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1848 3D Printing Services are currently ready to take your order and deliver custom parts to All Locations. Through our platform, you can order 3D printed prototypes, replacement parts and many other custom projects without any minimal size or quantity requirements. If you have an idea of what technology, material or application suits your order, use filters to narrow down the search. You can also explore vendors’ portfolios with printed examples and customer ratings for a full perspective on their experience with different types of parts.


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AnyAnyPrototypeHD PrototypeJewelryDentalMulti-colorMetalMiniatures

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(taulman) PCTPE3D Color-inkjet PLA8K Resin304 Stainless Steel316L Steel PlasticA2 Tool SteelABSABS+ABS-CFABS-ESD7 (Static dissipative)ABS-M30ABS-RABS-like ResinABSiASAASA-CFAccura ClearVueAccura e-StoneAgilusAlumideAluminaAlumina ZirconiaAluminium AlSi10MgAluminium Alloy AlSi12Aluminium NitrideAluminum PLAAmphora HT5300Antero 800NA (PEKK)Antero 840CN03 (PEKK-ESD)Anti-Microbial PLA (Purement)Bio-based TPUBio-compatible (MED610)BioMed-ResinBiocompatible ABS (ABS-M30i)Biocompatible PC (PC-ISO)BlueCast CR3ABlueCast LSBlueCast OriginalBlueCast X-FiligreeBlueCast X-OneBlueCast X5BlueCast X10Brass PLABrick PLABronze PLACF-TPUCPE (co-polyester)CPE+Carbon FiberCastForm PSCastable ResinCastable Wax 40 ResinCeramic FilamentCeramic ResinChameleon PLA (Thermochromic)ClearBiomedResinCobalt-Chrome (CoCr)Color-Blending PLAColorFabb XT CF20 (PET-G)Color KitColorfabb HTConductive PLACopperCopper PLACordieriteCrystalFlex (SBR)Cyanate Ester (CE)D2 Tool SteelDURABIODental LT ResinDental Non-Castable ResinDental SG ResinDigital ABSDraft ResinDuraForm EXDuraForm FlexDuraForm GFDuraForm HSTDuraForm PA PlasticDuraForm® ProX™ PA PlasticDurable (PP-like) ResinDurusE-GumEPU 40 (polyurethane elastomer)ESD-Safe PCESD-Safe PETGESD-Safe PLAESD-Safe PVDFESD-safe PEKKElastic Resin (Soft and flexible)Elixir PLA (Extra Shiny)FLEX (Elastic TPE)FPU 50 (Flexible Polyurethane)FR-ABS (Flame Retardant)FabProElasticFabProFlexibleFabPro JewelCastFabProProtoFabProToughFiberglassFlexfill 98A TPUFlexible ResinFoaming PLAFormfutura ApolloXFormfutura FlexiFilFormfutura TitanXFull-color plastic (VisiJet C4 Spectrum)Full-color sandstone (VisiJet PXL)Fused SilicaGlass-reinforced NylonGlass-reinforced ResinGreen-TECGreen-TEC Pro CarbonGreen-TecProGrey Pro Resinh23 Tool SteelHD GlassHIPSHPLA-CFHP PA-12HSHT FiberglassHTPET+Heat Treatable PLA (HTPLA)High Reactive ResinHigh Temp ResinHigh Temperature (RGD525)HydroxyapatiteIglidur I150Impact PLAInconel 625 Ni625Inconel 718Innofil Pro1Jewelry Wax (Solidscape 3Z Model)Kevlar-reinforced nylon LaserForm A6LaserForm Ni718LaserForm™ Ti Gr. 1²LaserForm™ Ti Gr. 5²LaserForm™ Ti Gr. 23²Liqcreate Clear ImpactLiqcreate Composite-XLiqcreate Flexible-XLiqcreate Strong-XLiqcreate Tough-XMagnetic Iron PLAMaraging SteelMarble PETGMarble PLAMatte Fiber HTPLAMatte PLANanoceramic ResinNonOilenNylonNylon-CFNylon 6/69Nylon GF30OnyxOnyx ESDOnyx FROnyx FR-APA-12 with Glass BeadsPA-CFPA11 NylonPA12 NylonPA 2200PA Cast NylonPC-ABSPC-ABS with Carbon FiberPC-ASAPC-CFPC-PBTPCTGPEEKPEEK-CFPEI-CFPEKKPETPET-CFPETG PETG (Recycled)PETG-CFPETG MattePETT (T-glass)PLAPLA+PLA++PLA-CFPLA-RecycledPLA/PHAPLA 3D870 (APLA)PLA FlexPLA NX-2PLATECPOM (Delrin)PP-CFPPSF/PPSU (Heat and chemical resistant)PRO HSPRO HTPSUPVAPVDF (PolyvinylideneFluoride)PaperPolyCastPolyMax PLAPolySmooth™ (PVB)PolyamidePolycarbonate (PC)PolyphenyleneSulfidePolypropele-GF-30PolypropylenePrecise PLAPrintaMent PURE (matt)Raptor PLAResinRigid 10K ResinRigid 4000 ResinRigid Polyurethane (RPU)Rigid opaque ResinRigurRiziumSTRubber-like (TPU)Rubber-like ResinSBSST-130Silicon NitrideSilicone ResinSilicoreSomos 201Somos EvoLVe 128Somos NeXtSomos WaterShed XC 11122Stainless Steel 17-4 PHStainless Steel 316LStainless Steel 420 Bronze InfusedStandard acrylic ResinSteel PETGStoneFil PLAStrong ResinTPCTPE SEBS 95ATPU 60DTPU 70DTPU 95ATPU Shore 45-56 ATPU Shore 79ATPU powderTR250 ResinTango (Rubber-like material)Titanium (Ti6Al4V)Titanium Ti64Tough3000Tough PLATough ResinTranslucent RigidTricalcium PhosphateTungsten Fill PLAULTEM(PEI) 1010 CGULTEM(PEI) 9085 CGUV Color Сhanging PLAUltem (PEI) 1010Ultem (PEI) 9085Urethane Methacrylate (UMA)VeroVisiJet CE-BKVisiJet CE ElastomericVisiJet CR-CLVisiJet CR-WTVisiJet FTX CastVisiJet FTX resinVisiJet M2 ElastomericVisiJet M2 RigidVisiJet M3VisiJet M3 DentcastVisiJet M5VisiJet SL ClearVisiJet SL e-StoneVisiJet® EX200VisiJet® HR200VisiJet® SR200Visijet CE-NTVisijet CF-BKWaterClear ResinWax-like ResinWax Filament (MoldLay)Wood PLAZ-ABSZ-ASA ProZ-ESDZ-GLASSZ-HIPSZ-PCABSZ-PETGZ-PLAZ-PLA ProZ-ULTRATZirconia 3YZirconia 8YZortrax Basic ResinZortrax Resin PRObronzeFill - PLA/PHA + fine bronze colorFabb-XT (Amphora AM1800)copperFill - PLA/PHA + fine copper corkFill - PLA/PHA + fine cork fibrecoPLAiglidur I180nGen-CFnGen Amphora AM3300 (PET-G)nGen FLEXwoodFill - PLA/PHA + fine pinewood zp130 Powder

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If you’re looking to get something 3D printed and delivered to All Locations, you’re in the right place. All companies that provide prototyping and printing near you are listed above.

How much does it cost to 3D print my parts?

To check out the pricing instantly, choose a vendor and hit the “Instant order” button. From a 3D model file such as STL, PLY, OBJ or 3MF we are able to calculate the price automatically. If you aren’t sure which vendor to choose, you can “Get instant quote” at the very bottom of the page with the list of all available 3D printing bureaus.

What if I don’t have a 3D file?

3D printing starts from a model, so it is necessary to have a file. Fortunately, many companies that provide additive manufacturing can help you design the parts. For more complex modeling tasks, consider hiring a professional 3D designer.

How do I choose a vendor?

Treatstock aims for transparent workflow between 3D printing companies and customers for great results. To make sure you have all the information needed to choose your manufacturing partner, we include a list of vendor’s machines and customer ratings for each service provider. The full list of their capabilities is included on their business page as well.

How does it work?

  • Upload a 3D file to instant order;
  • Select specifications and fill in the delivery details;
  • Finalize the order process;
  • Monitor progress in your Purchases;
  • Get your custom parts delivered to your door.

Our support team is always available for assistance. To learn more about 3D printing technologies, visit our manufacturing guide. And the material guides will help you find out more about all available manufacturing mediums.

Printing locations

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando
  • Seattle
  • Austin

Product Application

  • Prototype
  • HD Prototype
  • Jewelry
  • Dental
  • Multi-color
  • Metal
  • Miniatures


  • PLA
  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Wood PLA
  • ASA
  • Resin
  • Rubber-like (TPU)
  • PA12 Nylon
  • PETG


  • FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)
  • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
  • PolyJet and PolyJetMatrix
  • SLA (Stereolithography)
  • CJP (ColorJet Printing)
  • DLP (Digital Light Processing)
  • DUP (LCD-based Direct UV Printing)

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3D Printing Thailand Online | 3D Printing On Demand

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3D Printing Thailand Onlinemingwei2022-07-22T15:30:20+07:00

Produce as fast as 1-3 business days

Making infinite creation accessible. SLA, SLS, FDM, MJF 3D Printing from $5



1-1,000 PARTS






1-3 DAYS



Still waiting for your vendor reply? Quote and Ordering 3D Printed parts with us takes as little as 5 seconds. On average, half the lead time is wasted on waiting for quotes.

GET your 5s QUOTE

Unleash your creativity and create without constraints. Easily tap on our full range of plastic polymer 3D Printing services right from the comfort of your home. Get instant access to the most advanced SLA, SLS, FDM and MJF 3D Printing at ultra-competitive rates, quality, and lead time.


We only partner with best in class original equipment and material manufacturers. This ensures parts manufactured by us are consistently top notch, validated and certified for the most demanding end use applications.




Feeling restricted by traditional manufacturing constraints? Use our low volume manufacturing services with no MOQ, no set up cost and enjoy the flexibility of on demand 3D Printing. 


For the most demanding applications. Scale from 1 to 1,000 parts with our most comprehensive range of MJF, SLS and FDM functional materials. Up to 90cm build size.





Do more with 3D Printing, sometimes you just need smooth, detail, clear and flexible material options. Guaranteed value for money rates. Up to 70cm build size.





Our 3D Printed parts can be even better, next level better. Select from our automated DM polyshot surfacing, dyeing to 2K automotive spray painting to bring professional cosmetic to your parts. Did we mention they also serves as a protection against scratch, UV, porosity and dirt.



The print turned out fantastic! Zelta helped me to understand the requirements needed in my 3D model and the decision of suitable material to produce a good quality print. They are very helpful and responsive to answering any of my queries. Thanks Zelta 3D!


Great service, quick turn around and really helpful expert advice. 10/10!

Olivia Gibbs

Great Service, Great Quality and very Professional. Looking forward to dealing with Zelta 3D again and highly recommend them to anyone considering printed componentry and associated services.

Peter Schaefer

100% impressed with my 3D printed model from Zelta 3D! The staff were extremely helpful and their site (and upload process) is very easy. I love that you can see your model once uploaded to do final checks. Great service, quality finish, and fast delivery. Highly recommend!

Bec Brodie

Very friendly and helpful staff. They are quick in responding and are very knowledgeable in terms of 3D printing materials. They are able to cater to and take into consideration the requests of the customers from different aspects. For example, they would ask if the material needs to have properties such as being heat resistant or smooth and are able to print out several 3D prints in a short period of time. Highly recommend this company. 🙂


Excellent quality and service. They were really knowledgeable about the different 3d printing techniques and were able to provide valuable suggestions to improve my work. Will definitely work with them again!

Yingqi Liaw

Really great team to deal with. I’ll be back soon!

Neil Brennan

Good printing quality with the right execution that provides good customer service whenever 3D printing is on right tracking system.

Based on my unbiased review after using your service i’m greatly impressed by the spread of services that is provided in the service! Will look forward to benefit my organization with the venture.


Fast and Efficient 3D Printing in Singapore. Easy to use online ordering platform to get 3D Printing Service Done! Excellent Prototype quality and responsive services. Recommend for fast turnaround


Dealing with Zelta 3D was a choice well made from start till the end! I contacted them to 3D print a drone for a school project, and they actually gave really good advice about the structural and material concerns. Sound advice and prompt replies throughout made the transaction really smooth.

In addition, their prints are affordable yet of excellent quality. Detailing of surfaces and tiny parts were really well done. As I am printing the frame for a drone, exact fitting of various holes and parts was very important. When the prints arrived, I have to say I’m impressed. Even tiny 2mm holes were done exactly as I wanted them! The printing process was fast as well, and I received the items in good condition. I would definitely deal with Zelta 3D should I need to 3D print again!

Lim Shao Xuan

Zelta 3D guys are very communicative, sharply understand your requirements, offer clearly what they have and can or cannot do. They are very capable and help you choose a suitable material for your products. Product finesse is good, they delivery in time. Thanks Zelta 3D

Muneesh Maheshwari

Printing was smooth and high-quality. Very pleased with Zelta3D. Definitely come back again and will recommend to friends and family!

LEE JIEYI AVON, Your Content Goes Here

I would highly recommend zelta3d! The end products were of very high quality, and the services provided was very good!


Read More Reviews

Great service, very affordable prices. Received my models for gaming in great condition. Highly recommended!

Rzl Mattar

Zelta 3D is very professional and the staff are very helpful and friendly. Their 3D prints are very smooth and of good quality. We would definitely recommend them

Jing Tong Teo

Zelta 3D is very professional and they certainly know a lot about 3D printing and the different types of materials. They will help to offer alternative solutions to the customer’s needs and are always very friendly, helpful and efficient. They have also very supportive of innovation by the younger generation, supporting my team from RGS (sec) in our F1-in-schools Journey! Regarding the 3D prints, there is always a very smooth finish and accurate printing. We would definitely recommend them!

Clara Tan

My company has a very important exhibition coming up in CES Las Vegas 2018 and we needed a premium quality 3d print to build our prototype for display. We tried to print with some other supplier using PLA and it didn’t meet our expectation. However, after discussing with Zelta 3D, they were able to give us a top notch finishing with their SLA printer.

We printed 1 unit as first for quality checking, we were very impress and proceeded to print 4 more units! The finishing was superb, quality is incredible, and the price was fair. For sure Zelta 3D will be our go-to company for future 3d printing service. The person in contact was very courteous and patient with our demand, knowing that this 3d printed parts are needed for a high-stake showcase, they catered very well to our timeline. Definitely the best service I had in Singapore!

Roy Tan Sein Rui

Affordable pricing with great printing quality. The service was also prompt and friendly. Highly recommend their 3D printing services!

Yan Ting Sim

Very quick reply and fast execution upon confirmation. 3D printed products in SLA prints with extremely good finishing.

Ng Luo Wei

Dealing with Zelta 3D was a choice well made from start till the end! I contacted them to 3D print a drone for a school project, and they actually gave really good advice about the structural and material concerns. Sound advice and prompt replies throughout made the transaction really smooth.

In addition, their prints are affordable yet of excellent quality. Detailing of surfaces and tiny parts were really well done. As I am printing the frame for a drone, exact fitting of various holes and parts was very important. When the prints arrived, I have to say I’m impressed. Even tiny 2mm holes were done exactly as I wanted them! The printing process was fast as well, and I received the items in good condition. I would definitely deal with Zelta 3D should I need to 3D print again!

Shao Xuan Lim

Read More Reviews

4. 9 | 5.0

Based on hundreds combined reviews

Over 600,000 parts produced to date

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Medical 3D Printer Market by Company, Application, Industry Growth, Competitor Analysis, Emerging Technologies and Forecast by 2028 and geographical advancement. It takes into account CAGR, cost, revenue, production, consumption, sales, manufacturing cost, price and other key factors related to the global 3D Medical Printer market. The report segments the global 3D Medical Printer market by product, application and region. The market analysis focuses on different market segments to track and conclude the fastest growing business during the forecast period. In addition, a detailed analysis of future market demand and supply conditions is carried out taking into account comprehensive data for this market. It provides a comprehensive analysis of aspects of market development before and after the Covid-19 pandemic..

Get a full copy of the report in PDF format:

https://marketintelligencedata. com/reports/5925874/2020-2025-global-medical-3d-printers-market-report-production-and-consumption-professional- analysis-impact-of-covid-19/inquiry?https://edk.news? Mode=Ragini

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the profiles of the companies listed below:

3D Systems GmbH.
Rapidshape GmbH
Solidscape Inc.
Formlabs GmbH.
X3D Group

The report includes company profiles of almost all important players in the global Medical 3D Printer market. Company Profiling Section offers valuable analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, business development, recent achievements, mergers and acquisitions, expansion plans, global presence in the Medical 3D Printer market and the product portfolio of the leading market players. This information can be used by players and other market participants to maximize their profitability and optimize their business strategies.

Medical 3D printers market segment for type:
Full position
upper vertex

Medical 3D printers market segment for use:
Clair engineering
Iminters 9000 9000 Click here for full report:

https://marketintelligencedata.com/reports/5925874/2020-2025-global-medical-3d-printers-market-report-production-and-consumption-professional-analysis-impact- of-covid-19?https://edk.news? Mode=Ragini

The study conducts a SWOT analysis to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the key players in the Medical 3D Printer market. In addition, the report conducts a thorough study of drivers and restraints operating in the market. The report also assesses the trends observed in the Medical 3D Printer market along with macroeconomic performance, prevailing factors, and market attractiveness based on different segments. The report also forecasts the impact of various industry aspects on Medical 3D Printer market segments and regions.

This report identifies the opportunities in the Medical 3D Printer market by region:

⦿ North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
⦿ Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey, etc.) ). )
⦿ Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam))
⦿ South America (Brazil, etc.)
⦿ Middle East and Africa (North Africa and GCC countries)

Some of the key questions answered in this report are:

  • What is the global sales value, production value, consumption value, import and export of Medical 3D Printers?
  • Who are the global key manufacturers in the Medical 3D printer industry?
  • What is the raw materials and production equipment of Medical 3D Printer and the manufacturing process of Medical 3D Printer?
  • What are the key market trends driving the growth of the Medical 3D Printer market?
  • Economic Impact on the Medical 3D Printer Industry and Trends in the Medical 3D Printer Industry .
  • What are the market opportunities, market risk and market overview of the Medical 3D Printer market?
  • What are the key drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges of the Medical 3D Printer market and how are they expected to impact the market?

Highlights of the report:
- Comprehensive evaluation of the Medical 3D Printer market
- Evolution of important aspects of the market
- Industry-wide study of these market segments
- Evaluation of market value and volume in past, present and forecast years
- Evaluation of market share
- Study niche industries
-Tactical approaches of market leaders
-Profit strategies that help companies strengthen their market position

Scope of this report:
• This report comprehensively segments the global 3D Medical Printer market and provides the most approximate revenue estimates for the entire market and its sub-segments across various verticals and regions.
• The report helps stakeholders understand the pulse of the Medical 3D Printer market and provides them with information on the key market drivers, constraints, challenges and opportunities.
• This report will help stakeholders better understand competitors and gain more information to improve their position in their business. The Competitive Landscape section includes the ecosystem of competitors, new product development, agreements, and acquisitions.

Note . The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is affecting society and the economy at large around the world. The impact of this pandemic is growing day by day and is also affecting the supply chain. The overall effect of the pandemic is affecting the manufacturing process in several industries. This Medical 3D Printer Market Report provides an analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on various business segments and country markets. Reports also report Medical 3D printers market trends and forecasts up to 2028, taking into account the impact of the situation with Covid-19.

Report Customization Service:
Market Intelligence Data provides customization of Medical 3D printers market reports according to your needs. This report can be personalized according to your requirements. Contact our sales team who will ensure you receive a report that suits your needs.

About us:

Market intelligence data provides syndicated market research across industry verticals including healthcare, information and communications technology (ICT), technology and media, chemicals, materials, energy, heavy industry, and more Market intelligence data provides global and regional market coverage, 360 market overview including statistical forecasts, competitive landscape, detailed segmentation, key trends and strategic recommendations.

Contact us:

Irfan Tamboli (head of the sales department)-data Market Intelligence

Phone: +1 (704) 266-3234

Email: [email protected]ADAD. com


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An analysis of the pre- and post-COVID-19 impact on this ArF industry/market will be added to the final report. laser. The 2022 Global ArF Laser Market Research Report offers qualitative and quantitative…

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