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Magic Tracks Switch


Track switch for the original Magic Tracks. ... Differences to the original make: * Flat bottom for easier print * Correct dimensions

Magic Tracks Replacement Tire


This is a replacement tire for Magic Tracks cars. ... Must be printed in TPU, and it will be a snug fit!

Overpass for Magic Tracks


My son got a Magic Tracks set, which is a little battery powered car and some really nifty serpentine latching track. I made him an overpass. I had originally envisioned connecting the ramps and the overpass together, and adding pegs to hold the...

Overpass for Magic Tracks


I made him an overpass.I had originally envisioned connecting the ramps and the overpass together, and adding pegs to hold the track and stop it from slipping, but the slipping wasn't really an issue, and my son asked me to leave it like it is.It...

Magic Tracks trestle


My friend told me his kid lost one of the trestles to his magic Tracks set. I took measurements and made a (darn close) copy of it. Its the dark gray one in the picture. ...I didn't put the round nubs on the top of the trestle since it should hold the...

Magic tracks croisement v1


Croisement pour Magic Tracks Crée par: DeadCatModifier par: Mr_Kiwixe Modification des bord du croisement ( les voiture sortaient du croisement). Modification du centre du croisement ( ajout de guide pour les roues).  

Magic Tracks Crossover


**Edit: I've added a [new improved version](** This is a 4 way cross over connector for magic tracks. It is can be hard to connect the first few times - make sure the brim has been fully removed (a craft. ..

Magic Tracks Crossover v3


This is an improvement of my Magic Tracks Crossover. Big thanks to djdc13 who [remixed]( my original and suggested some improvements. ... Improvements to this version: - raised the base so it is level and...

Magic tracks adapter


This is a magic tracks based part I created so i could make bridges and buildings that snap onto the track. Always nice to save someone else some work. that being said. it is not an exact replica. i wanted the piece to lock on not move like the rest...

Magic tracks to knex


I noticed a pretty massive lack of accessories for magic tracks. This part will let you use Knex pieces to flesh out the track a bit more. Everything is a pretty tight fit so you may have to run a few to find the right settings. If you would like me...

Magic Tracks Switch Repair Part


This is a repair part for Magic Tracks track switch. Made as 2 separate pieces for easy replacement. ... Printed in ABS on a CEL Robox 3D printer

Magic Tracks to Knex (Classic)


I remixed the design for the classic k'nex set. ... The fit is tight on both the Magic Tracks and K'nex side but it holds. ...

Magic Tracks to Duplo Adapter


This is a Magic Tracks (USA) connector with a 2x4 Duplo brick underside. This is my first design! ...I'd never touched Meshmixer before today, so if you clock any rookie mistakes, please comment gently!

Magic tracks Theme Jurassic Park


Quelques accessoires pour circuit Magic Track sur le theme de Jurassic Park. Il est composé d'un porte de T-Rex qui sert de tunnel, une Porte d'entrée placé sur une mâchoire. En bonus un remix d'un Stégosaure élargi et modifié pour le rendre...

Magic Tracks - Aiguillage (Track Switch) Remix


... rail, I added a hole for a 3mm heated insert. I also used a M3x12mm socket cap screw (although you could use pretty much any length between M3x6mm - M3x16mm) Great addition to your magic tracks set. My boys absolutely love this track piece! ...

Magic Tracks Original to Chinese Adaptor


My son has the original magic tracks and for christmas 2019, we inadvertently purchased the "chinese" version off ebay, which is 80% scaled down version. So this thing allows the use of both. I included the individual pieces in case you want to...

Magic Tracks - Repaired Gear - Réparation engrenage


[Scroll down for English version] Engrenage pour réparation d'une voiture Magic Tracks, au cas où l'engrenage n'est plus pris sur l'axe et se met à tourner autour de l'axe, la voiture n'avance plus. L'engrenage de remplacement est celui en jaune sur...

Magic Tracks adapter


I found that a minor change was needed to interface w/ the track my kid has. ...No other changes were made.

Magic Tracks Overpass


This just fits on my FT-5(300mm work area) I printed it with one perimeter, and 5% infill with no top or bottom layers. I'll add a picture later, and an altered 3 piece design where the ascent and descent aren't as steep. ... ...

Magic Tracks adapter


<p>I found that a minor change was needed to interface w/ the track my kid has. No other changes were made.</p> <p>Original design: <a href=""></a></p> <h4>Print...

Magic Tracks - Aiguillage


Thanks to NITROG1982 for the adapter, the most difficult part of this design.

Magic Tracks Switch Repair Part


This thing was made with Tinkercad. ...Edit it online

Cliff of Chaos - Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, etc


The cliffs require support for the section that the magic tracks connect to. No other support is required for the other pieces. I did swap out filaments when I printed the pillars. Pause the height at 8.0 mm if you would like to change...

Overpass for Magic Tracks - easy print


The original overpass uses way too much filament. I cut out some large chunks of the models for a quicker print. I've split the main part into two pieces with pins that connect for easy glueing. Note that you may need to print at 105% scale - I...

Super Splash! - Compatible with Magic Tracks, Mindscope Neo Tracks, Twister Tracks, etc


The Super Splash model works great on its own or as an addition to the Offroad Overpass model I made here: https://www. Video: The model is compatible with Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and...

Super Splash! - Compatible with Magic Tracks, Mindscope Neo Tracks, Twister Tracks, etc


Video: The model is compatible with Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and anything else compatible with these. I have a variety of cars from different sets that all work with the model. The track connector with lowered parts is...

Pirate Ship Seesaw for Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and everything compatible


. .. side. I have not tested to see if this is too much weight for the seesaw to function normally. Supports are required for all parts, but very little is necessary. Works with Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and anything else compatible with these.

Pirate Ship Seesaw for Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and everything compatible


... I have not tested to see if this is too much weight for the seesaw to function normally. Supports are required for all parts, but very little is necessary. Works with Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and anything else compatible with these. ...

Bumpy Road for Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and more!


This is an addition to the Super Splash and Offroad Overpass models listed below: https://www. View different cars driving on the bumpy road here: ...

Off-Road Overpass - Compatible with Magic Tracks, Mindscope Neo Tracks, Twister Tracks etc.


Welcome to my Off-road Overpass model! Many brave filament sacrificed themselves to bring you this model. They were slain by lack of experience and much trial-and-error. Watch it in action here or up above. ...

Magic Track -

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Non-motorized treadmill.

3D printing is a high-tech tool in the industry.

This article tells how 3D printing technology helps to bring even very complex and modern projects to life at minimal cost. And make the project serial!

The material provides examples of solving difficult issues that arise when creating new equipment, where 3D printing is practically the only way to implement the product.

Casting, bending, punching, milling, plasma cutting, laser cutting... without these technologies it is no longer possible to imagine the world of today's industrial production. Now 3D printing technology can be confidently put in this row, it harmoniously complements the set of modern production, allows you to produce complex, durable and reliable products from a wide range of materials. Well, okay, we can talk about this technology for a long time, let's move on to the topic.

This story begins in the spring of 2017.

There was an idea to create a Russian fully autonomous treadmill, an analogue of eminent overseas competitors, only with additional functionality.

We started by looking at the most popular models available on the market.

After studying it, we decided that the task was feasible in principle and decided to start designing and assembling a layout.

A cool design was developed, in fact, dozens of different options were worked out. We then adapted it to the production techniques at our disposal, which also had an impressive impact on the final look of the track.

[IMG ID=205954 WIDTH=474 HEIGHT=229][IMG ID=205953 WIDTH=122 HEIGHT=239]

The track has a built-in generator, an electronic system for regulating the force on the canvas for power loads on the legs, special double handles for extended set of exercises, wireless control from our own application with the ability to save results, statistics, load profile management.

If everything was more or less clear in terms of iron parts and mechanics, then there was a problem with all sorts of rubber bands, plugs, decor.

The fact is that the tracks of this type are equipped with canvases consisting of a set of aluminum profiles coated with a layer of polyurethane, and there are 60 such steps. Moreover, the steps must have an original tread pattern, it is desirable to have a brand logo. With rugs on the sides of the track such a picture.

All these parts must have a unique design. Despite the fact that this is also a mock-up sample, and in principle the product itself is not mass-produced, the parts should not have an expensive cost.

Initially, we wanted to order all the details on the side ...

After talking with various companies about the manufacture of rubber-coated steps with a unique design, we came to the conclusion that the project was becoming absolutely uncompetitive, not within the budget, because the cost of only one treadmill the canvas is obtained at half the cost of the entire track, and according to calculations, it should be no more than 25%.

They began to think about what to do ... We studied the Internet for self-manufacturing of polyurethane products ... Then the idea arose of 3D printing parts and pouring polyurethane into silicone molds.

A Russian-made 3D printer was purchased, since only it had a decent working area at its cost + a closed case was important, since the parts were needed from ABS plastic.

After the first test prints, the full power of the technology available to us became clear!

Many parts originally planned in metal can be replaced with plastic, reducing weight and cost! Web pulleys, plugs, cases, holders, decor - everything was printed on a 3D printer!

Large parts were printed with a 1.0 mm nozzle and a 0.5-0.6 mm layer, small parts were mostly printed with a 0.5 mm layer of 0.2, and sometimes a 0.3 mm nozzle and a 0.1 mm layer were used for master models.

Plugs for pipes and screw heads

Exterior decoration element, printed with gold plastic, then painted in gold paint

Timing pulley for polyurethane belt with metal insert for key. The combination of strength and weight and price!

[IMG ID=205927 WIDTH=396 HEIGHT=222][IMG ID=205904 WIDTH=394 HEIGHT=221]

By the way, about the weight of the same pulleys, unlike casting, 3D printing allows you to adjust the percentage of filling the insides of the part, so the weight of the part can be significantly reduced compared to casting from a similar material, if it is suitable for loads.

[IMG ID=205975 WIDTH=381 HEIGHT=214]

The first version of the shafts - shafts with cast pulleys, then it was abandoned due to technological difficulties and cost compared to simply printed axle shafts

The second version of the shafts with printed pulleys, or rather semiaxes - the best option turned out to be both in terms of ease of manufacture and price

To create the steps of the web, a master model of the future rubber component was printed.

Next, silicone molds and the necessary tooling for centering the position of the metal base in the mold are made.

[IMG ID=205899 WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=575][IMG ID=205906 WIDTH=324 HEIGHT=575]

It was cast immediately 9 steps at a time from domestic polyurethane with the addition of black pigment. In total, 60 steps are needed for one canvas!

It is very important in this process to observe the technology when pouring, in case of violation of it, not very pleasant things happened in the form of incomplete drying of the product, excessive bubbling, soiling when it was touched.

After making the steps, the canvas was assembled. Despite its impressive weight, it spins very easily!

Then the question arose of making decorative rugs on the sides of the track. A master model was assembled from 5 separate parts, processed, painted to give the necessary texture. On its basis, a mold for pouring was cast, and then the rugs themselves were cast.

[IMG ID=205898 WIDTH=264 HEIGHT=598][IMG ID=205900 WIDTH=339 HEIGHT=600]

The track was controlled using a standard monitor developed by us, or a smartphone with an application.

Computer monitor project

Machining the back cover of the monitor

Board installed in the case

Serial monitors complete!

Monitor on a treadmill

For the first version of the monitor, we designed and assembled the control board of a custom-made control panel for us. We printed out the case, processed it and assembled the monitor. A couple of cases were made glossy, for which they had to be polished very carefully. Next came the matte versions.

As a result, we got just such a beauty. There is still work to be done, but overall it turned out great!

And this whole project was made possible largely thanks to 3D printing technology, thanks to which we were able to produce almost all plastic, rubber parts ourselves, which allowed us to fit into the budget.

Moreover, with the help of 3D printing, you can relatively quickly and inexpensively change the design of the project, for example, at the request of the customer, brand the simulator even for a certain gym!

At the moment we are professionally engaged in 3D printing, we produce our own Nephila 3D printer, since our projects often require large parts made of ABS plastic, and printers available on the market with similar parameters have a very decent price tag, although there is nothing magical about them.

3d printing problem. Elephant foot