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Galaxy Note 10+ 3D scanner app now available on the Galaxy Store

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By Abhijeet Mishra

Last updated: August 23rd, 2019 at 16:41 UTC+02:00

Samsung has published a new app called 3D Scanner on the Galaxy Store. The 3D Scanner app takes advantage of the ToF (time-of-flight) camera on the back of the Galaxy Note 10+ (and Note 10+ 5G) to scan and create 3D models of real-world objects. The Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A80 also have a ToF sensor and should technically support the app, but Galaxy Note 10 owners won’t be able to use it as the smaller Note 10 doesn’t have a ToF camera at the back.

Creating 3D models of real-world objects requires one to scan the object from all directions. Those models can then be transported as a GIF file for sharing with others and can also be added to pictures and videos captured with the camera. Samsung recommends objects sized between 20-80 cubic centimetres, and we also found that you need to make sure there’s nothing else around the object that you’re trying to scan when we tested it out, or you simply end up with a scan of the object and its surroundings.

We’ll test 3D Scanner on the Galaxy Note 10+ more thoroughly later on and will tell you all about it in our review of the device. For now, if you have the Galaxy Note 10+ (or a Galaxy A80 or Galaxy S10 5G), you can grab the app from the Galaxy Store by clicking this link on your phone. After it has been installed, you will find a shortcut to the app in the app drawer. You can also access 3D Scanner from Bixby Vision –  just open the camera app, tap Bixby Vision, then switch to the apps panel.

If the app isn’t available for you via the Galaxy Store, you can download the APK file on your phone and install the app manually by navigating to the downloaded file in the My Files or other file manager app. Download the APK file here, and let us know your experience with 3D Scanner once you’ve been able to use it on the Galaxy Note 10+ (or Note 10+ 5G). Also let us know if it works for you on the Galaxy A80 or Galaxy S10 5G.

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How To Use Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy Note 20 series 3D Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ allows users to create fun 3D images by capturing an object using the 3D Time of Flight (ToF) depth camera. Users can get the feature by simply downloading the 3D scanner on your phone, apparently a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, or S20+, etc. so you can begin creating your own 3D models.

In a demo video released by Samsung, it is reported that this app is the only feature utilizing the ToF sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. For people who aren’t aware, the Time of Flight sensor (ToF) is the fourth “camera” at the back, which the Note 10 doesn’t have.

As mentioned earlier, Samsung released a demo video, and in the demo video, they took a stuffed bear, scanned it with the phone to create a 3D representation, which they could animate at a later time.

So, without further ado, follow this guide so you can learn how to use the 3D scanner feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Note: The 3D Scanner is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, S20+ & S20 Ultra. Its functionality may differ depending on the various factors such as shooting conditions such as location, and object characteristics such as size, color, etc.

How To Use The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 3D Scanner

Step 1

Download the App. First check if the App is preinstalled. If not, then download from Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

Step 2

Accept install from unknown sources, and then install the app.

Step 3

Once installed, tap the 3D Scanner app in your App drawer or launch your smartphone’s Camera app.

Step 4

Tap Bixby vision at the top left of the window.

Step 5

Select 3D Scanner there.

Step 6

Agree to the Pop up permissions which will appear when you tap on Bixby vision.

Step 7

Under the Apps menu, select the 3D Scanner option.

Step 8

Download and open the 3D Scanner

Step 9

Tap on the record button when you have picked an object within the guided lines. For better results, scan objects that are at least 20cm tall, and aren’t dark, transparent or reflective. You should also ensure that there’s nothing else nearby, which could be scanned by mistake.

Step 10

Slowly circle round the object with the camera, ensuring you scan all areas indicated in blue. Once done, tap on the stop button.

Step 11

On completion of the model, you should be able to view the completed 3D scan where you can convert to AGIFs and create videos or images with other objects or people.

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One great feature this app displays, is that you can transfer recorded scans to your PC! Isn’t that great?! So, let’s discus on how we can make that happen.

How to Transfer 3D Scans to PC on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Transferring recorded 3D scans to your PC so you can further edit it is very easy. All you have to do is connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to your PC, using an approved Samsung cable. Drag and drop the file onto your desktop.

Ensure your phone is unlocked, and permissions to access your data saved on the device is enabled. For readers who didn’t really grasp the whole steps, here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Open File explorer on your PC, and then select Galaxy phone.

Step 2

Select and open the 3D Scanner folder

Step 3

Right click on the zipped folder, and then select Extract Files

Step 4

Once extracted, double click the 3D Object file to open.

Step 5

Having a program which supports 3D Objects will be of great use here, so if you have one open the file with it. If you don’t, then download from here.

And there you go on how to use the 3D Scanner app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ as well as other Galaxy phones that support it. Good luck now with getting some good models out of it.

Let’s know how it goes with the App, drop a comment in the box below!

Author: Joel Onyeike

Tags: 3D Scanning Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

How to take 3D pictures on Samsung smartphones

Samsung Smartphones A photo Instructions

How to take 3D pictures on Samsung smartphones

Alexander Kuznetsov —

The camera in the Galaxy Note 10+, one of the flagship models of Samsung's new phablets, has an additional ToF module. This module makes focusing faster and more accurate, allows you to take photos with background blur, and can also be used to create 3D models of various objects. Two more Samsung smartphones have the same module - Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A80.

A new 3D Scanner application is available for these devices, with which you can create 3D images. The app is hosted on the Galaxy Store, a content store that comes preinstalled on Samsung devices. It can also be launched through Bixby Vision, from the desktop, or from a list of all installed applications.

After installing 3D Scanner, a new option for 3D shooting appears in the camera application. To scan an object with high quality, you should place it on a uniform background and follow the instructions, taking several pictures from different angles. Samsung recommends holding the camera at a distance of 20-80 cm from the subject - this will make the 3D model look more natural. The finished model can be converted into an animated GIF format or added to the smartphone gallery, where photos and videos are stored.

Download for Android

iGuides on Telegram —
iGuides in Yandex.Zen — zen.


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Range Vision Spectrum

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  • Scanning on a turntable

    Quickly and easily scan an object mounted on a turntable platform with the push of a button. When the object is rotated, the fragments of the model are aligned automatically.

  • Scanning with markers

    Automatic alignment of model fragments by markers applied to the surface of the object. Used to improve scanning accuracy. External photogrammetry systems are supported.

  • Basic Scan

    Used to scan objects that cannot be digitized in other ways, such as museum exhibits. The fragments of the model obtained from different angles are combined according to the features of the object surface geometry.

Scanning objects from 1 cm to 3 m

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3D model examples

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Scan Technology

structured illumination

Projector resolution

1280 x 800

Scan area, mm




Working distance, m

0. 96



Accuracy, µm




3D resolution, mm




Object size

from 1 cm to 3 m

Ability to capture texture

there is

Camera resolution

3.1 MP

Model stitching

by markers, by geometry

Received formats


Scanner Power


Minimum PC Requirements

Intel Core i5 6500 or better, 8 GB RAM

Connection interface

HDMI, 2 x USB 2. 0

USB 2.0 for desk

Supported OS

Windows 7/8.1/10 64bit

Rotary table

there is

Table platform diameter

20 cm

Maximum table load

20 kg

Table food

220V - 12V/1A

Dimensions of the scanner in the case


Scanner weight

1.65 kg

Weight of the scanner in the case

8.5 kg




1 year

Note: Product appearance may differ from website photos.

We are trusted

User Testimonials

David Wohanka

After reviewing the various offerings on the market for reverse engineering and prototyping, we chose Spectrum. We really liked the ability to work with markers and changeable scan zones. We can use Spectrum to scan various objects, including those with complex geometry. Perhaps we can agree that the Spectrum is three scanners in one.

Lukasz Mlynar
Project Manager

We specialize in creating visualizations. The Spectrum was perfect for these purposes: the resolution, the accuracy, the ability to scan in color - all perfectly matched our needs. And the equipment made it possible to use it both in the office and on field work (we often cooperate with museums and it is much easier to scan on their territory than to transport exhibits to our office). We really liked that the scanner comes with everything you need to work in different modes - it saved our budget a lot.

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