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The Best Holiday Decorations to 3D Print for Christmas

Published on December 9, 2021 by Jamie D.

Christmas is a magical time for children and those who are young at heart and still believe in the magic of the season. Everyone gets in the holiday spirit when the garland goes up and the Christmas lights twinkle on every street. So, if you’re in the mood to create your own personalized 3D printed Christmas decorations and have access to a 3D printer, we have a bountiful list of holiday figurines and decoration print files available for download from MyMiniFactory,  Thingiverse and Cults3D,. We’ve made our list, feel free to check it twice. Enjoy the holiday season! 

Multi-Part Christmas Tree

We all know the saying, the more the merrier. So, for the happiest season of all, why settle on just one Christmas Tree when you can have multiple? Thanks to Gallaghers Art’s Multi-Part Christmas Trees, this is possible. With 3 or more parameter layers integrated into the files, users can print a Christmas Tree as well as decorations, gifts and space to put lights within the tree itself. These many print options mean that users can print many different, distinct-looking trees using the same files in ways that suit their fancy for the holiday season for some truly festive decorations. For ease of printing, Gallagher Art specifies the colors and brands of ABS filament used and the different parameters.

You can download the files for free on Thingiverse HERE.

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Cookies are an absolute must at Christmastime. So why not start a crafty tradition of making cookies using 3D-printed cutters? It’s possible thanks to 3D printing! All you have to do is imagine the shape you would like to give to your holiday treat: a tree, a star, Father Christmas, so many possibilities. In our case, we have chosen the festive Christmas stocking in which all knick-knack gifts are slipped. Don’t hesitate to go to Thingiverse to find a myriad of shapes and models.

You can download the model these Christmas cookie cutter files on Thingiverse HERE

Personalized Tree Ornaments

The perennial holiday question: Buy new decorations for the Christmas tree, or not? This year we have the solution: you can 3D-print your own personalized tree ornaments. You have several Christmas designs and models available. All you need is a 3D printer. On cults3d.com you will find different models, we offer you the most varied and affordable one. After printing, we recommend that you paint and decorate them with color and glitter.

You can download these tree ornaments file on Cults3D HERE.

The Grinch Figurine

The Grinch is a hairy, green, meany that lives alone in a cave on a mountain and detests everything Christmas. This classic holiday character is sure to bring smile of holiday cheer end of the year. So why not print a 3D miniature version of this character? You can then paint it to give it its classic colors.

You can download this Grinch figurine file on Thingiverse HERE

Large-Scale Multi-Piece Snowman

Why wait for first fluffy snowfall of the season to create your own snowman? If you live in areas where this meteorological phenomenon is not very common, or too inconsistent to create snow figures, here’s a solution. Just 3D-print your very own large-scale frosty figure! All you will need are filaments in the right colors, so you don’t have to paint it later, and a 3D printer with a build volume large enough to create each part. According to the author of the design, once all the pieces have been printed and assembled correctly, the snowman measures 316 mm high and 175 mm wide at the base. What are you waiting for to start creating yours?

You can download the files for this snowman on Thingiverse  HERE

Christmas Reindeer

For the fifth year in a row, find the files you need in order to 3D-print your own Christmas deer ready to download from Thingiverse. So, holiday lovers, you can’t leave them out of this year’s decor! Once again proposed by the designer yeg3d, he explains having used a 3D printer based on the FDM process to manufacture them. And in order to simplify the process, it also clarifies that printing does not require any media. The designer adds that at a print speed of 88mm / s, printing took 6 hours and 49 minutes. Finally, to get a colorful and shiny final piece, he recommends using metallic paint as well as glitter paint. All that remains is to place the 3D printed deer at the foot of the tree!

Star Tree Topper

In the biblical story of Jesus, the Star of Bethleham guided the Magi to the manger where Mary had just given birth to Jesus. The star has become an enduring symbol in Christianity, commonly featured in Christmastime Nativity scenes. During the holiday season, you can often find a star placed atop a Christmas tree and prominently displayed as holiday decor. We offer you this tree topper that can be 3D-printed using PLA. In addition to working as a tree topper, this design also works well displayed on a tabletop or any flat surface. 

You can download this tree topper on MyMiniFactory HERE

Window Decorations

Who doesn’t like to admire the decorated windows at Christmas time? Or shop windows? Adhesive photos, stickers, glitter, artificial snow, light: everything is good for enhancing the room! We therefore offer you some Christmas decorations printed in 3D to be stuck directly on your windows. By using flexible TPU, you won’t have too much trouble creating original objects and placing them on all your windows. You can of course paint your creations once they are out of the 3D printer!

You can download this tree topper on MyMiniFactory HERE

Christmas Snowflake

This object is quite playful to make as it is a flake in kit form. You print the whole thing flat and then detach each part of the print to make a nice snowflake. This clever model was created by Ysoft Be3D. If you don’t have snow on Christmas day, you can print a nice decoration!

You can download this snowflake file on Cults3D HERE

Little Christmas Village

For anyone who adores decorating their home for the holiday season, you can’t miss this 3D-printed little village! Designer yeg3D provides models of quaint mini houses that will immerse you in the Christmas spirit. He used a classic FDM 3D printer and advises using white PLA. In fact, you can place LED lights inside to illuminate everything. Plus, you won’t need any printing media which will make the printing process much easier! Different models of these adorable maisonettes are available, making it possible to create a fully personalized village. The designer regularly publishes updates so that you can gradually expand your village: this is a great decoration idea that will serve you for many years to come!

You can download this Christmas village on Thingiverse HERE.

Have you already 3D printed Christmas decorations? Let us know in a comment below or on our Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter pages! Don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly Newsletter here, the latest 3D printing news straight to your inbox! You can also find all our videos on our YouTube channel.

What the first 3D printed village looks like


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Photo: New Story

Do you dream of cheap and beautiful housing? It can be created in just a day using a 3D printer. So, in Mexico, by the end of 2020, they plan to print an entire village. Two houses are already ready, and tenants moved in

3D printing of real estate is gaining popularity: it is cheap, fast and requires relatively little energy. Technology allows you to create housing in just 24 hours - who among us will refuse a village house, which can be entered in just a day after the start of construction?

Photo: New Story

But for now, technological know-how is serving the needs of the poorest, most vulnerable. For example, it may be the construction of temporary shelters for victims of military conflicts.

New Story, a non-profit organization with the support of local governments, 3D printed two houses in the Mexican village of Tobasco. This housing is intended for the poor and those who have lost their homes due to an earthquake or flood - in the area where the village is located, they occur quite often. By the end of 2020, New Story plans to build 50 one-story 3D houses with an area of ​​​​about 47 square meters. m each.

The houses were printed using the Vulcan II printer. It works as follows: cement is squeezed out of the nozzle of the apparatus and applied layer by layer around the perimeter of the designed house. Walls appear in a day, then the builders lay roofs, install windows and doors. Each house has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small veranda, with running water and electricity.

Photo: New Story

Mexican families selected to live in new homes (depending on people's income) will pay about $20 a month for seven years to cover the cost of building their homes. Thus, the total payment for new housing will be about $1.7 thousand per household.

Photo: New Story

Construction of the cheapest 30 sq. m. m costs about $ 1 thousand - this is a project of Italian designers from Wasp:

Updated on 04/02/2021


Lyudmila Kleymenova

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3D printed village: photo, Tabasco, technology

Date: January 15, 2020

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  • Building the future today
  • Icon Vulcan II Printer
  • 3D Printed Homes

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the future of housing has now arrived in Mexico. Most recently, a giant 3D printer built two houses in Tabasco. This project will allow the poor in Tabasco to receive treasured homes for their families. A whole village can become owners of such houses!

Building the future today

The 3D houses are being built by American non-profit organization New Story in partnership with Mexican social housing enterprise Échale and American building technology company Icon. A couple of houses on the territory of Tabasco is just the beginning of the construction of a whole 3D village. These homes will be part of the world's first 3D printed neighborhood.

It is expected that by the end of 2020, 50 houses will be built using 3D printers in Nacahuka. These houses will be located on a problematic area of ​​land with seismic activity and the likelihood of flooding. Creating something that will withstand an earthquake and keep houses dry during heavy rains was a key consideration when it came to designing. The local government of Mexico has donated land for the project and will provide the infrastructure needed for the new area, such as electricity and roads.

Icon Vulcan II Printer

A giant 10 meter long Icon Vulcan II printer is printing these houses in Tabasco. Each one-storey house of 150 square meters was finished with roofs, windows and high-quality interiors. The houses have a beautiful and stylish design, and most importantly, they will become a home for 50 families in need of help. This project, located in Tabasco, is part of a new history experiment in building processes that can help offer affordable housing to the world's poorest communities.

New Story, which is building a shelter for families in need, says that after 18 months of planning, two houses have been completed. These new 3D houses, by the end of 2020, will replace structures that residents themselves have built from wood, metal and other materials they could afford. Families for whom houses are being built are the most vulnerable in the country and have the lowest income - they live on an average of $3 a day.

Brett Hagler, CEO and co-founder of New Story, spoke about this. At the moment, these people live literally in shacks, which are systematically flooded during the rainy season. According to the villagers, the water level during the flood can reach above the knees. Sometimes the rainy season lasts a whole month.

3D printed houses

3D printed houses have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. They are designed taking into account the wishes of the families who will live in them. The houses have electricity and water supply. According to New Story, each of the two houses built was printed within 24 hours. According to New Story, the nonprofit teamed up with ICON, which developed 3D printing robotics, and ECHALE, a nonprofit organization in Mexico that helps locate local families living in extreme poverty.

Families for new homes are selected based on needs. The median household income in the Mexican community is US$76 per month, and the community as a whole has some of the lowest income families in Mexico.

Learn more