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Earring best 3D printing models・Cults

Planchette Pendant/Earrings


Polymer Clay Cutter Christmas House

€6. 08 -35% €3.95

Trafalgar-Law earring


Hamsa Hand Clay Cutter - Mystical STL Digital File Download- 10 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Circle of circles Clay Cutter - Constellation STL Digital File Download- 7 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Mystic Eye Clay Cutter - Constellation STL Digital File Download- 7 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Leaf 3 Clay Cutter - Autumn Fall STL Digital File Download- 10 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


smooth band ring


nahya ring


ring with lines and figures


horseshoe ring


square ring

€9. 87

oval stone ring 4


ring with circular stones


oval stone ring 3


oval square stone ring


marquiz stone ring


oval stone ring 1


aztec calendar ring


ring of flowers


ann ring


circular ring and marquiz


ring with heart stones


circular stone pendant


I said saving shield


cross and heart charm


I said dream catcher


said north cross 2

€12. 11

I said north cross 1


Leaf 2 Clay Cutter - Tropical Jungle STL Digital File Download- 9 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


I said bulldogs


Leaf 1 Clay Cutter - Autumn Fall STL Digital File Download- 10 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


I said america


sack of oranges


earrings letter c


ring with stones


Polymer Clay Cutter Christmas Glove

€6.08 -35% €3.95



Gold Earring

€5.16 -20% €4. 13

Squirrel 1 Clay Cutter - Autumn Fall STL Digital File Download- 10 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Hands 1 Clay Cutter - Mystic STL Digital File Download- 8 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Ornate Cross 2 Clay Cutter - Crucifix STL Digital File Download- 14 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Ornate Cross 1 Clay Cutter - Crucifix STL Digital File Download- 12 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


2 Part Earring 3 Clay Cutter - STL Digital File Download- 10 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


2 Part Earring 2 Clay Cutter - STL Digital File Download- 10 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


2 Part Earring 1 Clay Cutter - STL Digital File Download- 12 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Maple Leaf 2 Clay Cutter - Fall Autumn STL Digital File Download- 10 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions

€2. 28

3 designs of Geometric Earring Clay Cutter - STL Digital File Download- 12 sizes and 2 Cutter Versions


Printing jewelry on a 3D printer - an overview of the most interesting models

The times when 3D printing of jewelry seemed like something fantastic is over. Today, more and more designers are using 3D equipment to bring their ideas to life. Some printers work with filament, others use powder, and still others print with liquid resin or wax. 3D printed jewelry looks and feels exactly like traditionally molded pieces.

White and black Gemino & Orbis Nylon earrings printed with SLS nylon resin. The material has a very light weight, which makes the jewelry comfortable, ideal for everyday wear. An interesting design will organically fit into both a classic and a shocking image.

3D printed wedding rings. Original custom-made symbols of eternal love accurately convey the details that are important for the newlyweds. With a unique asymmetrical line and elegant twists, Ray's ring will appeal to fans of the original designs. For lovers of clean, minimalist silhouettes, the Clio is the way to go. For connoisseurs of unconventional solutions, the Amar diamond ring will suit, the design of which forms a loose knot of two lines that merge, symbolizing an unbreakable union.

Gorgeous 3D printed face jewelry by Iris van Herpen. Cellchemy 3D printed jewelry designs look like a mask and the way it sits on the face of the wearer looks like something otherworldly. The wire masks are printed with a high resolution multi-material printer. Each part of the mask, custom-designed for a specific runway model, was created using a generative design process after a 3D scan of her face.

Guinness World Record-listed diamond ring. India's major 3D printing service provider Imaginarium helped Kotti Shrikant win the Guinness World Record for having the most diamonds set in a single ring. The process of developing a masterpiece called "Divine - 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam" went through several iterations. The design team chose the Himalayan camellia flower, which strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary forms. Computer-aided design (CAD) was then used to calculate the number of diamonds. Imaginarium managed to make petals of gold and helped to set the intended number of stones.

18K Gold Charm 3D print by Elizabeth Landis. The spectacular pendant reminds of natural harmony and succinctly complements the luxurious look. Honeycombs are formed into an openwork pattern, and the figure of a bee symbolizes wisdom, diligence, purity.
Frog Ring 3D Gold Plated Brass Object by Peter Donders. The designer rejects classical forms and traditional solutions. He uses 3D printing to revolutionize the jewelry industry, be it in the areas of jewelry making or designing finishes. The frog ring emphasizes the grace, sense of humor of the fair sex.

A charming decoration that can effectively complement a creative look.
"Opposites" collection by Francesca Paolin "spring-summer 2015", printed in polyamide. The MA in Fashion Design from Domus Academy channeled her creativity into creating body jewelry from alternative materials using 3D technology. The author drew inspiration for the development of the collection from ancient history and culture.

Solar nylon bracelet. The Septem brand offers unique fashion items from designers around the world. All products are made on 3D printers. The customer can choose their favorite materials, colors, sizes from the list. The original bracelet attracts with its futuristic design and adds creativity to the image.

N-E-R-V-O-U-S necklace is a 3D printed necklace made up of 175 unique pieces. It is a 21st century piece of jewelry designed and manufactured using methods that did not exist until recently. The necklace is built in layers of durable yet flexible nylon using selective laser sintering technology. The design comes out of the printer fully assembled. The necklace attaches simply and securely with a hidden magnetic clasp.

Plumeria Nylon Earrings have a matte texture, ideal for original, bold looks. You can choose any color from 12 possible. Earrings with a floral pattern will appeal not only to young fashionistas, but also to elegant ladies.

Ide Bag Nylon is a stylish element of the look. A model that imitates openwork knitting will add charm to the ensemble, plus it will allow you to create a harmonious, feminine, exclusive look.

The Orbits Bracelet Nylon is your own galaxy on your wrist. 3D printed space-inspired jewelry is the choice of daring experimenters who are not afraid to try on new looks. Unusual material plus an innovative manufacturing method add enchantment and extravagance to the little thing.

Jewelry designers are constantly testing new materials and experimenting with different design approaches. Printing jewelry on a 3D printer has already become a popular production method. The technology allows you to implement bold ideas, make adjustments and see the results within a few hours.

3D Jewelry Printing Ideas

0002 Content

    • 3D-printing ring with skull
    • 3D-printed color-color
    • 3D-printed suspension anchor
    • 3D-printed suspension with tiger
    • 3D-printed brooch in the form

    The technology of photopolymer 3D printing is rapidly improving and is increasingly being used in the jewelry industry. 3D printing in jewelry is no longer a rumor, but an established reality. Rings, bracelets, brooches, earrings of the most unusual shapes can be printed on a “magic” 3D printer and then cast from metal.

    All you have to do is choose a 3D printable file online or create your own 3D model using a 3D jewelry design software like 3Design, MatrixGold, etc. The file is then “cut” into layers in a special slicer program, appropriate settings are selected on the 3D printer and printing is started.

    You can read more about the technology, comparing it with traditional manufacturing methods, and application examples on our blog in the Jewelry Making section.

    Examples of unique jewelry that can be created with resin 3D printing:

    3D printed skull ring

    Skull rings are a common fashion accessory. They are worn by both men and women, regardless of style and occupation. The symbol of the skull, as the infinity of life and wisdom of the ancestors, is one of the most common and ancient in the history of mankind. Traditional jewelry making methods require long and painstaking processing of small and intricate details of the ring. A 3D printer will print it out for you, like Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K or Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K.

    3D printed flower ring

    A flower ring is something that almost every girl wants to have in her collection. For many of them, this is a must-have accessory. Flowers come in different sizes and styles, small and large, thin and graceful, or, conversely, massive.

    For 3D printing, you can use model or burnout resin. According to the burnt-out model, in the future, you can cast a metal decoration. The range of resins is very large, there are high resolution 4K and 8K resins for creating highly detailed models. Models shown are in Phrozen Wax-like Castable Violet.

    3D printed anchor pendant

    Anchor pendant is an incredible piece of jewelry inspired by the sea. It has a special meaning for people close to the sea. The anchor is a symbol of hope, stability and confidence in the future. It is associated with a ship that has landed on its native shore.

    3D printed tiger pendant

    According to Chinese astrology, this year is the Year of the Tiger! This means that people all over the world will wear tiger-themed jewelry.

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