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Designed to boost your innovative curriculum

Banish boredom. Dismiss disinterest. Let your students loose with simple 3D printing technology and watch the creativity flow.

Ultimaker’s 3D printers are specifically designed to underpin everyday classroom and laboratory learning. Sparking new opportunities for hands-on learning and tangible results for STEAM, while encouraging design thinking skills to rapidly prototype and test ideas.

Investing in the next generation

Does your institution lead the way? Here’s why you should, and how we can help.

Australia’s future workforce will compete on a global stage, coping with constant, dynamic technological developments. Printing as a tool is evolving rapidly, and the sky is the limit. Every student needs to be skilled and prepared.

Today, businesses are enthusiastically adopting 3D printing for prototyping, product design, and production – across a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, defence and medical. And as additive manufacturing becomes globally recognised as a pillar of manufacturing technology, the demand for an additive manufacturing curriculum has also increased.

We believe Ultimaker’s desktop 3D printers are the ideal class-based solution to ‘mainstream’ this technology. They enhance engagement and inspire critical and creative problem-solving. Students learn to collaborate to formulate and build design ideas.

Through Ultimaker's technology and our experience in the education sector, we can assist your education institution to harness 3D printing power to enhance every day learning experiences.

We support over 3,000 education providers and have 60+ years’ experience in the education field. We understand the complexities of introducing new technology to multiple stakeholders.

A. When you invest in Ultimaker technology from FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Using a device designed for education - more sophisticated than a hobby printer, but relatively simple to use, maintain and service.
  • An attractive pricing proposal.
  • Support from a trusted partner. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia understands the education market and is a committed, experienced provider to over 3,000 institutions.


A. We understand that teachers need to have the knowledge and skills first. So we include: 

  • Access to Ultimaker Academy, offering online training to all stakeholders on how to set up, maintain and use 3D printing to its full capabilities.
  • CAD design tips to using different materials and applications, Ultimaker e-learn gives you the latest in 3D learning resources.
  • Access to simple lesson plans to get you familiar with the possibilities.

A. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia aims to simplify technology management and support for IT Managers. With Ultimaker 3D printers, you’ll discover: 

  • Fast set up and simple, intuitive controls means users minimise the need for technical knowledge and high levels of support. 
  • We can provide onsite hardware service and support, should you need.
  • With Ultimaker Academy e-learn resources, your IT team have resources at hand to support both teachers and students.


Download printable information that summarises the benefits of Ultimaker printers here, so you can discuss the possibilities with your colleagues.

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The Ultimaker Range

The smart, efficient and cost-effective 3D printing solution to integrate into classrooms, laboratories and curricula.

Ultimaker S3

A powerful, cost-effective option for high-quality composite-ready performance. Designed with a small footprint, this dual extrusion printer is suitable for any classroom or maker space. Powered by Ultimaker’s latest 3D printing technology. 

Ultimaker S5

With a larger build volume, the Ultimaker S5 not only enables bigger models, but can also print multiple parts on a single build plate. Delivers leading solutions for a desktop 3D printer. 


Air Manager

Provides a closed inside-out airflow, providing a better environment within the build chamber. Filters up to 95% of ultrafine particles.



Material Station

Seamlessly integrates with the Ultimaker S5. Allows for filament storage and delivery in a humidity-controlled chamber to help increase productivity.

Download data sheet Download data sheet Download data sheet Download data sheet
Ultimaker Academy

Dive into 3D printing with the experts. The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy enables you to train your users, fluidly moving through a series of stepped online courses for all users.

Learn more about the Academy

Case Study: Old Dominion University – using 3D to boost employability

ODU aims to give student engineers the edge they need for employability, and 3D printing plays a big part. Unexpected benefits turned out to be not only prototyping but producing end-use parts. And even remote students were able to participate, with the affordable S3.

“Nothing replaces touching and holding a prototype,” commented one lecturer.

Case Study: Primary and Secondary Schools get results with 3D Printing

3D Printers provide great lessons in creativity and resilience. Technology mainstreaming resulted in surprising creativity and critical design-thinking techniques.

One educator said, “we’d seen first-hand the ease of use and knew they were ready to go right out of the box —a must for us to successfully roll out across grade levels.”

Whitepaper: Enhancing school education with project-based learning and 3D printing

Discover research, insights and tips on the different types of tools that can be used to enable project-based learning and how other learning institutions are using them to teach creativity and resilience.

"It's incredibly powerful to see kids print something multiple times before it works, taking the time to understand what adjustments to make and not giving up," said one educator.

Read more Read more Read more
Supporting technology in education is one of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia’s strengths. We’re looking forward to supporting your requirements and sharing our experience.

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Fujifilm Makes a Unique Entrance into 3D Printing


Since HP announced its entrance into the 3D printing space, other print and imaging leaders have looked for their own way into the market, as well. Companies like Canon have begun selling 3D printers, hinting at making their own, while Epson has implied that it’s hoping to develop the ability to 3D print “anything”. Even Kodak has partnered with Carbon to invent new 3D printing materials.  The latest is Fujifilm, which has taken what might be considered a unique approach to getting into the 3D printing business.  No, they won’t be making a printer or even materials for 3D printing (at least not yet). Fujifilm is going to be offering technical support services.

Just as Fujifilm Service implements inventory management, automated retail, and refurbishment services for photo-imaging and printing systems, and has been since 1983, the Japanese multinational will take on 3D printing services through their North American branch. They will be extending their expertise from these 2D platforms into the third dimensions, providing just about any service that consumers and businesses might need when dealing with 3D printing technology.   These services run the gamut from installing a new machine to maintaining it and even training employees in the use of 3D printers. The company states on their website:

Our technicians have significant experience in and knowledge of the mechanics and methods used to control diverse printing processes, including expertise in x, y, and z axis controlled devices, such as 3D printers. And, our in-depth understanding of the importance of printing in many organizations enables us to provide best practices coaching and training for printer operators across a wide range of industries.

Consistently excellent service translates into the best performance and value from your 3D printing systems. Our reputation for service excellence is exemplary. But our customers put it best: “Because of the job you do, we are able to do our job better.”

The goal with their service is to help customers get the most they can out of their 3D printers.  And they plan to do so through their already extensive network of locations in North America. As an established corporation, Fujifilm Service already has two strategically placed parts distribution centers, three depot repair facilities across the US, four help desks, and 500 field service technicians.  With these resources, the company has a pretty long list of what they can offer potential clients:

  • Initial setup and testing
  • Operator training and education
  • Telephone technical support
  • On-site repair service
  • Product exchange/swap service
  • Depot repair service
  • Routine calibration and quality checks
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Replacement parts

And, according to Fujifilm, these services can be applied to a number of different aspects associated with the technology, including CAD and 3D modeling software, computer maintenance, electro-mechanical systems, electronics repair, and more. And they say that they’ll tackle every type of printer out there, including inexpensive 3D printers used in the classroom or home up to the advanced additive manufacturing systems associated with industry.

Given the complexity of most 3D printing systems, as well as the relative unfamiliarity that the general populace has with the technology, this could be a necessary and lucrative business for the imaging giant to initiate. If Apple needs a Genius Bar for its user-friendly products, it’s easy to imagine the genius necessary to install, repair, and train employees around industrial manufacturing equipment.  At the same time, Fujifilm won’t find themselves competing with other imaging corporations entering the space.  In fact, you might even find yourself calling Fujifilm Services to fix your MultiJet Fusion 3D printer from HP.

Michael Molitch-Hou

Michael Molitch-Hou previously served as Editor-in-Chief of 3D Printing Industry, he is now the Editor of Engineering . com's 3D printing section. He has covered additive manufacturing technology day in and day out since 2012 and has hundreds of article to his credit. He is the founder of The Reality Institute.

STL file Fujifilm X100V grip・3D printed design download・Cults

Alfa Romeo 147/Gt Windows button

10 €

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Side Skirt Cap Set

10 €

Fiat Freemont shift knob cap

3 €

Mazda MX-5 Miata key holder

3 €

Alfa Romeo 159 door handle trim insert

2 €

Alfa Romeo 156/147 JTD Shift Knob

2. 50 €

Alfa Romeo Spider Electric Roof Motor, Replacement Gear

8 €

EV Charger Cable Holder for Type2 EVSE IEC 62196-2

10 €

The best files for 3D printers in the Tools category

Another Cap for COVID-19 MASK


Deadbolt Combination Lock


Rezz-Inspired NeoPixel Glasses


Wersybot - a derivative of The Printrbot


Iphone holder for Cage modular DSLR


Bag holder with damper


Arduino box


Adjustable spool support


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1,50 €


3. 58 €

Quick print ink bottle holder (6 sizes)

2.87 €

Business card embossing system

3 €

Case for Chill Buddy lighter

1.01 €

Fire hydrant storage container

2.05 €


3,20 €


3.04 €

Scissor Paint Rack (Citadel)

5.69 €


3,20 €

Housing FLSUN SR

8,50 €


3,20 €

Quick Print Stackable Parts Containers / Storage Boxes

2.87 €

Filament shielding

2. 97 €

Version 2 Alligator 2 || Repeating crossbow || 3d printed shop || Inspired by Joerg Sprave

1.50 €

PET-Machine, make your own plastic bottle filament at home!

50 € -80% 10€

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Fujifilm Dimatix company history, technology


Fujifilm Dimatix, one of the world's leading manufacturers of inkjet printheads for commercial and industrial printing, is transforming inkjet printing into a micromanufacturing process that has revolutionized electronics and biology. Technological innovation and world-class process optimization enable high-performance, high-precision printing and application of nano-based inks and fluids on all types of surfaces.

Founded in 1984 as Spectra with an exclusive licensing relationship with Xerox, Fujifilm Dimatix has developed and patented numerous technologies and generations of inkjet printheads capable of producing high-quality digital images and micro-injections in a wide range of inkjet applications from commercial to 3D. - printing in industry and medicine.

The Spectra StarFire SG1024/SA-2C (10 pl) printheads are the latest innovation in inkjet printing. The new high-performance printing technology speeds up the process of industrial single-pass printing and marking. Components of Fujifilm Dimatix (Spectra) print head models have a modular design, durable, easy to repair. The design of the piezocrystal allows nozzles to be positioned at a high density of 400npi, which makes it possible to achieve high print density in a small number of passes.

When an ink head of the same color is inserted into both channels, the modern RediJet technology is implemented, which allows you to change the size of the droplets, for accurate drawing of small elements, uniformity of solid fills and smooth transitions of gradients. The drop size varies from 12 to 33 picolitres, the exact figures depend on the viscosity of the ink and the surface tension properties that form the meniscus on the nozzle and the shape of the formed drop. The high kinetic energy of the formed drop ensures a direct flight of the drop to the material, the deviation from the trajectory is minimal among competitive heads, even at a large distance between the print carriage and the material. The high frequency of operation up to 50kHz ensures high X-ray print resolution and high print speed.

The high reliability of the print head and long service life make the maintenance cost very low. Easy to repair: it is enough to replace printed modules, a metal nozzle plate, or other damaged elements of the system from the donor head. The nozzle plate easily withstands harsh cleaning in ultrasonic baths, as well as straightening and polishing on the tool table in the event of deformation from a collision.

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