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Five to seven years ago, the key phrase “3D-printed” could hook any business idea or blogpost to the top of search engine results. Those two words would send the most trivial concept ricocheting across social media to the extent that it would end up on local news stations or into the pages of The Economist.

And it was due to this phenomenon that “3D-printed sex toy” became a hit news item, a seemingly viable startup pitch, and a possibly popular emerging trend. But did 3D-printed sex toys really take off? How feasible was the idea, really?

Circa 2012-2014, a number of sites began offering 3D printable sex toys. Though the specifics varied, there were several advantages pitched for the creation, purchase and/or use of these devices:

  • Discretion: Because sex toys can be 3D printed at home, there’s no need to embarrass oneself by going to an adult accessory shop or even have a toy shipped in the mail with one’s name on the package.
  • Personalization: Everybody’s body is different in terms of shape, size and what’s pleasurable and, as 3D printing enthusiasts know, the technology is perfect for custom one-offs.

With these purported advantages, 3D model sharing sites like Cults3D and Yeggi became populated with every variety of “sex toy” imaginable. That phrase is put in quotes because not every object described as such was meant to be used as such (such as phallic cookie cutters and “no fellatio allowed” signs).

Businesses including MakerLove.com offered a variety of free 3D printable dildo files, ranging from more standard designs to novelty shapes, like one featuring Justin Bieber’s head. MakerLove in particular was financially supported via Vibrators.com, which sells bullet vibrators. These little gizmos can be placed into 3D-printed dildos to provide added functionality.

Other sites, like Dildo-Generator.com, offered the ability to design custom devices parametrically, with graphical sliders that could be adjusted to change the girth, length and shape of a 3D printable dildo model.

However, as titillating as all of these options may have been for some people, 3D printable sex toys were faced with some of the same problems that 3D-printed silverware and flatware models have seen. Anything that comes in contact with a person’s insides has to be made such that they aren’t prone to growing potentially dangerous bacteria.

Because 3D-printed objects are porous at the microscopic level, there are voids in which microbes can grow. Additionally, the materials from which objects are usually printed at home, like PLA, aren’t necessarily designed for ingestion (though, according to MakerLove, ABS is the standard for mass manufactured plastic sex toys). That notwithstanding, the materials also almost always lack skin contact approvals not to mention the right chemical makeup and cleanliness required for internal use.

Some companies have designed food-safe filaments that are manufactured using food-safe equipment in food-safe environments using materials and additives that have been approved for contact with food. Because they have not been approved for use in sex toy production, we can’t know how they would fair for such an application. However, they are likely safer than generic plastics for the fabrication of 3D-printed sex toys. Even if somehow the right approvals were obtained, one would need an autoclavable filament and a closed process that would ensure that no other matter was deposited in and on the items.

To deal with porosity, two solutions have cropped up. One can 3D print a mold for a sex toy and then fill that mold with silicone, which is generally the safest material for this and other delicate uses (such as medical devices and baby bottle nipples). The other, totally unsafe, option is for a user to sand and seal a 3D-printed device.

SexShop3D, one business that was really banking on the success of the 3D-printed sex toy industry, reported a pretty straightforward and simple method for properly sanding and sealing a printed part. After using 240 grit sandpaper to make the object as smooth as possible, a silicone spray can be used to apply three to four coats onto the device.

Despite these solutions, 3D-printed sex toys never quite took off. SexShop3D, which maintained a prominent voice in the nascent industry, seems to have ceased activity in early 2018 and the site is no longer accessible. MakerLove.com also stopped updating in 2015. Print Your Own Dick, as fate would have it, failed to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign.

A 3D-printed prototype for the Eva by Dame.

Nevertheless, 3D printed sex toys continue to be developed—just not in the way that may have been expected. One of the primary methods in which 3D printing is used is in the fabrication of sex toys is for prototyping purposes. After relying on 3D printing for prototyping its flagship product, Dame continues to manufacture sex toys and is on the second iteration of its hands-free vibrator.

An enterprising fetishist in the UK has also been using 3D printing for the design of some of the most unique sex toys imaginable, including a game of Simon Says that is hooked up to a punishment device. As the game gets more difficult, punishment becomes more likely.

New sites continue to release their own versions of custom dildo designers and companies like the New York Toy Collective are still experimenting with 3D printing. Meanwhile, the 3D-printed sex toy market may actually be thriving on Etsy, where, based on the comments left for TerribleToyShop, MadScientistCo, HappyBound, LeLuv and NerdClimax, printed products are still being shipped as of November 2019.

These more recent developments suggest that maybe the world wasn’t quite ready for 3D-printed sex toys a few years ago, but that the market has been primed and is about ready to grow? Or perhaps the venue wasn’t quite right and a niche marketplace like Etsy was where these designs were meant to thrive. Regardless of the cause, one thing seems to be true, people may not have been ready to 3D print their own sex toys at home and would rather have an expert do so for them.

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3D Printing and Kink – Firebird Leather

With 3D printing becoming widely available to the masses I’ve been seeing a concerning trend. 3D printed items made for use as sex or kink toys. Why is this concerning? There are plenty of awesome ways to use 3D printing for sex and kink but there are also very bad ways to use it. By bad, I mean a danger to your health that you may not be aware of if you’re not familiar with 3D printing and how it works.

Here are some very basic things about 3D printing that can affect your choices.

FDM Printing

There are two types of printers widely used by hobbyists and prosumers. FDM and resin printers. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers take in filament, picture the longest strand of spaghetti you’ve ever seen wrapped around a spool, and melts it and then lays it down on a printer bed layer by layer to create an object. 

This type of printing is very popular since many inexpensive machines are available and filaments come in a wide array of colors.

Toys made with FDM printers are not suitable for toys meant to be insertables! The reason why is because when these printers make an object the layers create tiny unseeable havens for bacteria. These plastics melt at temps between 190 and 250c so they can’t be cleaned in something like a dishwasher for fear of melting them. Depending on how these items are printed, they may or may not be watertight and fluids can get inside them making another home for bacteria.

Image from Matterhackers

Putting a condom on these toys does NOT solve this problem. Those same layer lines will rub at a condom and create micro-tears. These layers can also do the same thing to delicate anal and vaginal tissues.

While the types of filaments most commonly used in FDM printing are considered food/contact safe, like PLA and PETG, it is the manner used in their construction that makes them unsuitable for insertables. Some people like to try smoothing prints with acrylics, polymers, etc but I would argue that just because something looks smooth, doesn’t mean it is smooth at a microscopic level. You would also need to consider if the coating is contact safe or not. Most of the coatings I have seen people add, like acrylic or polyurethane are toxic when in contact with internal bits.

What about toys that aren’t insertables like wacky things, or pinchy things, or spikey things?

Go for it. It is plastic. Treat it like you would other plastic toys. If you bleed on it, make sure to clean it thoroughly and keep in mind that your fluids and whatever fluid you use to clean the toy could end up inside it with no way for you to get it out. Most FDM prints are semi-hollow inside. They use what is called infill to create a grid (or other shape) inside the print to give it strength and structure, but it is essentially filled with thin plastic scaffolding that just creates a bunch of cavities and holes inside the print.

*Note- Filament for 3D printers is entirely unregulated. There is no one overseeing what additives are put into filaments either to obtain colors or sheens or just to add fluffer material. Many filaments are made overseas, some from reliable and upstanding companies, and some from more shady origins.

Resin Printers

These printers work by using UV light to cure UV resin very slowly. It also does this layer by layer but this technique does not leave layer lines like FDM.

There are resins out there that are rated body and contact safe. They have even been used by the medical and dental industry for a long time. Unfortunately, these resins are not marketed to hobbyists and many are rather difficult to procure for the average person.

While resins used for medical purposes are regulated, resins for prosumer 3D printing are not. Each company has its own cocktail of UV resin and each one would have to be considered on its own to determine its safety for insertables.

The other concern with toys made this way is that once they have cured in the printer they usually require a wash or bath of isopropyl alcohol to remove excess resin and finish curing the print. Not all makers do this because its messy, time consuming, and the wash stations available on the market are expensive. Uncured resin can be very toxic because of fumes and if it comes into contact with your skin. If you touch a resin printed item and it feels sticky or tacky (and it’s not because of some nasty thing you just did) then do not use it.

Have a resin printed toy that is fully cured and you’re willing to bet that the resin used is body-safe? Then maybe you’re comfortable using it for insertable purposes. I personally would recommend covering it with a condom or barrier just because we can’t guarantee the resin is as inert as silicone.  

A cured resin print should be fine for non-insertable toys. They’re a bit easier to clean than FDM prints as they can be printed entirely solid or they are printed hollow but have a small hole somewhere so that the excess uncured resin could drain out. This means you could also drain out any fluids that got inside it.

But I need my insertables, damn it!

I feel you. 

3D printing can be super useful for making insertables. You can print a mold of something that you then cast in silicone, or you can make a silicone mold of a 3D print and make a silicone cast from that. 

All silicones are not created equal. For a silicone to be considered medical grade it must comply with  U.S. 21 CFR 177.2600 and there are certain production standards that must be upheld during the making process. However, most silicone toys are not medical grade silicone and do not comply with FDA standards during products, but since they are being used only for a relatively short time the risk from them is extremely low.

I would recommend using platinum cure silicone over tin cure silicone. Tin cure is less expensive, but it does begin to lose integrity faster. 

The Pros!

3D printing can be great for making toys that stay outside the body. I make paddles, floggers, and other toys that incorporate 3D printed pieces and they’re just as “safe” as other plastic toys. It also gives makers a whole new dimension to their creativity. We can easily customize products made specifically for us and our communities needs rather than just having to make do with things that already exist in the world.


PLA, a very popular type of filament for FDM printers, is a plant-based plastic that also decomposes within 45-90 days in the right conditions. For those trying to be more environmentally aware this is a huge upside.

3D printing and safe DIY sex toys (18+)

3D printing

joke about this topic, and some http://witbox.ru/ even publicly

But the guys from SexShop3D took this topic to a serious level by creating a service that deals with the additive production of full-fledged products for sex.

The service offers a really wide range of ready-made products, as well as the opportunity to personally make an exclusive sex toy in the silence and comfort of your home.

Production is possible in two different ways:

First method

A 3D printer is taken (in the video above, in particular, a desktop 3D printer is used, in particular in the video - Ultimaker2, on which a two-part blank of the future product is printed Standard PLA is used for printing

The parts are then tightly bonded together and filled with silicone from Smooth-On The Dragon Skin 2 silicone rubber material used by SexShop3D is phthalate-free, non-toxic and generally hygiene, which makes it the optimal material for the production of such products. 0003

When mixed, flesh-colored dye is added to it, as a result of which we get an output that is indistinguishable from the factory blank for a future sex toy.

Method two

PLA is not used at all - instead the product is printed directly with silicone Using the same 3D printer, on which a special extruder is installed, a completely silicone mold is created. The principle, however, is the same. The only difference is that in this case the material does not linger in the extruder, but is applied very smoothly, as a result of which, layer by layer, we get an impeccable model of the desired product.

In addition to the commercial direction, the service makes instructions for DIY toys at home.

Free services for creating models include http://www. dildo-generator.com/ More information can be found at http://www.aniwaa.com/3d-printed-sex-toys/

Above all In addition, SexShop3D willingly cooperates with independent 3D model designers and offers anyone who wants the opportunity to use its platform to promote their projects on very favorable terms (from 50 to 80 percent of revenue - depending on the number of sales and commission on a particular workpiece).

Turning a blind eye to all ethical prejudice, the company positions itself as a service based on innovative 3D technologies, and proves time after time that even sex products can be more accessible and specialized if they are made using additive manufacturing.

In a matter of minutes, customers are able to select and customize a product that will meet the highest requirements. Thus, the adult industry keeps pace with the times, and 3D technologies occupy another niche in the market of goods and services.

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Every woman is beautiful in her own way, every woman has her own zest. Love yourself and be happy!

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, every woman has her own zest. Love yourself and be happy!

Every woman is good in her own way, every woman has her own zest. Love yourself and be happy!

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, every woman has her own zest. Love yourself and be happy!

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, every woman has her own zest. Love yourself and be happy!

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