A10T 3d printer

Buy Geeetech A10T 3 in 1 Out Mix Color 3D Printer


Main Features:

Mix-color printing capability
Geeetech A10T 3D printer adopts open source GT2560 control board, can deliver mix-color objects and greatly enrich your 3D printing life. Keeping the good performance of Geeetech 3D printers, it aims to provide users with quality printout and satisfactory printing experience.
Modularized design, fast to assemble
The modularized design provides you with an easier assembly experience. Its classic blue and black color combo impart a touch of simplicity and excellence, embodying commitment of Geeetech to quality products.
High-adhesion building platform
Keeping Prusa I3 3D printers' gantry structure and with its build volume as 220mm x 220mm x 250mm, A10T makes the best of the building platform and enables you to view the printing details in 360 degrees. Printing at the accuracy of 0.1mm, it delivers objects with smooth surface finish, clear angles and strong structure. Besides, A10T comes with filament detector and break-resuming capability, greatly enhancing your 3D printing experience.
360-degree ventilation design
Its well-designed extruder greatly reduces the risk of clogging or leaking. A10T extruder cover features 360-degree ventilation design, greatly enhancing the dissipation of heat and guaranteeing excellent printing quality.
3:1 gear train
A10T extruder motor uses a gear train of 3:1 speed ratio, amplifying input torque and improving your printing experience. Adopting the modularized design for extruder wiring, A10T makes it easy to exchange the wire.
V-shaped wheels and rails
The V-shaped wheels and rails on each axis, made from wear-resistant aluminum profile, could, in a large measure, reduce the printing noise and offer you a quiet 3D printing environment.



**Free and faster shipping (incl. of taxes) applies if the order ships from the local warehouses (US/EU/UK/AU/etc). Estimated shipping time may vary and you may have to pay import taxes/additional shipping costs if the order ships from the seller's original manufacturing facilities, usually China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. We ship compatible plugs based on your location. Please refer to our FAQ for more details. If you have any presale questions, please contact us.

Product Condition
Item Condition New
Printing Specifications
X Y Axis Position Accuracy 0.011mm
Z Axis Position Accuracy 0.00025mm
Print size ( X Y Z ) 220*220*250mm
Print Speed 60mm/s
Layer Resolution 0.1mm -0.3mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Filament Compatibility ABS/PLA, etc
Software Specifications
3D Printing Software Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify 3D
Supported File Formats STL/OBJ/Gcode/JPG/PNG
Operating System Win, Mac and Linux
Temperature Specifications
Extruder Temperature 250 C
Heating Bed Temperature 110 C
Electrical Specifications
Power Requirements Power input: 100-120V/200-240V Power output: DC24V/14. 6A,350W
Connectivity (Interface) USB,, TF Card
Shipping specifications
Machine weight 7.96 kg
Shipping box weight 9.98 Kg
Machine Dimensions 478x413x485mm
Shipping box dimensions 530x470x282 mm

Geeetech A10T Desktop 3D Printer

Geeetech A10T Desktop 3D Printer
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Geeetech A10T 3D printer, adopting GT2560 control board, The modularized design provides you with an easier assembly experience.
3-in-1-out single nozzle design, support mix-color printing, and greatly enriches your 3D printing life. Its well-designed extruder greatly reduces the risk of clogging or leaking.
A10T extruder cover features 360° ventilation design, greatly enhancing the dissipation of heat and guaranteeing excellent printing quality. Extruder motor uses a gear train of 3:1 speed ratio, amplifying input torque and improving your printing experience.
A10T comes with filament detector and break-resuming capability, greatly enhancing your 3D printing experience. Adopting the modularized design for extruder wiring, A10T makes it easy to exchange the wire. Plug and play, saving efforts  and money.
The V-shaped wheels and rails on each axis, made from wear-resistant aluminum profile, reduce the printing noise and offer you a quiet 3D printing environment.
220*220*250mm printing size, featuring printing at the accuracy of 0.1-0.2mm, it delivers exquisite prints with delicate texture, sleek contour and stable structure.
In special period, if you are interested, you might try printing your own masks or goggles with the 3D printer to give you and your families and friends a safety guarantee.

Model: A10T
Plug: US
Power Input: 115/230V AC,50/60Hz
Power Output: DC24V-15A Max,360W
Printing Technology: FDM
Connectivity: TF Card, USB
Display Screen: LCD2004 screen
Printing Volume: 220*220*250mm
Printing Accuracy: 0.1~0.2mm
Positioning Precision: X/Y: 0.011mm  Z: 0.0025mm
Printing Speed: 60mm/s
Nozzle Quantity: 3-in-1-out single nozzle
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Filament: Diameter 1.75mm; ABS/PLA, etc.
Environment Temperature: 10℃-40℃
Operating System: For Windows/Mac/Linux
Slicing Software: Repetier-Host, EasyPrint 3D, Cura
File Format: .STL/.Gcode
Printer Size: 47.8 * 41.3 * 48.5cm / 18.8 * 16.3 * 19.1in
Net Weight: 7.96kg / 17.5lbs
Package Size: 53.0 * 47.0 * 25.7cm / 20. 9 * 18.5 * 10.1in
Gross Weight: 9.98kg / 22.0lbs

4G TF card is included.
We will present 3 samples of filament, the color is random.

Packing List:
1 * 3D Printer Kit

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    Fly on! FlyingBear Ghost6 appeared on Aliexpress for $345: https://ali. ski/1zgoD


    For owners of KP5L

    Video/Gif, 29 sec,


    Kingrun sent something interesting. Two 3D printers are being prepared for release at once. These are KP3PRO and KP7L.
    KP3PRO has increased the print area to 200x200x200, built the power supply into the case, but removed the rail from the Y axis and moved it to the Z axis 🤨. What for? And the KP7L model is very much like the Ghost-5.

    Picture of


    Web page:
    I continue to fulfill orders for 3D printing! It turned out to be not easy. If you need to print something, you want to see how it was printed and support the author of the channel, contact us, subscribers get a discount!
    You can find out the conditions and place an order on Avito (preferably): http://voltnik.ru/avito
    and also by e-mail: [email protected]
    VKontakte: https://vk. com/nikomaz

    Cost Calculator STL printing: http://voltnik.ru/3d-print/

    ➥ The voltNik project is copyright, exists at the expense of subscribers, for help: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/voltnik
    Learning Printing to Order:
    Part 1: https://youtu.be/ngze57kkSfQ
    Part 2: https://youtu.be/hiEFXl3-1MA
    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
    ALIEXPRESS: http://voltnik.ru/aliexpress
    BANGGOOD: http://voltnik.ru/bngd
    ✔ Channel website: http://voltnik.ru/
    ✔ Yandex.Zen: https://zen.yandex.ru/voltnik
    ✔ VK: https://vk.com/voltnik
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    ✔ I invite everyone to chat for communication: https://t.me/voltnik_group
    ♦ Channel aggregator by 3D printing: https://t.me/ALL_3D

    0:00 - Introduction
    0:27 - Formula how to count
    3:39 - Nuts
    5:10 - Bookmarks
    6:06 - Throne
    8 :10 - Pots
    9:39 - String
    10:20 - JR module
    11:11 - Lost orders
    13:49 - Adapter
    14:59 - Folder
    15:46 - Trays
    17:43 - In the next video. ..

    Picture of

    I have been using it for a month, but only now I noticed that there are no limit switches on the X and Y axes of the Cobra. The definition of zero goes in phase from hitting a hard stop. The feature is called StallGuard, available for 2209/2160/5160 drivers in UART mode of course. I got into the printer config and really found the commands for setting the current M906 and the shock sensitivity M914.

    Video/gif, 12 sec, VID_20220603_212735.mp4

    Video/gif, 28 sec, IMG_7450.MP4

    Geeetech A10T 3D printer: http://alli.pub/6cuooa
    Coil stand model: https:/ /www.thingiverse.com/thing:5399343
    Forum: https://www.geeetech.com/forum/

    Web page:
    Geeetech A10T 3D printer (three): http://alli.pub/6cuooa
    Geeetech A10M 3D printer (two): http://alli.pub/6cuooh
    New model with Geeetech A30T 32-bit board: http: //alli. pub/6cuoqm
    Geeetech A20M 3D printer: http://alli.pub/6cuopn

    Spool stand model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5399343
    Forum: https://www.geeetech.com/forum/

    ➥ Support the author of the channel: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/voltnik
    ALIEXPRESS: http: //voltnik.ru/aliexpress
    BANGGOOD: http://voltnik.ru/bngd
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:28 - Multi-extruder printers
    1:57 - Mixer A10T
    3:16 - Construction
    3:54 - Kit
    4:50 - Electronics
    5:14 -
    spool racks 5:49 - Start of printing CURA
    6:19 - PrusaSlicer
    7:17 - More A10T can
    7:57 - Conclusion




    Some details on the FLSUN V400 delta emerge. The printer will be on SGR15 linear rails. You can see double-sided airflow, volcano, light direct, backlight on the effector, removable magnetic PEI table. And all this with Klipper firmware.
    Shorts: https://youtu.be/4U9B4wBA4xE
    Video of printing a 200% bench in 40 minutes: https://youtu.be/4pObllzQ1wc

    Picture of

    Picture of

    Picture of

    Picture of

    Anycubic Kobra, the same Vyper without the second motor on Z: https://ali.ski/hrdfy. Another kind of autolevel, non-contact inductive, like the one on the I3 Mega, is surprisingly accurate. Dyrekt extruder, has not yet disassembled, looks like a Titan. Pay? It would be better if I didn’t look, my own Trigorilla on the N32, the drivers are quiet. The screen is identical to Vyper. The printer becomes proprietary. Of the already identified shortcomings: the nozzle temperature PID is not configured, it runs +10 degrees. Inconvenient change of plastic from the menu, warms up to 230C (actually up to 240C) before turning on the motor.

    Video/gif, 13 sec, VID_20220527_193311.mp4


    Web page:
    Printed on a TwoTrees BLU-5 3D printer: https://ali.ski/2e_kT using the new SolidFilament ECO plastic: https://www.ozon.ru /category/plastik-dlya-3d-printera-15794/solidfilament-81775894/
    1. KAWS: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4848975
    2. Biter: https://3dtoday.ru/market/games/toys/zavodnye-prygayushhie-zuby
    3. Engine: https://3dtoday.ru/market/gifts/men/pervyi-v-mire- rabotayushhii-ot-dunoveniya-rtom-pnevmaticeskii-dvigatel-pecataemyi-celikom Victor's channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Posmetyev
    4. Chameleon remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4970558
    5. Package Folder: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5395808 Author's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i9o-xCHfl0

    ➥ Support the author of the channel: https:// www. donationalerts.com/r/voltnik
    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
    ✔ Channel website: http://voltnik.ru/
    ✔ Yandex.Zen: https://zen.yandex .ru/voltnik
    ✔ VK: https://vk.com/voltnik
    ✔ Telegram channel: https://t.me/voltnik_channel
    ✔ Telegram chat: https://t.me/voltnik_group
    ♦ Channel aggregator for 3D printing: https://t.me/ALL_3D

    0:00 - Intro
    0:11 - 1. KAWS
    1:50 - 2. Biter
    3:53 - 3. Chameleon
    4:38 - 4. Engine
    5:20 - 5. Folder
    7:04 - About the TwoTrees BLU-5 printer itself

    CRY ONE? Tronxy releases a new frameless model. Despite its dubious name and future nickname, look at what the printer's axes are made of: SGR15 on Z and OSG15 on XY. Well, everything ... began!
    More about the printer: https://www.tronxy3d.com/ru/products/crux-1-mini-3d-printer-180-180-180mm-fast-assembly-direct-drive-portable-desktop-3d-printer


    https://youtu.be/Fa-pi8j8iPo video is an extension to the main review: https://youtu. be/ZilIkO8Tcvc

    Web page:
    The video is an addition to the main review: https://youtu.be/ZilIkO8Tcvc
    Kingroon KP5L official store: https://ali.ski/uyOOq the second official store, with a coupon is cheaper here: https: //ali.ski/OCKTa ($20 coupon -- I5MB6J2C4B0K)

    The printer is made on SGR15 industrial rails. In my eyes, this eliminates all its current and possible future shortcomings.

    ➥ Support the author of the channel: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/voltnik
    ALIEXPRESS: http: //voltnik.ru/aliexpress
    BANGGOOD: http://voltnik.ru/bngd
    ✔ Yandex.Zen: https://zen.yandex.ru/voltnik
    ✔ VK: https://vk.com/voltnik
    ✔ Telegram channel: https://t.me/ voltnik_channel
    ✔ Telegram chat: https://t.me/voltnik_group
    ♦ 3D printing channel aggregator: https://t.me/ALL_3D

    Found 42 posts

    Corridge Trimmer for Trenges Polaroid Lab

    Load of Korishi

    Polaroid Lab, you will have a photo of the diOLEAR.
    We beseech you to read this misunderstanding of the dearest Polaroid Lab. Feel for the future reference.
    Yes, we've made a quick application, updated information, videos, videos and more, visit: polaroid.com/polaroidlab

    A. Approach to the platform
    B. Telephone platform
    C. Wheelbarrow dodira (2)
    E. Lightness sensor
    E. Dugme for push/pull the platform
    Bowton Marche
    F. Duga logo LED
    G. Dugme zatvara. LED diode brojacha film
    I. Filmska vrata
    J. Rear LED diode behind the battery

    C. Micro-USB port behind the buttonhole

    What is the cost Polaroid Lab
    1. 0008 For the original Polaroid Lab, you need the Polaroid Originals application. The application of such a sadrji
      Saveti, trikovi and vodichi and inspiration for the vishé starts the match.
      → polaroid.com/Polaroidlab
    2. Puff the lab Polaroid
      Important Polaroid Lab is not beaten by the sweatiness of the hood. Before use, check if you are vapid. Yes, they fired up the Polaroid Lab, fasten the USB cable behind the pouch at the Micro-USB, attach the cable on the back of the Polaroid Lab, and the other end of the cable at the puach, which is the adapter for the phone or the USB plug on the racunara. The LED diode of the reducer is lighter somehow, it showed three times the swelling of the battery, four lowered LED diodes means the swelling of the battery. Ako јe Polaroid Lab was driven with a puff and pompously puffed up, with a light diode for a pouњe ћe beati skљchene. Potpuno puje usually trazhe oko 2 sata croz zidnu utichnitsa with a telephone adapter or up to 4 sata croz USB prikuchak on racunara.
      Poorly frightened Polaroid lab is still stocked and filmed 100 packs of films to be used. Don't waste it and wreck the Polaroid Lab at last use and be as good as a fucking battery.
    3. Check out the movie
      See the Polaroid Lab and gently call out to the front of the movie. Take the cassette for the film out of the package and pound the
      film cassette to the brim, with the film's cliza of the film prema woe. Once you close the gates of the movie, click here to get rid of the polaroid
      Lab automatically. If the bloodline is squandered below, turn away from the film and sweep again, the grooves and even the gaps will go to the back of the Polaroid Lab.
      white We ask you to check the packaging of the film one by one for the time of development, details about the sleeve and storage.
    4. Tighten the Polaroid Lab
      Tighten the center of the circle on the gum of the Polaroid Lab and tuck the phone platform in place behind the photograph and tuck it in.
      The LED lamp of the Rainbow of the logo to brighten up and the LED lamp of the brojach to light up somehow showed how many shots the Polaroid has left.
      Original application. When you're done, smash the Polaroid Lab with a push on the platform.
      Alternatively, it will automatically take a few minutes of inactivity.
    5. Open the application and select your photo
      Open the Polaroid application and select the Polaroid Lab clothing. Dugma for the choice of slick and biste, they chose the slick that you want and state and add more Instruct. Application to guide you through the presentation.
    6. Place the phone on the phone platform
      Place the phone on the phone platform so that the screen will be attached to a Polaroid Lab premium lens. Make sure this is correct:
      The top of the mora biti phone is called prema on the back page of the camera. Dodge the mask of the phone or the screen on the back of some kind of a better performance.
      Application Open Polaroid Lab and orientate yourself so that it will be enriched with the movie. Such an order to the calibration slick from above the light sensor, somehow bi regularly set out your slick without the need for cheapening the rear lighting of the phone. Rest assured that
      check for any cheap or appli- cations on the screen, but at the same time changing or right tone, but I can stubbornly miss the final photo.
    7. Squeeze the red dougme okidach
      Polaroid Lab Open your phone on the platform and measure the brightness of the screen to get a better exposure.
      Lock the LED light of the Rainbow of the logo, and then press down on the red dot. The photograph of the bitty is bulging out of the opening on the front of the camera, so let go of the dugma zatvarach.
      Slide the photograph under the film camera and send it back to the Polaroid lab. Put the photograph face down and biste. They have instructed the courtesy of the lordship of the dock of development.
      If you would like to send us your next photo with a really slick, press down again on the okidach.
    Even the slug box
    1. How much film is left in the package?
      At the warning Polaroid laboratory, there were 8 early ICE lights. Whenever the laboratory is switched on and lower in the sleep mode, the LED diode began to command Brofilm. Broj the LED lamp, which is brighter than the light, I'll take a picture of the film. Fore example: If 6 LED diodes are lit up, then yes, the package of the film has only 6 shots left. If you gutted your 8 shots at the film package or if the camera lowers the film package below, the LED diode should not treptati kada check the Polaroid Lab or squeeze the okidach.
    2. How many batteries are left?
      Polaroid Lab ordered no more battery swelling on four LED diodes from above the USB plug. Every time it’s Polaroid Lab Puny, ICE it’s treperity, and every time it’s potpuno napuni sa we’ll sweep us with a USB cable, it’s LED diode ћe it’s learning how to hit it directly from the pouch.
      1. Light change 1 to 4 LEDs One LED means twice the flicker for 2 pack films.
      2. Batterie poked and USB cable Batterie poked and USB cable plugged in: LED bulb not brighter. lucky: LED diode is not brighter.
      ICE lamp of a film brojach ordered that the broj photograph was left.
      3. Prazna batery
      Prazna batery
      Most of the rest of Troshkov. Nema LED lamp Without pouch. Not brighter than the LED diode, but the Polaroid Lab is no longer bright, and the Polaroid Lab is no more bright for the sake of information. for the sake of the dock, don’t napun.
    3. Compatibilan film
      Polaroid Lab for the sake of swim film Polaroid i-Type and 600.
      Compatible with film i-Type Jer e optimized for use by Polaroid Lab.
      Polaroid Lab below is intended for use with SKS-70 film, Spectra film or some other type of film.
    4. attack
      Sparge the Pularoid Lab Pre ​​use and Best Cevered yes, Imo is updated (I put it → puњe ћ ћ ћ ћ ћ ћ ћe Treperiti Lab Ukriyta and Puni Cada Pauliroid Lab Potopuno Putoos.
    5. Chishaћeњe Vaљaa
      Ponkada Cezhak Paste after the SA PHOSTRAIS PROGRAMENT IN VAMIMA POLAROOD LAB -A, Stick on the performance of Polarid Lab -A and Non -Zhena, a lack which ointment solves your problem. 0008 1. Shut the phone platform and beat the Polaroid Lab
      2. Open the gates of the movie
      3. Move your gum to the bottom of the wheelbarrow and press and hold the okidach > 2 seconds
      , Polarid lab ј of the garden at the Chishaћa vena owa
      6. Korishћeњ evexamp by krpo or the member of the stack, gently clean the vahm
      7. Grind the dugma of the hollow for the grades of the room.0004
    Solve the problem and item Piasa
    1. MY Polarid Laboratory, I am the fostering of my photo/there Klizach
      assure your polarid lab Poluena:
      Ice Saoinov and owls. glad.
      In case of new use, carry a Polaroid Lab with a bag.
      Rest assured that you have received the film from the Polaroid Lab: yes, check it, release it, and then bend the phone
      platform. The pre-installed LED diode of the film's bro- chache will show you how many pictures are left of the film. If there is a LED diode brzo treper, if you re-upload the Polaroid Lab, then it means that there are no more pictures in the film, or the film will be missed.
      1. Svetvoi
      Polarid lab ј is a claim or package of
      2. Dugma of the okidach ј is thinned, the Sveta packet will be possible, a lot of phylma
      3. Svea paveden
      packs, 8 photographs
      4. 9. Invariably LED light
      Error when leaving the package
    2. Application sent me an error
      Application not open if your phone is correctly installed at Polaroid Lab. Wheelbarrow on the platform of the phone can help
      application for rotation and deliver the slick directly from above the Polaroid Lab lens. If the application cannot be done, then you can send your phone to the battlefield.
      When you buzz the phone, the application will guide you through the correct positioning with a short video recording.
    3. Dugme zatvaracha something is wrong
      If the LED light of the Rainbow logo is bright, then the Polaroid Lab is switched on, and if the film is at the Polaroid Lab, then drop the LED brows. Ako squeeze the okidach and nisht not badly, look at the LED diode behind the film's broka. If your phone is not properly oriented, Polaroid Lab is not mine and read to Slicka. ICE lamp Rainbov of the logo ћe treptati 3 puts aka ce phone is preposna. Ako instruct and brezo trepery, Polaroid Lab can't do it right and the sensor's lightness is wrong. If you don't tremble, then don't misunderstand the telephone. It may be to hit the phone's key or close the screen, which may interfere with the recognition of the phone. Yes, they fixed it, evade the phone mask or put the mask behind the screen. Lagano gurnite
      phone at the laboratory.
    4. My photo has faded little by little
      The original nismo photo was taken with your phone's camera, or our editorial advice about taking a photo and even more important. We can entrust True Tone, Night Shift or Night Mode.
      Application for automatic adjustment of phone lighting. You can show the same exposition at the “Vishé” menu at the appliqué. EV can be adjusted from -3 to +3 f-koraka.
    Help for the rights of your photographs
    • Please make sure your phone screen is clean.
      Ako imate zashtit for the screen of the phone, assure me that there is no ogrebotin, mrљa or otisak on the screen. In the ideal case, avoid using your phone screen or phone mask to find the best result.
    • Rest assured that even your phone is built on the Polaroid Lab phone platform.
    • Rest assured that your film is still fresh!
      Opt for a new film with a polaroid and get rid of the confusion with the packing of the film.
    • Please check here and now for the delivery and application of some things I will use on the battlefield (eg New shift, correct tone).
    Mushroom's undershirt

    Polaroid team for the little brown undershirt, it's been seen that you are strange. Please do so by initiating a contact fee.
    For details and the openwork of information, visit Polarid. za/Help
    [Email Shtrati]
    +1 212 219 3254 Europe/READS OF THE EMAL
    00 800 577 01500
    On the side 242 - 7500 AE ENSCHEDE

    Technician Specific

    150 mm (d) mm (X open)
    600 grams (without packaged film)
    Radna temperature
    40-108°F / 4-42°C, 5-90% relative humidity
    Compatibilan film
    Polaroid Y-Type and 600 film both battles
    and Tsrno-white, ukљuchuћuћi and posebna publishing house.
    Lithuanian-Eon Bateriya of the Kommersary performance,
    1100mas, Nominal Volta, 4.07VX

    Polycarbonate, EPDM (Etila -ohm
    Locking system
    Fixed lens hood, locking lens

    Optics systems
    Lens with fixed focus
    Zhyzhna dajina
    Type Sochi
    1: 2. 35 Systems of the Eleem Suzhny

    Systems Zakhtvy Aplikatsiya
    Permanni Phone

    • IPhone 6 and Noviyi (Osim Iphone Se)
    • VEX Actual Android
      Operations and Operations of Systems of Systems. For a sheet visit polaroid.com/labworkswith
    Security information

    Jet blast hazard - Do not open/dissolve the motor systems of the machine

    • Can't get rid of the urgency. Incorrect alignment can cause an electric shock like a urea new ugliness.
    • Do not cure water or other leakage.
    • Do not scorch the urea near the environment with high moisture or near the right side of the environment. p
    • Do not eat or tamper, touch or avoid the battery and/or electronics if you get under the hood from the
      if you get something under the hood from the movie gate.
    • Do not eat, but dodge the gate itself. That is less important, it is likely to confirm your urega and lower the guarantee.
    • Can't pick up a metal object at the urg.
    • Do not damage anything on your bra or bra.
    • Take care of the little one and your child, even if one of them, somehow the bistes avoided Žih's damage to some businesslike urėga.
    • Do not squabble or stockpile near the edge of the heat or beat at some point instead of producing heat, increasing the stereo amplifiers.
    • Do not sting near fumes or explosive fumes.
    • Don't punish your urga, but you will notice an unusual mirise, beech or dim sum.
    • Do not try to put a thread battery on the beater and start modifying it (for example, clean the film type 600). As soon as you have the fluidity of the battery of armor at your eyes, dry your eyes with fresh, cold flowing water and spend medical care.
      Batteria and pouch
    • Ovaј urezhaј zhaђ zhaјzha prilagёnі litіјum-јonskomu battery koјya vіdn't evade and montirana јutar body laboratory. No other friend is worthy of the battery. The replacement of the battery can be done by the service center itself. Bateria ћe misfortune the service center. Battery
      spring dugogodish and service aco se correctly coriste. Gutted energy variera in envy of one environment in which se urezha of sordidness and the environment in which se urevaј of sordidness and starting at which ureaј appeases.
      Used one by one bag, battery can please up to 100 film packs.
    • Kada nivo energy battery under the turf of the cornfield, more than not to convert the film. LED of the diode ћe treptati and signalizirati kada јe it is necessary to start. Ovim has avoided captioning photographs that are framing the systems of the waka.
    • The bater's bellows are lower down at the collar of the trinet. Fill the battery to the brim with the help of the USB cable for the hole (damaged). It usually takes 1-2 satas (it can be used depending on the use).
    • Corruption of the cable for the bullet battery Tested and for the sake of the adapter against the Apple iPhone. Iako ce mozhe koristiti on other USB prikuchtsima, for example. On rachunarima, USB adapter for attack, TV, automobilima, etc., we cannot guarantee that it will be fixed.
    • Every time you don't reproach, we beg you to recycle properly.
      Korishћyњyњe zhegel
    • Yes, Best drew a techno -bosom of the precision of the Sadrzhi ovaј, nickname do not let the laboratory with an example of
      laboratories at the trace of the surrounding period of the time: Zaposka temperature 9000 (+42 ° F) high humidity with extreme temperature changes (hot and cold), direct sun lightness, walking or plain surroundings, along the beach, damp places, or places with some kind of vibration.
    • Do not utter urgency and do not express it as shock or vibration.
    • Do not gut, do not puff out and do not light a score of the Okholyectiv

    Report this AD

    Importance is important for use 9000 LITIA BATERIET BATERIE NOW BATTERIA NOT BATERITE.

  • Do not edit short essays.
  • Do not separate.
  • Can't make it look like a wall.
  • When used correctly, store.
  • Keep safe even on the water. EU
    Declaration of Conformity
    Estimate and (2) Ovaјајајајај Take the use of the estimate, ukљuchuћuћuћe koјuћkoy koјuњuћ koјrotovat nezazhe operation.
    Oprez Korisnik is notorious and any change or modification has been explicitly approved by the country for agreement on the possibility of lowering Korisnikov's law for the use of the premium. Ova oprema don’t dare se nalazi zajedily or for the sake of zajedily sabotage someone else with an antenna or a traitor.
    Reminder Ova acceptance has been tested and approved Yes, but at the warehouse is limited for digital higher class B, at the warehouse with business 15 FCC rules. Ova limita su osmishena and more prudently protect one of the standard estimates from the installation installation.
    Awareness of the general, mischievous and can be used to understand the energy of the radio frequency and, if not installed and not misused at the warehouse, it is possible to understand the cost estimate of the radio communication. Mezhutim, don't stand for a guarantee and see if there is anything to get at the installation site. How ova oprema a narrow shtetne estimate for radio or television reception, that we can approve everything and we’ll entrust it to the korisnik and the assassination and correct the estimate one or more of the following measure: