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3 Funnels Module


Big Flusher Module


Brains Module


Bridges Module


Bucket Lift | Marble Machine STL


Bucket Lift | Physical Marble Machine

€99,95 €119,95

Bucket Tower | Marble Machine STL


Bucket Tower | Physical Marble Machine


Bundle Marble Machines + Modules STL

€68,84 €86,05

Bundle Modules STL

€37,60 €44,25

Donkey King Module


Double Screw | Marble Machine STL

€7,95 €9,95

Double Screw | Physical Marble Machine


Funnel Module


Hardware Kit

€24,95 €34,95

Loop The Loop Module


Modules - Assembled


Multi Mania Module


Pachinko Module


Ring Of Fire Module


Skatepark Module


Spiralicious Module


Stairs | Marble Machine STL

€5,95 €7,95

Stairs | Physical Marble Machine

€99,95 €119,95

The Spiral | MONO | STL


Tiny Five Steps | Mono | STL


Tiny Serpentine | MONO | STL


Triple Twister Module


Twin Tracks Module


Twister | Marble Machine STL


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➿ Best marble run and rube goldberg 3D models・Cults

➿ Best marble run and rube goldberg 3D models

Rube Goldberg machines and marble run 3D printed

On this page you will find a large number of free or paid 3D files for Rube Goldberg machine enthusiasts. There are complete machines or simple elements. You can then run your ball through it to trigger the reaction!

Marble Run Blocks - Free sample


6mm Marble Machine


Marble Run Blocks - Starter pack


A Merry Marblevator Christmas Tree


Base and alternative turncap for Marble Machine 3


Marble Run Blocks - Extension pack


Marblevator Mini, Loop


Customizable Marble Machine


brick system Marble Run




Marble Run Collection


3D Marble-Maschine


The tower at Bille


Marblevator, Magnetic Tracks


Marble Run Blocks - Medieval Castle pack

€2. 08

Battery Base For Motorised Marble Machine


Motorized Marble Machine


Duplo compatible marble run system


Marble track building blocks toy


Magnetic Marble Run Wall Components


Duplo compatible marble run - add on


Duplo compatible marble run cones


Marble Run Building Block Brick - Set BASIC


Marble ramp DIY (marble run)




Marble run tall straight


Flipper Ball Run


More robust marble machine


Desktop Mini Ski Ball Game


Marble Run to Gravitrax Trasition Riser


Marblevator, Armed (but not dangerous!)


Balls Circuits


Procedural Marble Maze Full-Set


Marble Pump


Marble flex tracks (updated)


Marble Run Compatible 100 mm Split Circle


Marblevator "Mini", Bowl Edition


Archimedes Screw for Marble Run


Marble Roller Machine


Marbelvator, Armed (but not dangerous!), Back On Tracks.


A Mini Merry Marblevator Christmas Tree


Marble Wall Track Holder


Marble Run to Gravitrax Faceted Riser


Auto Marble Machine


Marblevator Air


3D ball path


Marble Run to Gravitrax Transition part


Marblevator, Baby Steps


Here is our selection of the best STL files for Rube Goldberg machines, all these beautiful reaction machines are from the 3D file library Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection includes many free and paid 3D files that will allow you to 3D print at home many variations of the famous Rube Goldberg machine. Each Cults 3D Designer has its own vision of Rube Goldberg's machine and offers various parts to let your imagination run wild. Once the parts are printed, it is up to you to assemble them to create the reaction you want. There are no more limits, before you used traditional materials from now on thanks to your 3D printer, you will be able to widen the possible scope of your reaction machines. Anything that comes to mind can be modeled in 3D and if you have no ideas, let yourself be guided by this collection of 3D super models!

Once your machines are in place, whether it is a Rube Goldberg machine or a simple "Marble Run" DIY, feel free to share a video of the result and the reaction with us by sharing photos of the make and possibly a video!

Japanese scientists 3D printed beef steak - Gazeta.Ru

Japanese scientists 3D printed beef steak - Gazeta.Ru | News

In Russia, the biathlon tournament was held without shooting due to lack of ammunition 16:37

Yekaterinburg residents were detained for hanging a banner with congratulations on the bridge. .. 16:34

Rustam Solntsev said that Borodina "treated" participants with drugs ... 16:31

Russia's international reserves fell by 4.4% in September 16:30

Named iPhone 14 model capable of working two days on a single charge 16:28

Residents of Pskov, for the sake of payments, register immigrants from countries as fathers of their children ... 16:28

Dacia to show hybrid Jogger and new concept in Paris 16:28

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced its readiness to field 500 thousand reserve conscripts 16:26

Natalia Vodianova first appeared in public after rumors of her sixth pregnancy... 16:25

A man was detained in the Netherlands on suspicion of supplying microchips... 16:25



Japanese scientists from Osaka University have created artificial marbled beef by recreating the structure of a steak using 3D printing. They described the experiment in an article in the journal Nature Communications .

Wagyu - Japanese marbled beef, the most expensive in the world. Until now, "meat from a test tube" has been in the form of minced meat, because the equipment did not allow recreating the complex structure of the muscle fibers of a real steak. To reach a new level of quality, scientists first made individual muscle fibers, fat, and blood vessels from stem cells using bioprinting. Then the elements were arranged in three dimensions so that they repeated the structure of a cross section of Wagyu meat. So they managed to form a marbled beef steak.

The researchers hope that their work will allow in the near future to grow meat in laboratories that will not differ in taste and texture from the real one. This will reduce livestock-related emissions and slow down climate change. In addition, it will be possible to create meat with the desired amount of fat, based on taste preferences or medical recommendations. Also, a similar printing method will probably be used for other needs.

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In Russia, the biathlon tournament was held without shooting due to lack of ammunition

Yekaterinburg residents were detained for hanging a banner with congratulations to Putin on a bridge

Rustam Solntsev said that Borodina "treated" the participants of "House-2" with drugs

Russia's international reserves decreased by 4. 4% in September

iPhone 14 model named, able to work two days on a single charge

Residents of Pskov, for the sake of payments, register immigrants from Central Asian countries as fathers to their children

Dacia to show hybrid Jogger and new

concept in Paris

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus declared its readiness to field 500,000 reserve conscripts

Natalia Vodianova first appeared in public after rumors of her sixth pregnancy

A man was detained in the Netherlands on suspicion of supplying microchips to the Russian Federation

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How does a 3D printer steak taste? - such a question is no longer from the category of fantasy. Israeli startup Redefine Meat has learned how to 3D print steaks that look like real meat. In mid-February, the startup completed another round of funding to start shipping its printers around the world. According to the plan, the expansion was supposed to begin last year, but the pandemic prevented it: the startup intends to promote the product first through restaurants.

Many companies produce artificial meat from soy and pea protein, coconut fat, sunflower oil, natural colors and flavors. But even if they taste like real minced meat, they lack the main thing: the texture and look of the steak. Redefine Meat founder Eshkhar Ben-Shitrit figured out what to do with it. His printer prints three types of voxels, or millimetric three-dimensional pixels. Some copy muscle, others fat, others blood. Each stake consists of an example of 3 million voxels. By changing the recipe and collecting them in different sequences and proportions, you can reproduce tenderloin, ribeye, picanha and other types of steaks. And most importantly - they copy not only the taste, but also the type of meat, and even sensations. “A steak is basically muscle, fat and blood in a complex structure that affects how it feels in the mouth and how it is cooked. The taste depends on how the marbled veins of fat melt when you cook,” Ben-Shitrit told Israel21c online.

How Ben-Shitrit met cows

Ben-Shitrit grew up on a kibbutz where his mother ran a dairy farm. He loved meat since childhood. And at the age of 13, he learned how to cook the perfect steak when he went to work part-time at his uncle's restaurant in Tel Aviv in the summer.

He graduated with a law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, worked for a year and a half as a clerk of the Israeli Supreme Court, and in 2011 changed careers to become a product manager for Hewlett-Packard. Responsible for printing on cardboard boxes. His next job was at the Israeli company Highcon, specializing in cardboard packaging. In 2015–2017 he was its vice president of marketing.

So, Ben Shitrit loved meat. But when his first child was born, he was surprised to find that he could no longer eat beef. There were memories of his childhood on a dairy farm, where he saw firsthand how cows take care of their calves. Ben-Shitrit tried many meat substitutes, but none of them looked like a real steak. Then he had the idea to print meat on a printer to copy its texture. He quit and in February 2018 founded Jet-Eat, which was later renamed Redefine Meat.

“The company was engaged in R&D for almost two years before [in the fall of 2019] we first raised serious investments and recruited a team - in nine months the staff grew from 6 to 25 people,” Ben-Shitrit told Business Insider and last July . Now, judging by the information on the startup's website, it employs 36 people.

The startup developed its products in collaboration with scientists from the Israeli Institute of Technology Technion, using its laboratories for experiments. In September 2019The company received $6 million in seed funding from CPT Capital, a venture fund that also includes stakes in other artificial meat producers, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. In February of this year, Redefine Meat raised $29 million in a Series A round in which new investors joined CPT Capital - Losa Group, Sake Bosch, K3 Ventures.

1/5 cow per day

Redefine Meat already has something to boast about. Last June, the company officially unveiled the world's first plant-based 3D printed steak, then began testing its product in high-end restaurants in Israel, and Ben-Shitrit became a hero in the Israeli media with the phrase "We print steaks on a 3D printer ".

True, the fastest printer at his disposal prints about 6 kg of meat per hour. With three cartridges to recharge (artificial meat, fat and blood) and maintain the machine, on good days it produces about 90 kg of meat per day. Beef cows can weigh about half a ton, but meat can account for 60–70% of the total weight.

No meat in meat, no milk in chocolate

Not only meat becomes vegan. In mid-February, Nestle announced that it would launch the first vegan milk chocolate, called KitKat V. The product will roll out to several countries, including the UK, and if successful, will expand to other markets. It took about two years to develop the bar. The main problem was that soy and almond substitutes do not mix well with cocoa and sugar, and as a result, the desired creamy structure is not obtained. KitKat V replaced milk with rice mix. This is not the first product to replace animal ingredients. Last year, Nestle launched meat-free sausage, veggie ground meat, dairy-free ice cream, and animal food with insect protein and bean and millet meat protein substitutes.

The startup is currently completing the construction of the first production line, which will assemble a new printer model designed for 10 kg of meat per hour. “It’s not yet an industrial machine, we call it semi-industrial,” Ben-Shitrit told Business Insider.

Machines will be installed directly at customers' premises to enable them to sell fresh meat. The technology that Redefine Meat is developing could disrupt the global food supply chain, Ben-Shitrit shared his thoughts with The Times of Israel online edition. 3D printers that produce meat near the points of sale make it unnecessary to buy meat in other countries, he said.

Redefine Meat was supposed to hit restaurants late last year, but the coronavirus got in the way. During the pandemic, Redefine Meat signed contracts with several organizations interested in introducing artificial meat into the assortment. For example, in January of this year, Redefine Meat announced a strategic agreement with Israeli meat distributor Best Meister. The partner will supply not only to restaurants in Israel, but also to butcher shops. The agreement was signed after a blind tasting of alternative meats in Tel Aviv (both companies claim that it was the largest in the world - it was attended by about 600 people), which showed that 90% of meat eaters like fake meat. The company wants to conduct the same test with chefs in other countries and is preparing to enter markets in Europe, Asia and North America later this year. “This is a step towards becoming the world's largest alternative meat company by 2030,” Ben-Shitrit told The Times of Israel.

What the startup hopes for

Ben-Shitrit is going to sell his meat at the price of the real one. He believes that now is the best time to bring the product to market - many large meat companies are investing in meat alternatives for vegans, flexitarists, etc.

According to Euromonitor, global sales of meat substitutes reached $19.5 billion in 2018. In 2019, investment bank UBS predicted that the plant-based meat market would reach $85 billion by 2030.

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