3D print spatula

Spatula best 3D printing models・Cults

Pastry Scraper Spatula, Pastry Scraper Spatula. AR_Scraper_006


Pastry Scraper Spatula, Pastry Scraper Spatula. AR_Scraper_005


Pastry Scraper Spatula, Pastry Scraper Spatula. AR_Scraper_004


Pastry Scraper Spatula, Pastry Scraper Spatula. AR_Scraper_003




Pastry Scraper Spatula, Pastry Scraper Spatula. AR_Scraper_001


Ender 3 S1 Spatula holder


cake spatula


Cricut Tool Holder

€1. 69

Toothed spatula, glue spatula 10x10mm teeth


Toothed spatula, glue spatula 5x5mm teeth


Sculpting and basing Spatula


Resin mixing spatula set (stirring rod)


Washing machine partition


Spatula 3D Model Set


Spatula 3D Model


Tool holder for ender 3




Scraper tool


christmas bauble cook's trade


Spatula cutter blade

€0. 81



Mixing bowl+filler


Epoxy Mixing Tray and Spatula (minimalist version)


Creality and Alfawise spatula handle


Spatula 3D Model


Spatula or Spoon Rest


Spatula for joint sealant


Anycubic i3 Mega Tool Stand


Raclette Spatula


Wooden Spatula 3D Model




Holder for barbecue spatulas


Thermal paste spatula (controlled thickness layer)


3D printing tool holder


Parkside Decorator Knives Spatulas Wall Holder Organizer

€0. 65

Bed Scraper


Plastering Spatula for builders - Wall Plastering Spatula


Slats for ceramics




Personalized toys for the sandbox


Set of 5 spatulas - Squeegee for Perfect Joints


Spatula - slightly slanted




small, long lab spoon


Spatula holder for Ender 3 with T-nut for aluminium V-profile


cornet - Pastry spatulas

€1. 07

Spatula Holder for Ender 3 S1


Flashforge 3D Print Removal Tool (Spatula)

Now: $3.99

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Flashforge 3D Print Removal Tool

Spatula for removing 3D prints from the build surface. This is the same tool that is provided with many of the new Flashforge 3D printers. 

Includes: Spatula (1 pcs)

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Tools & Shop Supplies


Tools & Shop Supplies

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Tool kit required for 3D printing

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3D printing tool kit

So you bought your first 3D printer, but after the first print trials it becomes clear that for the final result you need to carry out a number of manipulations. To do this, you will need various helper tools. What is actually worth buying and what tools are intended for what.
We made this compilation especially for those new to 3D printing, here are some tips to help you print like a pro. nine0009

Spatulas and scrapers

Designed to remove 3D models from the table
Paint scrapers, paint and art spatulas are good helpers for removing difficult-to-separate models. When using one of these items, use the blunt end to get to the part. Once you've lifted the surface a little, try to take the print by hand. If it still won't come off, gently and slowly squeeze the removal tool under it until you can manually remove the part. Take precautions to avoid injury and to avoid accidental scratching of the surface. nine0110

Deburring Tool

This Tool works very well for removing support from the edges of a model. From practice, we can say that this is one of the most useful tools for cleaning parts. It is much easier and safer to use than a knife. It is especially useful when cleaning the edges of round holes.

Hobby Knife

This knife is ideal for precision cutting and trimming 3D printed projects in PLA, ABS, and most common materials. It should be very sharp, but always follow safety precautions. nine0009

Needle or pliers

Effective for removing supports.
Such devices are useful both for the 3D printer itself and for the post-processing of a 3D printed model. Using them, you can easily separate the support with “Blocks” after cutting it with a knife. This will quickly clear the model.

Wood carving set

For fine cleaning of supports after printing, the wood carving set is ideal. It has different shapes of tips that in turn will fit any surface. And this means that with its help it is possible to easily clean the model in the most difficult and inaccessible places - these are the corners or semicircular sections of the part. nine0009

Super glue

Indeed, its possibilities are endless. Super glue can be used to repair parts, fill gaps, or join assemblies or fixtures together. Remember: viscosity matters - use the right tool for the job. Use a thicker adhesive to fill gaps than when assembling delicate parts. Super glue works great with PLA and ABS.

Mini Files

A set of mini files in various shapes, perfect for sanding, smoothing or sharpening corners. It is designed to process various parts and bring them to the required characteristics. nine0110

Sanding paper

Sanding will create a smoother surface for your finished 3D models. Sanding works especially well if you plan on painting the object. Approximately 120 or 200 grit sandpaper should do the trick for any plastics. If you're an ABS fan, try sanding the print - it's great for this material.

The above tools are what you really need and won't get dusty. Of course, this list can be supplemented, but we have presented a database that is difficult to do without. Some manufacturers complete 3D printers with additional kits. If you want to buy a 3D printer, pay attention to the tool kits that come with the kit, it will save you a lot of money. nine0009

3D printing tools. What you need to have on hand.

If you have a 3D printer, then you will have to master the intricacies of 3D printing. And to facilitate this process, you need to acquire some tools (Tools for 3D printing).

Today we will talk about what kits and tools you may need.

Spatula, scraper…

You may need a spatula and scraper to get started. These can be painting or artistic devices that help to remove the finished model from the working platform. They are especially indispensable in cases where you print with difficult-to-separate plastic. nine0009

To remove the model with the blunt end of the spatula, try to pry the model from one side. Once you succeed, try to delete the model manually. If this does not work, then try to squeeze the spatula between the table and the model and slightly raise it.

It is important to be very careful not to scratch the surface of the table and injure yourself.

Deburring tool

This tool is the most indispensable tool of all. It really makes it easy to remove supports, clean up the model. At the same time, the tool is safe, and it is much more convenient to use it than to wield a knife. This tool will be especially useful when cleaning round holes. nine0110

Utility knife

This is a knife used for cutting appliqués, sometimes called a hobby knife. This tool is ideal for precise cutting of ABS, PLA and other popular plastics. It is important that this knife is very sharp. But it is also important to follow safety measures when working with the tool.

Pliers, round nose pliers

These tools are extremely useful when removing supports. At the same time, pliers are also useful for the 3D printer itself and for post-processing. Supports can be cut a little with a sharp knife and then with pliers it will be easy to remove them not one by one, but in blocks. nine0110

Wood carving set

This set is very useful for fine cleaning of models. The tips in this set have a variety of shapes, which allows for high-quality cleaning of models of any geometry and even in hard-to-reach places: corners, roundness, etc.


In fact, the choice of adhesives is now simply huge, and their possibilities are almost endless. Be sure to get superglue, as it is suitable not only for repairing or filling gaps, but also for gluing individual printed nodes. Be sure to focus on the viscosity of the composition, and also select the right tool. If you need to fill gaps, then we recommend choosing denser compositions than for assembling small parts. An important note - superglue works great with plastics such as ABS and PLA. nine0110


A set of mini files will come in handy. Various forms of tools will allow grinding and smoothing of various surfaces.

Sanding (sanding) paper

By means of grinding it is possible to significantly smooth surfaces, having achieved the ideal condition of the models. Especially grinding will be relevant if in the future the model will be stained. Sandpaper with a grit size of 120-200 will be the ideal solution for all types of plastics. Models made of ABS are particularly suitable for sanding. nine0110

Instead of a conclusion

All the 3D printing tools that we reviewed above will not gather dust on the shelf, waiting in the wings.

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