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51 Cool Things to 3D Print (2022) – Clever Creations

Image: Marvin via PrusaPrinters

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One of the struggles of owning a 3D printer is deciding what cool prints to make next. With so many 3D model sharing websites, there are endless 3D print ideas to try.

In this article, we’ll give you our top picks for the coolest 3D printer projects and show you where you can find the models you need.

Top 3D Printing Projects and Ideas in 2022

Elastic Football

This two-player elastic football game uses rubber bands to make the player pieces flexible in order to manipulate the small ball across the printed field. The sides of the playing field have an abacus-style point counter for both players and a lever to control the goalie piece on the back.

  • Designed by: Wilko_SLO
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Mechanical Wall Clock

Clocks are fairly complex and cool in general, but 3D printed clocks like this one by Hairald are especially interesting to look at. This design is fully printed and does not use any electronics or batteries.

The mechanism uses a wind-up method with a hand crank and a hanging weight to move the gears using the force of the falling weight. You can watch a video of this particular clock in action here.

  • Designed by: Hairald
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Squid Game - Front Man Mask

Can’t get enough of Netflix’s Squid Game? Neither could the designer of this front man mask. Print this model for an interesting decor piece to hang on the wall or use it to finish off your best cosplay outfit.

  • Designed by: r1nce
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Articulating Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

While the best 3D printers come with a built-in camera option for creating time lapse videos and remotely monitoring prints, you can also add this functionality to any 3D printer that does not natively have it.

This articulated camera mount uses a Raspberry Pi controller to bring a fully flexible camera option for remote viewing, time lapse recording, or taking stills of your prints as they are in progress.

  • Designed by: Sneaks
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Original Simpsons TV

Keep a little ode to the Simpson’s on your shelf or desk with this miniature recreation of the original TV set from the show.

This design uses a Raspberry Pi and other inexpensive components to create a working miniature television screen that plays videos on loop.

  • Designed by: buba447
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Charger Cable Organizer

The only thing more annoying than an unorganized wad of chargers and cables is a tangled unorganized wad of chargers and cables. These printable organizers store your chargers when not in use, keeping them tidy and protected from other cords.

They work like small spools, letting you unwind the charger only as far as you need. When you’re done using the cable, you just twist the lid to wind the cord back up.

  • Designed by: DFV Tech
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Screw Measuring Tool

Nothing slows you down more than a container full of mixed-together mystery screws and bolts. This screw measure tool is easy to print and has all the most common bolt and screw sizes to help you quickly identify the size and type of errant bolts, screws, or nuts.

  • Designed by: MattG
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Rugged Desktop Organizer

Keep your desk tidy and your office supplies close at hand with this multipurpose desktop organizer. It has built-in slots for your USB sticks, SD and micro SD cards, and compartments for your pens, scissors, and any other tools you use on the regular.

  • Designed by: Byzantium3D
  • Where to get: Cults

Giroid Vase

Both functional and beautiful, this giroid vase is a fast and easy print project that doesn’t require any supports or serious post-processing work.

If you don’t intend to use it with water (such as when using silk flowers), it’s ready to use right off the build plate. However, if you plan to use it as a traditional vase, it is best to spray it with some sort of sealant to keep the water from leaking through the print layers.

  • Designed by: Area3D
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Marble Maze

You’ll need to move the zen garden on your office desk, because this printed marble maze is the clear cure for office boredom. Fully printable (aside from the marble, of course) and easy to assemble, this design uses snap-together ball and socket joints on the parts to avoid glue or other adhesives.

  • Designed by: ericman314
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Cute Caravan Birdhouse

Camping enthusiasts rejoice: now the wildlife can also enjoy the charm of a vintage camper with these cute caravan birdhouses. You’ll need to 3D print the two colors separately before gluing the 3D prints together for a cute two-toned effect. This build fits on most print bed sizes.

  • Designed by: PA1
  • Where to get: Cults

Drippy Bucket

Add a little pop art to your work or living space with the drippy bucket. Printed as three separate pieces, the handle and paint drips both snap onto the main bucket without glue or screws required. It’s the perfect container for pens, dice, or even loose change.

  • Designed by: davemoneysign
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Fractal Vise

Not only is this fractal vise model extremely cool-looking, it is also an incredibly useful tool once fully assembled.

This project requires quite a bit of hardware, including multiple sizes of bolts and screws, as well as lengths of both smooth and threaded rods. Assembling the vise is also quite time-consuming, but the designer thankfully has a video tutorial outlining the whole process.

  • Designed by: TeachingTech
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Squeeze Fan

This hand-powered squeeze fan is as useful as it is fun. Using the handle pushes the inner gears and turns the propellers. This design is perfect for camping trips, emergency kits, and other scenarios where power or batteries might be hard to come by.

  • Designed by: GeorgeZSL
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Face Shield

With the pandemic still in full swing, personal protection equipment is as important as ever. This basic face shield was designed by the Prusa research team and gained EU certification as a viable personal protection tool.

Whether you are still looking for protective methods from COVID-19 or work in an industry that requires face shields, this model is fast and easy to print.

  • Designed by: Prusa Research
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Lithophane Moon Lamp

This project uses a lithophane model that maps the actual surface topography of the moon to make a realistic miniature rendering of it. This version adds tripod legs and a hole on the bottom for a light to make it a functional, beautiful lamp.

  • Designed by: Frank Deschner
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Landy Mini

If you think this is a basic miniature car model, think again. Assembled with only a handful of screws, the Landy Mini has a fully functioning suspension system.

Though it’s a bit time-consuming to print and assemble, the Landy Mini is a fun and well-designed project that would look great on a desk or shelf in your home or office.

  • Designed by: 3D Sets
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Self-Watering Planter

Love plants but have a brown thumb? This self-watering planter slowly feeds in water from a reservoir as the soil dries. So even if you forget to water them for a few days (or weeks, let’s be honest), they’ll still get the care they need.

  • Designed by: Mikolas Zuza
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Split-Flap Display

Based on the split-flap displays of the past, this model uses a handful of components and a wireless adapter to make a DIY digital split-flap display that connects to your network. You can program it to work as a clock, calendar, message board, or whatever else you can think of.

  • Designed by: David Kingsman
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters


Inspired by the Da Vinci Code, this cryptex has a small compartment to hide things like candies, jewelry, or notes inside. You can program the cryptex to open for a specific series of letters, much like a combination lock.

While this is in no way a secure place to store anything valuable (it is printed from plastic, after all), it’s a funny way to keep coworkers out of your sweets, to give someone a gift, or to play a game with your kids.


The 8 Best 3D Printers for Kids

  • Designed by: Cees
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Bag Clip

A stark improvement on the chip clips of old, this clip prints in place with minimal supports. It uses a three-hinge system, so it stays on the bag more securely without slipping off. If you want something that will be quick and easy to print, this is a great option.

  • Designed by: Andrei
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Rotating Rings Toy

The mini gyroscope has remained one of the most popular fidget toys in the 3D printing community for several years, most likely due to its unique design. It prints in place and can be used right off the build plate.

  • Designed by: Marvin
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Mantis Clamp

The mantis clamp is an interesting take on a vise design, using a hand crank and gears to tighten and loosen the clamp. As illustrated in the photo below, that makes it a handy device for holding up small things like electronics components, painting miniatures, and so on.

  • Designed by: zuberio
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Deadpool Bust

This fine-detailed Deadpool bust is a great novelty item for any Marvel fan. Printing this model in 3D printer resin on a resin 3D printer maintains the model’s high level of detail, whereas using a metallic filament like CopperFill or BronzeFill on a fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer will give it the appearance of a metal cast statue.

  • Designed by: Eastman
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Avocado Seed Floater

Sprouting avocado seeds is a little more delicate than just dropping them in some potting soil and hoping for the best. They need to be partially submerged in water for several days for the pits to start growing a sprout. Luckily, this is easy to control with this 3D printed seed floater.

  • Designed by: Mikolas Zuza
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Drill Depth Stop

When you need a specific stopping point for your drill bit, these printable drill depth stops are an easy and economical way to keep your drill from going too deeply into your material.

The model offers a variety of sizes that correspond with popular drill bit dimensions, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs regardless of which drill bit size you use.

  • Designed by: Highrise Workshop
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Sunflower Clock

Unlike the other clock we shared in this list, this beautiful design is a fully functional wall clock with added electronic components. This clock has a lot of different pieces to print, thanks to the thin bands of PETG used for the petals. It takes some time to assemble, but the final look is worth the effort.

  • Designed by: Romano Rugeri
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Cute Skull Lamp

We’d say these skull lamps are a perfect addition to your Halloween decor, but they’re so adorable that you’ll probably want to keep them up year-round. They are easy to print and only take an inexpensive strand of LED lights and a few batteries to assemble them.

  • Designed by: rayjizza
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Ancient Guardian from Zelda BOTW

Any Nintendo gamers reading this will automatically know what these deceptively innocent-looking articulated robots are, and probably started sweating and hearing dramatic piano music the moment they spotted them.

But if you haven’t been totally traumatized yet by the ancient guardians during your BOTW playthrough, these models are a must-print item. The legs are fully articulated and print in place, so you can just pop the entire figure off the build plate and immediately start your campaign to bring down Hyrule.

  • Designed by: Crafty Sven
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Ornamental Bulbasaur

If you haven’t gotten enough Bulbasaur from Bulbasaur planters, low-poly figurines, or Pokemon chess sets, you’re in luck. This ornamental Bulbasaur model is one in a set of three decorative Pokemon models that you can print for free.

Since the model uses a lot of Victorian filigree elements, it looks fantastic with a metallic finish, especially with a patina. They acquired that look in the photo below using paint, but metal-filled filaments or cold casting the model in resin are two other possibilities for making this model look its best.

  • Designed by: Psdwizzard
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

3D Printable Drone

For a functional mini-drone, this design works well and is a lot of fun to use. Designed around a battery case for a single lithium battery, it is not going to be very powerful. However, it does work and it is a good beginner project for those wanting to learn how to 3D print and build more capable drones.

  • Designed by: David Cledon
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Back Loaded Horn Speaker

This little printed speaker transforms into a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a little assembly and about $20 in components. Even better, the designer includes a wiring diagram and full assembly instructions along with the free STL, so even if you are new to this type of project, you can easily follow along.

  • Designed by: guppyk
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Among Us Crew/Body/Ghost/Imposter

This five-piece set of Among Us models is a fun project for fans of the game. With all of the character types in the game available, you can vary the colors of each model to account for any possible in-game combination.

  • Designed by: WalRit
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Print-in-Place Bearings

If you need bearings for one of your projects or you just want to give your printer a nice torture test to check its calibration, these print-in-place bearings are the answer. Designed in five common sizes, these models should have all the options you need for most projects.

  • Designed by: guppyk
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Helmet Hanger

Both functional and decorative, this 3D printing project is the perfect solution for storing your helmet while also showing it off. The model is easy to print and allows for printing the sphere whole with supports or in two pieces without supports (to glue together after).

  • Designed by: Sergi Lorenzo
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Tensegrity Table

When regular furniture gets too boring, choose some that appears to defy physics instead. This small table ties the bottom and top parts together with string, and the tension keeps the table parts upright. While the designer used blue string, a clear string is ideal because it’s harder to see and makes the table really look like it’s floating.

  • Designed by: Austin Steingrube
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Hydroponic Self-Watering Seeds Starter

Another model for the gardening-challenged, these cute self-watering planters will keep your plants watered and nourished even if you don’t. The planter comes in five different poses, with some sitting flat and others dangling their legs over a ledge, you can get really creative in staging your planter people on your desk, table, or shelf.

  • Designed by: Studio Aditivo
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinter

Print-in-Place Briefcase

Need a place to store your miniature work documents? What about your doll-sized stacks of money? This print-in-place briefcase does exactly what it says: it prints a miniature briefcase in one piece with fully functioning hinges and latches straight off the build plate.

This model (and other print-in-place projects) are a good way to test your printer’s calibration and to see where it’s having issues.

  • Designed by: Dehapro
  • Where to get: Cults

Bone Fingers

These articulated bone fingers bend with your fingers, making their movements look incredibly realistic. The project requires quite a bit of gluing and assembly after printing, but they are a stunning addition to cosplay outfits and Halloween costumes.

  • Designed by: Littletup
  • Where to get: Cults

Lazy Dogs

Yet another print-in-place project on the list. These adorable canines have articulated hinges in their body that gives them a wider range of flexibility. While they are mainly for decorative (or playful) purposes, these little dogs are quite popular with kids.

  • Designed by: Mcgybeer
  • Where to get: Cults

Hexagonal LED Panels

DIY printed light fixtures are one of the easiest ways to customize your decor, and these hexagonal LED panels are one of the best options we’ve seen.

Each hexagon light is printed and assembled separately before being fit together, which leaves plenty of room for creativity. Each light panel could have a different LED color, or work through a controller to loop through certain behaviors like blinking, twinkling, or transitioning through the RGB spectrum.

  • Designed by: Jim Misel
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand

This phone stand tightens around the phone when it’s placed in the cradle and loosens when the phone is lifted off. It also rotates the phone up, down, and side to side while it is in the holder for optimal viewing at any angle.

  • Designed by: Arron Mollet
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Slim Credit Card Wallet

When you want the bare essentials to keep your pockets from being weighed down, a card wallet is an essential accessory. This particular one is fully printed and comes with the added bonus of an ejector button to help you easily remove your cards when you need them.

  • Designed by: Aljaz Titoric
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Measuring Cube

A modern take on the old concept of measuring cups, these cubes are a fun way to incorporate the different measurement sizes into one piece. However, we don’t recommend using them for liquids in the kitchen since the small gaps between layers in 3D prints are not watertight.

  • Designed by: Matt Stengler
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Thor Hammer

One of the more iconic Marvel props in the 3D printing community, Thor’s hammer is easy to print and looks great on display. While it has a lot of fine details that would be best captured with a resin 3D printer, it will be challenging to print it at full scale on most consumer resin printers.

  • Designed by: Rob Pauza
  • Where to get: MyMiniFactory

CNC Machine

One of the best things about having a 3D printer is the ability to use it to produce additional printers or machines. This CNC machine is a perfect example of that. It uses 3D printed joints to assemble the rails, motors, and carving tool into a fully functional CNC.

  • Designed by: Creative Think
  • Where to get: Thingiverse

Raspberry Pi 4 Case

In case you missed it, this list is full of projects and ideas that use Raspberry Pi boards as the controller. Being small, cheap, and surprisingly flexible in its capabilities, the Pi lends itself extremely well to 3D printing.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that you can find dozens of models for Raspberry Pi cases on most of the project sharing websites. This one has one of the more attractive and functional designs available.

  • Designed by: Carter
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Prusa Enclosure

Enclosures are often a necessity for printing ABS and other high-temperature filaments successfully, but DIY and budget printers rarely have them incorporated into their design. Fully enclosed 3D printers do exist, but they come at a price. Thankfully, enclosures are not overly difficult to make yourself, especially when upcycling existing furniture like this build.

This project gives you all the pieces needed to turn an IKEA Lack table into a functional 3D printing enclosure and filament station. While it is specifically designed for Prusa 3D printers, any printer that fits on a Lack table should work with this project.


9 Amazing DIY 3D Printer Enclosure Ideas

  • Designed by: Ondřej Stříteský
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Fidget Infinity Cube

While fidget toys are always a popular category for 3D printing, these fidget cubes are especially interesting. Using a hinge design, you can fold and unfold the cubes in multiple directions.

This model prints flat and requires no assembly after printing. Since the hinges print in place, this project may take some experimentation with printer settings and calibration before it is printed successfully. The designer includes a test print with the model files so you can quickly try out different print settings without printing the full model.

  • Designed by: Austin Vojta
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Addams Family Thing

Yet another spooky prop on the list, the Thing from the Addams Family is a great item to add to your Halloween decor. This is a model with a high level of detail (especially around the knuckles and nail beds) that would do well with resin printing.


Resin vs Filament 3D Printers: What’s the Difference?

  • Designed by: Js-studio
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters

Collapsible Basket

Our final pick for print-in-place designs, the collapsible basket is fun to print, cool to use, and easy to put in storage when you don’t need it.

  • Designed by: 3D Printing World
  • Where to get: PrusaPrinters


Those were 51 of the coolest free 3D printing models! Did you like our picks? Have you printed any of these models before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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30 Useful 3D Printing Ideas and Projects for Your Home

In the near future, 3D printers will be as essential in a house as having a smartphone or wireless internet. What can you make with a 3D printer at home, you ask? Try these 30 cool and useful ideas to start with.

What Can You Make With a 3D Printer That Is Useful?

A 3D printer's range of applications goes beyond simple technology. Apart from helping with your gadgets, you can make non-digital objects and tools with 3D printers at home. Whether you use a resin-based or filament-based 3D printer, these free 3D creations are easy to make.

This collection of 3D printing projects spans a range of useful scenarios.  You'll get some common household items and accessories for gadgets, as well as a few funky and creative tools you never knew you wanted. And of course, there are a few tools to deal with COVID-19.

This simple stand fits myriad smartphone and tablet sizes. Several experienced users have tested it, and Thingiverse (a public repository of 3D projects) has verified it. It's no surprise that it was designed by 3D printing hero Sonia Verdu.

You can use it as a stand, plug it to a charger while on the stand, and even hang the stand on a wall. Given the number of video calls you need to do these days, it's one of the most useful things you can make with a 3D printer at home, for home or work life.

2. Phone Amp or Loudspeaker to Boost Volume

No Bluetooth speakers needed, you can boost your phone's volume with a DIY amplifier. If you often complain about your phone's speaker volume not being loud enough to fill a room, this project is for you.

It's both a smartphone stand as well as a loudspeaker or amplifier.  Plus, since it doesn't need Bluetooth, you save battery life.

How would you like to turn your $35 Raspberry Pi into a mini handheld laptop? All you need is a Pi and the PiTFT screen module to make a tiny notebook computer. Print out the case, fit everything in as instructed in this video, and you're good to go.

While the original was made with a Pi2, it works with the new Pi4 too. It's one of the coolest Raspberry Pi projects for 3D printing at home.

If a compact, touchscreen Raspberry Pi device is more your taste than the notebook above, the Touch Pi is what you need. Grab a Pi, the 7-inch element14 touchscreen, an Adafruit Powerboost 1000c, and a 6000mAh lithium polymer battery.

Fit it all into this two-part case and you have a portable touchscreen Linux computer!

The most common problem with iPhone chargers and other USB cables is how they end up fraying. It's super frustrating, and new cables are expensive. Instead, 3D print these cable savers at home to protect both ends.

It's one of the best ways to prevent iPhone cables from fraying.

Much like Lightning USB cables, your earphone cables get tangled and destroyed. It all comes down to good cable management. This spooled earphones holder will keep your in-ear headphones tangle-free and in good shape, while honoring their compact nature.

Most of us have a mess of USB cables lying on your desk or around the house. Instead, slot them into this simple USB cable holder, which you can fit onto a wall to clear up desk clutter, or keep on a desk just to stay organized.

These simple utilities are what make 3D printers so awesome.

Mount this nifty utility to the side of your desk to manage all the cables running to it. When you disconnect a USB or charging cable, it's not going to fall down to the floor any more.

The slot is narrow enough that it holds all types of common cables, and even a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It's an excellent tool to 3D print at home.

Spooling wires is one of the essentials of good cable management. It's also a neat way to keep a wire plugged in at shorter than its full length, but extend it when you need to. Make yourself a few simple cable spools and see how your mess of wires disappears.

Oh yeah, you can scale it up as needed, so it will work with anything from a simple USB cable to a large appliance.

Like USB cables, AC adapters also make a big mess, especially for devices that you don't use often. And those big plugs take up more space than they should in storage too.

The AC Adapter Organizer is a smart way to put them all in one place, and avoids the mess of tangled wires in a drawer.

You need simple AA or AAA batteries for most things in your house. Where is it when you need it? Print out these dispensers for AA or AAA sized batteries and hang them somewhere convenient.

Just keep the dispenser filled and you'll never run out when you most need it.

Some electronics still need those big fat C batteries, but you probably don't have any at home. Don't worry, you just need a simple AA battery and this converter. That's right, the only difference between the two is the size, which this converter fixes.

It's one of those ingenious ways to use a 3D printer at home to solve simple problems.

The BladeKey is the key organizer you always wanted but didn't know where to find. How do you find a key organizer that fits your keys perfectly? Make it yourself!

The BladeKey is customizable in length, breadth and width, so that all your keys are perfectly housed in this compact case. Swivel them out one at a time. No more jangling, no more messy mound of metal in your pocket.

While you can download the original STL files on Thingiverse, go through all the videos on the project page to learn how people have further customized this. It'll make your job easier.

Even if you already have an awesome keychain, this can make a neat gift for the holidays. In fact, take a look at some of these other Christmas ideas you can 3D print at home.

Carabiners are one of the most useful tools to have in your home. They can organize thousands of things in any room, from the garage to your bathroom. Whenever you need one, just 3D print the strong flex door carabiner, which has been measured to have a force of 236 Newtons.

Say it with me, folks, you can never have too many bag clips. If your printer is quiet and you're wondering what you can do with it, just set it to print more of these bag clips. It prints in four parts but is easy to assemble. It comes in longer 85mm and 125mm lengths too, for different types of bags.

If you've never been able to justify the cost of a citrus juicer to yourself, treat yourself to one by 3D printing it at home. It's one of those little kitchen tools that makes life easier.

Once printed, make sure you wash it and scrub once with alcohol just to be safe. It's a simple project for beginners to get started with 3D printing.

The next level of citrus juicers is this 3D printed screw-on juicer. Screw it to the top of a standard PET bottle (the mouth is a standard size tested across many countries).

Then use the juicer to twist an orange or any citrus fruit directly into the bottle. Super cool!

The universal bottle opener is one of best things you can do with your 3D printer at home. It unscrews or opens all kinds of bottles with minimal effort, and is especially useful when a screw-top bottle-cap is too tight.

You can even open cans with it.

You don't want to waste those few bits of toothpaste left in the tube, but man, it's difficult to squeeze out those last drops. Instead, print out this tube squeezer so it does the job for you.

It'll fit most toothpaste tubes, and even has a lock to prevent the tube from unrolling.

A soap dish is handy to have. A soap dish that sticks to your wall without any drilling is a must-have. This 3D-printed soap dish uses two medium-sized suction cups to attach itself to your bathroom wall.

Absolutely brilliant, and you can just print another at any time.

It's best to lock away important keys and USB drives when expecting company. This simple five-digit combination safe is the easiest way to get the job done. Now you don't have to worry about your nephew pocketing your work flash drive as a "prank".

Be sure to check out the maker's page for related projects like a mini combination safe, a safe for the visually impaired, and a double combination safe.

Buying coasters is for suckers. 3D printed coasters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so pick what you like, such as the video game coasters linked above. Plus, it's a good starting point for someone wanting to mess around with their own CAD drawings.

If you prefer circular coasters rather than square ones, check this other project of gaming coasters.

It's so incredibly frustrating when you lose one item from your measuring cup set. While 1/2 and 1 tablespoon pieces are easy to find in stores as single pieces, the rest aren't. Just print your own instead, so your set is complete again.

The best-looking tape dispenser you've ever had is something you can't buy at the store. This beautiful Tentacle Tape Dispenser is one of the coolest things you can 3D print at home.

Isn't it awesome? You can print it out as a serrated version or a version where you fit your own blade.

Oh man, this is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Post-shopping plastic bags cut into every inch of your hand's flesh as you carry them. Get rid of the pain with these nifty ergonomic plastic bag handles.

They're form-fitted for your fingers to evenly distribute the weight and feel comfortable even for heavy bags. Forgot one or misplaced it? No worries, just 3D print another one at home.

Forgot to water your plants or herbs? No problem. The self-watering planter will take care of it. Fill it up once a week and it takes care of the watering for you, so that your absent-minded mistake doesn't harm your plant.

What's the loudest whistle you can 3D print at home? Meet the Echo, which comes in micro size and full size models. It can hit 129 decibels, which is some serious volume from a tiny gizmo.

Best cover your ears, and whatever you do, make sure the kids don't get their hands on this.

Ball-jointed dolls, where every limb and part is flexible akin to the human body, are quite expensive in toy stores. But you can make it for a fraction of the price, and impress your kids.

The 3D ball-jointed frog doll is among the more difficult projects here. So it's not ideal for beginners to assemble, but after a few tries, you should be able to get it right. If you like this, also check out the Articulated Lizard v2.

The COVID-19 multipurpose tool is a nifty accessory to reduce the number of things you touch. With this, you can press elevator buttons, open different types of doors, and even pry open a car handle.

Keep in mind that the tool itself should be disinfected periodically.

One user created a range of ear-savers for face mask wearers. Put this at the back of your head and your mask's straps can loop in this rather than on your ears. The designs include major superheroes from both DC and Marvel, as well as other logos like NFL teams and cars.

The most-printed object in 2020 is the face shield. You'll find a large range of designs online, both on Thingiverse and with a simple Google search. Most of them are free to download too, so find any that works best for you.

The one we've chosen is useful for both adults and kids, and uses a velcro strap at the back.

The Best Affordable 3D Printers

Unlike when they launched, 3D printers don't cost a bomb any more. That's what makes it so feasible to do 3D printing at home and create things specific to your needs. In fact, you can get a 3D printer for less than $500 to start your projects. Once you're proficient enough, you might want to look at the more expensive printers.

Project "3D printer - technology of the future"

Author of the work:

Mingazutdinova Gulgena

Project manager:

Gabtelkhakova Razina Rafgatovna


MBOU "Smailskaya secondary school" Baltasinsky district

In the presented research project in informatics "3D printer - the technology of the future" , theoretical information about printing on a printer and the emergence of an innovative 3D printing method that will make a breakthrough in all areas of human life is considered.

In the process of computer science research work "3D printer - technology of the future" , a 9th grade student set the goal of learning what a 3D printer is and how it is used by people.

In the research work on computer science "3D printer - technology of the future" the author describes the history of the creation of a 3D printer, studies the principle of operation of this device, finds out what can be made with it.

In the computer science project proposed "3D printer - technology of the future" , the author hypothesizes that the capabilities of a 3D printer are very high at the moment, so in the future it will probably be in great demand in all areas of human life.

The results of this study can be useful as educational material, as well as for informatics lessons.


1. The history of
2. How 3D printing works
3. The main technologies of 3D printing
4. Problems and prospects for using this technology in various areas of life
5. Applications


In this paper, we will focus on a new technology for creating objects and objects - a 3D printer. The history of occurrence is described, the basic principles and technologies of the device operation are indicated.

3D printing is becoming more and more accessible and opens up many opportunities, both positive and negative. You will learn the different uses of 3D printing.

3D entered our everyday life at the beginning of the new millennium. We naturally associate this definition with cinema or animation. But this technology covers much more spectrums of our life. So, what is a 3D printer, and what is printing on such a device?

Purpose of research: Find out what a 3D printer is and how it is used by people.


1. Find information about the history of the 3D printer.

2. Learn how this device works.

3. Find out what can be made with it.

4. Summarize and analyze the information received.

Hypothesis: Let's assume that the capabilities of a 3D printer are very high at the moment, so it will probably be in great demand in the future.

Research methods : Study of information obtained from the Internet, observation, comparison.

Research object : 3D printer.

Research subject: 3D printer capabilities.

Relevance research is that new information technologies are always developing very quickly and modern society is unthinkable without them.

The practical significance of this study is that it can be useful as an educational material, as well as for computer science lessons.

History of the 3D printer

By the mid-90s of the last century, an interesting situation had developed in the world economy: competing firms began not only to fight for consumers of products, but literally fulfill any of their wishes. Most importantly, as a result, monotonous products - for example, watches and cars - were no longer purchased in millions of quantities.

The volume of sales from manufacturing plants was reduced to several thousand pieces in one batch. This marked the beginning of the era of small-scale production. Ultimately, companies found that developing molds, patterns, and prototypes for more and more new models was very expensive.

Approximately at the same time, devices that can quickly and cost-effectively make models become popular - CNC machines, numerical control. Many of them remained in the manufacturing sector, but the intensive development of a separate branch of the " evolution of " led to the emergence of office 3D printers - this is how the history of the development of 3D printing began.

The very first 3D prototyping machine was an American SLA machine designed and patented by Charles Hull in 1986 and using stereolithography. Of course, this was not yet the first 3D printer in the modern sense, but it was she who determined how a 3D printer works: objects are built up in layers.

Hull immediately set up 3D Systems, which produced the first 3D printer called the Stereolithography Apparatus. The first model of this machine, which was widely used, was the SLA-250 developed in 1988. It is clear that such a 3 d printer was not color, but worked only with raw materials of the same color, but for that time it was akin to a miracle.

In 1990, a new method was used to obtain three-dimensional " printed impressions " - the fusing method. It was developed by Scott Crump, founder of Stratasys, and his wife, who continued the development of 3D printing.

The modern historical stage in the development of 3D printing started in 1993 with the creation of Solidscape. It produced inkjet printers that preceded 3D printers. In 1995, an inkjet printer was modified by two MIT students. He created images not on paper, but in a special container, and they were voluminous. At the same time, the concept of " 3D printing " and the first 3D printer. This method was patented and is now used by the Z Corporation, founded by the same students, and also by ExOne. Z Corp. still manufactures 3D printers using this technology.

The history of the 3D printer continued with the emergence of a technology called PolyJet, based on the use of photopolymer liquid plastic. With this method of printing, the head draws a layer of photopolymer, which is instantly illuminated by a lamp. The method turned out to be advantageous in many respects: its price is much lower, and high accuracy makes it possible to manufacture not just models, but ready-to-use parts.

Over time, the development of the 3D printing industry accelerated, new 3D printer companies appeared to contribute to its development, new materials and principles were used, the sizes and prices of devices became smaller - the first 3D printers were huge, now they fit on a table (with the exception of an industrial 3D printer).

The modern 3D printer is becoming more and more like a traditional paper printer in appearance and application technology « coloring "substance. The models printed by him are also distinguished by high strength, therefore they can be used as finished products.

Now a 3D printer can take up very little space - of course, this depends on its purpose. At the beginning of development, the price of such a printer was affordable only for very large companies, but now anyone can purchase a 3D printer, the price of which is an average of $1000. The history of the 3D printer is not over yet, and the most interesting is ahead.

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50 cool things to print on a 3D printer / Sudo Null IT News

No ideas for 3D printing? Tired of worthless trinkets? Here is a list of 50 cool really useful things for 3D printing.

Like us, you're excited about the possibilities of 3D printing. But, unfortunately, the horizon is littered with trinkets, trinkets and other unnecessary things. We are in danger of being buried under a heap of useless rubbish.

Throw off the shackles of mediocrity! Let's create really useful things! Here is a list of cool things that you can make on a 3D printer right now. Prove to your family and loved ones that this wonderful technology can be used daily and in practice.

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Cool 3D Printing Item #2: Socket Shelf

Attach a shelf to your wall outlet to support your phone while it is charging. The shelf has a slanted recess that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet upright.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printing Cool Item #3: Soap Dish

Elegant bathroom soap dish with two washable compartments. You can change the pattern of the inner pallet if you wish.

Download from ThingiVerse

3D Printable Cool Item #4: Nightstand Tag Handles

The art of storage doesn't have to be boring. The Hobb Knob is a small pen with a label to describe the items in the drawers. Now you will never lose your socks!

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3D Printable Cool Item #5: Coasters with Geometric Patterns

When it comes to hot drinks, mugs are an inevitable risk. Things take a much more serious turn if there is a coffee-addicted inhabitant in the house. Available in three designs, these coasters help you avoid unsightly stains.

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3D Printing Cool Thing #6: Hinge Lamp

This modular hinged lamp consists of 6 main elements: base, body and top with LEDs. To make the lamp taller, you can add the required number of elements.

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3D Printable Cool Item #7: One-Handed Bottle Opener

This boomerang-shaped bottle opener is useful for people who have difficulty performing activities that require force, such as opening a plastic bottle. Print it out and give it to your grandmother. She will appreciate this gesture.

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3D Printable Cool Item #8: showerhead

Is swimming under a waterfall on your list of things to do before you die? The next best thing is a 3D printed shower head (probably).

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3D Printable Cool Item #9: Secret Shelf

Hide valuable documents and stash from prying eyes on this secret shelf.

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3D Printable Cool Item #10: Jar Handle

Enhance empty jam jars with a printed handle. What could be easier?

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3D Printing Cool Thing #11: Plastic Wrench

A full size general purpose plastic wrench. Actually for screwing and unscrewing around the house.

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Cool 3D Printing Item #12: business card holder

"What a delicate yellowish hue, and the thickness is tasteful, oh my, even the watermarks." Do you have such a business card? Find her a pair in the form of this business card holder, printed in its entirety (yes, already with a hinged lid). Instructions for adding a custom logo are included.
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3D Printable Cool Item #13: Alien Invader Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Brighten up your bathroom with a functional print of your classic toilet paper holding alien invader… ahem.

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3D Printing Cool Thing #14: lift platform

Here is a fully assembled lift platform. Printed in full. No need to fiddle with a bunch of details. The adjustable height can be used to lift or support an object of acceptable weight.

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3D Printing Cool Thing #15: Plant Feeder

Houseplants fallen victim to neglect? FORGET ABOUT IT. Print out this simple automatic plant drinker and your conscience will be clear.

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3D Printing Cool Item #16: earbud holder

We spend a lot of money buying headphones on the go, but don't protect them enough when we use them. Hide your headphones safely in this 3D printed holder.

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3D Printing Cool Thing #17: Package Pen

We all know this situation. You trudge home from the supermarket, loaded with bags of groceries. The force of gravity causes plastic to crash into your palms, am I right? ENOUGH. Print these bag handles and forget about chafed palms forever!

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Cool thing for 3D printing #18: tablet stand

There are times when you need to free your hands when using your smart device, such as watching TV shows or cooking recipes. This simple stand supports 7" and larger tablets in both portrait and landscape modes.

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Cool 3D Printing Item #19: Plant Drinker #2

Another horticultural art contraption. It is especially suitable for kitchen plants. The next time you buy fresh herbs for cooking, transplant them into this neat device and they'll stay fresh all week long.

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Cool thing for 3D printing #20: door stop

Tired of everyone slamming doors at home or in the office? Then you need an UNCOMPROMISING door stop. Light weight, child safe, designed for easy installation and easy fabrication on an FDM 3D printer. The creator of the stop also claims that the device can be used to repel zombie attacks, however this version has not been verified.

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3D Printable Cool Item #21: Windshield Scraper

If you want to quickly and easily get rid of snow and ice on your car windshield with this handy scraper. Printed without support, at the end there is a hole for a lace.

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3D Printing Cool Thing #22: Water Hose Flow Control

This special nozzle regulates the water flow in the garden hose, about 2 liters per minute. It’s great if you have water limits set in the height of summer.

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3D Printing Cool Item #23: Modular Wine Rack

Whether you're new to the world of wine or a wine connoisseur, this modular wine rack is the perfect storage solution for your fine drink. bottles of WIRA. It can be expanded (or narrowed) according to your collection by printing only the required number of modules.

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Cool thing for 3D printing #24: whistle for protection

This original design whistle is easy to make and carry. Durable and very loud. How loud? How about 118 decibels? This is more than enough to get people to hear about your emergency.
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3D Printable Cool Thing #25: Apple Headphone Holder

Download from ThingiVerse9

3D Printable Cool Thing #20169 Holder of an umbrella for a wheelchair

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Cool thing for 3D printing No. 28: Protection for disk

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Twist Twig for 3D Press No. 29: form for Snegov.

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3D Printable Cool Item #30: Wine Bottle Guard

Download from MyMinitory0 Download fromOl000

3D Printable Cool Item #33: Apple Remote Stand

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #34: Key Holder

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No. 35: Holder of the cutlery for people with disabilities

download from Myminifactory

Cool Press No. wine bottle

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3D Printable Cool Item #37: Paper Cup Holder

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D Press No. 38: Case for blades

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Cool Press No. 39: Holder for a children's bottle MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #40: Towel Rack

Download from MyMiniFactory

3D Printable Cool Item #41: Holder for a glass

Download with Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D Press No. 42: Holder for a phone in the soul

9000 9000

download from 0 Myminifactory

Cool Press No. 43: for beer glasses

Download from MyMiniFactory

Cool thing for 3D printing #44: MacBook Pro stand

download from Myminifactory

Cool thing for 3D printing No.

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