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Monogram best 3D printing models・Cults

Traction Bars - Lakewood Slapper Bars

€1. 53

2010 GT500 Widebody kit 2- 13SEPT22-02

€10.20 -25% €7.66

Chip Clip


Louis Vuitton - Ring


Intro Wheels EZ XLR 22 inch


1/24 Monogram Huey Gunship weapons super detail set.


Cookie cutter, Polymer Clay Cutter Dog, Puppy, Doggy, Pup shape, Set 5PCS


Cookie cutter, Polymer Clay Cutter Cat, Kitty, Kitten shape, Set 4PCS


Silhouette girl and cat polymer cutter


Cookie cutter, Polymer Clay Cutter Butterfly and Sun flower Pack


Scale Model Car Exhaust - Mufflers, Cutouts, & Pipes

€3. 56

Front suspension kit for model kit / Custom diecast


VolksWagen logo


Custom Monogramed Soap Dish


Carburetor replacement for monogram kits


1-32 Scaled CBU-87 CBU-89 Cluster Bomb model


1-72 Scaled CBU-87 CBU-89 Cluster Bomb model


1-32 Scale CBU-58 / SUU-30 Dispenser Cluster Bomb


1-48 Scale CBU-58 / SUU-30 Dispenser Cluster Bomb


1-72 Scale CBU-58 / SUU-30 Dispenser Cluster Bomb


1969 MUSTANG BODY KIT - 20nov-01


Boss Wheel Set front and rear for miniatures 2 offsets


BODYKIT For Mustang Boss 302 1970 Monogram/Revell 1/24

€12. 76

Hollywood Flipper / Single Bar Wheel for custom diecast / RC / slot / Model kit Hot Rod


George DuVall Swirl Flipper Hubcaps for custom diecast / RC / slot / Model kit Hot Rod


Custom Car Hubcaps for custom diecast / RC / slot / Model kit Hot Rod


1956 Oldsmobile / Olds Fiesta Custom Hubcaps 3 for custom diecast / RC / slot / Model kit Hot Rod


1956 Oldsmobile / Olds Fiesta Custom Hubcaps 2 for custom diecast / RC / slot / Model kit Hot Rod


1956 Oldsmobile / Olds Fiesta Custom Hubcaps 1 for custom diecast / RC / slot / Model kit Hot Rod


*ON SALE* TOYOTA SUPRA BODY KIT (3x offsets) - 11SEPT-02


2010 GT500 Widebody kit - 17AUG-01


Drag Racing Hood Scoop 2 - For model kit / Custom diecast / RC

€2. 04

Drag Racing Hood Scoop - For model kit / Custom diecast / RC


Distributor caps - For model kit / Custom diecast / RC


Folded cabrio roof for Volkswagen Golf MK1 custom diecast / R/C / Model kit




Rommel's Rod enhanced track kit


Raised Whitewall Tyre with Smoothie And VW Cap


Devil Japan IF Racing Wheel With 4 Offsets


M4 Competition Wheel


quad webber cross ram intake with air trumpets


quad webber cross ram intake with air filters


quad Webber intake with air air trumpets


quad Webber intake with air filters

€5. 31

tunnel ram intake for monogram big T and other 1/8 scale model cars


blower intake for monogram big T and other 1/8 scale model cars


1/24 Scale 13B, 20B & 26B Rotary Engine Naturally Aspirated Parts


1/24 Scale 13B, 20B & 26B Rotary Engine Base Parts


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    TutorTop.ru — feedback aggregator of all online courses


    Learn how to create illustrations for advertising layouts, gain a new skill and expand your competencies. Learn how advertising illustrations are created, complete the first work in this direction and start taking orders for advertising illustrations.

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    Full price

    24,800 ₽/course

    Minimum payment per month

    3 725 ₽/month



    The start date

    Starting date:


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    Moscow Academy of Design Professions Pentaschole-Educational online a platform for training novice designers from scratch to start in the profession. The school combines a deep theoretical base from experienced professors and teachers with practical training from our expert practitioners. They also maintain ties with the partner institution and open up a complete knowledge base for their students.

    Illustration for the promotion of goods and services

    • Souvenirs. Merch. Signboards. Showcases. POS-materials
    • Interior decoration with graphics
    • Animated illustration

    Specialization in professional illustration

    • Fashion illustration. Food illustration
    • Interior sketching. Visualization of the environment
    • Stamps, banknotes, orders and medals

    Illustrations for calendars

    • Search for an idea and plot for series
    • The story of a product or service in illustrations
    • Brand legend and company reputation in a series of stories
    • Layout with a calendar grid

    Master class “Creating style-forming graphics (illustrations) for a brand”

    20253 Advertising technologies

    Advertising campaigns

    • Advertising law
    • From idea to implementation
    • Advertising psychology
    • Outdoor, print and interactive advertising

    composition in advertising

    • posters, posters, posters
    • Creativity and information content
    • Focus Point in advertising

    Illustrations for non -profit advertising

      9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 for show business

      • Unity of graphics on multiformat media
      • Integration of graphics with textual information
      • Non-standard elements

      Master class "Creating an illustration for an advertising medium"

      Module 3.

      Illustration on the package

      Illustration on the package

      • Features of overlaying graphics on a spatial form
      • Design. Scan. Cutting
      • Series of illustrations

      Psychology of visual image

      • Color, taste, sound associations in product illustration
      • The psychology of color
      • The nature of the graphic and the image of the product

      Illustration on the label

      • Idea. Manufacturing. Budget
      • Mandatory text information on the label
      • Template and non-standard layout of elements

      Methods for printing packaging and preparing layouts with illustrations

      • Features of creating graphics for paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles
      • Offset. Digital printing. Flexo printing. Stencil

      Workshop "Creating an illustration for packaging"

      Watch the course

      Watch the course

      Reviews about Pentaschool

      Excellent teaching staff!

      I get great pleasure from studying at this school. I study on the course "Landscape design and landscape gardening construction. "The teachers are all like a selection. I think by the end of the training I will write my impressions, but even after two months of study I already see that I got to the right place!

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      01.02.2022 Veronica

      Landscape design

      I contacted this school about landscape design courses. I really liked the fact that during the training on this course, the teachers explained in depth and showed in practice all the materials as they progressed through the course. I express my gratitude to the teacher for their high professionalism.

      See the course


      I started to take a web design course at this school, unfortunately I was led by a bunch of positive reviews, but in fact, only disappointment.

      1. Extremely poor platform in terms of functionality

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