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30+ Easy and Fun Things to 3D Print at Home 2022

Everyone likes to have fun, and as nice as it is to turn to old favorite pastimes for entertainment, there’s nothing quite like discovering new ways to enjoy yourself.

There are so many things we can do with 3D printing. From car repair to dental procedures, 3D printing has changed lives and businesses the world over. But there’s no reason we can’t have a little fun with our 3D printers!

In my time writing for 3DSourced, I’ve come across a lot of quick, easy, cool, and fun 3D prints that I’ve bookmarked for future use, and here I’m going to share a few of my favorites for you to enjoy today.

Moving Animals

When writing about 3D printed fidget toys, I came across Snakez. These neat little serpents are segmented so they can move about. A popular toy for children and adults alike, you can have a lot of fun printing them out and making them wiggle around!

They’re far less complicated than they look. As one-piece designs, 3D printing these toys is a piece of cake. Snakez are a cute addition to any desk or toy chest and make for an excellent fidget toy or even something for your pets to enjoy.

If you want something with a little more detail, then why not try out these articulated dragons for a fun 3D print that adds a touch of the mythological to your play?

Continuing the quirky trend of replacing Zs with Ss, Piranhaz are equally fun 3D prints that you can print in any size and color. With their biting jaws, they can even be practical too as clothes pegs or wire organizers.

If you want all of the fish with none of the bite, then check out these Fish Fossilz which move around just like they’re swimming.

When I was in high school, I used to mess around a lot with crocodile clips. I never knew why, I just thought they were kind of fun to attach to my fingers or just clamp onto things. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one, as I quickly came across these literal crocodile clips that bring back that old joy.

There are so many 3D printable animals out there to try, and many to make your own. Pick your favorite and get to printing, you can’t go wrong!

Easter Egg Holders

Easter is a fun time for many people regardless of religious affiliation. After all, who doesn’t like an excuse to eat a ton of chocolate?

There’s something adorable and fun in these Easter egg holders shaped like traditional bunnies to display with your Cadbury treats during the build up to the day we get to indulge again. Some call it teasing, I call it motivation.

Ultimate Sandcastle Kit

I love the beach. The sand between your toes, the rolling waves, the promise of relaxation, and, of course, sandcastles.

Sandcastle building is a true joy amusing kids and adults alike all over the world, so much so that there are even art displays and competitions all about what kind of structures people build from the sand.

I don’t know about you, but I was always just awful at sandcastle construction, made even more embarrassing by the fact that I grew up on a beach. So I’ve bookmarked this ultimate sandcastle kit as a fun 3D print so that doesn’t happen again!

Some may say that using stencils like these defeats the point, but they aren’t merely shapers. They’re a cool 3D print designed to let you build structures like the pyramids of Giza or the roman colosseum, things most beachgoers couldn’t dream of building with their hands alone.

Wolf Whistle Keychain

Whistles are pretty neat, they’re great for looking after kids or pets, useful for sports, and are good to have in case of emergencies.

Finding designs for various whistles as cool 3D prints is pretty easy, but my favorite is this wolf whistle because of its appearance and design. Depending on where you blow, the whistle will produce different pitches.

As a simple one-print project, you won’t need to put a lot of effort into this fun keychain, the only real difficulty is getting the keyrings to fit.

If the wolf design isn’t your cup of tea, then you’ll be happy to know that this two-tone whistle design is just as easy to make and works the same way.

Balloon-Powered Car

You read that right. This cool 3D print came from a teacher looking to teach their class about engineering, and it just looks really fun.

After inflating the balloon and letting the car go, the air will escape out the back ‘exhaust’ Batmobile style and propel the car forward. It’s really fun and couldn’t be simpler to print, you just need to nail the wheels to the body and boom!

If you like, you can even print out some caps for the back exhaust so the car makes different noises as it goes!


Remember when yo-yos were huge? I’m not sure if it was a revitalization by The Simpsons, but growing up in the ‘90s I had a lot of fun playing with Yo-Yos in the schoolyard and learning tricks from my friends.

Yo-yos have a very basic shape and don’t require a lot of assembly, so they’re ideal as a cool 3D printed toy that only takes as much effort as you’re willing to put in.

The standard Yo-Yo shape is simple enough to find and print, you can even print each half in different colors like this butterfly yo-yo.

If you want to get really fancy, though, then you should check out my personal favorite design for this Circuit Playground Neo-Pixel Yo-yo as an awesome 3D printed toy that you can enhance with LEDs to light up like a disco!

Tiny Catapult

Even typing that made me smile. A very cute toy and an easy one to make is this mini catapult that works like a fidget toy but with hopefully more aiming involved.

The tiny catapult couldn’t be easier to print and actually has a surprisingly sturdy design. With a firing range of around 2 meters (around 6.5 feet) for a small piece of paper, your only trouble will be selecting your oblivious victim.

Tiny Articulated Robot

Need a tiny person to wield that tiny catapult for you? Well I’ll do you one better!

This adorable and really fun 3D print is a chibi robot that always looks like it’s about to bid you a friendly hello. With several poses to choose from, these articulated little dotes are a fun way to use very little material for some really cute results.

Is this tiny robot still a little too serious for you? Then you can count on this silly robot design to put a smile on your face. With its spring limbs and different colored eyes, it takes slightly more engineering than most fun 3D prints on this list, but it’s worth it.

In fact, this silly robot is actually an offset of my personal favorite robot to 3D print for fun; Otto. He’s fun, he’s interactive, and he’s adorable as all get out!

Circle Pen

Pens are one of those weird things. You always have a hundred when you don’t need one, and none when you do. As a practical and cool 3D print, why not try this circle pen?

It’s a pen holder that fits perfectly into any keychain so you’ll always have a pen with you whenever you really need one.

If you don’t fancy carrying a pen on your keys but do still want easy access to one, then this pen holder is a cool 3D print that attaches to your car vent for convenient storage. Though don’t write and drive, okay?


Another odd fad that was all the rage when I was in high school was the fingerboard. If you missed this craze, it was a tiny skateboard that you used by using your fingers as legs and feet.

They were strange, they came out of nowhere, and they were insanely compelling and fun.

Given their size, they’re perfect as fun 3D prints. They’re quite easy to make due to their basic shape and can distract you for hours.

The best thing about these 3D printed fingerboards, though, is how customizable they are. Just like regular skateboards, you can tweak the design and add your own post-printing decorations to make them truly your own.

They come in a surprising variety too, from the basic pro skateboard model to a blank template if you want to get more creative with it. The latter is even designed with a rougher surface to help stop your fingers from slipping!

And there’s no need to stop at the boards themselves. This ramp and planter 3D print is a pretty cool way to practice your tricks. Heck, with ramps, stairs, benches, and yes, more ramps at your disposal, you can practically 3D print yourself an entire skatepark!

Homer Simpson’s Face

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge Simpsons fan. It’s my go-to when I need some background noise and my comfort show when I need something familiar to relax. And I will also hold my hand up and say that I think the iconic yellow nuclear family is still funny.

Given this die-hard fandom, I have to mention this Homer Simpson wall decoration. It’s just crazy to me how a few simple lines can make a very well-known face, really showing off the genius in the character design.

The reason each member of the Simpson family has such recognizable hair is that Groening wanted them to be immediately recognizable via silhouette, and that’s always been true. If you’re more creative, you can change the design to reflect one of Homer’s many hilarious facial expressions too!

Mini Chess Game

While this didn’t make it into my list of the best 3D printed chess sets, this mini chess game is one I’ve wanted to talk about.

The board and pieces are all here, but you will need a little more elbow grease and some magnets to turn it into the perfect travel game that won’t fall apart during a long-haul flight or drive (though, again, please don’t play chess and drive!)

I’m a huge chess fan, and the tiny chess pieces here really stand out to me as a great way to use your 3D printer for something that will stay fun for a long time to come.

Toothpaste Dispensers

There are few things more enjoyable than taking something serious like brushing your teeth and making it more fun.

Toothpaste dispensers are an easy and creative way to make teeth-brushing a little more comical. It’s surprisingly funny to 3D print and see your toothpaste come through the mouth of Elsa, Yoda, or Groot, just to name a few.

Of course, toothpaste is something that goes in your mouth, so it might be worth reading up on what filaments are and aren’t food-safe so you don’t end up passing your toothpaste through a toxic material by mistake!

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18 Funny Things from the 3D printer That You Don’t Really Need!

Thanks to 3D printing, we can let our ideas run wild and make things that make life funnier! Sometimes there may be nonsense, but it´s always fun! Here is a selection of funny 3D models from other makers to smile about or imitate.

Printer Face

Source: Thingiverse, Karl_FLG

Maker “Karl_FLG” has fun and puts funny self-printed faces on his Anet. There’s also a frog face and a crab face to choose from. After the print you can paint eyes on the face or, like here, glue wiggle eyes from the handicraft shop.

Foun on Thingiverse, Maker: Karl_FLG

To the model

Beverage Delivery System

Source: Thingiverse, EasilyBuild

Although this 3D-model hasn’t got a lot of likes or remakes yet, you have to praise maker “EasilyBuild” at least for his ingenuity! …Maybe his idea is expandable?

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: EasilyBuild

To the model

Finger Hockey

Source: MyMiniFactory, Simone Fontana

Granted: You don’t necessarily need such a set, but small everyday breaks will certainly be amused! Finger hockey consists of four files, namely a hockey stick, a goal, a puck and two finger attachments for the goalkeeper. The print job is also suitable for beginners, takes approx. 5 to 6 hours and requires approx. 60 grams of filament.

Found on MyMiniFactory, Maker: Simone Fontana

To the model

iPhone DJ Console

Source: Thingiverse, paulsiew31

How ingenious! Turn your smartphone into a DJ console and rock! For the special disco effect you can of course still pimp up the gadget after printing with glitter and co. The two Daft Punks are unfortunately not included…

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: paulsiew31

To the model

Banana Gun

Source: Thingiverse, mikelkunz

Things the world doesn’t need, but make us smile…If you still have a little yellow filament left, you can print this gadget for fun and scare or amuse your loved ones!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: mikelkunz

To the model

Pacman Planter

Source: La Poste, Yoyo-31

This Pacman planter brings joy! Give it a funny hairstyle with a plant of your choice! Maker “Yoyo-31” has also thought of holes on the bottom and a saucer, so you don’t pour it over and no brine is left behind.

Found on La Poste, Maker: Yoyo-31

To the model

Toilet Sign

Source: Thingiverse, HJ3D

This funny toilet sign was made with a Prusa i3 Mk2 original. Maker “HJ3D” first printed a layer of white filament for the background, then he switched to black PLA for the figures and the lines.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: HJ3D

To the model


Source: Pinshape, gusfink

The Kreebils once lived on the moon until they got to know and love us on earth. They don’t need to be fed or washed, the only thing they need is a little human attention!

Found on Pinshape, Maker: gusfink. Price: $4.99

To the model

Pig Snout Shot Glasses

Source: Pinshape, Rotten

…You can for sure imagine how it will look like when you plunge down your freshly printed cup together with its contents! Exactly – that definitely will look quite funny!

Found on Pinshape, Maker: Rotten. Price: $13

To the model

Piggy Bank

Source: Cults, Eunny

Let’s stay with the piggies! You insert the coins through the eye slits and when you want your money back, you remove the nose plugs.

Found on Cults, Maker: Eunny

To the model

Filament Guide

Source: Thingiverse, Odirse

Here a funny figurine to guide your filament! It is suitable for Prusa i3 or similar 3D printer models with a frame thickness between 5-7 mm.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Odirse

To the model

Oversized Nerd Glasses

Source: Thingiverse, Charlie1982

These glasses were printed with a MakerBot Replicator 2 and need about 100 minutes printing time. Afterwards you can amuse everyone!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Charlie1982

To the model


Source: Pinshape, daveyclk

With this so-called “iBreathe Breathalyzer” you can check how much beer you have drunk in a convivial round so far. The result is then sent to the smartphone. And for everybody who wants to know it exactly: You can also calculate in tabular form how much you drank throughout the evening.

Found on Pinshape, Maker: daveyclk

To the model

Holder for Glasses

Source: Thingiverse, Vttnicobai

Well, if you are too lazy to put your glasses in the case in the evening or generally like to present your frame and make your guests or yourself laugh: Here a glasses holder, which you can decorate as you like. Maker “Vttnicobai” printed the figure with an M3D and gave it rolling eyes and a rose felt bow.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Vttnicobai

To the model

Flower Pot

Source: Thingiverse, 3dwelder

These friendly winking flower vases with foldable legs were printed with a Prusa Mendel i3. If you want to have such eye-catchers at home, remember to examine your printed object carefully and seal it so that there is no leakage afterwards!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: 3dwelder

To the model


Source: Cults, Nabb

Admittedly, a duck’s beak on a dog’s head looks pretty funny and will certainly make others laugh! It just remains to be seen if the dog likes it, too…

Found on Cults, Maker: Nabb

To the model

Bubble Machine

Pinshape, Jost Schenck

Funny invention: Maker “Jost Schenck” has developed a bubble machine with a 3D printer for his bicycle, which does without batteries, namely with wind power, and now makes all children in the neighbourhood happy. Simply attach the machine to the carrier, fill the containers with soapy water and start pedalling!

Found on Pinshape, Maker: Jost Schenck

To the model


Source: Cults, Karl_FLG

If you want to make some people smile, then print this funny toothpaste tube to put up. Maker Karl_FLG chose ABS as printing material. Afterwards the figure was smeared, polished and rubbed with vegetable oil for a certain shine effect.

Found on Cults, Maker: Karl_FLG, Price: $7.19

To the model

More 3D models to print

what he is capable of and how to make money on it

Victor tells how he turned his hobby into a profitable business. And why he no longer has "work time"

Victor tells how he turned his hobby into a profitable business. And why does he no longer have "working time"


On YouDo
since October 2016

Victor prints everything (almost) on the printer - from a machine gun to dental crowns. And on YouDo he finds couriers who deliver all this. We decided to ask him what kind of business it is - 3D printing, how it works and whether it is profitable to do it.


On YouDo
since October 2016

Victor prints everything (almost) on the printer - from a machine gun to dental crowns. And on YouDo he finds couriers who deliver all this. We decided to ask him what kind of business it is - 3D printing, how it works and whether it is profitable to do it.

How I got hooked

Four years ago I realized that the office is not about me. I try in life to do only what is interesting. Something to create, organize, be creative. My hobbies have always been something like this.

Manufacturers say: “I brought it home, pulled it out of the box — voila, print it!” But this is all marketing

3D printing was in full view then. It seemed to me that it was just about creation and creativity, so I got hooked. I bought a printer, installed it at home, and began to find orders via the Internet.

Manufacturers say: “I brought it home, pulled it out of the box - voila, print it!” But this is all marketing, you need at least elementary training. You will have to spend at least a day to understand how the printer is refueled and a special slicer program works, which converts a 3D model into a special G-code. By reading this code, the printer understands what and how to print.

Four years ago, Victor decided to turn his hobby into a business

What you need to know at the start

A 3D printer is used in the jewelry industry, in the automotive industry, and in instrument making.

Even rocket parts and photopolymer dental crowns have been printed on it! That's why I love 3D printing so much: you cover a wide range of issues, you can communicate with specialists from completely different fields. It broadens your horizons!

3D printers are different. There are capricious samples, but there are user-friendly ones. These cost from 50,000 ₽. 80,000 ₽ will be enough to start your business.

Calculation for launch

-Printer-50 000 ₽
-plastic (1 kg)-from 800 ₽
-Visit site-10 000 ₽
-Internet advertising-20 000 ₽

80 000 ₽

starting budget

There are no complex algorithms in the production process itself, I quickly figured it out. But to improve the level of skill, it takes time. Only after working on several printers and performing hundreds of diverse tasks did I understand how, for example, to increase the speed of printing without losing its quality.

I'll show you how it all happens using the YouDo logo as an example.

Draw a drawing

I do rendering and 3D visualization of

I choose plastic

I load the coil in the printer

I put the thread to the extruder

so plastic is supplied, the smiley of

is printed first and let it print

Packed in a box

What we left and what we came to

My first product was a prototype of a mouse for a computer. It turned out so badly that I thought they wouldn't accept it - miraculously it worked. At that time, I did everything myself: I posted ads on the Internet, took orders, did modeling - I created a 3D model in a special program and printed it.

The first order turned out so badly that I thought they wouldn’t accept it - it miraculously worked

The number of orders began to grow over time, I began to hire freelance assistants. Until now, a significant part of our team are freelance modelers who create 3D models.

Two people work in the office:

  • full-time modeler,
  • project manager responsible for receiving applications and printing parts.

There is also an accountant, but he works remotely. We also do not need a regular courier, because on average we have one delivery per day. We arrange delivery through YouDo. I know that you can find cheaper delivery options, but YouDo is more reliable: you look at the rating, reviews - it’s immediately clear who you are working with. Our main requirement for the courier is to be careful, especially when some unusual things need to be delivered.

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Submit what is possible and that it is possible and that it is possible and that it is possible to 9,0003,

tasks of our company I divide into creative, engineering, production and scientific:

    Creative -Figures of Mastodonts, Model Models, Work with Jewelers. Most often it is souvenir products, the creative process.
  • Engineering is the creation of elements of device cases, a copy of parts. The latter is especially relevant. If some part is broken, it is not for sale, or you can only buy it complete with a mechanism - we come to the rescue.
  • Scientific - any experimental samples that are used by scientists for research. For example, for graduate students in dentistry, we made dentures, metal crowns, special samples of dental polymer, which they tested for strength.

Souvenirs made of plastic, photopolymers, which are stored in Victor's workshop

The largest order in terms of size is a copy of a two-meter machine gun

Often there is something adjacent. Once they made a souvenir for a large oil company: they printed typewriters that they actually operate at their facilities. They also made hands for robots. The robots themselves are funny: they ride on caterpillars, there is a display on their stomach. We printed their hands, now some of them work as waiters in a cafe.

The largest order in terms of size is a copy of a Russian-made two-meter machine gun for a military-patriotic camp. On May 9, they attached it to an UAZ with a cut-off roof, drove it to a performance.

What now?

Once upon a time, 3D printing was just my hobby. Gradually, it grew into a profitable business. So far not so profitable that my salary was much more than the office one. But I realized how cool it is when a hobby brings money.

One printer was enough for a hobby, now four is not enough

I don't have to rush between work and free time. I am basically free. I plan my day the way I want. And each of my days can be completely unique and not like the next or the previous one.

In the morning I work on one project, and in the afternoon I discuss another, and so on. And I can generally take it and go for a ride on a scooter in the middle of the day.

I no longer have such a thing as "working time". Or "non-working". There is just time, and I use it the way I want.

How do you know when it's time to leave your office and start your own business?

  • Driven by a hobby, but not enough time for it.
  • There are several business ideas with at least approximate business plans, and not an abstract desire to "do something of your own. "
  • At the beginning you are ready to take almost all the work on yourself and do not expect a crowd of professional altruists to run into your startup.
  • You have grown to a level of responsibility where "quitting office work" means for you to work for two weeks under the contract and close all unfinished tasks.
  • You understand that your income may not exceed the average office salary for a long time.

Have you also made your hobby your business? Tell us how it was: [email protected]

Photo: Olga

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Other materials

Other materials

Top 20 3D printed toys

Why 3D print toys? What toys can be 3D printed? 1. Mini monster truck 2. Surprise eggs 3. Gliders with elastic band 4. Folding sword 5. Micro catapult 6. Spinning top 7. Moving animals 8. Spirograph 9. Transformers 10. Toy tool set 11. Castle 12. Lego bricks 13 14. Edible toys 15. Anti-stress keychain 16. Chunky Trucks set 17. Sword rattles 18. Vikings Squigglepeeps 19. Math Spinner 20. Jumping Turtles Results

Today, 3D printing is developing and spreading very rapidly, gaining more and more popularity. And no wonder, because 3D printing is an invaluable tool for prototyping designs, creating mockups, fabricating parts, and more. At the same time, it is no longer difficult to buy a 3D printer at an affordable price even for home use. However, a 3D printer is not only a tool, it is also a kind of toy. A toy capable of creating other toys! Using a 3D printer to make toys gives you control over the material, color, size and other components, so the models you create with 3D printing will be unique!

But what if you don't have your 3D printer and you need to print a toy or some part of it? It doesn't matter, in this case our 3D printing studio will help you! You only need to place an order by uploading the file of the desired finished model, after which our specialists will contact you to calculate the cost and resolve other possible issues.

Why 3D print toys?

This is probably the first question that comes to mind, and it is not surprising, because often 3D printing can cost you more than the cost of such a toy in the store. But there are also a number of advantages of 3D printing, as well as cases when it would be more profitable and appropriate to turn to creating models on a 3D printer.

  • As already mentioned, a toy printed on a 3D printer can be absolutely unique due to the ability to give it exactly the shapes, sizes and colors that you and your child want.
  • Some toys can be difficult to find in the store, and their cost may exceed the cost of their printed copy.
  • Sometimes you only need to replace one or a few broken or missing parts of a toy, such as a building toy. In this case, it will be much more profitable and more expedient to use a 3d printer than to buy a whole set for a high price.
  • An important factor is, of course, the impressions of the 3d printing process itself, which will captivate both a child and an adult. And the positive emotions of your child from the toy you created will be the best reward!
  • And for those who are just getting acquainted with their printer and 3d printing in general, the process of creating toys will be an excellent, exciting simulator to improve their skills and gain experience.

Which toys can be 3D printed?

In the context of constant development and increase in the possibilities of 3D printing technology, you can create almost any toy on a 3D printer, but the result largely depends on the capabilities of your device, your abilities, as well as the time, resources and effort that you are willing to devote to this process. Therefore, more or less simple projects are most often created on a 3D printer. But the relative ease of manufacture does not mean boring finished products! Below we will give you a list of 20 interesting 3D printed toys that are not particularly difficult to create. Among these crafts you will find toys for children of all ages, including the smallest: mechanical products, motion figures, building blocks and even rattles! For each toy from the list, we leave a link to the finished model so that you can try them yourself. So let's get to know them better!

1. Mini monster truck

Two monster trucks. Source: Thingiverse

Not everyone can afford a monster truck, but if you have a 3D printer, you can print yourself a mini copy of it... which is almost as cool. Thanks to the all-printed suspension and removable discs that attach easily and without the aid of glue to the body, this truck is perfect straight from the printed surface.

You can even choose from a variety of body styles and wheels. And for a two-tone tire, stop printing the wheel at 19.8 mm and replace the filament.

Model files for download can be found here.

2. Surprise eggs

Surprise! Source: Twitter

Bigger is not always better. And often the most interesting thing is just a small size, and these 3D printed eggs with a surprise are an example of this.

These tiny cars with moving wheels and other accessories are amazing! Plus, you have plenty to choose from, as you can print surprise eggs with just about anything inside, be it a fire truck or even a fighter plane!

No support required for these models. We advise you to use at least 40% infill to make sure that small elements are both beautiful and durable. Given the number of such tiny parts these machines have, be prepared that printing them can be a real challenge for you, but with good calibration and fine tuning of your machine, everything will work out in the best way!

3. Elastic Gliders

Get ready to take off! Source: Thingiverse

With 3D printed gliders you will be able to “pull out” even more fun from ordinary rubber band ! Just 3 simple steps, and your glider will take off: hook it with an elastic band, pull it towards you and release it.

With this model on Thingiverse, you and your friends can take to the skies a whole fleet of these rubber gliders!

100% infill and a layer height of 0.1 mm are recommended for greater aircraft strength and longer life for thin wings.

4. Folding sword

Telescopic pirate sword. Source: Thingiverse

This toy may not be best given to a child when there are breakable items nearby. But in the right environment, telescopic swords will bring tons of fun and enjoyment to kids! From the designer of this folding pirate sword, you can also find models of telescopic katana, daggers and even lightsabers!

This Telescopic Pirate Sword is designed for printing at low speed using a 0.4mm nozzle. Also, successful printing requires a printer with a good retract and precise settings for Coast (turning off extrusion at the end of the layer print) and Wipe (“wiping” the nozzle at the end of the layer).

5. Micro Catapult

Hit all your enemies (or at least your deskmates). Source: Thingiverse

This little catapult is a great toy for kids and bored office workers alike. She can throw small crumpled pieces of paper and any other small things that will fit in her. Selected ammunition can fly about 2 meters, which is enough to hit unsuspecting victims at another table!

This model is an all-printed prefabricated assembly that does not require any supports or special adjustments. A minimum filling and layer height of 0.25 mm is sufficient.

Despite the fact that many catapults are made from PLA plastic, the author of the design still insists that this model is not for PLA, but for ABS plastic. We can also recommend PETG filament for this printing, which has the best qualities of PLA and ABS.

6. Top

The oldest toy for the whole family. Source: Thingiverse

As far as we know, the spinning top is one of the oldest toys in the world. In ancient times, tops were made from almost any material: from stone and wood to fruits and nuts. And now additive technologies allow you to make your own spinning top using a 3D printer! All you have to do is print this model, glue the pieces together and have fun with this simple yet fun toy!

Offered 0.2 mm layer height and 20% infill.

7. Moveable animals

Cute articulated octopuses. Source: Thingiverse

Making flexible prints with a 3D printer has become completely affordable and common practice thanks to special filaments such as TPU. But what if we said that you don't have to use flexible plastics to create flex parts?

Using excellent hinges that are printed in one piece with the entire model, you can create movable flexing toys even from plastics such as PLA, ABS and PETG, without any additional settings and adjustments.

The standard specifies a layer height of 0.2 mm and an infill of at least 15%.

The most popular of the models:

  • Octopus
  • T-Rex
  • Lizard

8. Spirograph

Convenient case for creativity at any time. Source: Thingiverse

Everyone knows the children's toy spirograph, which allows you to easily draw masterpieces with repeating geometric patterns. But this model has gone a little further and is a whole case containing a platform for drawing and a compartment for storing gears and paper. It fits easily into your pocket, backpack and bag, so you can take it with you and paint whenever you want!

The case has several levels. The lower level holds slips of paper for notes, drawing gears and, if desired, a small pencil or pen, if, of course, you can find one. The next level provides a secure, flat drawing surface so you can make art while walking! The top level has fixed gear teeth and holds the piece of paper in place.

A layer height of 0.2 mm and an infill of 20% or more is recommended. As a loop, a regular straightened 1.75 mm filament thread is used.

9. Transformers

Toys from the planet Cybertron. Source: Thingiverse

Transformers are a hugely popular children's toy to this day, so these Optimus Prime and Megatron are sure to please your kids.

This printed Optimus Prime transforms from a classic Optimus truck into a fully functional standing robot. And it's amazing, considering that you immediately get a ready-to-use all-printed model right from the printing platform, which does not even require supports!

But, of course, every Optimus needs an opponent to fight. Therefore, you can also print Megatron, but it should be noted that his model is more difficult to print and consists of two parts.

10. Set of toy tools

The first tools for little craftsmen. Source: Thingiverse

The Toy Tool Set is a great way to introduce kids to basic tools, their appearance, purpose, and how they work. Print your child's first hammer, screwdriver and pliers and he'll feel like a real craftsman!

The hammer is modeled to fit two pieces together with a screw, but some users simply glue them together, which is just as pretty. You can also use a hammer to assemble pliers: just lay the two pieces on a flat surface with the screw down and tap lightly a couple of times.

Model can be found here.

11. Castle

Build your own medieval world! Source: Thingiverse

This medieval castle playset is meticulously designed for 3D printing. Walls and towers are easily attached to each other with a simple connection. You can make as many details as you want to create a large or small original castle layout of your own! The set contains walls, towers, houses, characters, animals and a variety of props to add to the fun of this medieval set.

All parts are small enough to be printed comfortably even on 3D printers with a small printable area: 140x140x140mm. For such purposes, the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D printer is perfect, equipped with two independent extruders and has excellent printing accuracy. This printer will cope with the study of small details, and two extruders will help you print several parts at once or one part in two colors!

12. Lego bricks

Your favorite constructor is now more accessible! Source: Pinterest

LEGO is one of the most popular toys for children. At the same time, the cubes of this designer are made of ordinary ABS plastic. So, having your own 3D printer, you can print the missing/lost Lego bricks yourself or even some of your author's design of the details of this amazing designer! At the same time, you can use not only ABS, but also other 3D plastics: PLA and PETG are also great.

Thingiverse has a lot of Lego models, and we'll take a look at one of them. It's customizable model of several different LEGO and LEGO DUPLO pieces. These bricks are not completely identical to real Lego, but they are compatible in every way.

13. Ballista

Fire! Source: Thingiverse

Introducing a fully printed ballista model, ready to use right out of the box. One has only to set the string and load the projectile, and this ballista will impress you with its simplicity and good range of the arrow. As a bowstring, you can use several layers of thread or ordinary stationery gum.

Recommended to print in PLA or PETG with 90% coverage and 0.2mm layer height.

14. Edible toys

The Open Toys project turns ordinary vegetables into toys. Source: Thingiverse

The project was originally envisioned as a way to turn commonly discarded residual materials such as wood and cork into toys: helicopters, planes, cars and so on. But soon, wood and cork were replaced by more accessible and easily pierced materials: fruits and vegetables. With this project, you can turn ordinary food items into fun personalized toys.

15. Anti-stress keychain

Entertaining keychain. Source: Thingiverse

Add some flair to your keychain with this cool little toy. She will entertain you wherever you are!

This model is not the easiest, but try it and you will definitely succeed! Important print quality settings are "Outer Walls Before Inner Walls" and being extra careful with temperature. It is printed with supports and requires a certain, sometimes lengthy, post-processing. Remove not only supports, but also make sure that the surface of the part is smooth, otherwise it will cling and stutter. A scalpel or a 1 mm drill will do. Periodically rotate the gears to see where it still sticks, which is especially true when using PLA.

16. Chunky Trucks set

Two models from the fun and cute Chunky Trucks set. Source: Thingiverse

The adorable Chunky Trucks collection includes various unique models of small trucks, fun builders and even a movable barrier. The cars are specially designed so that even the smallest children can play with them. Unlike builders, who are not recommended to be printed for toddlers so that they do not try to put them in their mouths, but which will greatly amuse older children.

All models can be printed without supports. And for long truck life, at least 25% infill and three-wall use are recommended.

17. Rattleswords

Arm your warrior! Source: Thingiverse

Rattles are an integral part of all babies. But what if we move away from banal and boring designs and build a rattle in the form of a sword for your little warrior? This fun design will not only amuse your baby, but also you, as this rattle will be a lot of fun to print!

All corners of the model are rounded for safety. There are also two versions of the tip. Initially, a gem was attached to the tip, but after some concern that the stone could slip off the tip and be swallowed by a child, a second version was created that did not include a gem.

Print two sets of peas first. Then, while printing the sword, throw them inside the blade. This will ensure that the peas stay inside the rattle forever. After printing all the elements, simply fasten them with superglue.

As with any printed toy, parental guidance is required. Be sure to throw away the toy if it breaks.

18. Viking Squigglepeeps

Three Viking Squigglepeeps set sail. Source: Thingiverse

Squigglepeeps is another kid-safe toy, this time with absolutely no glue required. These fun chubby Vikings and their boat are too big to choke on, making them suitable for kids of all ages. They look funny even in one color, but they will be even more beautiful if you paint them with child-safe paints! The model also absolutely does not require supports.

19. Math Spinner

A great way to have fun learning math! Source: 3Dtoday

This math spinner is the perfect companion for learning math. Moreover, it is suitable for all ages, because it is never too late to brush up on your arithmetic knowledge! You can print this finished model or modify it for yourself by removing or adding rings. This advanced design contains all the signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equality and inequality, as well as a pointer to the string to be solved! On the central insert there are special grooves for fixing. For this version, you will need to print 2 caps and 8 rings of numbers, the rest of the details are printed in a single copy.

Recommended coverage 25% and layer height 0.2 mm.

20. Jumping turtles

The variety of these turtles is amazing! Source: Thingiverse

Last but not least, jumping turtles! Agree, even the name sounds fun! And a variety of shell designs will give each turtle its own uniqueness. This model uses the same flex concept as the Mini Monster Truck above, making the Turtles bounce when you tap on the body. Also in this turtle, the head can be drawn into the shell.

The model is assembled with printed H-clamps and does not require glue. All parts are printed without supports. Also note that using the raft (rafts) and brim (margins) options can have a negative effect on the results if you don't then take the time to sand and clean the edges at the base.

If you have problems with head slip, you can try to print 1 of the 3 narrower shaft head files that the author has specially uploaded for this case.


We hope you enjoyed this selection of toys for 3D printing, and you will definitely choose one for yourself, because 3D printing of toys is not only fun and interesting, it is also a new experience and knowledge for both you and and for the child. But we have considered only some entertaining options from the many existing ones. And, of course, you can create your own unique designs and implement them on your 3D printer or contact our 3D printing studio for this.

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