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Mosaic Palette 2 Review [Updated April 2022]: Does it Really Work?

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Jodie is a cross-functional 3D designer and blogger. She has special interests in open source 3D printing for R&D and has spent a lot of time at different projects across the globe to learn more about 3D printing. Most of what she has learned is from hands-on experience.

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In our Mosaic Palette 2 Pro review, we’ll look in-depth at how this piece of hardware performs in helping to improve what your 3D printer can do.

Manufactured by Mosaic Manufacturing which is a Canadian company based in Toronto, the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro will give your 3D printer multicolor functionality. It is designed to work alongside your existing 3D printer to improve its performance and output. If you don’t have a multi-material and multi-color 3D printer, this accessory device can be a game-changer.

We will show you the core features that this kit offers, how it performs when used in conjunction with your 3D printer, and also what the pros and cons are.

First, let’s take a dive into the specifications of the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro.

I Really Liked the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro | Amazon

Palette 2 combines 4 filaments and feeds them into your printer in real time. No modifications required. 

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Table of Contents

Find the main specifications for the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro below.

Overall Dimensions 9 x 8 x 3.3 inches
Supported Filament 1.75 mm FDM filament (PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU)
Compatible operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux
3D Printer compatibility  Full list available here.
Interface 3.2″ color touchscreen (240 x 320 pixels)
WiFi connectivity? Yes with the Canvas Hub
Warranty 2-year or 50,000 splices
Latest price Click here find the latest price

Core features of Mosaic Palette 2 Pro

The Mosaic Palette 2 Pro works to extend the overall functionality of your 3D printer. It comes with a number of great features that can boost your productivity and also increase the outputs that your 3D printer provides.


The Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is a fairly compact device even if it is a little on the heavy side (it weighs around 7.9lbs).

That being said, it will fit in well in small spaces as overall its dimensions come in at 9 x 8 x 3.3 inches. So, it is ideal for a cramped workspace either in a professional environment or for home use.

One of the great design features of the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is the 3. 5-inch color touchscreen interface. This greatly increases the ease of use and makes everything simple to control. Everything is fairly straightforward as the controls are right at your fingertips.


Compatibility is one of the core features of this device because as it is designed to work alongside your existing 3D printer, it needs to work in harmony with it.

The good news is that the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is compatible with pretty much all 1.75mm filament 3D printers. So unless you have an industrial-scale 3D printer, the Palette 2 Pro will likely be compatible with your existing printer. It also works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems too.

Runout detection

One valuable feature of the Palette 2 Pro is the filament runout detection. This is built into the device and it will automatically switch materials during the printing process when one is running low.

This means you don’t need to keep a constant eye on the process. It has four onboard sensors that help to detect when the filament is running low.


In terms of speed, the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is quicker than the non-Pro model. It achieves this by using a Splice Core Pro unit which has been manufactured from aluminum.

This has the effect of a 20% increase in quicker filament splicing which has the knock-on effect of being able to print faster. The filament production is between 166-280 mm per minute (the non-Pro version of this device has a filament production between 120-214 mm per minute).

While 20% may not seem like a huge deal at first glance, on large print jobs and processes that are being carried out over a long period of time, it can make a pretty big difference to timescales.


One great feature that we mentioned above is the 3.5-inch color touchscreen interface.

This really boosts its simplicity and contributes to the overall ease of use. While the screen itself isn’t going to blow your mind (it is 240 x 320 pixels) and is going to be significantly less quality than your average smartphone, it is still a neat feature.

It is straightforward to select certain print modes, to add textures or style – the touchscreen on the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is a fantastic addition.


Finally, we have the software.

Something that we have found previously when it comes to multi-material printing is getting the files prepared properly to send to the 3D printer. Using various software has often been a bit challenging to get everything right.

The good news is that the Palette 2 Pro uses Mosaic’s own software which is called Canvas. This slicer software makes it easy to convert single color files into multicolor files or to prepare models that use multi-materials and get them ready for print.

There are also other features within the software that can save you time namely things such as infill transition and layer batching.

Overall the software is a welcome addition. It is easy to use and also has great options to make your life a lot easier when preparing prints.

How does the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro perform?

The Mosaic Palette 2 Pro has a host of different interesting and useful features to help you get the most out of your 3D printer when it comes to multi-material printing.

How does it actually perform though when put to the test?

When we used the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro we found that the results were very good indeed. Not only is it easy to operate and get started with, it helps immensely in being able to extend the functionality of your 3D printer. In fact, it opens up a realm of different possibilities going forward.

In terms of compatibility, it worked seamlessly with the 3D printers that we tried it out on.

The Mosaic Palette 2 Pro does do things very quickly as well which is also a bonus. It really does have a ‘plug and play’ type setup to it which is very beneficial if you are either new to 3D printing or simply don’t have the time to fiddle about with the settings.

Canvas Hub

The newly upgraded Canvas Hub allows you to use the Palette Pro 2 wirelessly. One thing I always look for in a 3D printer is WiFi connectivity as it makes things a lot easier and means you don’t have to rely on USB or SD cards. With the Canvas Hub, you can move the Palette Pro 2 online.

The new and improved Canvas Hub S offers several advantages over the previous model, including:

  • A digital ping to help with calibration
  • Palette and speed coordination to improve print speeds while retaining accuracy
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module3 + instead of Raspberry Pi Zero
  • You can monitor your prints remotely through a webcam

By utilizing these upgrade features on the new Canvas Hub S, you can significantly boost the overall performance of the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro.

All the 3D printers that were tested came out very well indeed and it is no surprise that the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro consistently achieves high results.

I Really Liked the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro | Amazon

Palette 2 combines 4 filaments and feeds them into your printer in real time. No modifications required. 

Buy at Buy at MatterHackers

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Pros of Mosaic Palette 2 Pro

There are a lot of good things about the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro. Here all the best parts of this functional and impressive device.

  • Compact design – If you don’t have a ton of space left alongside your 3D printer either at home or in a professional environment then you won’t need to find much for the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro. It is compact overall and doesn’t take up much space which is ideal for home users and small businesses alike.
  • Compatible with most 3D printers – This is one of the big selling points. The Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is compatible with most 3D printers which use 1.75 mm filament which basically means the majority of FDM 3D printers especially those in the affordability category.
  • Runout Detection – The device comes with automatic runout detection. It features four sensors that help to detect when the filament is running out. The device will automatically switch materials during the printing process so you don’t have to be on a constant watch over your prints.
  • Touchscreen – The touchscreen isn’t of the highest quality however the main thing is that it is there. It makes operating the Palette 2 Pro a whole lot easier and is a great addition to an already powerful and functional tool.
  • Easy to use software – The software is another big bonus of using the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro. It is very easy to use and makes the process of converting single color prints into multi-color straightforward. You’ll also find a variety of other features and settings that will cut down on the time spent preparing models for print too.

Cons of Mosaic Palette 2 Pro

While the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is a great device overall, there are a couple of downsides we should bring up to give you the full picture.

  • Limited to 1.75mm filament – For most people, the fact that the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is compatible with 1.75mm filament is great however it does mean that some with certain 3D printers won’t be able to use it. Its limitation in this regard is a drawback but not an overly huge one for most 3D printer users.
  • You’ll use more filament – Again this isn’t a massive drawback because using a tool like this means it’s fairly obvious you’ll need more filament. This is because the whole point is to be able to use multi-color designs however it is something to keep in mind. You will need more filament when using the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro.

Are there any alternatives?

Prusa Multi Material Upgrade 2S (MMU2S)

The big problem with the Prusa Multi Material Upgrade 2S (MMU2S) is that it is only compatible with certain 3D Prusa printers. This includes the Prusa’s i3 MK2.5, MK2.5S, MK3, and MK3S 3D printers.

However, if you do have one of these devices then the Prusa Multi Material Upgrade 2S (MMU2S) is a sound alternative. It actually comes in a good bit cheaper than the Palette 2 Pro.

The accessory has a number of great features including a filament loading system, filament buffer, and a filament sensor to cut down on any blockages or print problems. Again, it is only available for Prusa 3D printers but if you do own one and want to upgrade it for multi-material and multi-color functionality, this is exactly what you need.


Original Prusa i3 3D Printer Kit | Amazon

This provides a great print setup with the printer so you don't have to dive into complex new programs by the time construction is done. You can start printing right away! Of course, you can dive into the repaired.

Buy at

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Da Vinci Color Mini

Actually separate devices such as the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro and the offering from Prusa are quite scarce – that’s why one of our alternatives is an actual multi-color 3D printer! If you don’t have a 3D printer yet and intend on printing in different colors, it would be better to actually invest in the Da Vinci Color Mini.

It has been specifically designed to print off models in a variety of different colors without needing any extras to do so. It combines filament with inkjet technology in order to do this.

The printer itself is easy to use and get started with so you shouldn’t have any problems if you are new to 3D printing. It has a removable print bed, a fully automatic calibration system as well as supporting third-party materials.

For anyone that doesn’t have a 3D printer yet and needs multi-color functionality, it is hard to go wrong with the Da Vinci Color Mini.


da Vinci Color Mini Full Color 3D Printer | Amazon

This truly hands-free and fully automatic calibration system has two motors under the print bed to precisely calibrate your print bed to perfection every time.

Buy at

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does my 3D printer not have multi-color functionality?

Answer: The chances are that it doesn’t. If you do have a multi-color 3D printer then you don’t need any additional hardware. However, most 3D printers for home use and for small businesses don’t support this out of the box hence why tools like the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro are needed.

Question: Will the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro work with my 3D printer?

Answer: If your 3D printer uses 1.75mm filament then the chances are that the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro will be compatible with it. It can be used in conjunction with most desktop 3D printers that are on the market at the minute. You can find a list of compatible 3D printers here.

Question: Is the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro fast?

Answer: It is pretty fast. Compared to the previous model, it offers quicker speeds, and the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro offers a 20% increase in filament splicing with a filament production between 166-280 mm per minute.

Question: Does the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro work with Octoprint?

Answer: Yes. Octoprint is a common upgrade people use on their 3D printer and the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is compatible with it. You may need to use the Canvas plugin from Mosaic to get it to work properly.

Question: Does the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro have WiFi?

Answer: Yes. This device has WiFi, USB, and SD card functionality. The WiFi connection works by going through the new Canvas Hub S. The Canvas Hub S allows you to print wirelessly and also comes with excellent performance enhancements including printer calibration, optimizing print speeds, remote monitoring of your prints, and features an upgraded version of Raspberry Pi.

Question: Will the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro work with 3D printers that don’t use 1.75mm filament?

Answer: No. The Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is specifically built for use with 3D printers that use 1.75mm filament.

Final thoughts – the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro is a powerful piece of kit that extends the functionality of your 3D printer

What do we think about the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro overall?

Really it can be summed up by saying that it is a great piece of hardware that greatly helps you to boost what your 3D printer can do.

If you don’t have a 3D printer with multi-color technology, this is what you need to make it happen. It has a range of great features beyond simply helping to boost the functionality of your existing 3D printer.

This includes the filament runout sensors which are very helpful. The software is very easy to use as well and has a ton of options and settings to speed up the whole process. Speaking of speed, the Mosaic Palette Pro 2 is pretty fast as well and it is a jump up from the previous model.

We also really like the touchscreen interface. While it is hardly the best ever touchscreen you will come across in terms of resolution, it does what it needs to do. You’ll find it much easier to operate with this feature.

It is compatible with a wide range of desktop 3D printers. Unless you have something pretty obscure, the chances are that this accessory is going to work with your 3D printer.

Overall, the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro vastly increases what your 3D printer is able to do and makes multi-color models very easy to create with a user friendly and straightforward process.

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  • "M-Plastic" (I dea)
  • Maxi Toys
  • "MTK" "TK Phoenix" (Fenix)
  • "Meat Grinder Rotor"
  • "Modul Furniture Company"


  • "Nevskaya cosmetics"
  • "Nizhny Novgorod oil and fat plant"
  • "Tender Night"
  • "Nika"
  • "Submersible pumps, drainage"
  • "Table lamps, nightlights Era"
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  • "Nikitinsky Manufactory" + suit in Prius settlement


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  • "Onyx"
  • Origami
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  • "Polesie"
  • "Pavlovsky plant of artistic metal products"
  • Picnic
  • "Plastmaster"
  • "PC Form"
  • "Prestige"
  • "Bee"
  • "Prof-Press"
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  • "HB Gloves"
  • "Ploshkin Lozhkin"
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  • "Step"
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  • "Stamm"
  • Severstal enamel
  • "Simbat"
  • "Scrap"
  • Siberian Pencil Factory
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  • "Salina" "Ingastar"
  • "Siberian souvenir"
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  • "Snabtorg-M"


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  • "TD Astra" "Dishes Network" "HozMarket" (Olaff)
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  • "Tekstilplasttorg" Ekoplast """ "Berossi"
  • Fan heaters "BONAFFINI"
  • "Garant Trading House"


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  • "UFA Pack Production Company"
  • "Universal-Set" "Katun"


  • Fairy Lux
  • Sun Factory
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  • "Phoenix+" LLC


  • Hatber
  • Hasbro


  • "Instrument Trade Center"


  • "Salyut Clock"
  • "Vega Clock"
  • "Clean Fast"


  • "Elegy-D"
  • "Electronic kits and posters Connoisseur""
  • Electric kettles "BONAFFINI"


  • "I grow toys"


  • 1toy
  • 1toy Carousel

Review of the 3D printer Flashforge Foto 8.



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Flashforge, a frequent guest of our reviews, we have already considered several excellent devices from this company and today we will talk about the next photopolitan 3D printer from FlashForge.

LIDER-3D is with you and this is a review of FlashForge Foto 8.9 3D printer.

  • Unpacking and packing
  • Appearance
  • Specifications
  • Control screen
  • Software
  • Printing examples
  • Video review
  • Total
  • Where to buy?

Unpacking and packing

We can only say one word about the unpacking - the box.

With a complete set, everything is also standard and usually like most 3D printers - a couple of spatulas, a power cable, instructions, hex keys, gloves and resin funnels.


FlashForge Foto 8. 9 is very similar to one very famous device from Anycubic. I hope FlashForge will not be offended by such a comparison, in any case the shape and design are excellent. We sincerely do not understand why invent some new tricks in this regard. However, there is a nuance - the body is metal. And that adds weight.

And one more thing that relates either to the design or to the configuration - an external power supply.


Now let's talk about the most important thing. FlashForge Foto 8.9 3D printer is a semi-professional photopolymer printer with a monochrome 4K matrix.

The large sensor resolution, high quality light sources and mechanics, and support for 8X anti-aliasing allow him to create extremely accurate products with a smooth surface.

The printable area is 192×120×200 mm, which is slightly larger than other devices in this class. Matrix resolution 3840×2400.

In addition to the fact that the monochrome matrix lasts much longer, it also speeds up the curing of the layers. The maximum print speed of Foto 8.9 reaches 50 mm/h.

As for the hardware itself, firstly the print platform is calibrated with 4 screws and has two handles on the sides. For some reason there are 4 recesses in the platform, why they are needed other than to add time to you when cleaning the platform is not clear. Not critical, but annoying.

The resin container does not have any noteworthy features, except for the presence of handles on the sides. This is a useful addition that all SLA printers need. Oh yes, there are also four protruding screws on the bottom of the container, so that the container can be safely placed anywhere without fear of damaging the FEP film. a small but useful addition. The combination of double linear guides and a new motor significantly increases the stability of the movement of the platform along the Z axis and reduces the possibility of layer shifting. As a result, we get accurate geometry and a smooth surface without artifacts. I also want to note the overall strength of the platform holder, it is a good solid piece of metal.

Control screen

A 3.5 inch touch screen helps you manage this printer. Unfortunately, for all its commonness, the touchscreen managed to arouse our indignation - the problem is that it is dark, I really wanted to raise the brightness, but there are simply no brightness settings. We hope FlashForge will solve this problem.


FlashForge Foto 8.9 is supported by the popular Chitubox slicer and has its own FlashPrint slicer.

Here, too, there were some nuances, when choosing a preset in Chitubox, the g-code is saved in the .fbg format, but the printer itself does not support this format, it needs the .svgx format. Oddities of our town…

A selection of articles from the "Knowledge Base" section from the LIDER-3D company website: 1) Guide: 3D printing figurines • 2) SLA vs. SLS - a simple explanation • 3) How to choose a good portable 3D scanner

Printing examples

By the way, we used this resin - Elegoo ABS-Like Resin.

Video review


FlashForge Foto 8.9 has a lot of great features, it's easy to use, well built and produces excellent quality models. But the photo also has a few rough edges. Perhaps the most unpleasant is connected with the printing platform.

There are a large number of photopolymer printers on the market now, and among all FlashForge Foto 8.9 definitely deserves your attention, in the hands of experienced users Foto 8.9 can definitely reveal its potential, but for beginners it is hardly suitable.

Thank you all, the material was prepared by a team of LIDER-3D specialists, we will be glad to hear your questions in the comments.

If you are interested in Flashforge Foto 8.9 3D printer, you can get detailed expert advice by contacting us at LIDER-3D, as well as purchase this equipment on our website.

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