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Full StormTrooper Armor First Order


This is a WORK IN PROGRESS converting a Pepakura set of TFA trooper armor (unfold by FisherK2) for 3d printing. I also got the helmet from The Armored Garage and made a few edits and changes. The actual armor was converted, smoothed, and (digitally)...

Stormtrooper Armor


Battlefront game model Low-poly Stormtrooper armor and helmet in 1:6 scale with Rogue One hand guards from the Shoretrooper model to make ANH hand guards.

Stormtrooper armor


Im working on a screen accurate hopefully 501st requirements right A New Hope Stormtrooper Armor. This is a work in progress i will keep you updatet. I try make this armor weareble by using a body male model and printing it first 1:20. ... Hope you...

Stormtrooper armor separate parts


Spererated files of Stormtrooper armor by sn4850. I will keep optimizing it to be Printable on a 200x200x200 base. ... Update 15.07.2018: I fixed the waist parts they are now printable next to go are the legs to make them weareble

Stormtrooper Armor Clasp Greeble


On a Star Wars stormtooper costume, there are fake clasps attached to the armor. I used OpenSCAD to design this large greeble. On a costume there are 6 large greebles which attach to the thighs, shins and spats (around the ankle). There are 6...

First Order Stormtrooper Armor


First off: major props to Deafjamb for posting the armor pieces and getting them out here for people to use. Also, the helmet pieces are attributed to ducampv, who doesn't have the helmet posted on Thingiverse but kudos to them. I took Deafjamb's...

Stormtrooper Armor ANH / ESB


hope you like the armor, have fun ! ... cheers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Update (30. 12.2020): Fixed Chest + Abs *Update (07.04.2021): Added...

TV Full Armor


The Vamp’s Full armor Lower resolution Display. For Higher resolution see image below. Developed for use in CC, IClone, Video editing and Game engines. ...Click anywere to focus.

Hammerhead in full armor


Hammerhead space-craft in full armor plating, equipped with a rail gun, a lightning gun and two swarmer pods. ...https://www.artstation.com/artwork/n12Q9 The player-controlled vessel in the game Excubitor http://store.steampowered.com/app/357030/

Fortnite Omega Full Armor


This is a 3d printable STL file for Fortnite's Season 4 Max Tier character, Omega, at it max armor stage. ...Hope you enjoy this model!

Full wearable armor


What do you think of this armor? It's all for you! ...If you like, download it and print it Come and visit our works https://www.facebook.com/Studiomparch/

Shendrones Krieger Full Body Armor :)


Awesome full body armor for the Shendrones Krieger FPV racing Frame

Stormtrooper Armor (Not screen Accurate)


3D Printed Stormtrooper Armor (not screen accurate). Feel free to tweak and improve these files. I printed the whole suit of armor for Halloween 2015. I scaled everything to fit me. I'm 5' 6" tall and weigh 150 pounds. I have had to do some trimming...

Full body Chainmail (Heavy Armor)


Hey folks! ... Today I have a simple full body chainmail for you. Quite historical and widespread. Technical Details: As generic as possible full body chainmail. DnD Armor type: Chainmail. ... Hope you enjoy it!

$2.99Wuglat Full Plate Armor


"By the time you find a weak spot you have an axe coming your way" You will get:- STL file- Pre supported Chitubox file-32mm & 75mm Wuglat Full Plate Armor Model ID/ORC_02

Full Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Armor


this is a full heavy infantry mandalorian armor, designed with hot toys references, a lot of them! and pretty accurate, totally wearable, ideal for cosplay or exhibition, it has even shoes front covers, so your shoes look like mandalorian boots. As...

Jet Trooper full size armor


Jet Trooper full size armor Full body armor of First Order jet troopers from Star Wars series. All parts are separated to the smaller pieces that are ready to be 3D printed on a 200mm bed size 3D printer and also complete obj files, that are not...

Lunii "boitozistoire" Full Body Armor


So this time, I designed and am currently printing a protective case in TPU: a Full Body Armor. TPU is a bouncy material, that should provide extra shock absorption. I usually use it for my FPV drones, and trust me, this thing absorbs a LOT. It's...

Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable)


I learned from my previous lessons with the Imperial Guard mask and hopefully improved the ease in printing a full scale helmet. I have cut it down to 16 parts for this helmet + accessories, but they are small and shouldn't take long to print. I have...

Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable)


https://www.facebook.com/groups/333491834120262/ Currently all new members receive access to the older models released, so we are talking suits, Full scale prints (like 1:1 scale articulated Droideka. ..) helmets, detailed busts and dioramas all for...

Genji Sentai full armor 3D print model


Genji Sentai full armor for 3d print

Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper Wearable Armor


Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper Wearable Armor made for cosplay. Comes in separated parts. Can be printed on CR-10 (300X300X400mm). For Cutting ask additioal service. ...All rights reserved by Lucasfilm and their respective owners and I have nothing in...

Darth Malgus’s full size armor


This model is a wearable full size armor of Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic. The armor is designed for people high 170 cm, so it is better to scale it for your body height and type. Files contain pieces of the armor ready to be 3D...

daedric full armor + shield & battle axe


full daedric body armor figure with shield and battle axe low polly. I'll upload a photo of print after its done. ...Or if you beat me to it let me see yours.

First Order Troopers Full Armor Wearable


First Order Troopers Full Armor Wearable made for cosplay. Can be printed on CR-10 (300X300X400mm). For cutting ask additional service. ...All rights reserved by Lucasfilm and their respective owners and I have nothing in common with them.

Imperial Commando Male Full Armor Wearable


Imperial Commando Male Full Armor Wearable made for cosplay. Can be printed on CR-10 (300X300X400mm). For Cutting ask additional service. ...All rights reserved by Lucasfilm and their respective owners and I have nothing in common with them.

The Mandalorian - full armor and weapons


This collection includes the full armor, helmet and also blaster and sniper rifle of the Mandalorian from his 2019 series. All parts are separated to the smaller pieces that are ready to be 3D printed on a 200mm bed size 3D printer and also complete...

Kirito’s full size armor - Integrity Knight


This model is a wearable full size armor of Kirito as Integrity Knight. Files contain pieces of the armor ready to be 3D printed and complete armor files that are not cut into smaller pieces. SCALE At 100% scale the armors’ dimensions are scaled...

$5.90Girl Archer Full Armor and Topless


High poly models of a girl archer in two versions Full armor and Topless done in Zbrush, projected to be in 30mm and 55mm, can be print biggger or smaller. Ideal for resin printers, supports Included. -STL -OBJ I hope you like it! ** Arquera,...

Halo 3 ODST - Rookie - Full Armor Set


A few notable armor pieces to look into: Shoulders: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1033992 Helmet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3215170 The reason for uploading the armor set like this is that it gives the end-user a chance to resize the...

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5. 5K Likes, 65 Comments. TikTok video from RGBrea | Breanna Wright (@rgbrea): "Reply to @sansdowntown good boy armor part 7! #3dprinting #starwars #stormtrooper #dogsoftiktok #goodboy #puppiesonly #dog". Good Boy Armor Part 7 | Working on armor padding | I’m so excited mom! | .... Sunny Day.


Sunny Day - Ted Fresco



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TikTok video from DylanBarr (@9pointarts): "ARC Trooper! #cosplay #starwars #3dprinting #cosplayer #stormtrooper #armor #epic". Survivor.


Survivor - 2WEI & Edda Hayes



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#3dprinting #starwars #armor #stormtrooper letssss goooo its finaly done after so many hours

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3D printed Stormtrooper helmet try on. Will it fit?? 3D file by hex3D #hex3d #starwars #starwarscosplay #stormtrooperhelmet #3dprinting

938 Likes, 38 Comments. TikTok video from Daddy Mando (@daddymando3d): "3D printed Stormtrooper helmet try on. Will it fit?? 3D file by hex3D #hex3d #starwars #starwarscosplay #stormtrooperhelmet #3dprinting". I hope it fits | Dang this thing is on here real good | Getting all these supports off is a real pain | .... Star Wars - The Imperial March Theme.


Star Wars - The Imperial March Theme - Geek Music

3D maniac or how I made a stormtrooper suit.

Hello everyone! It's finally time to write about the grandiose 3D printing of a complete attack aircraft suit.

The beginning of the story can be read here http://3dtoday.ru/blogs/byrdalak123/printprocessingreview-or-how-i-do-the-stormtrooper-costume/

The article will be devoted to the following:

- General history printing

- Gluing parts + post-processing

- Setting print parameters, technical points

- Suit connection, general conclusions and impressions

General history of printing.

It all started with the fact that I won a Cheap 3d V300 printer and wanted to make my own suit on it. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for modeling, and I already wanted to use some kind of interesting costume in December last year at my big science shows. The choice fell on the attack aircraft, it most suited the script and it was decided to start printing it.

With the stormtrooper helmet, everything was pretty simple. Many people printed it, there are already honed stl models, everything is divided into parts that fit without problems in the field of my printer. There was also a description and gluing sequences, and the whole print is not very large, so here I went along already explored paths.

But now, the helmet is printed, it's time for the costume. Everything turned out to be much more complicated here, since it was extremely difficult to find models in the public domain, and what I found turned out to be either with the wrong geometry, or did not look pretty enough and was very different from the original. I even thought about buying a model from American guys who sell professional costume models, already tested and cut. But still, I found a person in the states who printed the entire suit of an attack aircraft and posted a couple of photos and a short video with him. I contacted him and found out everything that was needed, and still found suitable stl.

Appropriate - this is very approximate, but more on that later. The main difference between my attack aircraft and the American one was that it was printed with ABS, and I haven’t tried much with it yet, but I’m good at making PLA parts, so the entire attack aircraft is PLA printing.

All models were on hand, and they were not from a single archive, but still some of the different ones found on the Internet. The main problem that I encountered is complete anarchy on a scale. All the details were in different scales and I often had to reprint some parts so that they looked normal and that I could move normally in them). Of course, the models had to be sawn for printing in parts (the print area does not allow you to print the sternum or dorsal part at once, although cheap 3d has a huge print area of ​​300x300x300).

Finally, the first parts began to be printed.

Of course, the amount of plastic required was brutal .... but more on that later.

Each piece was glued together using the proven method - Methylene Chloride. I dipped the edges for 5-6 seconds of the parts to be glued and connected. The connection is the strongest. The main thing when working with this reagent is gloves, a ventilated area, respiratory protection (I used 3M with all possible filters), eye protection from vapors is also desirable. Also, with the help of methylene, it was possible to remove the ribbing from the print itself, as well as to align the junctions.

Parts were printed exclusively with one plastic - FD Plast. Cheap and cheerful.

And there is a feeling that black was printed better than white. The walls were smoother and more glossy.

- Gluing of parts + post-processing

Gluing of parts was carried out at the expense of methylene chloride (which, by the way, costs a penny in comparison, if you take it from stores associated with 3D printing, I took it in Ruskhim). Dip each side to be glued for 5-6 seconds per 5-8 mm protrusion in methylene and then simply connect and hold for about a minute. Strong bonding occurs in 5-6 minutes. Full bonding - up to 5 hours.

The parts were then 'smoothed' with the same methylene and a lint-free cloth. I wetted the fabric and rubbed the part, leveling the layering.

IMPORTANT! Somewhere I read about dipping the whole part (complete immersion in methylene) for a while. I'll tell you what happens in practice. If the part is not 'closed' on all sides (there are gaps in the internal structure - filling, then the part will most likely come to an end. The methylene will get so deep and dissolve everything making your model 'rubber' and warped. If you are sure that your entire model ' If the thickness of the closing of the model is small and the walls of the model are too small, then be sure that methylene also deforms your part, when taken out of the solution, there will be dents from your fingers, and then the model will generally twist So it's better to wipe the model.0003

The parts were then dried. Then somewhere it is necessary - with sandpaper and again methylene. Further degreasing of parts, primer on plastic in 2-3 layers (slightly evens out, which is not wiped with methylene), then paint in 2-3 layers and at the end varnish, also in 2-3 layers. Of course you need to dry between layers.

The lacquer will give not only shine to the plastic, but also protect it from scratches, because even when touching a part on a part without lacquer, hello to scratches.

To be honest, since I had a lot of details and there was little time, somewhere I did not completely 'methylene' the part, and painted in 1-2 layers. Only the most visible parts were directly polished with methylene.

- Print settings, technical points

Print settings, studio!

- SLICE via Cura

- Printing speed 50

- Moving extruder 110

- Filling 50

- layer thickness 0.2

- Filling up/bottom thickness 0.6

- Filling of the floor 25%

- Printing temperature 210 degrees

- Table temperature 70 degrees

- Sticking method - PVA glue

Printer: Cheap 3D V300

Plastic: FD plast PLA

The printing took place indoors, so there were no drafts.

Now I want to talk about the numbers associated with the costume:

3 broken glasses on which the models were printed (strong adhesion was plus the haste to tear the part off the table)

11 plastic spools of 750 gr.

7 kg weight suit with helmet

More than 50 days of printing

Suit consists of 50 parts

At all stages of printing - no clogging of the nozzle, no 'noodles' of the model, no distortion of the model during printing (delamination).

By the way, about the clogging of the nozzle - I use castor oil, which I pour onto a sponge and wrap the sponge around the rod in front of the extruder. Works, checked.

Printing took place in the office for days, so the noise of the 'always printing monster' did not bother me))

- Suit connection, general conclusions and impressions

The suit is interconnected thanks to backpack straps and fastex (plastic tridents). The entire weight of the suit is held by the upper panels in front and behind, they are interconnected by thick disposable ties, from which there are already fastex straps. The straps are glued on hot glue and hold very cool! It is impossible to put on a suit by yourself, you need help.

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