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14 Things to 3D Print and Sell in 2022 – Clever Creations

Thinking about starting a 3D printing business? Want to try to sell 3D printed items on the side? You may be wondering where to start.

There are several ways to make money with a 3D printer, for example, you can open an online shop to sell 3D printed items, or offer print-on-demand 3D printing services.

In this article, we’ll cover how and where you can sell 3D printed items. We’ll also show cool (and profitable) ideas for things to 3D print and sell, and explain what you need to know before you turn your passion for the hobby into a business.

What to keep in mind when selling 3D prints

Selling 3D printed items can be a lucrative business. However, you need to consider a few things before opening your shop and taking your first orders.

Profit margins

Before setting a price for your 3D prints, you should calculate your costs and margins. This isn’t unique to 3D printing, since all business owners need to know if their product will make a profit.

You need to consider all costs associated with 3D printing the item and selling it. This includes the 3D printer cost, but also the print materials, shipping supplies, 3D printer power usage, seller platform fees, and wages for your time. The more thorough you are, the more accurate the results of your calculations will be.


The issue of copyright when selling 3D prints is twofold. If you are printing and selling a 3D model created by someone else, you must follow the designer’s license. If the designer has listed the model as non-commercial, you cannot sell it. If you still choose to do so, they can take legal action against you or your business for infringing on their copyright.

Another layer of the copyright issue is that you cannot sell prints of copyright or trademarked material. This is true even if the model has a commercial license. For example, Bulbasaur is a trademarked and copyrighted character of Nintendo. Thus, you can’t sell Bulbasaur planters even if the 3D model has a public domain license.

Where to sell 3D prints

You can sell your 3D prints using many different channels. Live events like craft fairs, festivals, and trade shows are a great way to garner in-person sales. Consignment shops and displays in local businesses can give your 3D prints a brick-and-mortar presence without the overhead.

Online eCommerce platforms are by far the easiest and most widespread sales channels to use. You can start your own website and sell directly from there or use an existing marketplace.

Image: crosslink via MyMiniFactory

3D printed vases are a hit on almost any platform

The latter option is much easier for beginners who don’t know much about online retail. By using existing marketplaces, you can leverage their existing audience and make money with a 3D printer in no time.


The online marketplace Etsy focuses on handmade, vintage, and handmade supply products. They charge a $0.20 listing fee per item every four months (or until it sells and is relisted). They also take a percentage of the sales revenue when an item sells.

Many 3D printing shops have been very successful in selling items like planters, cookie cutters, and toys on the Etsy platform. Aside from those, there are plenty of other things to 3D print and sell on the platform.


The 5 Best 3D Printers for Making Cookie Cutters


The Amazon marketplace is the largest eCommerce platform available. Amazon integrates third-party sellers into their warehouse system. An independent 3D printing shop using the platform can send their prints to the nearest warehouse and Amazon would process them and ship them out as they sell.


More dated than most of the other platforms on this list, eBay never quite left its days as an auction site behind. It has at least integrated the ‘Buy It Now’ functions that allow it to work more like an eCommerce platform.

New sellers get free listings to get started, then pay a flat fee per listing and a percentage of their revenue.

eBay shouldn’t be your main eCommerce platform for making money with your 3D printing business. However, it works well as a supplement to the other services we’ve listed.


Starting as a place to pay people to do menial tasks for $5, Fiverr has grown into a labor outsourcing giant. They are now competing with the likes of Upwork, Freelancer, and so on.

Fiverr’s system pays you for your labor, so you are not listing your product. You are listing your ability to 3D print cool 3D prints for other users.

Best 3D Printed Items That Sell

1. Miniatures (D&D, Warhammer, etc.)

Image: BaconuCrazy via MyMiniFactory

One of the best things to print and sell with your 3D printer is miniatures for tabletop games like D&D and Warhammer.

These figurines are small and highly detailed. This means that if you want to make money by 3D printing miniatures, you are best off with a resin 3D printer. On the other hand, larger terrain pieces are best suited for traditional fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printers.


Resin vs Filament 3D Printers: What’s the Difference?

Part of the appeal of miniatures is that they are customizable. They are sold unpainted (similar to some model kits) so the buyer can decorate and paint the miniatures as they see fit. This is excellent news for anyone looking to make money printing by selling 3D printed miniatures. No painting means there is less need for post-processing work.

3D printed miniatures are well-liked among consumers, as customers can buy miniatures that aren’t available to them through traditional manufacturing companies.

Consumers also enjoy commissioning customized minis. These figurines are often original characters in their campaigns or stories. If you have the level of skill needed to model and/or sculpt these personalized minis, that can be a significant upcharge for your 3D printing business.

If you want to go this route, you might want to check out our article on the best 3D printers for miniatures.

2. Cosplay items (helmets, armor, props, etc.)

Image: TieKai via MyMiniFactory

Cosplay items are one of the most labor-intensive options on the list of things to 3D print and make money with. Taking hours or days from start to finish, making cosplay costumes and props to sell is not for the faint of heart. These items (especially 3D printed armor sets and 3D printed helmets) are large parts that take hours to print and post-process.

Most users expect their cosplay items to be finished and painted to a professional level when they buy them. This takes a great deal of time and effort on your part as the seller. The upside to this is that you can charge a premium price for these items to make up for the extra time spent 3D printing and assembling them. Customers are often willing to pay well for these items.

If you want to make money 3D printing and selling cosplay items, it is a good idea to use a 3D printer with a large build volume. That way, you won’t need to spend time splitting parts to fit the build plate and gluing them together when the printing is complete.

Use a large 3D printer for cosplay, and you can simply 3D print full-size pieces in one go.

3. Jewelry

Image: Muttonheid via MyMiniFactory

The jewelry market is a high mark-up market with excellent profitability if approached correctly. Its main problem is that it is oversaturated with artisans and hobbyists. Your designs and marketing both need to be unique and strategic in this space. Otherwise, it is impossible to have any visibility on most of the eCommerce platforms mentioned in this article.

Since jewelry pieces tend to be small, you need negligible amounts of raw material to print each piece. This keeps production costs low and makes it possible to create many at once. Like miniatures, jewelry requires a high level of detail. For the highest-quality pieces, you will need a 4K resin printer or higher (6K/8K).


The 8 Best 4K+ Resin 3D Printers

FDM 3D printers are not entirely ineffective for jewelry making. They can still print forms for silicone molding material. Then use those molds with things like polymer or precious metal clays, resins, low-temperature metals, and other castable materials.

3D printed mold forms need to be smooth and non-porous before molding. You’ll need to sand, fill, or use other extensive post-processing work to achieve the right look.

If you can keep the cost low and produce (customized) jewelry that you promote effectively (e.g. through social media), you will have a good chance at creating a successful 3D printing business in the jewelry niche.

4. Toys

Image: animm07 via MyMiniFactory

3D printed toys are a great option to sell. However, you need to be cautious about regulations on children’s products when choosing to manufacture them with your 3D printer. Some countries require certification to make and sell certain items. This mainly pertains to products for babies and very young children. The guidelines vary from country to country.

Fidget toys and articulated creatures geared towards older kids and adults run a much lower risk of liability and are quite popular. These items are even more memorable when printed from something like color changing, glow in the dark, or filled (Woodfill, Copperfill) PLA filament.


The 8 Best 3D Printers for Kids

Most toys are quick and efficient to make. They print easily on a traditional FDM 3D printer and don’t require much post-processing. Plus there are plenty of cool toy ideas out there that you can 3D print.

5. Nerf gun accessories

Image: GoKidd via MyMiniFactory

Customized or unique Nerf gun accessories and gun bodies are a popular niche in the 3D printing community. They also have quite a demanding retail market.

Items like sights, dart holders, extra clips for discontinued products, larger magazines, and improved barrels are all popular Nerf-related 3D prints. They are easy to create on most 3D printers and fit well with the other ideas of things to 3D print and sell.

It is also not uncommon for Nerf-enthusiasts to want custom guns that the company has not or will not make. Sometimes this means turning a cosplay prop into a functioning dart gun. Other times it means making a gun body that is not commercially available.

Cosplay prop and customized Nerf gun designs are great designs to sell. They have high markup potential and popularity. You can have a profitable business in this niche as long as you don’t overstep trademark rules.

The name Nerf is technically protected under trademark laws. It can help to use generic terms like dart gun, foam dart weapon, etc. in place of the brand in your product listings. This makes sure you don’t gain the attention of any corporate lawyers. They do periodic intellectual property sweeps on popular eCommerce platforms.

Accessories have a lower profit margin than 3D printing full Nerf guns. However, most users don’t care if their dart holders or magazines are not sanded smooth, so they are a quick and easy way to make money with a 3D printer.

6. Architecture models

Image: Format3D via MyMiniFactory

Architectural models are a difficult 3D printing project. They often recreate both the interior and exterior design of a building. They are usually printed in pieces so that the roof and separate levels can be removed for easy access to all the interior elements. Because of their complexity, they can be sold at a high markup and are a great option to 3D print and sell.

Architectural prints can be used for prototyping/visualization, education, play, and decoration. Selling house models as a dollhouse toy or a recreation of a famous building for education or decoration purposes is a great way to market them to consumers.

Some architectural and engineering firms like to have tangible models of their designs. This is helpful for prototyping, sales meetings, and even for troubleshooting the design. Aligning yourself with local companies looking for this 3D printing service could be a beneficial opportunity.

7. Figurines and statues

Image: philippeb66 via MyMiniFactory

Figurines and statues are yet another group of 3D printed products that sell exceptionally well. Many of the figurine and statue 3D models that are available online are of copyrighted content. Things such as characters from video games, movies, or tv shows. These are not particularly helpful resources for making commercial items.

Yet, there are still plenty of options for unbranded designs either through ready-made models or customized ones that you design yourself. Animals, mythological creatures, etc. are all popular designs to 3D print and sell without fear of copyright infringement.

Custom figurines of either customers or their pets are another option to diversify your product offerings. This does require an advanced skill level for 3D modeling and/or sculpting. If you aren’t there yet, keep it as an option for the future. In the meantime, you are welcome to look at our recommendations for free 3D modeling software.

8. Phone cases

Image: Malex via MyMiniFactory

Phone cases are a large market, and 3D printed versions are no exception. There are countless possibilities for making and selling phone cases with your 3D printer. You can print basic stretch cases using a flexible filament like TPU, or decorative hard cases made from PLA or ABS.


The 10 Best PLA Filaments for 3D Printing

Basic cases are inexpensive and readily available to the consumer from most stores and online retailers. If you want to sell cases, it’s best to use unique or customized models.

The most eye-catching 3D printed options emphasize the technical capabilities of 3D printing. The geared iPhone case is a great example.

A large difficulty with 3D printing a phone case to sell is that there are so many different phone models available and they update constantly. As such, you may find it difficult to source consistent phone case models. You may also realize your designs are becoming quickly outdated if you model them yourself.

The best solution to the variability of phone case compatibility is to start out 3D printing and selling cases for only a handful of different phone models. From there, you could make the decision to scale up or down as needed.

9. Self-watering planters

Image: diegopvp via MyMiniFactory

Planters in general are a hot seller in the 3D printing world, but self-watering planters are even more popular. They are hard to find in stores, making them a fantastic item to add to your business’ offerings.

Self-watering planters are typically designed in two parts: the planter and a water reservoir.

Since both pieces are in contact with water, they need to be watertight in order to not leak. Typical 3D prints have microscopic gaps between each layer. Water can seep through these layers and onto whatever surface the print is sitting on. A clear, non-toxic sealant is a great solution for this problem and gives customers a much better experience with their planter.

10. Designer vases

Image: didierklein via MyMiniFactory

3D printed vases are another home décor product capable of generating a large number of sales. With the exotic shapes that can be created in CAD and made on a 3D printer, the end results are far more modern and sophisticated than vases that are commercially available.

Like the planters mentioned above, vases need a sealant to make them watertight. They are quick and easy to make and can be 3D printed as one continuous spiral. The continuous print lines that this creates improve the speed and quality of the print job.

Items like vases can be printed on either FDM or resin 3D printers (if the print bed size is not an issue for the latter). Extruder-driven ceramic and clay 3D printers are also an excellent option if you are lucky enough to have access to one.

Regardless of the type of 3D printer you use, vases are an excellent choice for making money with a 3D printer.

11. Raspberry Pi cases

Image: Laza via MyMiniFactory

Raspberry Pi boards are a common component in homemade electronics projects. Pi boards are inexpensive single-board computers that are suitable for many projects. For example, they can control smart home equipment, act as a controller for other projects, power a video game emulator console, or run as an underpowered but functional DIY computer.

Since Raspberry Pi’s are so small, it is easy to print cases and enclosures for them. The cases not only protect their components but also make them look more functional and professional. Selling the cases to interested tinkerers has sales potential by itself. If you happen to be handy with electronics, you could also sell fully assembled Raspberry Pi projects.

12. Eyeglasses frames

Image: Sacha_Zacaropoulos via Thingiverse

3D printed eyeglass frames have risen in popularity over the years. Several major eyewear companies have started selling FDM-produced 3D printed eyeglass frames. These products are usually made from WoodFill and other specialty filaments.

Even so, consumers are also flocking to smaller businesses that can design a new pair of frames. Sometimes they want new frames designed for their existing lenses if their store-bought frames break. Other times, they want to transfer blue light or sunglass lenses to a new pair of 3D printed frames for comfort or aesthetic reasons.

We don’t recommend using PLA or other low-temp filaments on this project. If the person wearing them spends enough time outside on a hot day, the frames could soften and warp from the heat. ABS and Nylon are safer filament choices, as they have a higher glass transition temperature (i.e. they melt at higher temperatures).

13. Lamps

Image: Frank Cheung via MyMiniFactory

You can make a variety of different types of lamps on a 3D printer. They are popular choices when it comes to making and selling 3D printed items. Home décor is a thriving market. When you can offer something unique for their living space, design-minded consumers take notice.

Lamps (especially pendant lights) most often require a 3D printer with a medium to large build volume. Because of their shape and texture, most designs don’t fare well when split and glued back together. Seams also change the way light passes through the filament, so they may be noticeable once the light is on.

14. Landmarks

Image: ShakeandB1ake via MyMiniFactory

Landmark models and statues recreate well-known buildings, places, statues, and other monuments. They vary from highly-detailed architectural models of famous buildings to sites like Stonehenge. They don’t usually come apart as architectural models do.

These models are popular sellers with tabletop gamers. They are sometimes used in tabletop campaigns and world or story-building exercises. They also make excellent educational tools and are great additions to the modern classroom.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular 3D printed items?

Cosplay props, planters, and miniatures are some of the biggest sellers. The popularity depends on which platform you are selling on. For example, on Etsy, the main customer base is looking for pretty, trendy things. Beautiful planters, jewelry, and the like will be most popular.

The best way to learn what is selling on your platform is to do a little research. Find the shops with the best sales numbers, see what their bestsellers are. Use that as an estimate of which categories and niches are most popular. It will be much easier to make money with a 3D printer by finding the niche that works best for you and to fill it with unique products.

Is it legal to 3D print and sell?

It is perfectly legal to sell your 3D prints. Issues rarely arise if you follow licenses of the models you download and you don’t sell trademarked goods. There are some extra considerations for certain groups of products. For example, you sometimes need special certification to make or sell items directed at young kids or babies.

Certifications vary from country to country, so research the limitations and laws of your country to find out more.

The easiest way to avoid liability is to design your own models to 3D print and sell. Creating your own models avoids the complications of using other people’s intellectual property.

Image: TobiasKuijper via MyMiniFactory

Designing your own 3D models is a good way to avoid copyright issues when selling 3D prints

Is selling 3D prints profitable?

Depending on what you make and how you market it, selling your 3D prints can be a very profitable way to make money online. To get the best results from selling 3D printed items, you need to do thorough market research.

You should look at what items are selling, where they are selling, and what you can do to stand out.

Do people buy 3D printed objects?

They sure do! As awareness of 3D printing technology increases, more people understand it is an easy way to get their hands on custom or unique items.

Be sure you are very clear in your descriptions about what material the item is made from. It is common to see customers confuse 3D printed items with wood in their reviews.


That’s everything you need to know about selling your 3D printed items. Do you sell your prints? What’s the most difficult part of running a 3D printing business? Let us know in the comments below!

16 Cool Things to 3D Print & Actually Sell – Etsy & Thingiverse – 3D Printerly

3D printing has endless possibilities, especially when it comes to making money. There are so many items that people 3D print and sell successfully, even making a living from home doing it. I decided to write an article describing some popular products that you can 3D print and sell, so you can hopefully get involved as well.

You do have to make sure you have the rights to 3D print and sell specific designs, so keep this in mind. You can click each of the numbered titles to go to a search for the products.

Some of the listings do change so they may not be available over time.

1. Personalized Soap Dish

The first item on the list of cool things to 3D print and sell is personalized soap dishes. These aren’t the first thing people think of but there is a huge market of people who love soap dishes that have a personal name or phrase on it.

It gives people’s bathrooms and kitchen more of a unique and dapper look that visitors can appreciate. If you want a good item to 3D print and sell, soap dishes can do well.

A quick search on Etsy for “3D printed soap dish” shows several listings of people selling them for anywhere from $10 to around $30, and they have plenty of reviews from happy customers.

This Skeleton Hand Soap Dish is a really cool idea that customers rate highly. It costs $12 and you have the option to pick multiple colors, as well as the left or right hand. It’s made from PLA so customers shouldn’t use hot water, just cool or warm water.

For more of a personal touch, you can 3D print and sell something like the Personalized 3D Printed Soap Dish for around $13. It has a unique honeycomb design so the soap can drain and dry properly. The seller allows customers to use any words up to 10 characters with choices of many colors.

Users can choose between different colors and sizes in many cases so it would be useful if you can deliver multiple colors if you want to sell them.

2. 3D Printed Cities


3D printing and selling 3D printed cities is a much less common but lucrative item people are getting in to. You’ll be surprised by how much people love having a city that’s special to them modeled in their homes in 3D, especially enthusiasts.

They can enjoy the small details, landmarks, and buildings right in front of them.

Check out the Midtown Manhattan 3D Cityscape design for around $100. It’s made of PLA plastic and is quick to set up, only taking around 20 seconds without the need of power tool.

A unique idea I found is this Seattle City Themed Letter Decor on Etsy for around $80.

It has various landmarks built into the design such as:

  • S – Public Market Center Sign, Starbucks Cup, Amazon Spheres, 1201 Third Avenue, Pacific Science Center Arches
  • E – Space Needle, Mt. Rainier, Pike’s Place Market Sign
  • A – The Seattle Great Wheel, Columbia Center, F5 Tower, 12th Man

Prices for 3D printed cities range from $20 to $300 depending on the complexity and demand from users. You could even do fictional cities from popular movies or TV shows that people love.

You’d have to find a designer that is willing to work with you to let you sell these, usually for a cut of the profits, unless you can design these yourself!


Flexi Octopus

The Flexi Octopus is a really cool 3D printed item you can print and sell to users. It can be used as a toy for kids or even a piece of decoration in your home, on a shelf, or dresser.

Home decoration and toys is big business, so don’t underestimate how much money people are making by selling items like this.

You could go a step further by providing personalization of the Flexi Octopus by printing something like an initial on the head. These little gestures can create lasting memories for kids and even strengthen your bond with them.

One of the Bestseller listings for this is the Flexi Octopus Articulated Sea Animal starting from $7. You can choose from several beautiful colors and even go up in size, giving customers 7 different options, up to the price of $108 for an extra large octopus.

I’d make sure to print this in a material that isn’t too weak since the design is quite fragile.

4. Personalized Keyrings

Another cool item you can 3D print and sell is a personalized keyring. People nowadays don’t always want generic or regular accessories anymore, they want personalized stuff, and this is where you pitch your tent.

According to different customers’ preferences, you can print something nice for them.

Some people have so many keys that they can’t keep track of which one belongs to what, so they can label/customize 3D printed keyrings to serve the purpose of identification.

An example is the Personalized 3D Printed Keyring for around $3. You can choose a primary color and secondary color, then print any text you want on it like a name, a location to open, a car, number plate, or whatever the customer requests.

There are different designs of a similar nature such as the 4D Number Plate Key Ring for about $7, with a length of 8cm. They give free shipping, being ready to dispatch in just 1 day. Customers can choose between white or yellow for the primary color.

5. Fidget Toys

A 3D printed fidget toy is another amazing multipurpose item you can sell as it can serve as a desk toy, stress reliever, or even a companion. Dazzle your customers by printing great designs.

Using high-quality PLA, you can print a fidget toy in any color or shape as desired by your customer. A fidget spinner that had massive popularity in the past are an example of a fidget toy.

I saw a pretty cool 3D Printed Fidget Star – Stress Relief/Anxiety Toy selling for around $9 on Etsy. It’s a simple model that comes in several different color options, only being around 3 inches across.

You can message the seller if you want a larger or smaller model so customers have more choice. They mentioned that the design was created by a guy called Chuck Hillard, so the seller didn’t actually design the model.

They also let customers know the nature of 3D printing and how there might be slight defects or differences.

Another fidget toy is the Honeycomb Fidget Slider for $15, where the seller also added magnets in there for function. It’s a nice slim model with 6 magnets per base, enclosed within the design for better durability.

They give customers the option for a loud clicky slider or a quiet one. It shows as “popular now” on the Etsy listing.

Fidget toys can have prices ranging anywhere from $3 to $16.

6. Personalized or Famous Statue Busts

Many people are interested in having busts of famous people or even a personalized statue of themselves. There are plenty of examples where you can 3D print and sell these to willing customers.

I saw prices ranging from $40 to $210 for especially unique and highly detailed designs. I’m sure you can think of some famous people who you would love to have 3D printed and have on display somewhere around your home.

This is a really cool item to 3D print and sell if you can gather some designs that designers are willing to work with you for.

I saw a Custom Bust Unique Personalized Statue listing on Etsy where you send in three pictures and they model your face and send you the 3D model made from resin which is high quality.

It has an option of three heights 10cm, 14cm, 18cm, priced at $100, $115 & $130 respectively. They do make use of SLA resin 3D printing to get those higher details in the model, but FDM filament 3D printing can still work fairly well.

There’s also a Charmander Pokémon Statue starting from $7, a David Statuette for $43, Batman Statue for $25, and a painted Deadpool Statue starting from $65.

7. Famous Landmarks

Famous landmarks are among the many interesting objects to 3D print and sell. A lot of the world’s most popular landmarks have already been 3D modeled or scanned by enthusiasts and experts. It’s similar to the 3D printed cities, but has many more options.

You can 3D print famous landmarks for people that love art, ancient history, geography, or architecture in general.

Your customers can use them for educational purposes, or as reminders of places they have visited or would love to visit in the future. For decoration purposes, they can hang it on the wall (3D printed frame), place it on a table, or display it in their place of work.

Think of historical landmarks or famous places in TV shows or movies.

One of the models to sell I found on Etsy was the Eiffel Tower made out of gray resin for around $18. It’s a great memento for a Paris trip you want to remember.

Another cool item to 3D print and sell is the Colosseum in Rome for around $22. It’s made from PLA and allows customers to choose between several colors, having dimensions of 15.2 x 12.6 x 4.1cm (L x W x H).

The model on Thingiverse is able to be sold under it’s licensing since it doesn’t have the “Non-Commercial” badge, but you just have to give credit or attribution.

Another example of a famous landmark model is Midtown Manhattan 3D CityScape, coming in two sizes, $97 for 6 inches and $120 for 8 inches. One more cool example of a cool landmark to print and sell is the 3D Printed Cleveland Skyline, sold for $30.

8. Flower Pots/Planters

To have an indoor feel of nature or just for aesthetic purposes, people buy 3D printed flower pots/planters. You can 3D print and sell flower pots/planters in various colors and sizes. It might not necessarily be a pot– it could be anything that can hold flowers.

When you search for 3D printed flower pots on Etsy, you’ll come across some cool and unique designs that are getting plenty of sales from customers.

The one that stood out to me the most was the 3D Printed Polyface Planter for around $30. You have the choice of many colors and three different sizes depending on your preference, made out of PLA.

It is an original design by the seller, but you could work with a designer to make your own unique flower pot or planter.

Another cool model is the 3D Printed Polyleg Planter for about $55. Its design incorporates 19th century statue legs to create a really cool aesthetic around your home.

The Extra Extra Large Flower Pot with Saucer from Etsy is a popular design that comes in a rainbow color, with the option to add a drainage hole at the bottom.

Lastly, the Modern Geometric Planter – Succulent Planter for $20+ looks amazing. With these types of designs and good audience outreach, you could sell plenty of these types of models.

Once again, your creativity is valuable here; depending on the customers’ preferences, you can put drain holes in the bottom of the pot or planter. Prices range from $10 to $50.

9. Replica Props, Items & People

No matter what kind of person is out there, you’ll always have some kind of replica items that they would love. Replicas are really cool items that people are willing to buy depending on what they grew up watching or are even currently enjoying.

A search on Etsy for 3D printed replicas brings many items such as the Star Wars Sith Holocron ($25), a Maria Replica Pistol ($60), the Lady Loki Sylvie Crown ($25), an Ace of Spades Hand Cannon ($73), a Daredevil Cowl Helmet ($50), a Sabre-Toothed Tiger Skull ($34), and plenty more.

The cost of creating these models should be pretty cheap compared to how much you can sell it for, especially if you get a model that’s high in demand. People are more willing to pay for things that have sentimental value or that are really high quality.

10. Vases

A vase is another item that you can 3D print and sell. Vases add a stylish setting on tables either at home or the office. Many people obviously like to beautify their homes; 3D printed vases can do just that.

There are going to be many similarities with flower pots and vases but there are many unique vase designs that I thought it deserved its own category.

3D printed vases can hold a variety of flowers, giving your customers the luxury of choosing different themes and colors. Advise your clients to handle the vases with care so it can last long.

The 6″ Spiral Vase is a $20 item that is being 3D printed and sold to people out there, made out of PLA. When you know the price of PLA and how many you could make out of 1KG of PLA, the potential earnings are significant.

How about the Unique 3D Printed Vase for Dried Flowers – Lunga, for around $33. It’s 20cm high and 8cm wide, using a larger amount of material so the product is thicker and more solid. They print the model with a specific pattern that is unique and full  of lovely textures.

It’s a modern, yet minimal design that complements all types of materials around the home like concrete and wood. They say it’s good for holding pampas grass, cotton, preserved eucalyptus, bunny tail, and other dried flowers out there.

Then we have the 3D Printed Woman Body Vase that would definitely catch the eyes of guests, and give a little chuckle. It’s a change from the usual vases you see around a house but artistic and unique. You can choose from many colors, including the rainbow effect.

The seller lets customers choose custom dimensions if they choose to. If you find a good vase to 3D print and sell, you’re looking at prices anywhere from $10 to $30.

11. 3D Printed Stands – Laptop, Gaming & More

If you are interested in improving people’s workspaces and giving them something to ease workflow, then consider 3D printing stands for popular electronics like laptops, gaming devices like VR headsets or even for a rifle.

I came across many different types of stands by search for 3D printed stands on Etsy.

A nice one that is selling quite well is the 3D Printed Laptop/Notebook/MacBook Stand for $15+. You can use it to prop up your laptop and have it act as a second screen. If customers get neck strain while using their laptop, this can help out a lot.

Many buyers have testified to the effectiveness of these stands as it allows space for better cooling and airflow.

It’s made out of PLA and customers get a 100% money-back guarantee, but they do charge for shipping.

The Charging Stand for Oculus Quest 2 is a functional 3D printed object made out of HTPLA (High-Temp PLA) for $33+. It was actually designed in a flat pack design to save on shipping costs and reduce waste. Users just need to use the included 4 screws and the hex key to assemble it.

Many users have shown pictures of the assembled stand, and they look great.

For the gamers out there, you can 3D print and sell the Headphone & Game Controller Stand, also made out of PLA for around $18.

12. D&D Miniatures & Characters

3D printed Dungeons & Dragons is a huge industry because they create such highly detailed models that these users crave to improve their gameplay.

Even though the rise of video games has made many people shift attention from board games, there are still die-hard fans of miniatures.

A 3D printed D&D miniature’s quality is perfect for playing peoples’ favorite board games.

Many people are now opting for 3D printed miniatures with their own preferred custom models rather than buying games made through injection molding, a more expensive option.

Based on your customers’ preferences, 3D printed D&D miniatures can be painted with acrylic paints, sanded, or polished.

There are all sorts of 3D printed D&D & board game miniatures that people 3D print and sell.

One seller is selling a Set of 11 D&D Townsfolk made out of high quality resin for $18.

This set includes 11 miniatures:

  • 1 x Drunkard
  • 1 x Farmer
  • 1 x Hunter
  • 1 x Milkmaid
  • 1 x Minstrel
  • 1 x Oaf
  • 1 x Sailor
  • 1 x Scoundrel
  • 3 x Varieties of nondescript townspeople

They mention that resin is a delicate material, but you could do something like partially add flexible resin to improve the durability of these parts. I wrote an article about Mixing 3D Printer Resins Together & Dying Resin, so feel free to check that out.

This Hydra Monster Tabletop Miniature goes for around $15+ depending on the size of the model. It’s solid and advertised as having little to no support marks.

Another D&D model is the Lady of the Marsh, a 3D printed 28mm tabletop gaming model made out of gray resin. It is priced at $19 and is delivered unpainted, so the seller doesn’t have to do that extra work.

A more expensive model that is 3D printed and sold is the Ancient Red Dragon Miniature for $38, up to $75 for the largest size. This one is primed and ready to be painted by the end user.

They also have to glue the wings, body, and base together since it’s better for safety to have them apart for delivery.

13. Jewelry

3D printed jewelry is big business whether it is filament plastic, resin plastic, or even metal cast jewelry. If you search around for 3D printed jewelry, you’ll find no shortage of listings with premium prices for creative and unique designs.

A lot of fashion is geared towards being unique, so if you can deliver a nice design with a range of colors, you can definitely 3D print and sell these.

An example of 3D printed jewelry is The Heart – Modern 3D Printed Earrings from Etsy for around $40. Some reviewers mention that the actual earrings look a lot better in person than in the pictures. They are very lightweight and beautiful.

Another popular earring design is the Leafy 3D Printed Earrings, for around $50. They are made from Nylon with a choice of 925 sterling silver or 304 stainless steel in gold for the lever back hooks. Each set comes with a jewelry box.

There are many other earrings designs, and even another Elegant Geometric Leaf Earring Design for around $13.

If you are willing to do some casting in metals by using silicone molds, you can create and sell something like the ZiPlane 3D Printed Ring for $45. Some users said they got many compliments after wearing this ring.

A really unique model is the Custom Baseball Earrings for $12 where you can add your team/player and a desired number. It’s rated as a “Bestseller” and is made from PLA using two colors, a base color, then a top color.

Prices range anywhere from $5 to around $50.

14. Wall Decoration

This is yet another potential cool item to print and sell. Designing aesthetically pleasing spaces has become a lot easier, thanks to 3D printing. As far as your imagination and creativity can take you, you can design and 3D print any form of wall art.

Homeowners are continually in search of amazing wall art that will beautify their homes and hold their visitors spellbound. You can step in to bridge the gap.

I found this cool 3D Printed 3-Piece Skull Wall Decor for $30 which can be customized with colors using a Mica Powder. It has an inbuilt hole so you can hang it by a nail in the wall for a flush look.

There weren’t too many ideas I could find on Etsy, but you could get really creative here and create some nice wall art picture outlines. A quick search on Thingiverse for “Wall Art” showed some cool wall art sculptures.

You could contact the designers and see if he will let you sell them since they are under a Non-Commercial license, or design your own similar model. The Homer Wall Art Model just has an Attribution license so you can sell it as long as you credit the designer.

15. Personalized Lithophane

A lot of people haven’t heard of lithophanes, so when they first see how they work, it really impresses them. They are basically thin 3D printed tablets that create an image within the model that shows up clearer with a light behind it.

I even wrote an article describing How to Create a Lithophane & the Best Filament to Use. All you need to do is have the personal picture that a customer would send you, input it into a website with settings to create the STL file, then 3D print it with white PLA.

They can use it as a gift for any occasion, whether birthdays, marriages, or anniversaries. It is lovely to create memories and design the pictures in a cool item like lithophane, so this niche is not going away anytime soon.

Encourage your customers to send quality pictures as this affects the overall quality of the 3D printed Lithophane. People have gotten really creative with these by designing lithophane in different shapes, or coming with stands that have lights behind them.

You can get lithophane light boxes, night lights, keychains, ornaments, moon lamps, cylinders, or even a heart-shaped lithophane.

This Lithophane Box with Remote Controlled RGB LED Lights is a really creative way to have a unique product. It sells for $75, with dimensions of 5″ x 5″ x 5. You just send the seller your four pictures, pick a color for the box then they will create it and send it to you.

Prices of personalized lithophanes range from $5 up to $700 for a Custom 3D Printed Lithophane Wall of 30 pictures!

16. Specialized Bookmarks

A simpler item you can 3D print and sell are bookmarks, whether they are a standard design, specialized design to some kind of niche, or a personalized design that customers request.

When you search for bookmarks on Etsy or Thingiverse, you’ll find plenty of models there that you can potentially 3D print and sell depending on the licensing. This one shouldn’t be too difficult to design yourself though if you put some time into learning.

I found a quick video showing people how to design a 3D printed bookmark in TinkerCAD that you could follow.

One of the best things about selling 3D printed bookmarks is that they are easy to ship, can be made quickly, and require very little filament to create. The returns you could get on 1KG of PLA filament should be hefty.

A popular one that would work well on Etsy would be the Hanging Cat Bookmark, going for around $10, or you can buy sets of up to 20 to get a discount. Cat designs make a lot of sense since a lot of people who read have cats.

Another Cat Bookmark sells for $8 each, made out of PLA. It has plenty of positive reviews for the item.

This 3D Printed Game of Thrones Wolf Bookmark is another popular one that people love, going for around $6. It works because it has a specific niche audience who love the book or the TV series.

Finally, we have the Personalized Bookmark that simple has the customer’s name, so they put in an order with their name in the description, and the seller creates the bookmark to order, rather than beforehand like you can with the other models. It sells for $5+ depending on length.

There is another Personalized Bookmark Custom Design which is the letters joined together, a different type of design, but of similar nature. This one sells for $7.

Prices range from $2 to around $10.

50 Cool Things to 3D Print / Sudo Null IT News

No ideas for 3D printing? Tired of worthless trinkets? Here is a list of 50 cool really useful things for 3D printing.

Like us, you're excited about the possibilities of 3D printing. But, unfortunately, the horizon is littered with trinkets, trinkets and other unnecessary things. We are in danger of being buried under a heap of useless rubbish.

Throw off the shackles of mediocrity! Let's create really useful things! Here is a list of cool things that you can make on a 3D printer right now. Prove to your family and loved ones that this wonderful technology can be used daily and in practice.

No access to 3D printer? No problem. Just upload your files to our 3D printing price comparison system and choose the best price, ONLINE!

Don't have a 3D printer to print these amazing things? Then come to

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #2: Power Outlet Shelf

Attach a shelf to your power outlet to support your phone while charging. The shelf has a slanted recess that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet upright.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #3: Soap Dish

Elegant bathroom soap dish with two washable compartments. You can change the pattern of the inner pallet if you wish.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #4: Nightstand Tag Handles

The art of storage doesn't have to be boring. The Hobb Knob is a small pen with a label to describe the items in the drawers. Now you will never lose your socks!

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool 3D printable item #5: coasters with geometric patterns

When it comes to hot drinks, mug circles are an inevitable risk. Things take a much more serious turn if there is a coffee-addicted inhabitant in the house. Available in three designs, these coasters help you avoid unsightly stains.

Download from Pinshape

3D Printing Cool Thing #6: Hinge Lamp

This hinged modular lamp consists of 6 main parts: base, body and top with LEDs. To make the lamp taller, you can add the required number of elements.

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #7: one-handed bottle opener

This boomerang-shaped bottle opener is useful for people who have difficulty performing activities that require the application of force, for example, when opening a plastic bottle. Print it out and give it to your grandmother. She will appreciate this gesture.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #8: shower head

Is swimming under a waterfall on your list of things to do before you die? The next best thing is a 3D printed shower head (probably).

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #9: Secret Shelf

Hide valuable documents and stash from prying eyes on this secret shelf.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #10: jar handle

Enhance empty jam jars with a printed handle. What could be easier?

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #11: Plastic Wrench

A full size general purpose plastic wrench. Actually for screwing and unscrewing around the house.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #12: business card holder

"What a delicate yellowish hue, and the thickness is tasteful, oh my god, even the watermarks." Do you have such a business card? Find her a pair in the form of this business card holder, printed in its entirety (yes, already with a hinged lid). Instructions for adding a custom logo are included.
Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #13: Alien Invader Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Brighten up your bathroom with a functional printable model of a classic alien invader... ahem holding your toilet paper.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #14: lift platform

Here is a fully assembled lift platform. Printed in full. No need to fiddle with a bunch of details. The adjustable height can be used to lift or support an object of acceptable weight.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #15: Plant Drinker

Houseplants fallen victim to neglect? FORGET ABOUT IT. Print out this simple automatic plant drinker and your conscience will be clear.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #16: earbud holder

We spend a lot of money buying headphones on the go, but we don't protect them enough when we use them. Hide your headphones safely in this 3D printed holder.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #17: Package Pen

We all know this situation. You trudge home from the supermarket, loaded with bags of groceries. The force of gravity causes plastic to crash into your palms, am I right? ENOUGH. Print these bag handles and forget about chafed palms forever!

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #18: tablet stand

There are times when you need to free your hands when using your smart device, such as watching TV shows or cooking recipes. This simple stand supports 7" and larger tablets in both portrait and landscape modes.

Download from Pinshape

Cool 3D Printing Item #19: Plant Drinker #2

Another horticultural art contraption. It is especially suitable for kitchen plants. The next time you buy fresh herbs for cooking, transplant them into this neat device and they'll stay fresh all week long.

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool thing for 3D printing #20: door stop

Tired of everyone slamming doors at home or in the office? Then you need an UNCOMPROMISING door stop. Light weight, child safe, designed for easy installation and easy fabrication on an FDM 3D printer. The creator of the stop also claims that the device can be used to repel zombie attacks, however this version has not been verified.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #21: Windshield Scraper

If you want to quickly and easily get rid of snow and ice on your car windshield with this handy scraper. Printed without support, at the end there is a hole for a lace.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Thing #22: Water Hose Control

This special nozzle regulates the flow of water in the garden hose, about 2 liters per minute. It’s great if you have water limits set in the height of summer.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #23: Modular Wine Rack

Whether you're new or a connoisseur in the world of wine, this modular wine rack is the perfect storage solution for your fine drink. bottles of WIRA. It can be expanded (or narrowed) according to your collection by printing only the required number of modules.

Download from 3DShook

Cool thing for 3D printing #24: whistle for protection

This original design whistle is easy to make and carry. Durable and very loud. How loud? How about 118 decibels? This is more than enough to get people to hear about your emergency.
Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Thing #25: Apple Headphone Holder

Download from ThingiVerse9

3D Printable Thing: Cool Thing #20016 Holder of an umbrella for a wheelchair

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 28: Protection for disk


Download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 29: Form for Snegles

Download from ThingiVerse

Cool 3D Printable Item #30: Wine Bottle Protector

Download from MyMiniFactory170004

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 31: Pocket ashtray

download from Myminifactory

Cool Press No. 32: Rodist Roll for a glass 9000 9000 9000 9000 download from MYMINIFACTORY

3D Printable Cool Item #33: Apple Remote Stand

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #34: Key Holder

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 35: Holder of the cutlery for people with disabilities

Download from Myminifactory

Current Passing No. 36: Cover wine bottle

Download from MyMiniFactory

Cool thing for 3D printing #37: Paper cup holder

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 38: Case for blades

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 39: Holder for a children from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #40: Towel Rack

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #41: Holder for a glass

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D Press No. 42: Holder for a phone in the shower

download from Myminifactory

Twisting thing for 3D printing No. 43: Holder No. 43: Holder No. 43: for beer glasses

Download from MyMiniFactory

Cool thing for 3D printing #44: MacBook Pro stand

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 45: Protection for SD-Cart

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing No. 46: BATERIOUS 9000

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #47: Ice Cream Cone Holder

Download from MyMiniFactory

Printable Cool Item #40016 shower set

download from Myminifactory

Cool Spring No. 49: Evacal separator

download from Myminifactory

Cool Press No. 50 for 3D:

Download from MyMiniFactory

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50 3D Printing Ideas

It looks like we're about to start drowning in useless stuff made for 3D printing projects. But you can do something that will really be useful! If you're running out of ideas, here's a list of 50 3D printable items you're unlikely to throw away.

Bag clip with screw cap

Now the bag clip will have a new feature - a hole with a lid for quick access, as in the photo. This clip is easy to print and convenient to use. Strange that no one thought of this before.

Author: Minkix

Where to download: Thingiverse

Modular furniture connector

This connector allows you to quickly assemble modular furniture. The default model is designed for 17×17 mm wood, but the size and material can be changed to suit your needs using a parametric file for customization.

Author: LeFabShop

Where to download: Cults

Sealant cap

No more throwing open sealant tubes away. The screw cap for the nozzle presses the o-ring tightly against the body of the tube and closes the access of air to the solvents inside.

Author: The-Mechanic

Where to download: Thingiverse

Laptop niche

Now the laptop will always be at hand, but hidden from prying eyes in a special niche that is attached to the bottom of any coffee table.

Author: Too Snide

Download: Thingiverse

Phone holder - Candice

Elegant and simple, perhaps the easiest thing you can print on a 3D printer.

Author: Clem.C2

Where to download: Cults


The idea for Polypanels came from Devin Montes. A polypanel is a series of three-dimensional building blocks. The individual elements of a Polypanel look simple, but if you print a lot of them and different types, you can create all sorts of complex designs. Something like LEGO where you can design each brick.

Author: MakeAnything

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Clothes hook

This clothes hook is designed as an E3D attachment and can be printed enough times to fit all your clothes.

Author: Filar3D

Where to download: Cults

Plant Pot

This anatomical brain flower pot is easier to print than it looks, creator DrFemPop says. For assembly, it is only necessary to glue the parts after printing. It turns out an original house for plants.

Author: DrFemPop

Where to download: Cults

Door Holder

This is a simple solution for holding a door. Double-sided adhesive tape is sufficient for surface mounting.

Author: Akiraraiser

Download: Thingiverse

Piggy bank

A simple piggy bank for beginners, no complicated settings.

Author: lecaramel

Where to download: Thingiverse

Cable ties

This tie is perhaps the simplest and most ingenious of all devices. Clips are printed as a whole sheet at once, and then the required amount can be cut off from it.

Author: Sunshine

Where to download: Cults

Roller ruler

An indispensable device if you need to measure the length of something non-linear: a piece of rope, a curved line, a perimeter with bends, etc. The ruler is called Geneva and has step 5 mm.

Author: MechEngineerMike

Where to download: Thingiverse


This small solid piece of plastic can replace your pliers/pliers. These forceps take the force to the handles and redistribute it at the end of the grip. It's definitely pliers. Just smarter.

Author: BYU CMR

Where to download: Thingiverse

Cylindrical textured box

Beautiful tube from Syboulette decorated with hexagons. Well suited as a kitchen utensil for storing oatmeal, rice and other crumbly substances.

Author: Syboulette

Where to download: Cults

Door Stop

This stop is modeled after the Guyer Anderson cat statue in the British Museum. The design is hollow, which allows you to fill the limiter with something for additional weight.

Author: Duaneindeed

Download: Cults

Plague Doctor Mask

Not exactly the most useful item on the list since bubonic plague is a thing of the past. But a mask can come in handy, for example, when you need to clean up after your pet. And you can also go to the carnival in it.

Author: Odrivious

Download: Cults

Universal Spool Holder

This adjustable spool holder uses a spring and an adjustable rewind clutch. It's the perfect place to store those pesky wires.

Who made it: Vincent Goenhuis

Where to download: Thingiverse

Sturdy waterproof box

This tight-fitting box will keep things from getting wet. Print it in PLA or PETG, add a flexible TPU seal and M3 screws for the spring hinge, and you're done.

Author: ZX82

Where to download: Cults


This dice is suitable for flat 3D printing and has a face size of 16mm.

Author: Devin Montes (MakeAnything)

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Collapsible Coat Rack

Really cool coat rack. That's all there is to say about her.

Author: Komaru

Where to download: Thingiverse

Business Card Holder

Perfect for showing off your new business cards to your Wall Street friends. What could be more delightful than this Zippo card holder with flip-top lid.

Author: PentlandDesigns

Where to download: Cults

Pencil and pen holder

Iceberg or melting beehive? Be that as it may, this is a handy pen and pencil holder that is cheaper to print than to buy.

Author: BeeVeryCreative

Where to download: Cults

Groovi Monster Audio Amplifier

This is a passive smartphone audio amplifier that looks stylish and does the job well. It's called Groovi Monster for a reason.

Author: 3DShook

Where to download: Cults

Cup holder

Can be used not only as a cup holder, but also as a coaster for hot dishes. The dimensions of the template are easily adjusted to suit any size cookware.

Author: jmdbcool

Where to download: Thingiverse


Designed to hold different materials, including the ends of the wire in the coil. Also great as a clothespin replacement.

Author: Med

Where to download: Cults

Pencil Box

Suitable for storing all your desk trivia and trinkets (memory cards, rubber bands, pencils, paper clips, etc.).

Author: Monkey3D

Where to download: Cults

Headphone holder

This is a duck. Yes, you can hang headphones on it.

Author: Toshi_TNE

Download: Thingiverse

Polyhedral Succulent Pot

Unusual geometric pots for your growing succulent collection. These small pots can be configured to be connected together.

Author: PrintFutura

Where to download: Cults

Survival whistle

This is a survival whistle with original design. It is durable, easy to make and very loud (118 dB is more than enough to be heard in an emergency).

Author: Joe Zisa

Where to download: Thingiverse

Measuring cube

A simple and original measuring cube for the kitchen. On each side there are recesses for measuring the volume of ingredients (in cups - according to the American system, and in metric units for everyone else). It is best to print with PETG material, it is the safest for products.

Author: iomaa

Download: Thingiverse


This is a parametric hinge that can be sized to fit your needs.

Written by Rohin Gosling

Download: Thingiverse

Car Eyeglass Holder

Attaches to your car's sun visor. Glasses will always be at hand.

Author: Trevor Long

Download: Thingiverse


The simplest things are usually the most useful. Convenient and easy to print opener. Covers the sharp edges of the cork as much as possible, protecting you from injury.

Author: Jeremy Peterson

Download: Thingiverse

Superhero Keychains

Sometimes you need to remind yourself of your hidden superpowers. Stylish and cool keyrings are well suited as a small gift.

Author: Formbyte

Where to download: Cults

Headphone stand

Will be useful for music lovers and gamers who use headphones a lot and often. After all, now they will no longer roll around anywhere.

Author: MakerBot

Download: Thingiverse

Bag Clip

The model consists of two printed parts. Allows you to keep packages closed and keep food fresh longer.

Author: Walter Hsiao

Download: Thingiverse

Plastic wrench

Handy wrench, but don't choose soft plastic to make it.

Author: Daniel Noree

Where to download: Cults

Sliding Decal

No more worrying about whether cups are clean or dirty right now in the dishwasher! With the help of a special mechanism, the slider easily changes the inscription on the plate.

Who made it: MiddleFingerBoss

Download: Thingiverse

Collapsible basket

Cool picnic item. A folding square basket with five sections is printed from several parts and then glued together. For product safety, it is recommended to use PETG plastic.

Author: PatternToPrint

Where to download: Cults

Self-watering plant pot

Houseplants are dying from your forgetfulness? This will not happen again! This pot will water them by itself, and your conscience will be clear.

Author: Parallel Goods

Where to download: Cults

Maze Gift Box

Cash is not the most original gift. But if you present them in such a gift box, your friend will surely like it. The lucky recipient will have to work hard to get to the prize, because there is only one right way.

Author: Robert

Download: Thingiverse

Wired headphone holder

The headphones will now be protected from tangles and breakage.

Author: Robert

Where to download: Thingiverse

Tube Squeezer

Helps squeeze out the contents of the tube to the last drop. Wide enough to fit most tubes on the market. Printed in three separate parts.

Author: Justin Otten

Where to download: Thingiverse

Webcam Shutter

The best thing for the paranoid and just for those who are uncomfortable being under the gun of a webcam. Instead of sticking tape or sticky tape over the lens, attach a slider shutter to the body and open it when you need a video call.

Author: Horizon Lab

Where to download: Cults

Hexagonal Prefabricated Drawers

Useful to free the table from the noodles of cables, wires and just every little thing. The design can be easily expanded if necessary.

Author: Dan O'Connell

Where to download: Cults

Wall Mounted Phone Shelf

Attach the shelf to a power outlet and place your phone on it while charging. The model also has a corner slot that holds your smartphone or tablet upright for watching videos.

Author: Tosh Sayama

Where to download: Cults

Card Shuffle Machine

Awesome item for poker lovers. This device will help to shuffle the cards and deal them during the game.

Author: LarsRb

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Box with a secret lock

Box for storing things in a place inaccessible to prying eyes with a secret multi-stage opening mechanism.

Author: 3DPrintingWorld

Where to download: Thingiverse

Digital Sundial

Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. This is a digital sundial and it really works. They are designed to pass only the right beams at the right time and at the right angle to display the actual time in 20-minute intervals.

Learn more