissues, bones, and even organs. Although it is still in its infancy as a technology when it comes to creating viable long-term solutions, we have already seen a number of interesting projects using this technology. Notably, the researchers have been experimenting with 3D printing of organs, including the heart, kidneys, pancreas, and liver. Others have also developed a way to bioprint using ceramics and bioink to recreate bones in the human body.


ANIMAL MOTHERS for 3D printing, 3D printing, 3D printing, ceramic 3D packets, thread for 3D printing, 3D printing sugar, 3D -printing with glass, 3D printing of material from ash, 3D printing with chocolate, 3D printing with salt

  1. Where can I download 3d printable model for free?
  2. Why do use 3D printing at all, what can be useful, interesting done with it?
  3. With the help of what programs, preferably free, can create a 3D model ?

These questions can be answered using the 3D models catalog service - Thingiverse .

This post will do a small review of 3d models from Thingiverse (grouped by the programs with which they were created). As an example, the header provides a constructor from 3D printed parts, created using 123D Design . More details about this constructor, and other examples of 3d models from Sketchup , OpenSCAD , Blender3d , FreeCAD - under the cut.

At the beginning, a little about the service itself, and the specifics associated with 3D printing.

Thingiverse is a free service opened in 2008, developed and maintained by MakerBot (which in turn creates and sells well-known 3D printers), anyone can register on this service and upload a 3D model for download. A key feature of the service is that all uploaded models are published under a Creative Commons license, which means that you can freely and freely download and just as freely modify.

The generally recognized format for 3D printing is STL (short for STereoLithography), this format contains only the shape of the object, without color, texture information, in fact it is a surface made up of triangles. It is in this format that you need to export 3D models if you plan to print them on a 3D printer.

Let's start the review of 3D programs.

123D Design

AutoDesk is seriously entering the 3D printing market - it provides a good service for preparing 3D models, in particular, you can download the 123D Design program for free. Available for PC and Mac.

Pixil Bits

The 3D printed Pixil Bits constructor consists of several elements, on the basis of which you can assemble a variety of shapes:

All files can be downloaded here, source code is also provided for editing in 123D Designer.

Birds mobile

Want to make sitting and spinning birds? (good example for basic math :))

Here is Joseph's "Birds Mobile" project.

The assembly process and final result can be viewed here.

This is what you need to print:

Hidden text

And of course, different layouts are possible:

Hidden text

The original 123D Design files can be downloaded from the project page.


Perhaps one of the most famous programs will be Sketchup3d, originally developed under the wing of Google, but later transferred by the search giant to Trimpble.

Pluses — user-friendly interface for work, scripting in Ruby. Cons - not open-source, version only for Windows and Mac.

Mini Sumo Robot

3d printed platform for mini sumo robot, includes frame and



Assembly process

Files for 3D printing and original Sketchup files can be downloaded here.

3D Logo or name

Want to print a logo or name?

Here's the How To Make A 3D Logo Or Name project, where you can download instructions on how to do it in Sketchup.


The Marblevator project is an example of a "railway" using 3D printed rails and an iron ball.

Assembly instructions, and here you can download all the elements and original files in Sketchup.


OpenSCAD is a free open-source, cross-platform program for creating 3D models using a special modeling language.

You can create graphics primitives, merge, subtract, clone, and so on. To get the object you want. And after - export it to STL (recently there was a small tutorial on OpenSCAD on Habré)

Case for glasses

Need a glasses case? You can download and print from here.

The original format in OpenSCAD - that is, you can edit it to fit your glasses.

Animal bowl

Is your cat's bowl still unsigned?

This is easy to fix with 3D printing. In the files section, the original OpenSCAD file for customization (scad extension) is provided.


Want to print mechanics? Please - Tiny Planetary Gears Set project.

All parts of the mechanism can be downloaded here, and here is a link to the archive with all OpenSCAD original files.


If you need to print a variety of gears, you can look at this project: Public Domain Involute Parameterized Gears, which contains OpenSCAD files for creating 3d models of various gears. Blender One of the popular models on Thingiverse, the Adalinda: The Singing Serpent project, is made with Blender3d.

The author who created the model - specially optimized it for 3D printing - there is no need for “support” supporting elements, the whole model is printed as is.

Master Yoda

The fairly popular Yoda Figure model was created using Blender, or rather “assembled” from several models.

Based on the information from the original article, for its "preparation" were taken:

1. Yoda's head bust (from thingiverse)

Hidden text

2. Yoda's body from google sketchup gallery.

Hidden text


Skewer Fighter Jet (F-86 Saber) aircraft model project, with the ability to download the Blender source file.

The author of macouno can see many other models created based on Blender3d, in particular:

Keyboard support

Sometimes the lift legs of the keyboard break, you can download print: Computer Keyboard Riser


FreeCAD is a lesser known program, but quite interesting as it is positioned as a professional CAD system, completely free and open-source. Full Python scripting is supported.

Bike phone holder

Want to mount your smartphone on the handlebars of your bike? Then see this project: Bike phone holder . Files for FreeCAD are included.

Another view

Drawer handle

Need a drawer handle? No problem, the Simple Drawer Knob project. The original FreeCAD file is included in the downloads.

Phone Wall Mount

Want to put your phone on the wall? Here is the project: Wall Mount for Vtech 6419 Cordless Phone.

Smartphone speaker

Do you want to make a horn for your smartphone? The Parametric Acoustic Horns project will allow you to use a python program to generate the required horn in FreeCad.

You can hear the difference:

As a conclusion

This is of course a small part of those models that are posted on Thingiverse, and new projects appear every day.

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