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LiDAR Scanning | Northway Photomap Remote Sensing Ltd.

3D LiDAR Scanning

Laser Scanning provides the ability to capture the existing conditions to a high degree of accuracy, and review the data multiple times for various uses.

In July 2001, Northway/Photomap/Remote Sensing Ltd. purchased North America’s first ILRIS 3D laser scanner, and became the first service agency offering laser scanner services with a dynamic range in a single scan of 3m to 1500m, and point to point accuracy of 10mm.

Since this time, we have purchased 3 more scanners. The NextEngine desktop 3D scanner, the Optix and our newest addition to the family is a FARO Photon Scanner. With our full compliment of scanners we can meet any scanning requirements you have.

We have completed numerous projects for a wide variety application including those listed below.

  • Busy Highway Engineering Application
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Topographic Mapping Updates
  • Mining Surveying
  • Landfill Site Measurements & Volumes
  • Manufacturing Retrofits
  • Cultural and Historic Surveys
  • Detailed Surveying At Airports
  • Construction Inspection
  • Safety & Production Sensitivity Surveys
  • Quantity Surveys
  • Golf Course Surveys
  • Petrochemical Surveys
  • Industrial Sites
  • Ships for Retrofit
  • Power Plants
  • Facility Inspection
  • Accident and Forensic
  • Archaeology Site Surveys
  • Animation base Data (Wire Frame)

What does each scanner do?

Ilris-3D (Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System) collects and defines the immediate area around the setup location of the scanner. Once setup by the operator, the scanner emits 2000 laser pulses per second which locates all features in a 40 degree x 40 degree field of view to an accuracy of 10mm. Two highly calibrated mirrors inside the unit direct each laser pulse such that the direction of the pulse is known. The scanner records the time lapse from pulse emission to the receipt of the return signal, calculates the distance based on the time of flight, joins the distance with the angles of the mirrors and a position in space is known for the returned laser pulse. In addition to the position, all objects reflect the laser light at different levels such that this returned level of laser light is mapped into a gray scale image for viewing purposes by the client. For areas that are larger than the scanner’s field of view, multiple scans are completed and joined during post processing such that a complete area can be converted from reality to virtual reality.

In 2004, Northway/Photomap/Remote Sensing Ltd. added to ILRIS-3D the ability to transfer colour from high resolution digital images to each data point collected, such that the scanned 3D images now appear in colour. Each of the scanned data points is assigned an RGB value such that the images appear in colour, and retain the ability to be viewed, measured, or inspected from any angle desired by the client.

The NextEngine scanner is used for small object scanning. The field size in the macro mode is 13 cm x 9.6 cm and in the wide mode it’s 34 cm x 25.5 cm. The dimensional accuracy for the macro mode is approximately 0.012 cm and in the wide mode approximately 0.038 cm. The acquisition speed of the scanner is 50,000 processed points per second and in a typical small model are about quarter-million points, after oversampling and optimization. The NextEngine uses a MultiStripe Laser Triangulation (MLT) technology with twin arrays of four, Class 1M solid state lasers with custom optics. It also takes the RGB colour texture capture for precision-locked geometry correlation. The scans can be imported to SolidWorks or can also be output into a STL, VRML and other formats for exchange with other systems.

The Optix 400L scanner is used for small to medium size objects. The depth of field is in a range of 30 cm to 90 cm. At 30 cm the resolution is approximately 0.017 cm and at 90 cm it’s approximately 0.05 cm. The point density is up to 1000 x 1000 and the field of view is 30 degrees. This scanner can scan an area of about 1.5 square feet in a range between 30 cm and 90 cm.

The FARO Photon Scanner is used for medium to large size objects or areas. This is a phase shift scanner with a range of up to 75 meters. The measurement speed is 120,000 points per second with a 3 mm accuracy. The vertical field of view is 320 degrees and 360 degrees for horizontal field of view. The color kit enables us to capture parallax free colored laser scans.

What do I get as a final Product?

Upon completion of the project, all raw data files are provided to the client, with a viewer of the data so they can review the data themselves. Depending upon the project requirements, AutoCAD, Microstation, or other format deliveries are available for the point clouds, or the data can be converted into a vector file for various applications. Our LiDAR specialists would be pleased to discuss your requirements in detail.

We are Equipped for your project

Having been the first in LiDAR service work with an ILRIS-3d scanner, we have developed a series of applications for our system to suit your needs. Safety is the foremost requirement for all projects involving your staff and ours, that is one reason we selected the ILRIS-3D scanner. ILRIS-3D is completely eyesafe in all modes of operation, even when its invisible beam is viewed directly through binoculars. We can capture information regarding unsafe conditions from safe locations using the large dynamic range of 3m up to 1000m, and a small generator, which we provide, provides the power requirements.

Northway/Photomap/Remote Sensing Ltd. has also developed many methods of capturing the data required. From an elevated position in the rear of a pickup truck, an elevated position inside a building, a rolling truck on a rail line, or the standard surveyors tripod in the required locations.

Northway/Photomap/Remote Sensing Ltd. has been producing ILRIS-3D laser Scans for the past six years, our experience will provide you with insight and your project data in the shortest possible time. Contact us at your convenience to discuss your requirements, or to request a demonstration disk for viewing of sample data. If you are interested in a demo or would like more information please contact Steve Dixon.

Laser scanner Optech ILRIS LR 3000 - Laser scanners and software

Laser scanner Optech ILRIS LR

Laser scanner ILRIS manufactured by Optech Incorporated (Canada, Toronto) is designed for high-speed detailed shooting of objects for the purpose of subsequent construction of spatial coordinate models.

The new ILRIS-HD laser scanner is one of the leaders in terms of measurement range (up to 3000 m). In the new system, the scanning speed has increased four times, the scanning frequency is 10 kHz. The minimum angular scanning step has also been improved, which makes it possible to perform measurements with high density at considerable distances. nine0004

Optech ILRIS ER laser scanning systems are used in the following applications:

  • land survey
  • photography of large architectural objects and engineering structures
  • survey of large industrial areas
  • survey of open pits
  • construction of surfaces of explosive blocks and calculation of their volumes
  • correction of quarry plans after changing the surface and replenishment of mining documentation
  • survey of tailings with determination of their coastline
  • monitoring of collapses and stability of sides
  • determination of the volumes of dumps and survey of warehouses of finished products
  • other tasks related to the construction and use of three-dimensional digital models

ILRIS scanners are characterized by high reliability, convenience and ease of use.

An external digital camera or satellite GLONASS/GPS antenna can be attached to the scanner using a special adapter. It is possible to automatically link laser scanning data to GLONASS/GPS observations.

For the best solution of complex tasks, there are several different modifications of laser scanners Optech ILRIS, ILRIS HD, ILRIS LR. The possibilities of using the ILRIS laser scanning system are expanded through the use of options:

  • MC (motion compensation)
  • ER (range extension)
  • 36D (automated pan/tilt)

The Optech ILRIS Laser Scanners are highly accurate, reliable instruments for the most demanding field conditions, producing 3D images of the highest quality and accuracy.

Terrestrial laser scanning benefits:

  • Many views of results from 3D point clouds to plans and 3D models
  • High precision and detail
  • Range (shooting can be done at distances up to 3000 m)
  • Shooting without access of people to dangerous areas
  • Efficiency of survey work (several times faster than tacheometric survey)
  • High mobility of the complex (weight 15 kg; mounted on a tripod; one operator)
  • Ability to build detailed models and plans, create statements of geometric parameters
  • Measurement control directly in the field
  • Obtaining coordinates from one standing point and without subsequent cameral processing

Specifications of ground laser scanner Optech ILRIS LR

Main features

Instrument type: high-speed pulsed scanner for engineering, mining, architectural work and monitoring with a large distance measurement range and a wide field of view.
Interface: integrated screen. Protected PDA. nine0003 Motor: Servo Drive
Storage : Rugged PDA, Removable FLASH Drive, Built-in Hard Disk
Camera: Built-in 3.1 megapixel digital camera, at least 70 megapixels panoramic image resolution

Laser Scanning System

Type: pulse 1535nm (pulse torque)
Laser class: class 1 / Class 1M
Distance measuring range:
- from 3 m to 3000 m
- 3000 m at 80% albedo
- 650 m at 10% albedo
Velocity: 10,000 points per second
Laser Beam Divergence: +0.25 mrad
Angular Resolution: 0.108°



Distance measurement: 7mm at 100 meters
Angular accuracy: +/-0. 01°
Repeatability: 3-4mm

Field of view

Horizontal: 360°
Vertical: (110° with Option 36D)
Viewing: built-in camera with built-in display
Data transmission: Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi
Data storage: rugged PDA, built-in HDD, removable flash drive
Mounting: surveying stable tripod

Power and batteries

Battery : NiMH
Operating time: 5 hours
Temperature: from -20° to +50°C (when using a thermal cover up to -40°)
Protection class: IP 65 (IEC 60529)

Field computer (included)

Scanning and processing software (included)

Scan control, scan registration, modeling (2D, 3D), export, calculation of volumes, calculation of surface areas, construction of plans, profiles, surfaces, etc. nine0004

Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner | Leica Geosystems

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Use automatic pre-registration of point cloud data on site for real-time quality control, increased productivity and better decision making on site

Document and digitize your environment in 3D with the Leica RTC360 3D reality capture solution. Increase productivity on site and in the office with fast, accurate, portable and easy-to-use hardware and software. With the RTC360 3D Laser Scanner, a skilled technician can overcome any design challenge with accurate and reliable 3D models to unlock the full potential of any site. nine0004

  • The compact, highly automated, intuitive and user-friendly RTC360 solution includes a high-performance 3D laser scanner, the Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile app for edge computing, such as automatic registration of scanned data in real time, and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 software for office work , with which you can easily implement the resulting 3D model into your workflow.
  • Capture scans, including stunning HDR images, in less than two minutes. nine0019
  • Automatic recording of movements between survey points to pre-register scan data in the field without manual intervention.
  • Augment the collected data with informative tags with hints for optimal planning and information about the real conditions on the site, which will help your colleagues to better understand the situation.
  • Upload collected data from Cyclone FIELD 360 directly to Leica TruView Cloud to quickly share design data before import and registration. nine0019


The new Leica RTC360 laser scanner captures reality in 3D at a speed never seen before. Capturing up to 2 million points per second and using advanced HDR image capture, the scanner generates colorful 3D point clouds in less than two minutes. Automated, labelless data logging in the field based on VIS technology and convenient automatic data transfer from site to office further speed up field work and increase productivity. nine0004


Thanks to its portable design and foldable tripod, the compact and lightweight Leica RTC360 fits into a regular backpack. On the object, one click of a button is enough to scan the environment without any additional settings.


nine0003 Low noise in the acquired data means better image quality – you get crisp, detailed scans that are ready for a variety of industries. Combined with the Cyclone FIELD 360 automated data logging software in the field, the Leica RTC360 delivers amazing accuracy that can be verified on site.

Pre-registration in the field

The Cyclone FIELD 360 app, part of the RTC360 solution, bridges the gap between on-site 3D data collection and on-site registration of laser scan data in the office with Cyclone REGISTER 360. User can automatically capture, register, and control scan and image data on site . The easy-to-learn and user-friendly graphical interface offers visual aids for complex calculations, making it easy for even beginners to master. nine0004

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Scanning capabilities

The RTC360 3D Laser Scanner automatically captures movement between survey points to pre-register scanned data on the spot. Juergen Mayer spoke about the latest developments in an interview with The Reporter. nine0004

Introduction to the RTC360

The latest Leica RTC360 3D reality capture solution, unveiled at HxGN LIVE 2018, combines a high-performance laser scanner with a mobile application for capturing and pre-logging real-time scan data.

From hardware to software

Geosystems specialists optimize every link of the workflow in both software and hardware solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of field work and data processing in the office. nine0004

Leica RTC360: 3D reality capture solution

Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile-device app




nine0334 Examples of using


Introducing the Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner
3D environments in a matter of minutes - an outlook on recent reality capture technology
3D reality capture - new opportunities, greater understanding
Transforming Ayacucho into a digital city

nine0334 Services

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Learn how Leica Geosystems laser scanning solutions are helping professional to shape the future of our world. nine0004

Learn how Leica Geosystems laser scanning solutions are helping professional to shape the future of our world.

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Quality is a tradition, built deep within our DNA. We have a commitment to excellence and exceptional attention to detail. nine0004

The power of scanning

Quality is a tradition, built deep within our DNA. We have a commitment to excellence and exceptional attention to detail.


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