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Print Minis Home - We're all about 3D printing resin miniatures!

We’re Andy & Gem, and we create grim dieselpunk STL miniatures every month on Patreon and MMF Tribes 🙂 The files are for resin 3D printers and are pre-supported.

Our collections exist in the world of Mortuus Secunda. A brutal planet of extremes, from the smog chocked warrens of the industrial Hab Stacks heaving with manufacturing and trade, to the sprawling and desolate Brinklands, where bandits roam outside the city limits and unknown creatures lurk beneath the sands.

Each monthly collection is linked to the last with interchangeable terrain and ever expanding factions. Our collections are released four times across the month on Miniature Mondays! Each week, we will also keep you up to date with the collection's progress in FYI Friday posts. Tell us your opinion and shape the miniatures 🙂

Our scale is 28mm heroic.

On our Tribes channel we also have a tier for merchants, giving people a license to sell the printed versions of our 3D miniatures. This is a great option if you'd like to start earning money from your hobby! It also means if you don't have a 3D printer, you can buy copies of our physical miniatures from these independent sellers.

We have a list of the merchants that have provided their store details to us here:

Our Merchants

September 2022 - The Chase Collection

Our collections take place on the planet of Mortuus Secunda! A brutal world of extremes, from the smog chocked warrens of the industrial Hab Stacks heaving with manufacturing and trade, to the sprawling and desolate Brinklands, where bandits roam outside the city limits and unknown creatures lurk beneath the sands.

In September's release, we carry on our theme of a bounty hunt, with the Erroish riders going up against the Kaledon Fortis scouts. We have more Hired Guns joining the team to help as well as snipers for reinforcement. For our Colossus vehicle, we have a huge crane upgrade for loading and unloading the containers, as well as an awesome Poisons Expert terrain kit to provide those deadly weapons of war! It's going to be a good month 😀

The Collection Plan for September:

    • ​Erroish Riders: five poses with modular arms and heads. Plus, five insect poses. (RELEASED)
    • ​A Heavy Lift Crane (HLC) for the Colossus: posable with some working parts
    • ​A base Unit for the HLC so it can work outside of the Colossus too
    • ​Kaledon Fortis Grenade Launcher troops
    • ​Kaledon Fortis Fusion Rifle troops
    • ​Kaledon Fortis Snipers
    • ​Special Weapons Effects Pack 1: flame thrower effect, plasma riffle effect and probably one more. Some bits to add to the troops, like grenades etc
    • ​Poison Mistress character
    • ​Shipping Container Expansion: new doors, walkway on top
    • ​Shipping Container Kit: A Chemists Workshop to go with the Poison Mistress character
    • ​The Twins - Bounty Hunters - Jacquette and Gabriel Delahaye (RELEASED)

    Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/RDfh3nnz49

    Sign up on Patreon

    As a subscriber, you also get access to TWO Welcome Packs!

    Firstly, you get a Mortuus Secunda themed welcome pack containing the Colossus Heavy Transporter vehicle and our modular Shipping Containers kit. These are the base models which are going to be expanded upon in August and they match our current theme.

    Secondly, we are also including an entire past release as a bonus Welcome Pack! For August, we have chosen The Outbreak collection from July 2021, which takes place in the Silatek Labs where a virus has been released and chaos ensues! Please note in July 2022 we changed scales to 28mm heroic. The Outbreak collection is in 36mm non-heroic scale.

    Sign up on Tribes

    Our collections are available as a monthly subscription on Patreon and My Mini Factory Tribes! Also, once you become a Patron, you'll receive an exclusive 50% discount code to use on past collections on our My Mini Factory store!


    • We are exploring the Grim Dieselpunk world of Mortuus Secunda, so each monthly collection adds onto the next.
    • Many of our terrain kits are highly modular and compatible with other popular game systems
    • Pay on the day you sign up and then monthly on the 1st of the month.
    • Cancel anytime before the renewal date, no commitments.
    • Get access to the pre-supported files and unsupported files for every monthly collection
    • Download the Welcome Pack too
    • We share our files via MMF so you will always have access to them - no rushing to download everything before the end of the month
    • Be part of a community and vote for future themes, suggesting the models we could sculpt 🙂



    Epic sci-fi themes and unique miniatures to bring diversity to your tabletop games!


    We thoroughly support & print test all models for your peace of mind.


    Subscribe to our Tribe to get massive STL releases for just $12.50 & 50% off our store!


    We ask for feedback every month and we listen - you shape the collections.


    Our monthly models add to previous releases, so you can collect the sets


    Directly support our small, passionate team so we can create epic miniatures.

    How to calculate the cost of printing on a 3D printer

    Home / Blog / Useful / The cost of 3D printing. Examples of models with prices



      • Available Technologies and the main differences
        • FDM 3D
        • Photopolymer printing
        • Industrial printers
        • Availability 3D-print
        • 999 Printing examples
      • Custom 3D printing
        • The cost of commercial 3D printing
        • What is not profitable to print
        • Examples of commercial printing
      • Totals

    For some ideas, 3D printing is the fastest and easiest solution. In some situations, purchasing your own 3D printer can be a good solution, but sometimes it is much more profitable and faster to order the necessary product from a company specializing in 3D printing. Yes, and many owners of a 3D printer are thinking about how to “monetize” their hobby, but how to correctly calculate their costs?

    Despite the fact that it is customary to indicate the price per gram of working material, simply multiplying the weight of the model by the cost of 1 gram will be wrong. In addition to the cost of consumables, many more, at first glance, non-obvious costs are added to the price of the product.

    Each 3D printing technology uses its own consumables. Let's analyze the most popular and affordable of them.

    Available technologies and key differences

    Currently, a huge number of 3D devices have appeared, from small desktop ones that fit on the desktop to huge industrial machines. Among the most affordable, 2 technologies can be distinguished - FDM and photopolymer printers (LCD / DLP / SLA).

    FDM 3D printing

    Today, the most affordable 3D printing technology is FDM. A variety of materials and 3D printers allow FDM to be applied to a wide range of applications.

    Schematic operation of FDM printer

    A large selection makes it easy to choose a 3D printer for a specific task or find a universal device.

    The material for printing is a plastic thread - filament. On the market you can find filament for various tasks, for every “taste” and budget. These can be very inexpensive ABS and PLA plastics or specific ones - conductive, burnable, etc.



    Despite the fact that FDM allows you to print a wide range of plastics with different properties, the technology has some limitations. For example, it is impossible to obtain a perfectly smooth surface, to produce miniature and very thin elements, or to produce parts with very complex internal geometry with high accuracy.

    Photopolymer printing

    Photopolymer printers can work on one of 3 technologies - SLA, DLP or LCD. These devices will come to the rescue if you need to make a small but very detailed model with many small details.

    How photopolymer printers work

    As a consumable material, a photopolymer resin hardened by UV radiation is used. Now there is a wide variety of photopolymer resins for every taste. From particularly strong and precise engineering or jewelry resins to soft flexes.


    • High print precision

    • Good surface quality

    • A wide variety of printers and consumables


    Photopolymer printers have shown themselves well in a variety of industries that require a perfectly smooth surface and high accuracy. They are used in dentistry, the jewelry industry, for making miniature master models for casting, and much more.

    Industrial printers

    These are already industrial machines, which require a separate room and sometimes certain requirements for ventilation, etc. In this article, we will not analyze these devices in detail, but briefly consider the most popular technologies.


    In addition to desktop devices using FDM technology, industrial printers that work on the same principle are common.

    This category includes devices with a large print area (from 30x30x30 cm and more). For example, Raise Pro2 with a print area of ​​30x30x30 cm.

    Raise Pro2

    Or machines designed for printing with refractory materials (eg PEEK). Such 3D printers usually have an active thermal chamber, and the extruder can be heated above 400 degrees.

    CreatBot F160-PEEK for use with refractory plastics

    Photopolymer printers

    Industrial photopolymer devices usually have a much larger working area, compared to their "home" brothers. In addition, many processes have been optimized and automated for faster operation. On such printers, you can quickly and accurately produce a small batch of models, a large prototype or a master model.

    Prismlab Large Area Industrial Resin Printer Family

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    Manufacturer Raise3D

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    Manufacturer Prismlab

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    Manufacturer Prismlab


    3DP - Three-Dimensional Printing (translated as three-dimensional printing) is a logical continuation of conventional two-dimensional printers. Printing is done using nozzles that selectively apply a binder to the material (usually gypsum). A dye can be added to the binder and the model will be colored.

    Colored plaster model

    Since the plaster model is fragile, a similar principle is used for printing with metals. Only the finished product needs to be treated in an oven to remove the binder and improve strength. But despite the processing, such metal prints will still be inferior in strength to cast products.


    This is a proprietary technology of 3D Systems. MJM is a mix of FDM, 3DP and sometimes SLA (depending on material chosen). Printing is done using a variety of small nozzles (from 96 to 488) located on the head of the machine. The accuracy and quality of the surface of models made in this way is in no way inferior to photopolymer printers.

    Models made with MJM technology

    Such devices can work with photopolymer resins, wax or thermoplastics. You can combine several materials at once - for example, for complex models, you can use wax as a support.


    SLM is the layer-by-layer sintering of metal powder using a powerful laser. There are several similar technologies - SHS/SLS. The principle of operation is the same, only a thermal print head is used instead of a laser beam.

    SLM Turbine

    As a material for printing, you can use powders of various metals - gold, stainless steel, aluminum, various alloys, etc.

    During printing, the working chamber is filled with an inert gas to prevent oxidation of metals. This allows printing even with titanium powder.

    Models made by this method are in no way inferior, and sometimes even superior, to cast products. SLM allows you to produce models with complex internal geometry that cannot be produced by another method (casting or milling).

    Cost of 3D printing

    The cost of a model usually consists of several factors.

    • Equipment depreciation. The printer, like any machine, requires maintenance and periodic replacement of some parts. During operation, belts gradually stretch, bushings or linear bearings wear out. For example, when bushings or linear bearings are worn; shafts may wear out and need to be replaced.

    Cost of materials

    The main cost item for a 3D printer is, of course, the printed material.;

    FDM (plastic filament)

    Since FDM technology is by far the most common, the choice of filaments is very diverse.

    • Engineering plastics are usually nylon with various fillers added to improve the physical characteristics of the finished model. Special cost. plastics starts from 2000r per coil and above. It all depends on the manufacturer and filler (carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.).

    • Decorative plastics are used to imitate various materials. Plastic can simply be unusually colored (luminous, transparent plastics) or a special filler is added to it (plastics with metal powder). The cost of decorative plastics starts from 1500 rubles per coil and more, depending on the filler.

    A big advantage of FDM is the diverse choice of materials to work with. This allows, having one printer, to produce almost any product - from a child's toy to a complex engineering prototype.

    Photopolymers (resin)

    Photopolymer resin printing technology is becoming more and more accessible. There are many different resins.

    • The cost of ordinary colored resin starts from 2500 rubles per 0.5 kg (volume +/- 0.5 l). You can find a smaller volume of resin (250 gr) on sale. You can buy several different resins in small containers and find out in practice which one is best for a particular model.

    • Engineering resins are resins with increased strength. They can be used not only for printing decorative items, but also for making functional prototypes and models. The cost for 0.5 kg starts from 5900r and above.

    • Special resins - burnable, dental, soft flexes, etc. Depending on the resin, the price for 0.5 kg can start from 4800 rubles and more. It all depends on the characteristics of the resin.

    Photopolymer resins have not yet reached such a variety as FDM filaments, but they are surely catching up. Although due to the fact that a liter of resin costs significantly more than a spool of filament, the cost of the product is much higher.

    Print examples


    Mag Pull for G3 magazines.

    The model was downloaded for free from an open source (the file can be downloaded here). Printing with engineering carbon-filled plastic (price per spool from 4700 rubles). The weight of the model with support is about 25 grams. Post-processing was not needed. The cost of the finished model is 250 rubles.

    Plastic fastener

    The file was downloaded from an open source (can be downloaded here). Plastic - carbon-filled nylon (price per coil from 4700r). The weight of the finished product is about 20 grams. Print without post-processing. The total cost is 200 rubles.

    Model watch

    The model is modeled to order (the cost of modeling is from 1000 rubles). The product is printed on an industrial printer using soluble support. Print without post-processing. The cost of the finished product - from 700 rubles per piece (depends on the number of required products).

    Traction prosthesis

    The model is taken from an open source (you can download the modified version of the prosthesis here). The weight of the used material is about 600 gr, printed with ABS plastic (the cost of the coil is from 800 r). After printing, post-processing and assembly took place. The total cost of the product - from 3000 r (depends on the print material, support material, filling, etc.).

    Pedal layout

    Production of a 3D model according to the drawing (from 1000 r). The weight of the finished model is about 200 gr. The product was printed with engineering carbon-filled plastic (the cost of the coil is from 4700 r). Post-processing was not needed. The cost of the finished product is about 3000 rubles.

    Photopolymer printers

    Model jaws for crowns

    Files for printing were obtained using a 3D scanner and finalized in a 3D editor (the cost of scanning is from 3000 r, the cost of manual revision is from 1000 r). Printing on an industrial photopolymer printer. Post-processing is not needed. The cost of the finished product is from 80 r per gram.

    Burnout resin rings

    The model is made to order. Printing on a desktop SLA printer with a burnable polymer. Post-processing is not needed. The cost of the finished product is 200 rubles per product.


    The models were bought on the myminifactory website (the cost of the model is from $2). Made with a desktop DLP printer. Post-processing was not required. The cost of the finished figurine is from 70 r per gram.

    Custom 3D printing

    Many owners of 3D printers are thinking about monetizing their hobby. But you should understand that the price of 3D printing “for yourself” and the price of commercial printing are very different.

    When starting to print to order, it is better to have several printers working on different technologies.

    Cost of commercial 3D printing

    In addition to the cost of the model, to the commercial production of products, you can add:

    • Modeling. Often the client needs not only to make a part, but to pre-model it. It can be a simple cogwheel that doesn't take long to model, or it can be a complex sculpture that takes more time to model than it does to make.

    • Model post-processing. This can be simply the removal of supports, with cleaning of the place of their contact with the product, or a complete processing cycle (puttying, surface grinding, painting, etc. ).

    It should be borne in mind that it is not always possible to print the model the first time. Sometimes it may take several attempts. And these are additional costs.

    What is unprofitable to print

    Despite the wide possibilities of 3D printing, there are models that are unprofitable to make on a 3D printer. For such models, it is better to use other manufacturing methods.

    Commercial print examples

    Jewelry for further casting

    Manufacture of promotional items and souvenirs

    Piece miniatures or master model for further casting

    3D printed model

    Profitable to print on a 3D printer:

    • If the item is only sold as an assembly. For example, a small gear broke in the mechanism, but the mechanism is sold only “assembly”. It is much cheaper to make the desired gear on a 3D printer than to buy the entire mechanism.

    • A small batch of parts. Small batches, especially models with complex geometry, are more profitable to produce on a 3D printer than by casting or other methods.


    If you need several models or a small project, sometimes it will be more expedient to outsource manufacturing. After all, in addition to buying equipment and materials, you will have to understand the nuances of the settings and the characteristics of various materials.

    Buying a 3D printer for commercial use is justified if you can fully load it with work or then it can be used for other purposes.

    To print to order, you need to have several printers working on different technologies. It is better to get several devices with a smaller print area than to buy just one printer, albeit with a large working area.


    Expert in additive technologies and 3D printing with over 5 years of experience.


    all materials

    Do you have any questions?

    Our specialists will help you with the choice of 3D equipment or accessories, consult on any questions.

    🦄 Best Files for 3D Printing Unicorns・Cults

    🦄 Best Files for 3D Printing Unicorns

    Download Unicorn 3D Files

    Unicorn, this mythical animal from mythology is more than just a myth, it has become a pop culture marker . The advent of the Internet has played a very big role in popularizing this emblem, which many have appropriated for themselves! Young or old, you can now 3D print your very own unicorn.

    Unicorn Lowpoly


    Fluffy The Unicorn (Easy print no support)

    0.50 €

    Unicorn key ring


    Unicorn - random pose - table miniature

    1.02 €

    Hairy Unicorn (plus dual extrusion version)


    Unicorn - action pose - table miniature

    1. 02 €

    Unicorn - table miniature

    2.05 €

    Lazy Horses

    4.08 €

    Flexi-Unicorn & Flexi-Horse


    Unicorn crown punch


    Unicorn head

    2,50 €

    Unicorn Cake Topper Horn and Ears


    Flexi Unicorn keychain


    Halloween Unicorn Mask


    3D Printed Unicorn Horn


    Unicorn - Low Poly / Voronoi


    Unicorn headband remix


    Unicorn - Stand Up (Balanced by Tail)


    Unicorn key ring


    Mr Wonderful Unicorn


    Unicorn Bank and Stopper


    Unicorn book separator




    Unicorn 3D


    Unicorn by Harry Baere


    Unicorn light switch cover plate


    Unicorn Horn shown at MRRF 2019




    Unicorn Skull


    Unicorn Hoop


    Julian - Animal Crossing


    Unicorn coat hook for Kids


    Majestic Unicorn


    Twentse Ros


    Drama the Unicorn

    3. 07 €


    2,51 €

    Wire Unicorn Head Statue

    4.49 €

    Unicorn Cutter Cookie

    1.02 €

    Low-poly unicorn

    2.05 €

    Unicorn pencil holder

    1,60 €

    Unicorn Money Box

    0,94 €

    Unicorn pencil

    10 € -thirty% 7 €

    Sloppy Unicorn Grumpy Cute Funny Sculpture

    7,50 €

    Cookie Unicorn

    1.69 €


    0,50 €

    unicorn cookie cutter unicorns

    3.87 €

    Unicorn Car Truck Bike Bicycle Van Tire Tire Wheel Valve Stem Caps Cover

    1,33 €

    Sloppy Hungover Unicorn grumpy cute funny sculpture

    8 €

    Hairy Unicorn (plus dual extrusion version)

    Unicorn Lowpoly

    Unicorn Money Box

    Lazy Horses

    Have a look at our selection of best files for 3D Printer for Print 3D Unicorn . All these STL files are easy to 3D printable , so just download them, fire up your 3D printer and choose the color you like! Pink is obviously the color of choice when it comes to unicorns, but you can think outside the box and create less conventional unicorns in black or green. This collection has been created by selecting the best creations from the Cults 3D print model library .

    It was modern communication technology that allowed unicorns to come back to life. Initially, the mythical animal is a bit outdated, Internet users have gradually appropriated this emblem and made it a real celebrity 2.0. This unicorn love can now be achieved with another very recent technology: 3D printing.

    Many of the 3D designers who submit their STL files to Cults love unicorns, so there are many variations on this theme. There is a classic cute unicorn that will fit perfectly in your child's room decor, but there are also more adult versions of the unicorn! 3D printing now allows you to print articulated models, you will find unicorns that look like real toys.

    Learn more